Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And Now to Expert Pat Brown on the Israeli/Palestinian Situation

Thank you so much, John! 

So, what do you think, Pat, about how the situation stands today?

Well, you know, John, it has always been a very tense environment in that part of the world, for years and years, and it is not going to change overnight.

That is so true, Pat. And what do you think the future is after such a great Israeli leader has been put to rest?

Well, he certainly played a big part in the machinations of Israeli and Palestinian politics for decades and that legacy is going to carry over into the events of the future.

I see where you are coming from, Pat. But do you think his death is going  to invoke any kind of violence?

John, violence is nothing new in the region and any time emotions are brought up raw - in this case a great leader has died and those who loved him feel bereft at their loss and those who hated him feel joyful and renewed by his passing - these very diametrically opposed deep-seated feelings that can come head-to-head and explode into physical expressions that could indeed worsen the political situation on the border between these two volatile nations.

Thank you, Pat, your expertise on these matters is appreciated as usual.

My pleasure John.

Now, to our man in Israel. Dave, we have heard there was a small explosion at a rural bus stop but right after the bus picked up passengers, so there were no injuries.

That is correct, John. As you can see behind me, there is a bus stop sign and a small amount of rubble nearby; that is where the bomb went off. Luckily, no people were waiting for the bus at that time or injuries could have been horrific. There is a small group of local men gathered at a short distance from me and it would seem by the agitated movements of their arms, that they are discussing the earlier explosion. No doubt they are considering how their loved ones could have been victims of that terrorist act and they are unnerved by that realization.

Dave, do the police have any idea who is behind this bomb?

John, the police have not actually come out and said anything about who they think is responsible but no doubt they are taking their investigation very seriously and will uncover who the terrorists are in order to prevent them from striking again.

Thanks, John. Very informative.

And, now on to the Madeleine McCann case and news of pending arrests by Scotland Yard:

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Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

January 16, 2014

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Annie Haley said...

This is a very funny post because it is parody of how today's media is not properly representing stories that they present for public consumption. The first clue is the header that Pat Brown is an expert in Israeli and Palestinian affairs. Who Pat? She has been to Egypt and traveled around those countries but she is NOT an expert in that field. I think that Pat is trying to give a correlation between how the media no longer ultilizes professional opinions and rushes through a story before checking the facts first before the public madly consumes it like bad fast food! The media , including The Today Show, no longer seem to care about getting their facts straight and no longer seem to care about a true professional opinion in whatever the story is about. The Mccannn case and the current newslike reporting is "utter Bollux " as Pat has so cleverly penned. The media needs to go back to real reporting and get their facts right no matter how much work, time or money it costs. Otherwise , yes it is Bollux Media!

Pat Brown said...

Absolutely correct, Annie! If people go back and reread that post, they will see I said absolutely nothing of merit during my "interview" and was just saying totally meaningless stuff. Likewise, for "Dave" who just repeats what the anchor said, tells us what a group of men speaking a language he doesn't know are thinking and giving us information about the police investigation that he has no clue about. And, yet, this pablum is flowing all day, every day from the media. If folks go on to the McCsnn video, they will see exactly the same facts, falsities, and an expert saying nothing worthwhile because she knows nothing about the case at all.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News! The Scotland Yard detectives were forced to swim the English Channel and ride a slow mule train into Spain. This is why no arrests have been made. Stay tuned for more propaganda!


Anonymous said...

Just more of the BS by the Mcann spin doctors , They ruled them out 7 yeRS AGO

Anonymous said...

Ha!....and so history gets rewritten, the facts slowly whittled to nought!
I wonder if this could have happened prior to the 24hr news cycle? (Yes, I'm old enough to remember when the news arrived at 10pm)

Paula said...

That was fun to read Pat! Well, I suppose it is all PR fireworks! Just another PR stunt ahead of the McCanns' versus Amaral megabucks trial?

We have to bear in mind the "£80,000 a year" (quote) spokesman for the McCanns' - Clarence Mitchell, former head of Media Monitoring for Tony Blair (Labour)- is now a Conservative Party candidate for the next general elections in the UK.

As for Scotland Yard's Andy Redwood, who keeps coming up with these "new leads and imminent arrests" stories, one must remember, the poor chap was ordered by Conservative PM David Cameron (in no uncertain terms, surely!) to review the investigation (and tweak the Smiths' sighting say among in the McCanns' favour ?)

It all makes good PR sense...

NOW whether the Portuguese judge will be that gullible and allow the McCanns' to walk out of Portugal Scott-free yet again is open to conjecture ...

Meanwhile, for the very latest comments of Gonçalo Amaral on his (interrupted) investigation please see here:

;) Good night and good luck!