Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Dead Child: One Check for 10,000 Euros

Reservoir Dogs
Bollux Media has just intercepted a phone call between Detective Chief Inspector  Andy Redwood of Scotland Yard and Portuguese authorities and astounding information was gleaned from the conversation.

What Bollux Media knows now, knows for sure, knows unquestionably, is the following:

Scotland Yard would like the bank records of the three burglars (ex-Ocean Club employees) for the days following the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann and they want to search the apartments of these three burglars as well.

Firstly, they are hoping to find Madeleine's clothing still in the hamper....well, you know, men are slow about getting the wash done or throwing out the trash.

Secondly, Scotland Yard wishes to bring in cadaver dogs because Madeleine clearly had to be dead to be carried so listlessly through the streets of Praia da Luz (the burglars would have had no time to drug the child). But, anyway, if the dogs hit on cadaverine in one of the apartments or cars of the burglar suspects, those dogs can be trusted, unlike those incompetent canines that alerted at the McCann's apartment and car.

Thirdly, Andy Redwood is hoping to find a large transaction in the bank accounts of one of the burglars that would prove they sold the dead child.....wait, that doesn't make much sense.

Okay, so if the McCanns admit they drugged their kids, then the burglars could have taken a live child from the flat and sold that live child to some sex ring or to some lonely couple that they just happen to knowledge of even though they never had stolen a child before and didn't plan to steal one that night. You know, criminals have all kinds of connections for emergencies like this and they also don't think about getting cash for their stolen goods or keeping such money hidden; they ask for a check or immediately deposit big sums of money in their bank accounts. Right, and......

....... and, anyway, those leads are really hot.

This report brought to you by Bollux Media and

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

January 30, 2014

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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Terri Denice Leyman said...

Omg Pat!! Lmfao! Brilliantly reported as hilarious to think these burglars would sell a dead child into sex trafficking. Honestly, just when you think the already ridiculous case can't get any crazier, it does!

Pat Brown said...

Dear Miss Terri,

Bollux Media is terribly upset that you find our reporting amusing. We are just as serious and factual and professional as all the other media outlets.


Anonymous said...

Expect the arrests to be made as soon as the Amaral trial it's due to conclude. We'll soon see how deep the corruption goes, depending on the outcome. The whole sorry affair makes me feel sick, I've never known a case so blatantly white washed and biased in my life!

Annie Haley said...

Oh # Bullox Media, you do such research into the obvious facts! The reporting on this story mimics the "reporting" of the main stream reporting of this case! The reporting makes such sense, is very factual and of course very professional just like all the media in today's newslike reporting!

Anonymous said...

:) Laughter is indeed the best medicine particularly when the situation is no laughing matter!

On a more serious note, full kudos to Anon: January 30, 2014 at 4:58 PM for hitting the nail on the heads (of new toffee Mitchell and his mentor Cameron)

Terri Denice Leyman said...


Hobnob said...

what if they find evidence the check bounced? after all we know the gruesome twosome were in dire financial states and had to use the fund to pay the mortgage and also their family and friends donated as well. Will they have returned Maddie to the apartment since they hadn't been paid?

Will we find evidence of calls saying the check is in the post?

Will it in fact have been the Post Office which mislaid Maddie and that she is currently in the sorting office waiting for collection? There are problems in that the gruesomes haven't got anything to prove their identity ( it was all half inched when they were out shopping one day and spooted a penny on the sidewalk, bent over to grab it so it could be added to the fund and before you know it, someone's off with their non existent credit cards and all forms of IDNo ID means no collecting the parcel and she is too big to fit through the mailbox.

Perhaps we can find evidence of purchases made from abductors'R'us as well as calls made from a location near the store (where you can buy everything you need for the perfect abduction.

Did you know as well as confuse a cat there is now also a business called befuddle a bowser?

You make a call and their team of trusty experts will race to your location and using a wide variety of tactics and tools, befuddle a bowser so that nothing they do will make any sense and any reactions they make can be passed off as bewilderment of befuddlement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I really want this all to be a ploy to lull the McCanns into a false sense of security while SY gather the evidence against them and make 2 or 3 (or more? ) completely different arrests, but it will never happen, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...
This is a great website, it has links to every article, biased media et al. Evidence that not all of us Brits believe the hype.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your creative take on the latest events. Bollux media's does a good job in describing how Andy Redwood and his team are jumping through hoops and cooking up a storm. It seems that they are hell bent on making SY the laughing stock of the world. And for what purpose, if not to pin the blame on someone and wrap up the case so that things can get back to normal and Mitchel can concentrate on his political career as pay back for his incredible performance as spokesman for the McCanns.
I still can't fathom out why great sums of taxpayers' money are being used to whitewash events and protect the parents.We will just have to make do with the results of SY's investigations however cock - eyed they are and that's that.
Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

The only reason any illicit payments might have been made to former OC employees would be to buy their silence.

Peter Hyatt said...

Plenty of embarrassment to go around...share, share, that's fair.

Peter Hyatt

Anonymous said...

@PAT, it gets more stupid as time goes by, if they truly had anything to start with, they might of looked for clues at the start, and started to think about chasing a rainbow since.
Their at a dead end, no pun intended, this is all to try and discredit amarals book, and nothing else, they have already ended up in a libel case over the dead black man, and this simply will be the same, the media lack any focus, and one can see the underbelly of the maccanns willfull neglect to pin it on anyone, that dosent fit their idea of being innocent, one main point pat in their errors, with no evidence of theft from that apartment, no prior conflicts between the maccanns and alleged suspects, would it be equaly justifiable they don't have to answer any questions to prove their also as innocent as kate is, or are the maccann supporters equaly as duped?

The Barron said...

Correct, they now trust these dogs to sniff out the truth. Shame they did not trust them on the night. I wonder who is blackmailing so the case is closed without the real culprits being charged

Anonymous said...

I read nothing about the dogs. How ironic would it be if they used the dogs and the burglars used the McCann defense, that the dogs are incompetent, right less often than flipping a coin.

And what if the burglars show some connection with one or more of the Tapas Nine?

Family is on tenterhooks...

Anonymous said...

I read nothing about the dogs. How ironic would it be if they used the dogs and the burglars used the McCann defense, that the dogs are incompetent, right less often than flipping a coin.

And what if the burglars show some connection with one or more of the Tapas Nine?

Family is on tenterhooks...

Anonymous said...

In a interview gerry told he asked for the dogs, (but not cadaver or blood dogs.)
The dogs and the dnaresults came from the U.K..
So.. You can not trust the U.K?
Or the medical trained people don care for the children?
People leave their children all the time.. Gerry says.
They did.. their friends did..
In hindsight it must be creepy for the twins to have the same risk¨ as their sister..

When the mccanns make their tour, It create dead leads.
The show must go on..

Anonymous said...
I don think a key was needed.
Broken shutters, an open patiodoor..
Gerrie inside, the kidknapper to,,
Make sense..

John said...

I don't know if this lead is of interest or not but it is a major first in this long investigation.
For the first time, Portuguese people are considered as possible suspects.
Until now, following what we can read in the files, the officers of the Portuguese PJ seem having considered only as possible suspects, Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc... All of them are foreign people. A bit strange, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

@PAT, these are the clues that have become cold, and I have thought about this carefully in relation to where this has gone.
The main problem with any manipulator, they clutch at excuses supporters give them to distance themselves in a further alibi bubble.
What they don't account for in such behaviors to gain favour from cherry picked people who continue to make excuses for them, is in the missing details in such alabis?
Here are some flaws made by kate?
1, A mother would never leave her other children in any abduction or real belief?
2,There must have been a link between kate and the missing daughter to neglect the twins after already neglecting to make sure the twins were safe?
3, this rules out anyone being in that apartment,hiding out side or otherwise?
4, Kate never searched the out side area to make any claim they have taken their daughter?
5, Kate never whent door to door to ask anyone if they had seen their daughter with any abductor, or simply wonderd off?
How can anyone base such assumptions before the forensic team could examine anything?
How did kate know there had been any foul play at all, in all her odd behaviors without giving credence to one enemy that dosent exist at all?
Kate dosent know anyone in Portugal that would want to harm any of her children, deluded in my opinion pat, and a devious liar.
In all that time, can kate explain why any burglar missed the opportunity to steal anything when they were out vwith the children taking photos ect.
Nobody was seen going in that apartment or coming out, with nothing being stolen, the maccanns haven't got a leg to stand on in anyone targeting that apartment, inept, and lame, a botched burglary requires damage to gain entry to wake the child up?
Without noise, and stealth entrance, why was there no missing items, or dropped swag in the process of a bungled job?
No tools of their trade has never been found, but it seems Scotland yard are the best in this field?
Not fit for purpose springs to mind.
The toy was never found out side, no proof their daughter ever left that apartment via any strangers?

Anonymous said...

John said...
....For the first time, Portuguese people are considered as possible suspects...
February 1, 2014 at 4:04 AM

Agree 100%
From the get go the parents were adamant that she was outside Portugal.... hence them leaving at every and any possible opportunity. My mindset would have led mo to literally "leave no stone unturned" in the place my child 'disappeared' from.

Anonymous said...

this case is just crazy its doing so much harm to Portugal my husband myself and our grandson who is 2 years old were going to Portugal in September have changed our minds all this attention on Portugal has put us straight off what wrong with the government there its gonna harm there country its about time the stood up and made firm stand mc cans guilty as hell bet lots people like ourselves were think book holiday and changed there minds

guerra said...

This case has not harmed Portugal. Tourism in the Algarve has not suffered because of it.

Foreign tourism has increased, United Kingdom representing more than 50% of passenger traffic at the Faro airport.

Mr. Redwood's search for fantasy suspects will not affect Portugal. People have the power to think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

This case is harming the U.K more.
The U.K do have many horrorcases of childabusing and murderers.
Dr dead, Jack the ripper Myra and Ian Fred and Rose.Baby Peter, Daniel Pelka..

This kid is missing, just like Natalee holloway.White woman missing syndrome..what sells very well.
I think she will never be found.
Probaly not much left of her, execpt some bones, mabye.
Sure.. this case harmed many people..
Kids who look a bit like Maddie are not safe..getting picturered by strangers, or almost ripped out of the hands of their parents.
Or the tour Mccann..with e fits..other suspects.
Giving dead leads..but hey..
Mabye they are creeps anyway so..
But the Mccanns still can change their story, time after time..
I mean dark,cold, a girl lies ON the bed uncovered curtains whooshing, slamming door..
Yeah, Kate was about to shut the door.
If it didn slammed..she never looked..
So why botter to listen?
Because of the crying? the kids did 2 nights before?
Why did Madeleine not sleep UNDER the blankets on a cold night?
Why do you not check if your kids are still lying warm and safe sleeping in bed...

People who searching and worked there were fired,
Kids who heard the story, are afraid to sleep.
Kate and Gerry are blaming everyone for their own neglecting.
Not decent parents to act like that.

O.T It seems like the agening picture how Maddie looks like, have changed the collour of her eyes.into green.

If she,s found.. the money should stop...

Anonymous said...

@PAT, I think what people wanted pat, was for the maccanns to be treated like anyone else would be, and to go through the legal process until exolerated by process others have to go through.
I did wonder why the fund wasn't set up in Portugal to help the police, instead of it being misused for personal defence and law suits, how does this help any search in Portugal pat?
Surely amaral could put forward a case the maccanns are using money under false pretences, fraud.

Anonymous said...

The "abducter" never claimed money..
The "Reward" still stands..
"Nobody come forward"

Not even the tractorwidow..
She must have a lot of money, or still loving her dead husband, to be silent.
I would have done..I will even sell my exhusband to get that reward..
Just waiting for more e-fits to fit in..
My exhusband speaks German very well so.....


But the question i have is..
Where is the body?
I think to keep the most famous missing girl "out there" is more difficult.
Amaral did not find a body.

But thgere is no evidence she is alive.. also..

Anonymous said...

also the checking for the kids..
The only evidence are their friends..
you know..

O.T there were traces from Madeleine leading to the supermarket..
I mean A toddler waking up ..goes to places where it went before with their look..
It was also likely she went to the aparment of one of the tapas.

Anonymous said...

well would you believe it front of tommorows papers its back to gypies again police searching two gypies camps outside praia da luz the case is get beyond a joke now what next aliens came and took her my god

Anonymous said...

As long she's nou found..
I think 'THEY' never will.
This is a ongoing story.
In my mind story's deserve to have a end.

There a many Mccann you tube.
And the pictures of Madeleine seems..not always pretty.
The longer you look at Madeleine..

G&M sre always repaeting with a slight difference, sitting holding hands, telling they are decent and good people, not giving up.. *overexplaining theirselves*.

But there is always someting it doesn'T seem right.
They appear on the feelings and fears every parents have..
Miljoens do make those choiches they say.
*Bad England? worse parenting*
Kate says It would have happen in other circumstances to..
*felt safe.. but yelling abduction*

Gerry says: "If we could turn back the clock we would. Of course we wouldn't do something like leave the twins alone like that now."

A lot more what make my skin crawl..
An innocent girl is still out there..
*Why wouldn't she be innocent?*
An abduction, they used TAKEN..the most of the time..
I mean.
'Taken' well... can be anything..
But again..
I never lived in a English speaking country..
Writing is even worse as you can see..

In my opinion they shouldn't blame everyone. they had choice's and choose to go out wining and dining.

Gerry said It was choosen by 'the Tapas' not to hire a babyservice.
But he also 'thought' *not really sure* there where a limited of nanny or to far away..excusing/blaming..instead shaming..
I don't know what happened, but their searching is selling.

Sure.. losing a kid is scaring..
No matter what reason.
Murder happens..
The most in the home, by lovers family , or friends..
Statistcs..prove it

Anonymous said...

@PAT, from the start there has been countless questions, when a trail goes cold, one thinks what has been missed?
I can certainly give some examples, some are more obvious than others, for instance, the conversasion Gerry had with alibi man, after thinking there is a intruder in the apartment?
Note Gerry didn't care to mention this in his conversasion, note also he did exactly the same when he returned to the bar, he didn't even mention this to his wife?
So Gerry let a unidentified intruder baby sit his children?
When people revert to a word significant, its a pr word, because it is not designed to be used towards the maccanns, what is significant to phrase the team maccann phrase, is the smith sighting, where Gerry has never identified in any search who the alleged intruder is?
It stands to reason kate knows who the man is in the e fit, she has known from the start, its the same man that couldn't tell her about his intruder story when he returned to the bar, a significant detail, and a flaw in any alibi, was he hoping the man he spoke to wouldn't suspect he was a pawn in the game of deception, when the maccanns have never been able to give any identity to any abductor, when you have a childs sticker book ripped apart with odd times written on it, one thinks why bring attention to the time, and not search?
they had a lot of information they didn't disclose, that's why, creating alabis was more important than searching, there should never be time to get a story straight, if one already knows the truth, and it dosent matter how much pressure one is under, the story will never change, what made them think the police would question the time checks, a odd thing to to draw attention to, if no one has done nothing wrong, they were too quick to blame some one else, this usualy sends out alarm bells, and how did kate know there was any foul play at all?
Did she know about what the dogs would find before forensics could examine anything?
This was only a missing child case, a child that could of wonderd off, kate knows what happened, there is no doubt in that thought, why wouldn't a parent except any other possibility if they don't know anything?
Didn't it occure to kate, that she has dismissed the chances to be proven innocent by hiding behind carter ruck, most innocent people go through a court trial, they don't use the media to act to, and they don't use thousands of pounds from donations to prove anything, paying money for favour is not proof of innocence, its down to one e fit, and the more kate looks at Gerry, the more she knows the charade will conclude what people do think.

Anonymous said...

Now they are looking for a bus driver who took holidaymakers to and from the airport. This gets more ridiculous and every time something of "significance" is announced you can bet that this is just one attempt to grasp at straws. The child is dead and the parents know this.

Anonymous said...

Pat, had "minibus man" a record for theft?

Anonymous said...

Still having trouble with the checking..
Did Jane went to check the Mccanns to?
Or G&K checked the kids from their friends to?
Where the mccann kids the first to check?
Or last?
I mean..
After Gerry had his moment of pride with his kids, he went back,
and had a talk with Jeremy.
If Gerry also checked the other kids FIRST...
He must have been there and bumped in to the *imaginaire' kidnapper.. if he checked the other kids..

I think this case is harming.

The people who working and living there.
The kids who are afraid it happens to them to.
The media-attention, meanwhile the local missing kids never hit the news that way.
The sigtings..
I mean really..
Also 'The mccanns are decent caring and loving parents'..
Drop their kids during the day, and leave them for wining and dining.., each day.
That is decent to do..
So ..That is England parenting?
Kids stay in their cots like trained dogs?
SY make a fool of

Well .. mabye the Gypsyman was really Jimmy Savile..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So i read the checking At page 50 or so
It was only (JUST) by
Matthew Oldfield checking on the Mccann.
But the Mccann did NOT agree to check his children? in return?
Or Jane.. the Tapasneighbours?

Well..The Amberalert over the whole media was very..
And still is..
So..Still going strong.
Even beat the local and national missing people kids..on the tv..

If she is out Kate want to believe..
Not knowing missing..
You must look for a girl with one eye..
Harmed to survive..

I think bones or ashes probaly the only find of Madeleine.
Strenght of tower.
To lose a matter in what way, do often go with distance..
Both parents are scarred.
Never healing
To go on.. there is a forwards.. and afterwards..

It never is the same..
In hindsight..
You always regret things..
Before that moment..
THAT not to change..

Or? In the meanwhile the proud moment..Gerrie was in the same room with the abducter..
It sound like a soap..
Could i have stand, or breath in the same space... and just leave?
Gerrie did
Would I live with myself realising?
Kate did look AFTER the door slammed.
If she didnt..
When did they where missing Madeleine?
10.30? When they came home?
The next morning?
The missing en found abductions was not from security and safe in the home of the family.
The mccanns do not read the statistc straight.
Portugal parenting do not have terms like nanny, boarding school or nursery.
It is England..
U.k is in europe.
Canada, Australia, America also speak English but are not Europe.

Mark warner must be glad as least their listen service was not needing..
So they are cleared..
It could have been worse..
If they had to take care wining and dining.

They feel the need to..go on holiday with their kids.
But not really taking care.
For medical trained people..
And SY involving arrest after 7 years..back in the UK..

Big rated in missing persons, many pictures to find.
A baby, toddler, little girl, even pro teenage imagine..

Anonymous said...

BolluxMedia.... what do you make of the recent "revelation" about keys to the whole of block 5 being lost?
let's assume for a minute that keys to apartment 5 were indeed lost. Now let's assume that they somehow came into the possession with mischief on his/ her/ their mind.
Next let's come back to the facts.
No evidence of any intruder or stranger being in the apartment. Full stop.
The only fingerprints on the window and shutter area were Kate's.
Why would someone with a key enter through a door and exit through a window which is on the same side of the building as the door which would have needed a key to open it?
My take is that this will be another load of cobblers with no more merit than any other story.

Anonymous said...

This was to throw anyone off the contradiction about a burglary, and the neglect over unlocked doors, there was never any complaint over missing keys in the maccanns stories to start with, this is why kate made a big error about the window, to set the idea of some deluded abduction, one thing clear about what amaral thought in connection with it being a accident, a inside job so to speak, in the seven years this case has become seriously mislead, there hasn't been one witness that saw anyone go in that apartment or come out in what amaral thought?
Now considering the amount of people that were around at that time, how can the maccanns prove amarals book is false?
More ludicrous is the idea the police some how set them up?
Impossible, if one considers the other times they left their children, and their daughter wasn't missing at all?
Utterly disgracefull to suggest this, where checks were being made, and its clear there wasn't enough time for any set up to take place, unless the maccanns are lying about the times?
Which then brings into question their odd alabis, they believe are allegedly true!
It does seem, contradiction in their stories to blame anyone, puts them firmly in what amaral thought, in greater detail, the maccanns would of dined in had there been any issue over keys being missing or taken, this debunks that idea having any credence, and is a red herring, or a red flag, a forced entry to the window was never evident, and any one trying to enter via the patio, would have to walk past Gerry and his friend while in conversasion in removing the child since Gerry stated the window wasn't opend, and his daughter was in that apartment on his check?
Its unclear how long Gerry was in that apartment, yet had time to think how beautiful she is, and to think there was a intruder in there on top of this strange thought?
It dosent sound like a man that would leave as quickly as he stated, it is odd and become contradictory in why he went back to the bar, if what he states had any truth to begin with?
And since he was the only person who knew that door was unlocked, I cannot see how any stranger would have the same personal knowledge as him in anything a stranger wouldn't of known at all, and this is restricted to them that made the checks, when one removes all other possibilities, is amaral wrong?

Anonymous said...

@PAT, so now the suspect is a pratical joker, who puts fiber glass down peoples trousers,but now is the master mind of leaving no evidence in this latest pratical joke of missing keys?
So hes not a burglar, just a maintenance worker who played jokes, described as a idiot, more or less by the man giving a statement who didn't like him.
Hardly the highly skilled person that made a child vanish in a very short time span, and leaving no forensic evidence in this joke, as opposed to leaving fiber glass in the mans trousers, and they take this seriously, it was that well organised his work mate knew about the keys?
He must of been very clever to know he didn't need a key for a unlocked door the maccanns left unlocked,but remember how long this story has been held back by a man that didn't like him, or didn't want to get him into any trouble, its strange how these people vanish in these odd stories never to be seen again?
Since there isn't any proof a key was used to gain entry, because the maccanns did not lock the doors, proves nothing about any missing keys, and sy are still no further in anything specific yet, no proof of abduction or a burglary, no man would leave through a window if the doors are left unlocked, and how did this pratical joker manage to get kates fingerprints on the window without her being there?
And manage to put the smell of death on their clothes, and leave no evidence of himself ever being there, hes got me miffed?
Maybe he drove a fiber glass reliant robin from the scene, not to be seen by anyone, just as stupid as this latest theory?

Anonymous said...

I burgler left no traces.(gloves)
Drugs the kids,(The mccann do think now the kids are drugged) take no other things.
Cleaned the place,made the bed, like no one slept in it, without beiing seen.
Looks like 007 to do that.

Gerry and Kate didn´t check the other kids.. Only Matt 'checked' on them..

The search was to find a living girl..
The MCann still insist to search for al living girl.
'out there'

The Mccannstory is a big lie..
SY must seem to be very stupid...or defending the parentingstandards.
I mean... K&G claim to be great parents,the best according to their friends and family..

So if Maddy and Sean cryed while taking a bath, not noticing their crying..
That is a remark...(passing remark)
It makes me wonder..

It seems to me like the Mccann are talking about the kids like their are Puppy/dogs.

My kids never stayed in the cots when they were awake..
Out looking for me, or making a mess.
Kids do..
I always had a babyphone in their room, when they suppose to be sleeping.
I needed that..

Anonymous said...

@PAT, its never made sense why the group had to check on the maccann children that particular night, yet this was never evident on any other?
Not only was this alibi night, which is a odd coincidence in the change of routine, was it to lay wide open blame that night, to cover themselves in preparing alabis?
It still isn't clear where kate was?
There is no independent witness to clarify when that window was opend or who by out side of this group, so kate dosent know the time it was opend, yet her prints are on the window?
Its also strange why the group have never questioned this grey area surrounding kates claims,since none were there to witness who opend that window?
Its more odd there is no sense of curious thoughts in that group about alleged events either?
Surely if anything is dismissed as false?
Wouldn't anyone want to question that error in what they stated?
Or does it mean they will side with a liar, no matter the cost, and stick to contradictions like glue in silence, yet have contempt towards providing a full reconstruction in a bigger lie their hiding.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere i read Madeleine slept uncoverd ON the bed.
It was cold, they claimed..
So when the window is open.. It is getting cold in the room.

You wake up..getting cold.
The twins did not wake up..

But the Portugese PJ was (probaly)right..
The Mccanns do have to admit that.
The Mccanns wanted to work with the Media, not with the ivestigation.

Why the need to expose all the pictures from all their kids?
The latest one or two, but not all.
It doesnt help the release them.
The Twins.. I feel sorry for them.
Go out for a walk to please the Media.
A sister who is (almost) a icon?

The checking story is very strange..
Also the one when Gerry was playing tennis..
Give an order to check if Kate was doing wel?
Why wouldnẗ it be?
If who was supposed to help her?

Anonymous said...

And did he return te Gerry to say, she was fine?

Anonymous said...

*She said she reported the dramatic incident to the Find Madeleine campaign line in 2007, but they were then too busy pursuing other lines of inquiry.*

I probaly called the Police to..When they told me they are to busy to campaign..Eh, persuing other lines.

So after 7 years she called again?

Anonymous said...

Another 'bone' thrown to the public to see if they bite. When people poopoo the latest snippet of gossip another new and previously ignored or unheard of story is released.
Get the parents separetly and question them properly. PROPERLY. Their child is missing and they refuse to answer questions?? FFS that rings alarm bells.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, on thought about the mothers experience with a group of people at the café, this was a confrontational frightening experience, and contact prior to the incident, there isn't none of this in the maccanns case, there is diference in both cases.
There isn't any evidence that anyone took a interest in the maccanns daughter, if anyone is to have any belief its the same people?
I would of thought also, one of the group would have to engage the maccanns in conversasion to get information about their checks?
Because their routine had changed that night, and wasnt predictable like previous nights?
Even if the abduction was organised, it wouldn't of have time to change around a unpredictable change in the maccanns version, the chances of not being seen at all are problematic in the maccanns case?
These people do not hide in the dark either, according to the mothers claim, a bungled abduction, not clever in the alleged case of being well organised at all, not the same people at all, since there isn't no evidence of abduction previous to the checks?
There wasn't any engine running close to that apartment in any of them checks either, making any quick get away problematic in what kate thought?
One does have to keep a open mind about anything that dosent fit exactly into place, no matter what we look at in any diference.

Anonymous said...

It looks stupid, after all, to come with this story..
I mean ..
No reporting in Portugal?
Or even the hotel?

I think It is strange she didn't go to the Police in Portugal.
A small window of opportunity
To abducting a child in a restaurant..

Neglecting such a big lead..
So why is is OUT THERE?
After all these years?

Ao SY is interviewing this woman AGAIN..
Yeah... Right..
The newest coming up..
Stay tuned..

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a hopeless optimist but at this juncture I cannot believe the UK detectives or Scotland Yard are not fully focussed on the parents and Tapas 7. I think the police are trying to give the McCann's some kind of nervous breakdown or stressors or they're trying to tap the right nerve. Just when the McCann's have rinsed their story to the nth degree and thought they were getting away with brainwashing the 'Great British Public' and they're literally run ragged with her looking skeletal, bingo, there's a sudden force of energy exerted by SY. It couldn't come at a worse time for the McCanns, their twins are of age where they can understand gossip and rumour from others, they must be at their wits end with anxiety about that alone. They've been running on nervous energy and are looking thin, gaunt, tired, worn. The funds must be dwindling and surely no one donates any more? The UK economy is broken. Their relationship must be so incredibly strained, let's face it Gerry has clearly not had sex for the last 6 years so maybe he chopped his own balls off or something but he must be going out of his testosterone mind. We have all seen evidence of his gusto bravado and readiness to tip over the edge with rage and near physical violence in the old interviews - what state is he in now? Then the paranoia? Only the most evil psychopaths get off scott free from the paranoia, Crime & Punishment and all that. They must be goddam DEMENTED by now. And at this lowest ebb of all lowest ebbs in every aspect, coming up to the 7 year itch... wooop David Cameron comes charging in with his infantry and we will not stop until we find who did something to this child! I just can't imagine what must be going through their minds. I have said it before and I will say it again. THE MC CANN CHILDREN ARE AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE RISK OF BEING MURDERED BY THEIR PARENTS IN A MURDER / SUICIDE PACT. The McCanns are the highest possible risk of suicide and they will take their kids with them, before they get bigger and before Gerry & Kate have no control of the outcome of police enquiries. This should not be overlooked. Those children are in grave danger. Let's face it, they've got previous!

Anonymous said...

A question: It is suspected / was stated that the McCanns had administered sleeping medication to their children. They said this maybe? Then denied it? SO WHY was there no immediate hair strand analysis for toxicology of both the twins plus from a hair of Madeleine's? There MUST have been recently naturally shed / pulled hair from Madeleine on her hairbrush comb hat pillowcase in the shower plug hole etc? That would show accuracy to within 24 hours whether or not that child had ingested sleeping medication during the prior week's holiday, also it would show in her DNA & sweat, say collected from the sole of a recently worn shoe or saliva on toothbrush or dirty pair of underwear? And the twins obviously still very much alive and present regardless. So why not?

Anonymous said...

Something else to add to my hopeless optimist theory. How about this: SY detectives are wondering hmm HOW how how how did this child become disposed of with not one single witness prepared to come forward and say actually WE SAW x,y,z and put some evidence of criminal activity by the McCann's or the Tapas 7 on some kind of timeline? So then they think well you know what we HAVE to give the opportunity (for want of a better word) to the communities of people who would not normally ever come forward regardless of the severity of the crime - criminals, petty thieves, burglars, sacked members of staff, drug users, itinerants, illegal immigrants, sex offenders even - these are people who will not voluntarily come to the police and make a statement regardless of whether they saw something odd. So, provoke them. Prove they were in the area by their phone GPS. Even try to BLAME THEM for crime against a tiny child. Then maybe one or more of them will angrily say enough of this insanity, I saw x,y,z...? And yes absolutely look at their bank accounts because I am sure Gerry and the Tapas crew will happily pay off those people who maybe did see strange things to keep them quiet so it is extremely valid to check if their bank accounts have strange credits (although personally I imagine if offered a lump of cash they would not bank it) - it would be most interesting to see Gerry's and the crew's bank accounts and see if large cash sums were removed - I mean really who pays with cash nowadays?.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound cynical..but it seems
pretty obvious that too much time
and misinformation has passed for
there to be any conclusion to this
case unless one (or both) of the
parents or someone else suddenly
grows a conscience and decides to

Too much ass-covering, and general
ambulance-chasing, sensationalism
all around. This case was screwed
from the beginning, and now in the
maturing years is on its way to being another cold file sitting on a desk somewhere.

I'm sure occasionally some political minded public servant
with ambitions and starry eyes
might stir something up to look
important...but at the end of the
day, no one is going to know anything for certain.

Personally?...I think the parents
are involved, and using the sympathy card to keep people of their backs and milk the wallets of people with more money than objective sense.


Anonymous said...

By taking the abduction theory to its absurd conclusions, by investigating everyone and his dog that was anywhere near the area that week, Redwood slowly but surely brings the finger of fate to point firmly in the direction of the only other conclusion; there was no abduction so the tapas 9 ARE involved. I fail to see how any of them can escape now, it's a forgone conclusion. Never can they say that SY didn't check their theory to the nth degree, never can they say that their abduction theory wasn't taken seriously. Redwood has literally, to the point of absurdity, looked into every aspect of an abduction and found that it just didn't happen. If the McScamms have any brains they'll be s******g themselves right now and CM will be wondering if he can afford to cover (lie) for them any longer; remember he doesn't have immunity to prosecution like a barrister does.
It's simply not credible that SY would ignore the original evidence (which is damning) and pursue a line of enquiry in the opposite direction unless they were playing the long game and fully intended to nail the lot of them. The above is what we all hope, let's see if it plays out this way. The end must be in sight.