Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When Even the McCanns Can't Take You Seriously

Please Report This Psycho Mom to Child Protection
A new "story" has appeared in those rags that call themselves "newspapers," that of a woman who almost had her little daughter kidnapped by gypsies in the Algarve. These poor excuses for journalism went ahead a printed a story so ridiculous, they should be ashamed of spreading tales of a lunatic, more correctly, a woman who exhibits "Munchausen Syndrome" - a psychiatric disorder in which a psychopathic female makes up stories of people doing things to her - stalking her, attacking her, raping her, etc. (sometimes it can be phony diseases assailing her but usually it is humans) - and, worse, this is a woman who exhibits "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy" - the same disorder but the woman will claim these things are happening to her child (sometimes she privately abuses her child to give her symptoms) - this woman needs to be reported to social services, not given space in a "news" article.

Let me break down her story told most recently here in The Epoch Times:

Madeleine “Maddie” McCann has been missing since 2007 but now a mother is saying that a week after the child disappeared, kidnappers may have tried to take her child after restaurant staff spiked her drink in Algarve, Portugal.

A week after Maddie disappeared?  The gypsies already have gotten a child, police are swarming the area, but they then decide this is a good time to grab another child?

Oh, for God's sake, The Epoch Times can't even plagiarize from The Mirror was six weeks before Maddie was kidnapped in a town thirty miles away in Albufiera. So, this was a failed kidnapping which the gypsies learned from and the employed better methodology by the time they struck in Praia da Luz.

The 30-year-old mother, who was not identified, told Scotland Yard investigators that “gypsy” restaurant staff members spiked her drink and then attempted to carry away her 1-year-old daughter to a car, reported The Mirror.

These gypsies decide to commit a kidnapping in full view of tourists and employees and the parent and grandparent of the child which is clearly so much easier than simply grabbing the child on a quiet street, tossing her in a car directly and driving off.

She said she told the Find Madeleine campaign of the incident but they were too busy.

Even the McCanns thought the story so stupid they couldn't even pretend to believe it. Actually, I am sure she never actually called the Find Madeleine campaign, but she had to say she gave some halfhearted attempt at some point in time to report a gang that steals children; otherwise, it would seem she didn't care about any children but her own and that would be narcissistic.

 Police in the U.K. are now reportedly set to interview the woman in the hopes that it will reveal more about the McCann case.

Probably just the highly qualified "journalist" saying this, but considering the other great "leads" being followed by Scotland Yard, maybe it is actually true.

“It was terrifying, like something out of a film,” she told the Daily Record. “From the first day of the holiday, a young dark-haired man kept popping up wherever we went. We would arrive at a restaurant and he’d show up minutes later as though he had been tipped off.
She added: “It was low season so everywhere was quiet. There were about three or four restaurants open but the same staff would show up where we were. They all knew the dark-haired man. It felt like the Eastern European mafia was watching us.”

I am sure it was out of a film, the one she was creating in her head. The woman should avoid becoming a screenwriter. Let's see.....every place she goes she sees the same guy....I guess he has no clue how to tail someone and not be seen doing it....send him back to spy school....and then the same staff would show up in all the restaurants she ate in.....this is a heck of a coordinated effort between all those establishments....they had to switch out the regular  waiters for their spies every time this woman and her kid get hungry. The woman says it felt like the whole of the Eastern European mafia (are they gypsies?) were watching her......ah, such grandiosity! Doesn't she wish.......

“On the third night the man walked up to us, and chatted to us – but all about my daughter. He was obsessed, playing with her, stroking her hair. It was very over-familiar. He kept touching her and commenting on her blonde hair.”
She said the man was about 25, adding that her mother said that it’s not usual for a young man to be so interested in children.
“There was a middle-aged couple who had served us before at another place. They were all over my daughter,” she told the Mirror. “They told me they missed their children in Uzbekistan and begged me to let them hold her.”

People being friendly are terribly suspicious. Let me remember that the next time I say, "Oh, your baby is so cute!" I will be led away in handcuffs.

She was served a drink, which she claims was spiked with a drug.
“Within half an hour I felt really dizzy,” she said. “I knew I’d been drugged. It was only us in the restaurant and I felt vulnerable. I stood up and told mum we had to leave. As I did, the woman lifted my daughter out of her high chair and walked to the door.”
She managed to grab her daughter and run off.

I guess they didn't have enough Rohypnol to spike Grandma's drink, too, and did so bad a job of spiking Mom's that she still had the strength to pull the child out of the strong gypsy kidnapper's hands just prior to being run out to that idling waiting car. What a woman! She single-handedly saved her daughter from a horrible fate.

Then she didn't bother to report it to Portuguese police. Well, you know, she probably didn't think of the story until after she got home....I mean until, that really stupid journalists are willing to print ludicrous stories from psychos.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

February 12, 2014

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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Anonymous said...

Well you sorted that out Pat,do you want a job as a reporter,hahah
then we wouldn't have to such crap.

Anonymous said...
It's now 3 years after..

"The alleged incident happened in 2010 - three years after Maddy vanished from her bed while on holiday with her parents Kate and Gerry and twin brother and sister."

Not a Restaurant anymore..

You know...
There a more Portugese children, probaly..
But now 3 BRITISH children are almost abducted..

Why only the English Children?
In Europe there are many blond children..
They have blond kids to..
Is it because the English standerds of parenting creating more possibility to abduct?
I mean..

Do people buy that??

Annie Haley said...

I see that "BolluxMedia" has been up to its sensational, for profit only, type of "newslike" reporting again Pat! What a shame that the media can't seem to research and report real facts before it publishes them as "truths".
It is ridiculious! Bollux!

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 12:01

I had rather hoped that the blonde girl in Morocco and the blonde girl in Greece would lessen the stupid stories of kidnappers targeting tourist children. If sex or child selling rings want children, even blonde ones in areas with children of mostly darker hair, there is always some local poor, desperate, or creepy woman or man you can steal or buy a kid from and you will draw a lot less attention from law enforcement and the media than grabbing some tourist's kid and causing an international incident.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. grandma and mother are witness..
So.. If they take the kid..
They have to murder the witness..

So any new E-fits?
The reward still stands?

No arrest soon?
No traces to the Gypsy, cleaners, or the tractorman?

Next week they see /report a Madeleine look alike?

*I still think it is Savile.*
I mean..
The dogs the forensic are the most reliabel coming from the U.K..
Denied and replaced..

And why again an English girl?
In Europe there are still many children homeless.
I mean 25% from the homeless are children (in Germany.)

This case did more harm, than it helped.
There are many questions to ask and answer..
K&G do telling story's
Meanwhile blaming everyone for their MISTAKE?ß
Big difference..

Anonymous said...

@ Pat
It seems worldwide 20% is not even registrated.
Go to Brazil, lots of Homeless children.
No one cares..
No questions..I even think.
Or Africa..
Kids die at early age anyway..
So why, traveling around the world or PDL only for only te British?

Madeleine is very special??

Hobnob said...

Up pops the dreaded number 3 yet again. I so wish these fakers would put a bit of effort into their tales of allged abduction etc. This woman is one slice of bread short of a slice of toat.

Anonymous said...

Do we have to question who knew the Mccann had plans to to on a holiday?
To begin..

Is it really possible that ALL cellphonerecords on a holiday are still availibal?
DDR?/Big brother watching?
In your own backyard..

I think Portugal also must step in the traces the Mccanns left.
I mean.. I Hope the English standards are better than 'just a nice sweet puppy to play with'

*JUST a mistake, ANYONE can understand, so safe... 'again'.
No locks needed, our friends did to? It was written at the Tapas book?*
Checking on other children?
I mean..

yeah, water burns..
But I'M not a religion..

But the U.k dogs..lied.
Possible Blackmail?

Anonymous said...

So.. Who made a call when te Mccanns
Had their plans?
Keep digging..

Anonymous said...

I see there is a travel agency in Uzbekistan that offers holidays to sanitoria abroad, but no further away than the Black Sea or the CRIMEa - sounds very suspicious!

Anonymous said...
"As Kate and Gerry McCann have found over the past seven years, the Portuguese criminal and judicial system is very different to what we are used to at home.

So much so that they found themselves being publicly named as suspects at an early stage of the investigation to find their missing daughter Madeleine."

The only crime proven is neglect, Or telling harm others.
I mean..
S.Y is about to ??
To do what??
The last months they are doing nothing except selling lies or being stupid..
I hope Portugal will make that clear..
The U.K is very different than Europe anyway.

K&G are insulting again..
In my opinion.. It is NOT a perfect U.K coupple..
But the U.K seems to think so..

Anonymous said...

:) McMedia by proxy...

What we must remember is Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' reputation manager - directs Burson-Marsteller, one of the major PR agencies in the world. That's what "Mickey Mouse" does best (...)

In fact, he is doing so well that David Cameron has welcomed him into his party and has nominated him as a Conservative candidate (for Brighton and Hove) in the next UKGB general elections...

In other words, he is now officially a member of the non-official Chipping Norton Set - which he already had access to anyway - via Matthew Freud. Small world...

Anonymous said...

Another (the third)letter from SY to the Portuguese asking for their 'assistance'.
If no help is coming from Portugal there is a reason for that! What is the point in asking three times?
Why doesn't SY start from the beginning and look at the people who left their children alone?
This is a total waste of time, money and is stretching the imagination every time another suspect arrives on the scene - albeit 7 years later.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, it does come across, sy think they will solve this case?
So what happens when the money dries up, wasting time, when the obvious seems to elude them, and the case is getting colder, if this was about a review, then surely the maccanns will need to be interviewed again, if statements are indeed false?
There hasn't been a full reconstruction to provide a review, or a further investigation?
How did sy provide evidence this has been mishandled, when its clear they have no reconstruction provided by them who were suspect?
Yet in contradiction it was sy who suspected the maccanns of being involved, yet have failed to make a request for the maccanns to give that reconstruction in Portugal?
Surely one considers wasting money, on false leads, without securing grounds before hand?
Who mishandled this case?
Without evidence of any abduction, anyone with common sense would provide a reconstruction before going to any other level, without that it renders any theory useless!
Back to the drawing board, one does think.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, in addition to my post, a full reconstruction would of pin pointed any opportunity that could of based any abduction?
We only have statementsb that are not consistent, its normal to have this mess propaly reconstructed, in order to examine any behaviour that is perculiar to its own beleifs?
In addition to the finger pointing after obvious neglect, the distortion of propaganda has ruined the chances of solving this case, further more the maccanns have not provided correct information, and have allowed theory to manipulate the facts in contradiction.
Without a plausible reconstruction from the start by the maccanns and their friends, this reminds me of other suspects that supress public opinion, and we don't point a finger in the wrong direction either, considering they had more knowledge about a changed routine that night, the only opportunity in my estimate pat, is prior to that changed routine, one carnt organise a plan of any kind in a unpredictable change on that night?
I cannot see how anyone could be involed out side of this group?
They would have to predict the checks, they would have to learn there wasn't any baby monitor either, or baby sitter, when these details are missing, and we are left with kates quotes of foul play, this can suggest kate wasn't where she alleged was?
If anything pat, this puts her at the scene, because she made the classic mistake of leaving the twins knowing full well there wasn't any stranger that had taken her daughter, and she created the red herring about the window to confuse the police.
It was never suggested she had killed her daughter, just described as a accident, and that's all amaral thought at the time.
And I truly think this is why they have evaded to reconstruct their stories to be scrutaniesed in that thought, their lack of accountability is disturbing to say the least, and kates arrogance as a doctor is shocking, not to provide detail in questions to help find what happened on that night or previous to that night?
When any profiler suspects inconsistent behaviors in a changed routine, prior to odd stories about that night, its time to change the direction that has gone cold, and return to the start where it is hot.
PAT, write to the maccanns, and put this to them, in the alledged weeks this took to plan, by a organised group, how did they manage to change their plans at such short notice in a changed routine that wasn't evident previously?

Anonymous said...

Did you see that other report where a mum said one night someone was headed towards her child's cot as though to take her child from the apartment. But then, at the end of her review, she put that she had quite enjoyed the holiday / accommodation and would like to go back there again

Anonymous said...

@PAT, if there is one thought that sticks in my mind the most, about it being a accident, and possibly they couldn't save her life as doctors, and this does explore that phrase they let her down, meaning they couldn't save her life, think of the most challenging problemsb they faced, even worse it happened while they were out, it does explain why kate opend the window to let the smell out, than anyone entering or leaving through a unexplained open window, they were also under the influence of drink, and that could of hamperd their ability to save her life, the only other person I would suspect of covering up for the maccanns is dr david payne, whos statements are very full of waffle, that make no sense, or clear meaning at all, he knows a lot more than he will admit, and like I said pat, what was going on for a change of routine that night, if anyone is wrong about any alleged involvement, they could of easily cleared this up in a full reconstruction, then the police could look at a possible opportunity after this was examined, for any other person not accounted for?
A lie detector might of helped in the view they wouldn't take part in a reconstruction, very little of any innocent evidence to clear their names as they put it, although lie detector results are not always admissible, I would of thought sy would of at least found a way to establish any truth before chasing a rainbow costing millions, proves they don't believe the maccanns, and the more one looks at the diferent routes this is taking, there is still no forensic proof it was anyone out side of this group, once the story is debunked as I have shown, and im not a expert either, it shows how weak their leads realy are, anyone with a logical sense would secure the truth first, not leave anything unturned as their business contradicts, reconstruction and lie detector results first, once them stones are turned up, then they can have some confidence to find some one else!
One prime feature about the car in line with the window the smell of death, and where the dogs indicated evidence in both areas, there is enough to suggest kate opend that window if one examines her excuses in both cases, there should be checks made to see if kate purchased new clothes for that holiday, these are simple examinations to clarify any purchase made by credit card after the incident or before?
And to examine any purchase of a missing blue sports bag, these haven't been checked by sy.

Anonymous said...

This woman said
"I stood up and told mum we had to leave. As I did, the woman lifted my daughter out of her high chair and walked to the door.”

So drunk she forgot that she had asked them to call a taxi??

Anonymous said...

I know this has probably been brought up time and time again, but.... who in their right mind sets up a fund to raise money to find a child who could be found at any time? This makes no sense to me at all.
Madeleine disappeared on May 3rd 2007 and the fund was started very soon after. Incorporation date was 15/05/2007. It takes time for paperwork to be processed so it couldn't have happened overnight!
Is it just me Pat or is this a really strange response to finding that your child has gone?

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about the fund, and you are correct about the time and paper work, you are not wrong to suspect this in any means, it goes along the lines of Clarence making a statement about assumption of a abduction?
It does question why reputation management was needed over any assumption?
He also knew there was no forensic evidence for any abduction story, yet happily went on to support the undefendable, despite the obvious errors in the maccanns creeping for his attention, not familiar with criminal law one can see, or the fact this was about their image in not being believed, yet states little about anyone elses reputation that tried to find their daughter, its amazing what money can by when the maccanns become celebs over neglect?
And that is the purpose of that fund, fraudulently being abused to deflect evidence away from them, as Clarence knows full well there isn't no abduction evidence for him to continue in finance like the metro 3.
Strange considering amaral was the only person not to believe the maccanns, yet its fact the maccanns are poor judges of character, yet only seem to be very aggressive when nobody is prepared to lie for them?

Anonymous said...

@PAT, kate excuse for leaving her job, is the fact she might come into contact with paitents, that might quiz her over what she has said?
Does she know anybody that can prove she has lied?
Or was this to prevent anyone quizzing her story about dead bodies she alleged to of been in contact with?
Perculiar for some one who believes she is innocent, yet uses distance in what she believes, flaky to predict things that haven't happened, dosent add up unless she knows there is a lie in her stories to think that?
She knows her daughter will never be found, that's why she left her job, and knows the fund will support her in the lie of finding her daughter alive.
If she didn't know, she wouldn't of left her job.
Explains why the fund was set up very early, and why she was confident to leave her job, I would think that is check mate, putting that loosely in knowing before hand.

Anonymous said...

one point that I cant stop thinking about is the mc cans said the didn't want leave kids at night with strangers when the were going out but the left them every day in the kids clubs with strangers very very odd what anyone else thoughts on this

Anonymous said...

So.. If she is found .. alive
It will be like.. the same?
I mean..
The twins share their toys?
Or bedroom?
The search to an end..
No media??
Happy end?..
So If she is alive, like the S.Y and Mccanns hired people said, and real close to get her home safe..
I mean.. really?

The found would be used for??
Still waiting for new e-fits 2014.
Meanwhile.. I donẗ think she made her birthday.

Even kids who died of cancer or accidents..
Parents do grieve.. or left a scar..
Kate said that their parents are kind or "lucky"..
I mean Really?
She knows?
They are happy?

MRSFeeX said...

Steven stayner..
Is JUST horror.
That's it after all.

Kampusch has broken off all contact with her father, Ludwig Koch, and is said to have a tense relationship with her mother, Brigitta Sirny, particularly after she revealed in a 2007 book that her daughter had visited Priklopil's coffin to say goodbye after he threw himself on to train tracks hours after her escape.

Her life now is a far cry from the days following her release when she became an instant celebrity. Within two weeks she had given her first interview, dressed in purple and speaking with her eyes closed. Later she presented her own television chat show, interviewing celebrities such as former Formula One driver Niki Lauda. She was spotted at the Salzburg festival with an Austrian prince, and was photographed in a disco smooching with her lawyer's son. But then she suddenly withdrew from the limelight. "It was like a kind of occupation," she said, adopting the military meaning of the word.

A small window.

There are many pictures of Madeleine wearing make up.

Keeping up your family friends,sports or work,
Meanwhile..diaper changing feeding or making pictures and movies.
3 toddlers..
Everything is after all all right?
Can be solved?
No harm done?

I mean.. If Maddie is living, not now to be missing?

Then you must look for a one eye girl..
A very, very narrow window..

Anonymous said...


"The couple are said to be frustrated that the level of co-operation between the two forces “isn’t as it should be”.
This is of course the McCanns.

They really are so quick to criticize others when THEY are the ones who should have fully co-operated with the Portuguese from day one. As we all know that didn't happen. Their refusal to answer questions can hardly be described as "co-operation".
This pair are unreal.

Anonymous said...

The most famous missing people, are hitting the news, because they are on a holliday and get vanished in thin air.
It sells..getting abroad and having a accident, die or or vanishing in thin air..
It is the horroreffect to.

I mean.. missing people in your own hometown.
It probaly never happens..

Anonymous said...

You were SPOT-ON with this article Pat. TY.

I've been reading articles on the "so called real life Dexter" Miranda Barbour, and find it absurd. (to say the least.)

I'm sure you're familiar with it and am curious of your take?. Personally I disbelieve her claims of serial murder beginning at age 13.

Anonymous said...

a lot of journalists annoy me
with their tendency to sensationalize/dramatize stories to appeal to ambulance chasing types who get off on the misfortunes of others.

The media and entertainment industry in general obscures the perception of what you Do. (profiling..behavioral evidence analysis ..whatever the preferred term is these days.)

I find it not only intellectually dishonest, but Morally Bankrupt.
TY for defending TRUTH, and pursuing justice.


Anonymous said...
A not religieus Gothfather is Scooping.
Or something ..

Anonymous said...

@PAT, I don't think anyone is against searching for the truth, and like you have stated, there is various paths to look at, or there might be something missed out in some of the many gaps in the maccanns stories.
I would of thought something so close and personal like a daughter, would of pushed the maccanns to search themselves, both in the dead, and alive idea?
It does become obvious at some point to search both theories at the same time, otherwise dna evidence is lost to prove what happened?
One thing has stuck out in this case, nobody would contaminate a scene where there is a chance a child might be alive?
That has never made any sense to me at all, unless the opposite did happen?
Further odd ther doctors who know something about forensics, but did nothing to secure their beleifs prior to the police being called, it was mark warner that phoned the police, not the maccanns?
Again how did kate know so much in the little time she searched?
A abductor wouldn't be botherd about moving a toy, that makes no sense at all, considering they would want to get out as quickly as possible in the time they would need not to be spotted?
Since kate wasn't in that apartment, I find it strange how she knew this without asking anyone else who made the checks prior to her if they moved it?
This is a detail missing in kates versions?
I have thought about this in many aspects kate was the last person in that apartment, because Gerry did not note on his check the toy had been moved from his daughter?
So kate hasn't got a alibi who moved that toy at all when she was in that apartment?
Strange how all this only happens around kate, not found in previous checks.
How does she know Gerry didn't move that toy?
She wasn't with him
to prove otherwise?
Nothing to colaberate any proof it was a abductor at all, had the toy been found out side, then yes I would have no reason to doubt kate at all?
This is why it looks very staged by inconsistent proof of a abduction, because kate has too much knowledge from very little evidence at such a early stage?
If kate hasn't lied, then why are details missing I have found.
This questions where was kate?
Her knowledge dosent fit the times the checks were done either, her lack of curious thought is odd, not to question them who did the checks?

Anonymous said...

@PAT, The most valid question of all pat, is this about the toy being moved, no stranger knew this was kates to move it?
The fatal mistake in this error of kates last check,m there is no motive for any stranger to move that toy in knowledge they didn't have about kate owning it previously, and since kate has no alibi to cover that knowledge, I would say she is in a deep mess to explain that, because a drugged child wouldn't need a toy, and it certainly wouldn't of been removed in knowledge the alleged abductors never had about kate, owning that toy to move it to fit in with her story they knew nothing about?

Anonymous said...

@PAT, So the reality is this, the alleged abductors staged red herrings to give kate a alibi, that's a lot of coincidences that keep popping up, the more you look at this, just like the unlocked door to invite burglars that never stole anything, totally bizarre.

Anonymous said...

If this happened in the U.K at their own home.. go to the pub close to home (50 yards.. and more..or less)..with their friends leaving the children alone every evening..
Daughter missing..
The U.K should handle it different.
I am sure.
The U.K is making a fool of themselves by the parentingcouple K&G standards.

K&G are telling us it was natural to leave them..
They never doubt it..
Now they are telling us what good parenting means..friends are prior?
I feel pitty for the children.

I never understood why K&G can still sell their abductionstory without prove..around the world...

I mean..If she was missing while shopping,playground, beach,playing outside, or going to scool..

Abduction from "home" .. no randsome, no relatives insiders involved?
Rare..Elisabeth Smart was
Known"by her abducter.

But it seems that ONLY British girls are target in Portugal..for abduction.


So the "abducters" even thought Madeleine was so special.. they took a high risk?
Knowing the checkingroutine, etc.
Much easier than a regular child?
I don buy it..

So "abduction" no randsome, no relatives involved.
No nothing?
The "pedoclan" search for the children at "the wrong place at the wrong time"..
Unattended children who happen to be there. Steven S, Natasja K or others the Mccanns refers to..

Mirco the German boy, was raped and murdered,A German girl was raped and murdered in Emden parkinggarage.
The abducter or rapist did have an urge or need, quick, no planning before..
Even Dutroux wanted JUST girls, even build a cage,but was not so stupid to took them from their home..
Just searching for a target.
Any girl would do...
He even took the risk of abducting 2 at the same time.. on daylight just from the street.

So the Pedoclan are in fact from the street, playground swimpool etc.

Just saying.

Taking a bath?
Gerry even said children are abducted while taken a bath?
Is Gerry saying..they even leave their children while they are taking a bath?
(passing remark Maddy explaining when..)

I do not think it was planned,
But I do think she died.
Children die sometimes during bathtime.
More often than abduction..
So when Gerry asked his friend to look if Kate was needing help
Does it mean this friend should help, or returning to Gerry.. for Gerry to step in?
It is a strange story..Nologic there..

Anonymous said...

Former GP Kate, 45, revealed in her book about Madeleine’s abduction that she had discovered five cases of British children being sexually attacked in their beds while on holiday.

She wrote: “It broke my heart to read the terrible accounts of devastated parents and the experiences of their poor children.

“British tourists in holiday accommodation were being targeted. It is so hard not to scream from the rooftops about how these crimes appear to have been brushed under the carpet.”

So... the British Again?
Must be the British travelagency?
( They don't warn, or are just warning the criminals)
It seems there are only British there in PDL.

Anonymous said...

The Priest of PDL was (is) married.
Catholic priest are forbidden to do such thing.

Anonymous said...

All quiet from "the Yard" lately. All quiet from team McCann lately.
Waiting for the disclosure of the next 'clues' though not with bated breath.

Anonymous said...

Well it is clear Europe have many languages.

They made it to Ophrah to..
America is Europe mediatop.
(France, Spain hardly ever make the foreign news, even in Europe.)
Europe languageproblem

Canada, Australia. Russia, China Japan ..
The mccann story 'just' have to.. 'move on'
To 'Stop it, and drop it'
Scotland G****Yard still believe in a non proven thesis..

So..China have a lot of childproblems.
The mccan could try..
Abdoned children of Bulgaria
Dying rooms in China..
Poor children, anyway.
I saw it on TV..
Still to google on you tube.

So why??
Are the British girls so special?
I mean.. The caretakers of those.. probaly sell those poor children, anyway.
Thinking it is better for everyone to do so..
So..why posting, preplanning an abduction?
Drugging the children,
And leave PD clean,carrying a sleeping girl, no backpack, gloves,NO CAR??
While the parents are have a clear sight. or have a nice talking while the abducter walking by?
So .. Was Gerry in the room?
While abducter standing behind the door?
having his 'moment'
Was Kate angry because he wanted to look tv?
Lot of questions, each year growing more..

If you wanted it for raising yourself?
Many newborn are for selling.

Why not snatch one of the twin??
*The twin also had many media exposing*
Madeleine can have 'some' memory's if she is alive.
I don't think her eyemark can not be unnoticed
The twins.. can 'reproduce' the memory's from their parents.

Parents can be cruel to their own.
Also always claiming they are good parents.
They even call 911 after beating up, not responding.

So..Many parents after losing their child, even an 'ordinairy' accident.
They have 'the IF' moment..
Before it happened, IF..

The 'When' moment..
The 'news'
Or the moment not aware WHEN IT happened.
The quilt..
Had i do something before..
Could I change the situation 'At that MOMENT ?
prevent it?
My opinion..

So S.Y did returm her, after all.
No media is needed.
Madeleine saw her cuddlecat, and it was allright then.
A nice and happy ending after all.