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The Agony of the McCanns is Over: Scotland Yard Solves the Case of Missing Maddie

The Murderer of Madeleine McCann
It has been a long six years for Kate and Gerry McCann. After the Portuguese police bungled the investigation of the kidnapping of their daughter, Madeleine, who was abducted from their vacation flat in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, the McCanns have endured being made suspects in their own daughter's disappearance and then suffered years of fruitless searching by their own private investigators, never coming any closer to finding out what had happened to their daughter.

In 2011, The Met (New Scotland Yard) launched Operation Grange, spending two years and nearly ten million pounds following every lead and tip generated by the PJ and the McCann's PIs post-the-evening of May 3rd, making absolutely no progress at all.

But, in a stunning turnabout just as the McCann's libel trial against Goncalo Amaral comes to a close, Andy Redwood of Scotland Yard has uncovered who kidnapped Madeleine McCann and what they have done with her, according to an unidentified source of Bollux Media.

When Operation Grange reached no conclusion after an incredible number of man hours and money had been frittered away, Redwood decided to use a surprising investigative technique; he would go back to the actual events of the evening of the crime. Although he was unable to get the cooperation of the parents of the missing child or cooperation of any of the friends who dined together with the parents on the night Madeleine went missing, he was able to get the cooperation of the television media and a bunch of actors (including a very capable porn star) and scripted a very believable version of what occurred that evening. Redwood thrilled the public with his incredible breakthrough moment in the case wherein he disclosed that the Tanner sighting was really that of a vacationer who was wandering about in circles with his child trying to locate his apartment which he had misplaced. He then went on to reveal that the Smith sighting of Gerry McCann was now the correct sighting and he was looking forward to the public telling him who they thought it was now that they could show the world the sketches the McCanns had hidden for years.

Lots of callers identified Gerry McCann, but a couple of folks said it was a burglar they knew from the neighborhood and the pieces fell into place. Redwood discovered that a flurry of phone calls had been made by a three man burglary ring that this man was a part of, a number before 10 pm and another number of phone calls a couple of hours later.

Today, Scotland Yard detectives have interviewed the men of the burglary ring and through a clever investigative interrogation method in which the men were asked what they thought a bunch of burglars might have done if they were involved in the crime, they related the following story:

Just after Gerry and Kate's friend looked in on the McCann children, one of the burglars entered the apartment through the unlocked sliding door. Although he knew the layout of the apartment and that any valuables would likely be either in the living room or in the large bedroom, for some reason he felt drawn to go into the smaller of the bedrooms first. When he entered the room, a small girl awoke and began screaming. Without thinking of the possible results, the startled burglar put his hand over her mouth. Being a small child, his hand accidentally covered her nose as well and after a short time, the girl stop breathing. Thinking he had quieted the girl, the burglar released his hand and then made the horrific discovery that he had smothered the child. Panicked, he called his fellow burglars on their cells to ask what he should do and they decided the best plan would be to remove the child from the flat so as to leave no evidence of what had happened. One of the burglars posted himself at the back of the flat, the other in the front, and the burglar inside raised the window. When all was clear, he passed the deceased child through the window to the burglar waiting outside. Having worn gloves to the burglary, no prints were left in the apartment.

The burglar receiving the body of Madeleine then carried the child back to his Praia da Luz flat passing by the Smith family on the way. One of the burglars went to retrieve his boat and the other patrolled the area between the flat and the beach. During this time, the trio kept in touch by cell phone. When the streets became quiet enough to quickly move Madeleine's body from the apartment to the boat, this action was completed and Madeleine's body was disposed at sea.

Scotland Yard is hoping the Portuguese prosecutor will arrest the three suspects and take the case forward to court; however, they feel this is unlikely because the Portuguese prosecutor claims there is insufficient evidence due to the PJ mishandling the case for six years. There is no physical evidence remaining after all this time, and there is a refusal on the part of the suspects to make a full confession.

Kate and Gerry McCann have issued a statement thanking Andy Redwood and Scotland Yard for absolving them of any wrongdoing in the death of their daughter and uncovering a story of her death which is not too awful. They also want the public to know that The Fund will remain active until Madeleine's body is found and brought home for a proper interment.

This newslike article is brought to you by Bollux Media and

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

January 14, 2014

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Anonymous said...

Very good of course it all makes sense that Redwood chappie is a genious and worthy of his credentials and the McCanns will be so pleased that they can never be held accountable for their daughters disappearance case closed jobs a good un now their fund can continue.
And we the general public are stupid I don't think so

Anonymous said...

Bollocks media more like

kathy' bater said...

It would never have happened if they had put their kids before their enjoyment, If they felt the need to leave their kids alone while they went out partying at least lock the door, I for 1 could never do such a thing, if you have kids make sure you are there for them or get a sitter

Pat Brown said...

"Bollux Media doesn't waste time reading other newslike reports and rewording them...we just make stuff up."

Chris Roberts said...

Excellent news and my thanks to Bollux media. As the case has now been solved can you confirm that the McCanns will be shutting down No Scam Unturned Limited and that all monies in their bank accounts and other places where it may have been salted away will be donated to a genuine charity.

Anonymous said...


Chrissmith said...

So pleased that Bollux media has solved the case! We can all stop hounding that poor innocent couple now! Another good post Pat - Maybe I'm an eternal optimist but I still hope that Scotland Yard are reeling them in!

Chris Roberts said...

Pat, don't worry your pretty little head re making stuff up,
all the other "news" sources do as well. So far we've had "egg man" , tractor man,
gypsies, door to door collectors, cleaners, Lars and Heinrich and now the three stooges
who MUST be guilty 'cos they called each other to discuss the night's "takings".
They had quite a good night "swag wise" apparently, watches, jewelry.a dead toddler, televisions, stereos
and a nice blue tennis bag.

Pat Brown said...


Which one of these is not like the others....

Anonymous said...

Sure! Anonymous petty thieves are always going to admit to murder! Solves everything and ties it up with a pretty little bow! No body!

Anonymous said...

3 more persons of interest - every dime Redwood spends on this will make a failure to solve this case even a bigger fiasco, they are throwing good money after bad. spending £3M of public money didn't find even a clue so now it's up to 6 then 10 - meanwhile children whose parents are willing to cooperate with police and haven't made up stories, have no one helping them with their situation. What is the hold McCanns have over David Cameron? Is it all his fear of their "friends" in the Murdoch empire turning on him? This story is such a money maker for them, Murdoch should be funding SY search. They don't want the case solved they want to sell the story forever and use it to influence political leaders who fear their immense power to sway elections, and they have hit on the perfect couple to abet them in that.

Follow the money.

glenda said...

Best reporting I've read in years. Thanks for clearing that up. This is totally what happened. It's what all the burglars have been whispering about for years.

Hobnob said...

Please Miss ,Please Miss

~ waves hand wildly~

What did the n burglars do for 90 mins whilst they waited for Madeleine to produce enough cadaverine to be detectable by a dog.

Did they play pass the corpse?

Did they read bedtime stories?

Did they do a top to bottom forensic cleanup whilst they waited?

Did they try kates pants on for size and practie their catwalks?

All whilst avoiding the checks for her caring family and friends?

How did they know the mccanns would need to hire a hire car and somehow guess which one would be chosen s5 days after Maddie @vanished@

How did they know given the mccann strict checking routine that they wouldn't bugger off back to the UK immediately rather than hang around for a few months?

Please Miss, Please MIss

If the three burglars were discovered due to the hihj number of calls made around the time of Maddie's disappearance and thus they must be guilty, how come the same rule doesn't apply to the mccanns?

Anonymous said...

As soon as the burglar in the McCann's apartment would have made that call to his friends I don't think there would be any support coming from the others. He'd be left high and dry!

Anonymous said...

If the little girl screamed then why didn't the other two do the same ?

Pat Brown said...


Please remember that we at Bollux Media do not care for facts: we are competing with larger media outlets and must keep up with today's standards.

Hobnob said...

Thanks Pat for easing my worries so well.

I was really concerned that any introduction of a fact might prevent the case being solved to the mccan's satisfaction and might have prevented them from running their fund in order to maintain a lifestyle to which they want to become accustomed to.

Thank you bollux media for incentivisng me to continue donating all my money and that of any friends i can persuade in order that kate and gerry need not fear losing their house or having to shop at some lowly supermarket such as morrisons or co-op instead of waitrose or mark and sparks. I was fearful they might have to make do with a free range chicken rather than their deserved and highly expensive. named. corn fed. free range. organic chicken. How the twins would have suffered not knowing their chicken was called matilda, or was it margaret , no wait it was Madeleine, no wait, she's the goose that lays the golden eggs according to mommy.

I must rush off and withdraw all my money from the bank to send to them in a nice envelope marked kate and gerry @rothley as that nice mr clarence mitchell suggested.

Clarence is such a nice name, it reminds me of daktari and the cross eyed lion, how could a man with such a nice name be telling fibs i ask you>

Anonymous said...

As someone that is friends with Gerry and Kate your post is offensive and how dare you speak for them!!!! Scotland Yard have not come out and said Madeleine is dead! God, you make me sick! This is not even funny in the least!

Hobnob said...

Interesting anon, your claim to be friends with kate and gerry shows a red flag since you use the word that which is distancing, how about fessing up and revealing who you are instead of hiding behind anonymity??

Anonymous said...

What makes you any more qualified to speak for them yourself?

lottie said...

What i find offensive is using a fund that was supposedly to find their "abducted" daughter being used to carter ruck anyone with a different opinion ( more than half a brain), the delightful clarrie, and oh yeah, their mortgage,and still they have their grasping hands stretched out.

Pat Brown said...

For those who cannot recognize satire, Bollux Media is not speaking for Scotland Yard; we are just making up stuff like the other media outlets.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!! All joking aside u could be on the nail pat.wouldnt surprise me at all!! Burglers do not take kids and cuddly toys! Sy have said that they know nothing of this press release and have repeated that they will nt be updating anything to do with the case at this time. Clarence is prob up to his old tricks of press baiting before the trial. Imo

Anonymous said...

Good job!

So all culprits are banged up? We do love a happy ending.

Even the press reporters got their comeuppance:-


You do know Pat you've just written the script for Redwoods next appearance on crimewatch LOL

CARE15156 said...

How are your friends Kate & Gerry bearing up with the libel case being delayed, they must be very disappointed not to get it over & done with, but not as dissapointed for 98% of those sick of reading Bollux media whom are interested in Madeline's disappearance. You see all of these people wanted to see the shit hit the fan & the truth be published in the World Press. Bye the way are you helping your friends plan there long holiday this year, may i say this is not a good idea as they wont let you go with them, you will have to slum it for your long holiday in HMPS hotel in grey old England along with your 6 ? mates!

guerra said...

Pat, stop giving them ideas.

Before, this McCann case I was naive, I believed everything that was transmitted by the main stream media. I soon realized that the mainstream media can be bought just like someone buys a spot of advertising. If facts don't fit into the agenda they are ignored and those who seek to expose the facts are censored. Investigative journalism has been replaced with creative journalism. That's just the way it is.

There is a theory circulating that the McCanns are being played and that the 3 burglars are Mr and Mrs McCann and Robert Murat; I have my doubts. I believe these actions are meant to influence the judge that is presiding over the Amaral libel trial. The McCanns have no case against Mr. Amaral but what must the judge think when she is being bombarded by news of suspects and imminent arrests?

Pat Brown said...

Ah, Guerra, we both know what is in motion was thought through already. As to the "burglars" being the McCanns and Murat, we would actually have to believe Scotland Yard spent two years and ten million pounds doing something they could have done in the first week. I don't believe it for a moment. I think we just have the usual offering of possible suspects that makes the public think the police know something they don't and are at work solving the case. I have watched America's Most Wanted have a police department on to tell completely lie to the public claiming the man in the composite was the killer when he was no such thing. Even though I outed that department, they continue to spout the lies and life goes on. In the end, because police investigations can claim they have information about a case that has not been made public, the public tends to believe they must be privy to something the citizens do not know; hence, they are given the benefit of the doubt.

In the end, if Scotland Yard claims they know who was responsible for what happened to Madeleine, they will not need to prove it for their story to put the whole case to rest.

Anonymous said...

So how does it play out from here? Are there any hard and accepted facts capable of debunking this story? Like you say they dont need to prove the story or prove guilt (too much time has passed) they just need a version of events that is sufficiently conceivable and ties up the evidence which they've been placing in the spotlight recently. They dont even need the pj to go along with it. The story (your story) is certainly plausible enough to convince most people that the case has been solved.

Pat Brown said...

Well, Anonymous 5:02, essentially, unless the three burglars have airtight alibis from six years ago (like they were in prison or in the hospital) they cannot be excluded unless the evidence unquestionably points another direction (which, of course, it does, but it is seems that Scotland Yard is discounting any of the actual evidence). Likewise, for tractor man and any gypsies who happened to have been in the area. It just might be that the case doesn't have to be prosecuted, just "solved well enough" to make Scotland Yard look like it has done the job as best it can considering the PJ have screwed everything up so badly and also refuse to cooperate fully) and the McCanns are shown to be innocent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat

Excellent parody.

If you were part of a gang of "alleged burglars " operating in the
area on the night and a your activities had been disrupted by the GNR and the PJ squads (never mind the Police helicopters) What would you be discussing after the event? Why the event of a young childs disappearance of course!

I'm afraid Mr Redwood and his friends are on the wrong track re: the mobile phone evidence.

I'm no expert but the PJ asked for and didn't gain access to the British mobile phone operators info that day or night of May the 3rd and the information within those texts calls etc.

I am sure that if SY wished to they could demand to analyse the British calls made from British mobiles that night from the providers. I suspect that they may have been very selective in respect of that. It is interesting that they have had access to Portuguese mobile phone info though.

They should now analyse the UK info I think.This would prove more interesting and yield more pertinent information.

p.s. I thought Mr Redwood was setting up a Crimewatch appeal for help in the Republic of Ireland?

What's happened to that I wonder and why have we heard nothing since?

Annie Haley said...

Excellent post,Pat!
To all the readers of this post: Please take the time to support Pat in her writing and purchase her book on this case ! It is a fabulous book! You won't find it on Amazon,com since it was banned; however you will find many other gems written by Pat. You can even find two of her books on Audible so you can listen to Pat tell her stories! Now, those are fun! May I recommend Murder of Cleopatra to start with?

Annie Haley said...

Sadly, Murder of Cleopatra is not on Audible at this time . But Killing for Sport and The Profiler is.

Anonymous said...

And so Redwood, who provides "no commentary", decides to issue a statement telling us that he has sent a "note" about a "letter" that no one has yet received.

I guess we have two choices now:

1 Redwood is playing an elaborate ruse to see the McCanns and their media 'team' in action...hoping that they further incriminate themselves. (Ie further than the lies, the cadaver etc etc...the real policey stuff)

Meanwhile Madeleine's memory is still further prostituted through the global media that is flooded with disinformation. And gullible people might be tempted to donate to the 'fund'.

(If operation grange had a pound for every false story they've initiated they'd be.....oh)


2 Redwood is bent. He is using the media to drip feed this nonsense into the public domain so as to wrap things up...exactly as Bollux media have said. The McCanns get suitable distraction stories as required, and the PJ find their case muddied to the point of ...well 2007. Exactly as before.

(My money is on option 2)

Pat Brown said...

Unfortunately, Anonymous at 7:14, my money is on Option 2 with you.

This would be an extremely elaborate public ruse when, in reality, one could work a more insidious and successful one behind the scenes simply playing any version of good cop, bad cop with the McCanns and the Tapas group. All this public stuff is not going to have the McCanns or their buddies confessing anything because it serves no purpose to them and there is no pressure to do so when the publicity is in their favor.

I see the whole thing as a publicity stunt to end up making the Mccanns and Scotland Yard come out the winners though I still have no idea why the McCanns are getting such a break. I understand why Scotland Yard would do whatever to appear to have solved the case, but I still have no idea why they were given a green light to spend so many millions on a case that wasn't even their for people who were heavily at fault for the disappearance of their child and are suspected of such.

guerra said...

anonymous at 7:14 I'm sure Mr. Redwood was quite familiar with team McCann's ability to control the media before he undertook this project. In my opinion Mr. Redwood is just a new member of team McCann brought in to lend credibility to the abduction narrative and to try to influence the judge in the libel trial or at least draw attention away from the trial in case an unfavourable decision is handed down. It's no coincidence that once the trial resumed this year the media cranked up their efforts to disinform the public.

For those who don't know, Mr. Mitchell the McCann's spokesperson was given a PR award for his role in changing the Media's opinion about the couple. He is quoted as saying that he sat down with the editors to shape the stories.

If you live in England and you contact the Home Office requesting information on this case through the Freedom of Information Act you will receive a letter telling you that they can't give you that information because it would damage relations between England and Portugal. Now why would that be? It seems to me that the Portuguese government buckled and decided to help the British government cover up this affair.

There has to be more to this than the death of a child. This couple most likely has firsthand knowledge about the sordid activities of some highly influential people.

Anonymous said...

Yep, precisely my thoughts Pat. I can't see any justification for SY conducting this in such a public way. As you say, if anything, it can only be counter productive.

Why the McCanns are being given this break, I have no idea! I guess we have to be realistic. In the absence of a body (and given the McCann's legal team) a conviction might be hard to achieve.

I tend not to buy into the wider theories of conspiracy (not that such things aren't possible). But I think there are simply too many high ranking people attached the McCann 'cause'; if the case were ever brought to trial I think it would have the potential to create massive circles of recrimination and "shadows of doubt".

For heavens sake, the McCanns have been welcomed into Downing Street; and the Federation of Police Officers welcomed them to their annual "Awards for Bravery"!! These are astonishing lapses in judgement, and the pictures from these events (and many more) will never disappear.

Potentially two of the most infamous criminals of recent years can be shown in close conversation with Home Secretaries and Chiefs of Police!

That might be enough for SY to be instructed to sweep this away?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry Guerra...our comments over lapped!
It may well be that there is a larger story to tell about the background of the McCanns...prior to Madeleine's disappearance.
I didn't know about the FOI status. But the fact that the UK authorities withheld Madeleine's medical history from the PJ is something that is hard to forget.

Pat Brown said...

You know, it may just be as simple as someone or some group in power actually thinking the McCanns were innocent and that the Portuguese were mistreating UK citizens, jumped in, stood by them, and now it is too late take that action back and it is all ass covering from there. I have seen this with police departments I have worked with. What happens is this: I come in a number of years after a case has gone cold, analyzed it and found out the detectives had gone down a completely wrong trail since Day One, based usually on some gut reaction resulting from rushing and lack of training. When I lay out each conclusion and show the evidence that supports the conclusion, they usually admit it makes sense. Then I leave and they hide my profile. They go right back to their original theory. Most of the time this just means they tell the family I couldn't help them and that they are still pursuing the case as before and the case just remains quietly unresolved. Sometimes, they can become more proactive as in one case, where after ten years of pushing the wrong suspect publicly and on America's Most Wanted, the Sheriff came out in the news and claimed I knew nothing about the case. Only after I proved I had spent a week working on the case from within the department, did he grudgingly admit I had been there but that he was still right. He brought in a state agency to prove him right and they came in and we have never heard a word from them. The case remains "unsolved" but the Sheriff's job and ego are intact.

guerra said...

I think the word "conspiracy" has acquired a negative connotation over the years. Nowadays if someone suggests that people conspired, i.e. worked together to bring about a desired result, that someone is labelled as a conspiracy theorist, a wacko.

The coincidences in this case are too many, that in probabilistic terms they can no longer be considered coincidences. The man himself who led the original investigation, Mr. Amaral, talks about political interference and obstruction of justice.

As I've said before you either believe that people conspired or you have a very poor opinion of the intelligence of the people who govern Britain.

Pat Brown said...

Hehe, Guerra, I would say I am not that impressed all that often with people who run anything! I think we give "intelligence" too much credit; people in power can and do many stupid things do to inflated egos, bad behavior, improper analysis (because power does not necessarily equate to having needed intelligence to get there). Having said that, I agree with Amaral that there is a concerted effort on the part of the powers that be that is managing the whole McCann debacle and, if one wants to call that a conspiracy, one can; I call it politics.

guerra said...

Pat,The British government took immediate interest in this case. It's unprecedented. The British government were warned by their ambassadors to Portugal that all was not on the up and up with the McCann's story. And those ambassadors were quickly reassigned to other duties. If I'm not mistaken in the first year after the crime was reported England went through 6 different ambassadors to Portugal.

Can you imagine how the American public would react if their politicians accompanied a couple, who were still being investigated for harming their daughter, to Washington to champion a child welfare initiative?

It's crazy, what has taken place in this case.

Pat Brown said...

Guerra,you give the American public far too much credit. We are just as fooled and manipulated by the MSM and those who have far more power than us as are British citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guerra, Sorry if it came across as derogatory when I mentioned the 'conspiracy' word! It wasn't meant that way at all. You're right. Whether it is simply a case of people covering their ass, or some other motive (as yet unknown) the fact remains that people are conspiring to turn this ''investigation' away from the straightforward pursuit of justice.
Anyways let's hope we're spectacularly WRONG.

Isabelle Mcfadden said...

This is the only case where a missing child causes an intense meeting between the prime ministers of 2 countries. ODD??? I would say so.
I still believe it will all come out one day and we all will be vindicated. And The truth about the Lie of sweet Madeleine will come out.

Anonymous said...

and now pat we have case of dogs solveing a murder case in Germany due to crimewatch but of course the mc cans will say dogs are not reliable please excuse my spelling not as smart as the mc canns

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No but the mccanns know what happened that night!

guerra said...

True, no one knows what exactly happened that night, but we do know that the testimonies of those involved are full of contradictions which strongly suggest that they lied. We also know that there is no evidence pointing to an abduction. We also find it surprising that the parents of a missing child chose not to cooperate with the police.

The reason that people don't "stop" is because they are quite aware that the media is being used to disseminate lies in order to protect the image of a couple who most likely is responsible for the death of their child. A couple who has exploited this tragedy to enrich their lives. Someone has to stand up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

Pat said
I see the whole thing as a publicity stunt to end up making the Mccanns and Scotland Yard come out the winners though I still have no idea why the McCanns are getting such a break.

I have two ideas - initially it was the betting on the wrong horse, and being too embarrassed to back away from that. Gerry McCann was working with then PM Gordon Brown's brother Andrew on a very expensive 25 year billion dollar nuclear power program, McCann (cardiologist) was hired to do a study on the effect of nuclear power plants on children's diseases and guess what, there is none! Yes that's right, it's healthy for babies and children to grow up under the smoke stack and with their ground water contaminated. so carry on.
Gordon Brown had a reputation as being unfeeling and this was a way to look good while also not casting aspersions onto the very doctor that was helping his brother - people have been killed and countries invaded when such large energy projects are involved so this seems like as good a reason as any.

Then we have the current PM who has been threatened by the Murdoch empire with making HIM look bad - very publicly, this is not a secret - they, Rebecca brooks, now in some sort of trial for her part in approving hacking of emails etc, a very dodgy person working for a media outlet (which also owns Fox news, Wall Street Journal etc) that is trying to influence politics, trying to influence politics in the UK. Brooks threatened to out Cameron and print a letter on the front page of the Sun or Mirror or one of their penny dreadful Red Tops, if he did not roll over and play dead dog.

There is no mystery here, that if the PM of a major country is threatened -and all that his party stands for, threatened - if he does not do what the papers want, so they can continue to fatten off the story of madeleine McCann, that it's a bit of a no brainer that he will spend £3M of other people's money to be seen to be doing the "right thing" - and the Right Thing for Murdoch empire is to continue to have many, many stories about the McCanns to sell its papers.

The UK press and especially Murdoch empire is very powerful - look at the effect Fox "News" has had on US politics - Congress people's fate rises and falls on the "news" they print, along with the fates of the powerful organizations and corporations they represent.

That's enough to get a lot of people working behind the scenes to find a solution, if a solution were wanted. If a SOLUTION - ie we know who killed Madeleine, and we're not going to tell you - was wanted, they could have had that 3 years ago. the solution they want is no solution and the continuation of their ability to continue to print stories that sell, and to control public officials in the UK, for as long as possible and that is in fact what has happened.

Anonymous said...

These two should have been busted for child abuse. Giving them medication to make them sleep and leaving them alone In a room. Whilst out drinking . Bloody disgusting and an outrage.
But nothing has been done about that has it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like shrugging your shoulders when told that possibly where you child might actually be. Says it all like the body language.

Anonymous said...

The current situation in the news with Clarence Mitchell- the McCanns' spokesperson - feeding the media outlets incorrect information, has been one that has been going on since he was hired by them or seconded to them (former Uk media monitor paid by the government) and continues to this day. He used his contacts from work within the government to bring the press to heel like dogs expecting a treat -

Mitchell evidently fed the news that the 3 "suspected burglars" were going to be arrested - arrests expected soon in madeleine McCann disappearance! -to the media, and then commented on it, as if he wasn't the source of the leak. This is his MO.

Mitchell is now running for office, as a Tory candidate from Brighton, with his image out there, fattening himself off the bones of the McCann story for 6 years and wanting his pay off (while they accuse everyone else of trying to make money off their Brand, Mitchell is surely going to have his hand out since he helped create the brand).

Murdoch is conservative and this will be one MP (member of parliament) who is very much in his pocket if in fact he is elected.

guerra said...

Anonymous, January 16, 2014 at 5:44 PM The British government placed its bet quite early. Diplomatic intervention was initiated even before the Portuguese knew a crime had been committed. I've heard this theory before about Gordon Brown trying to garner brownie points from the public. Is that why he visited the headquarters of the Leicester police? Is that why the now defunct FFS laboratory destroyed the samples that the PJ sent? I tend to think there is more to this than that.

I think the theory about Mr. McCann being part of the government commission which produced that bogus report on the effects of radiation is a more probable explanation. That report could have prevented the nuclear industry from constructing anymore power plants in Britain. There probably are a lot of powerful people who have a vested interest in the nuclear industry.

Yes, without Murdoch this worldwide charade couldn't have happened. The McCann's spokesperson Mr. Mitchell did work for Mathew Freud of Freud Communications, the son in law of Rupert Murdoch. Before Mr.Cameron was elected prime minister he accepted free flights from Mathew Freud to Greece where he held private talks with Rupert Murdoch on his yacht. After that Murdoch favoured the Conservative party. It was Rebecca Brooks an employee of Murdoch who pressured, she prefers to say that she persuaded, Cameron to answer Mrs. McCann's open letter in the Sun with an open letter of his own in the same newspaper, on the eve of her book release, announcing that he had given Scotland Yard a mandate to review the case. Lord justice Leveson, who was appointed by Mr. Cameron to inquire into the conduct of the press, who publicly disparaged the PJ and the case files, had attended a couple of parties at Mathew Freud's home.

I'm sure that the papers have profited from this circus, but sooner or later people will lose interest in this never ending comedy. And if the lead orchestrator of this circus is Mr. Murdoch there will be a final act. If this is indeed so, the clowns better worry because sooner or later they are going to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that Anonymous has nothing to do with this.

guerra said...

Are you sure? I heard Scotland Yard is coming to Portugal to question Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Your 'friends' are at the very least guilty of child neglect, therefore DIRECTLY responsible for her disappearence. If your two friends lived in a council house and went off to the pub across the road leaving three kids under 4 alone, and for one of them to disappear into thin air, I'm damn sure they wouldn't have a single friend left in the country!

Shelley said...

The dogs were wrong. Remember....

I mean if there is no dead body then the dogs are wrong as Gerry claims.

Shelley said...

They are super sound sleepers. They also slept through Kates screams and the police investigation..

Or... They drugged them all.

All burglars carry sedetation medication. Just in case the kids wake upz

Shelley said...

Why do you care? Seems to me the McCanns read this blog or their team does.

Otherwise if you don't have an opinion.... Why read a crime profilers blog...

Alterer motive???

Dawn Mardel said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

The McCanns and their 'friends' are Masons. That says it all really!!