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What's Wrong with the Dead Black Man?

What indeed is wrong with the dead black suspect that Portugal was investigating? I have been ruminating over that question since Scotland Land reportedly stated that they were pursuing a different line of investigation than the Portuguese team. Has this raised the public eyebrow in any way? It struck me as odd.....a different line of what way could it be different unless one agency is looking at abduction and the other is not? However, Scotland Yard had pronounced from the beginning that the McCanns were not suspects and it would seem that Portugal was following suit. So how could these two agencies be following two different lines of investigation? Was one pursuing information that Madeleine was kidnapped by a sex ring and the other looking for a family who wanted a child? Where would each have gotten such strong leads that the agencies would have such an exclusive direction and each had totally eliminated any other?

I have worked many cases where detectives in one department had been exploring two or more investigative directions because there were no strong leads; they were making sure to investigate all possibilities until they could rule all but one of those directions out. But this is not what Scotland Yard was suggesting; they were insinuating Portugal was not looking in the correct direction at all.  It could be true; I have had that experience myself when I have come in to work a cold case with a police department and I found that the detectives on the case were totally ignoring the evidence and following some gut intuition, trying to fit the evidence to the theory rather than the theory to the evidence. This is what it appears Scotland Yard was saying; we are focusing on proper leads and Portugal is off on a fool's errand.

But, then, we hear about Scotland Yard pursuing three burglars who made phone calls following the disappearance of Madeleine...wait, isn't that the same theory as Portugal? Wasn't their dead black guy a burglar who made phone calls on the evening of May 3, 2007? Isn't that exactly the same line of investigation, just different suspects?

So, now, I have to wonder, what is wrong with the dead black guy? He is the perfect patsy; he is a criminal, he is black (and we all know in a still racist world how that helps make the case), and he is dead; all the things a police department could want in a fall guy....I have seen that exact kind of suspect made us of in other criminal investigations to close a case which was never going to be properly solved.

So, why doesn't Scotland Yard like the dead, black man? I can only come up with only three reasons:

1) Scotland Yard can't have Portugal solve the case after reopening it just a few months ago when they have spent ten million dollars and two years working on the review.

2) Portugal can't solve the case because that is for Scotland Yard to do; after all, the Portuguese police have been proven to be incompetent and they must remain incompetent while the top police agency in the world, Scotland Yard,  comes in to save the day.

3) The black guy just doesn't look a bit like Gerry McCann.

It is Number Three that is most important of all. If we think back to Crimewatch, Andy Redwood made a huge deal out of knocking down the Tanner sighting which was, I believe, a surprise to many of us because that was Gerry McCann's alibi. When Redwood did so, it gave hope to some that there was some clever ruse being played out by Scotland Yard to finally nail the McCanns and their Tapas friends. I also wished this would be so, but considering how Scotland Yard had behaved to that point with their investigation, I was not particularly inspired to believe justice would eventually win out; I still fully believed the review was going to be nothing but a whitewash in the end. I did wonder, however, why Scotland Yard ruled out the Tanner sighting with a clearly bogus vacationer walking in the wrong direction and publicized the e-fits of the Tanner sighting when this would throw the suspicion back on Gerry McCann.

Now, I think I know. I know why they did this and why it can't be a dead, black guy....because he does not look like Gerry McCann.

What are the odds that one of the three burglars does look like Gerry McCann? Looks enough like Gerry McCann to finally have an explanation for the Smith sighting? It won't matter that burglars don't kidnap children, it doesn't matter if it can't be proven that the burglars had any part in the disappearance of Maddie McCann; it only matters that one of the burglars looks close enough to the man in the composite drawing to be the guy the Smiths saw. I have to wonder whether a good portion of the time the Yard spent in this review was simply flipping through Portuguese mug shots looking for someone who looks similar enough to Gerry and lives close enough to Praia da Luz to serve their purpose. The Smith sighting is the one loose end that needs to be eliminated and a suspect who looks enough like Gerry and is a believable candidate to have committed the crime of abducting Maddie is what is needed to wrap up this whole charade with a pretty, little bow.

Proof is not necessary; just doubt and the word of a well-respected police agency. It remains to be seen whether we eventually see photos of the burglars and if we do, whether Scotland Yard has accomplished a bait-and-switch trick that will fool enough of the public to put the case to rest once and for all.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

January 19, 2014

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Anonymous said...

@PAT,going off topic for a moment, is it possible, there was never any foreign dna evidence on the toy?
This could be the reason the cuddle cat was washed, ending the abduction story in its tracks?
How did kate know there wasn't any foreign dna on that toy!

Anonymous said...

@PAT,on topic of the three mystery men, how did they manage to gain personal information about the checks that night?
Considering how close that apartment was to them at the bar, it seems absurd they would take such a risk, when there was ample other apartments much less risky?
There isn't no forensic evidence to link them either, I think Scotland yard could well end up with a law suit, since these are not dead, when one considers what they tried with that poor black man.
There has never been a proper identity of anyone from the start!
It only leaves one sighting on the e fit list, as you correctly pointed out, its a scam, because innocent people do not let others manipulate evidence, no shame in who they pin it on, and having a criminal back ground, does not mean their guilty, profiles wont match, this is some one who hasn't been caught, and much more clever with personal knowledge of the scene, this is only a opinion.

Annie Haley said...

Pat, I admire the way you continue to explain the "Bollux" from this case, which gets more confusing by the day. You always seem to know how to steer people back to the logical facts.
Indeed, why wouldn't the black man make the perfect patsy? You gave the answer: he just doesn't look like Gerry McCann . Thanks for always keeping it real! If I could remind everyone on why you became a professional criminal profiler I would like it. This is taken from your excellent book, The Profiler: My life hunting serial killers and psychopaths, page 49. "If a woman is murdered in the woods and no one speaks up, does it really mean the victim and the honocide don't really matter?
The system did not function properly. We should all care about our fellow man and about doing what's right. That's what spurred me on the path of becoming a professional profiler."
Keep up with the important work. We will be listening.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, just a curious thought about the libel case, can the Portugal police bring a civil action against the mccanns, for not taking part in a full reconstruction in Portugal?
Dosent this make their case unfounded without proof amaral is wrong!
This shows further contradiction in the mccanns traits to lie, without credence, or establishing anything to be false?
Isnt that contempt!

guerra said...

It was Scotland Yard that requested, via a rogatory letter, for the Portuguese authorities to investigate the deceased Mr. Euclides Monteiro. The task of investigating this man was given to that small contingent of officers from Porto, assembled under suspicious circumstances, led by inspector Helena Monteiro. Mrs. Monteiro said that she was just tying up loose ends as was requested of her. She has also said on camera that the McCanns are not suspects.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your analysis. This is also the reason for THREE burglars (not just one). So long as ONE of them looks like Gerry the whitewash will work. Two kept watch, one broke in and then ran through the streets with her (great plan btw!).

Imagine the surprise from the 2 look-outs when instead of appearing with some credit cards and an ipad, their mate shows up with a kid! No wonder they scarpered, leaving just one to be spotted by the Smiths...

Anonymous said...

There are no burglars - that was all crap that "the spokesman" made up.

N said...

I expect Guerra is a much better informed source than me. I’ve never heard or read any document from Helena Monteiro where she discarded the McCann as suspects. In fact Mrs Monteiro, as an unofficial reviewer (not under the supervision of the Public Ministry) of the case files has no authority to exclude or include suspects. As a reviewer (whose competency is questionable, for someone who only investigated a young missing girl that died in a car accident) she can only point out eventual investigative mistakes, methodological or technical investigative errors, possible leads that were not followed,…
Coincidently, Monteiro, the Euclides, not the Helena, came up as a HUGE lead overlooked by the PJ. Really?????
Who put that person’s details on the press who made him the potential MONSTER that abducted the fair little, pure, NorthEuropean child? Not the PJ for sure: the review team has no status to appoint suspects (or to exonerate prior suspects), only leads and/or ways and the new appointed team for the reopened investigation (announced in Nov2013 was not only operational, but even if it was it’d be fully gagged by the secrecy of law). So who produced the dead black man as a suspect for the Media consumption. We know, from the actual McCann v.s Amaral et al trial that one of the main functions of the McCann PR hired company in Portugal (Lift Consultant, by former Claudia Nogueira) was/is to influence the press in order to publish articles contradicting/opposing Amaral’s “hypothesis” ( What better than a totally improbable suspect that those the now reopened process still presents??? Instead of a couple of white parents give the public a brand new black guy unfortunately dead.
Of course the McCann handsomely paid Portuguese Attorney Rogério Alves jumped at the possibility of offering the Portuguese media (&by proxy the Brit)a whole new package: The PJ was reopening the investigation pursuing the abduction hypothesis and the possibility that the child could be dead or alive, ah,…ermmm,….and of course “the parents were not suspects”

The only problem with Mr. Euclides Monteiro (a petty thief that even the President amnestied) being made a suspect was that, despite being dead, his family, his friends, neighbours and the public in general felt outraged by the way an innocent person was being framed by the single reason that he had had a professional link with OC, one year before the events. Meanwhile the prime suspects, that are still as such, in the reopened investigation (until its conclusion) keep being whitewashed and pampered by the MEDIA.

N said...

Guerra is definitely better informed than I - I subscribe that Euclides Monteiro was introduced to the PJ review team by the "phone" re-analysis of NSY. But unlike the Media propagated he was not the reason why the investigation was reopened.

I wonder what PJ would do with a NSY budget and equal resources!!!

Anonymous said...

A very good point!

That ultimately goes back to what G.Amaral said in his very latest public appearance. He said and I quote:

"We must not forget the investigation process was conveniently archived (as a political expedient.) ...

He also said that "the Public Ministry made it clear that they (the McCanns’) were the ones who lost (for not attending the reconstruction)."...

"The Public Prosecutor asserted , that those who avoided the reconstruction lost the opportunity to prove their innocence".

For a full account of Amaral's latest public comments on the investigation - both of his and the on-going look-alikes see:

Also important to remember that it was the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, who ordered Scotland Yard "to review" the case.

Important to remember too that Clarence Mitchell the contracted McCanns' spokesperson (£80,000 per year initially) is himself a candidate member of the British Conservative Party for the next General Elections!

Small world indeed!

And that is not all! Clarence Mitchell directs one of the largest and most influential PR and reputation management companies in the world! - Burson-Marsteller with "a seamless network consisting of 69 offices and 80 affiliate offices, together operating in 107 countries across six continents." (quote)

So, you see, there could have been a reason why that "suspect was made a "criminal" and plastered all over the newspapers - that is what "reputation management" (sic) is all about!

Wait for more "investigation breakthroughs" as Amaral trial nears its ending and McCann Team tries desperately and at all costs to influence the decision of Lady Melo e Castro - the Portuguese judge.

;)Just an hunch!

guerra said...

In October of last year the Portuguese media reported that the case would be reopened. It reported that a new team of investigators would be formed in the Algarve and that inspector Helena Monteiro and her 4 officers from Porto, who had been asked to review the case, would stay on and be part of the investigation. Of course it was reiterated that the PJ didn't consider the McCanns suspects and it was even reported that the couple would be given some type of special status making them assistants to the investigative process.

For those who understand Portuguese

I strongly believe that nothing is being done to solve this case. All the flurry of activity that we have been witnessing was planned to coincide with the libel trial against Mr. Amaral. This case is political.

Pat Brown said...


I have been reading all your comments on this posts and the previous ones and I want to commend you on having perhaps the best understanding of the case I have seen. There is not much I would disagree with you on.

As to the supposed investigation, yes, I can note no real investigating going on and, I agree with you that the whole thing is a political charade. The case will have a "conclusion", not in a court of law (outside of the Amaral one) but in the court of public opinion. Many a case that has been a political football has either been come to a conclusion through erroneous prosecution (the Chandra Levy case) or some sort of plea bargain that allows for the actual evidence to not need to be released (Dennis Rader - BTK case) or for the cast to be administratively closed with a known suspect but one that is not prosecutable for some reason (he is dead, he is already in prison for life, the evidence is "compelling" but not good enough for prosecution, or another jurisdiction is preventing the case from moving forward). It is interesting how often these methods work in closing cases and satisfying the public. One only has to make them BELIEVE that the police have evidence or knowledge of evidence or knowledge that the suspect is guilty; proof is not necessary. Secrecy is the key and although the Portugal made the original police files available to the public, I can guarantee we won't see Scotland Yard doing the same if they "solve the case" even though they cannot get it prosecuted.

Thomas Baden-Riess said...

I hate to throw a spanner in the works but did any of you Mccann haters ever consider that maybe Tractorman was originally a white Gerry Mccann double, who then, alla Michael Jackson, underwent plastic surgery after the case, in order to become black?

Here we have a perfect crime you see. Tractorman finds out his luck is in when he comes across his doppelganger on holiday at the Ocean club and determines to take advantage of this. He blags his way onto site, bumping into various of Gerry’s acquaintances and speaking to them in such broken and awful English, that they’re totally convinced this guy is from Glasgow. Now he is ready to make good his spot of luck by burglarising the Mccann apartment: think about it, he can basically just walk in.

But something goes wrong. Madeleine, not content with babysitting her younger siblings, sees the burglar enter and reaching for the valuables (jewellery etc), heroically swallows them. Thus Tractorman, has no choice but to take Maddie, even though he’s simply a burglar, in order to get his hands on the loot.

He walks out with Maddie, cleverly disguising his face with an egg as he goes past poor Jane Tanner, who says to herself ‘was that an egg or a man’ and ‘if it was a man, hiding behind an egg, and carrying Maddie, then I’m buggered and I’m going to go down in history as an outrageous liar and all those Mccann haters are never going to give me a break.’

Anyway, after that, everywhere Tractorman goes in Portugal, people think he’s Gerry Mccann; and because of the social stigma of being mistaken for Gerry Mccann he decides to improve his lot by becoming a black.

So he becomes black and one day, walking along the street, he’s called a n****r, he’s ridiculed and spat on and as he is he whispers up a prayer saying ‘thankyou God that they don't think I'm Gerry Mccann anymore.'

Morag Trollop said...

hahahahaha +Thomas Baden-Riess thank you it has been such a long time since I laughed so hard. You did forget one crucial fact, Madeleine swallowed so many of the crown jewels that the drug addicted Gerry McCann lookalike managed to afford not only his surgery to become a black man but also the same procedures for his entire family. Wonder if he had any money left for drugs.

Anonymous said...

Who is leaking to the Mccann pr companies about these "suspects"? As a journalist you always go for a good story, and any new subjects introduced in this saga, is of course appreciated. However, somebody is leaking. Who? Can somebody please analyse the chain of SY formally asking PJ to check out named subjects in Portugal and try to find out who is leaking? SY itself? PJ?
Somebody in the chain in between? We know who is telling the press but to tell the press you need something to tell. /Catherine

Anonymous said...

For Catherine at 21/2014/2:32 AM

In Goncalo Amaral latest appearance on TV (quoted from other guest on the programme (University professor and criminologist Moita Flores)has this to say about the McCanns' spokesperson Clarence Mitchell - director of the global PR firm Burson-Marsteller and Conservative party candidate in the next UK general elections:

"This (kind of) people should have been placed under immediate surveillance!

For now we know (exactly what he was up to). Well, I knew it from away back, when I was invited to work on (another) TV station - to comment (on the case) directly from the Algarve.

There (we had a situation, where) the views of the couple, their family and friends were organized, pre-selected (in terms of their relative importance); according to some kind of strategy or schedule by this media monitor ."

Draw your own inferences.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Baden reiss. Very well written. Are you Scottish ? I think you have hit the nail on the head. What we are being served up by the cops and robbers ( aka the media) is beyond farcical the sad thing for me is that we live in a world that seems to allow such a whitewash. I mean take Kirsty young and the whole crime watch crew. Did they push back at all and say there was another side to this story that at least needed to be mentioned ratther than treat the watching viewers like idiots with the fake incident room and cops pretending to be analysing the files whilst on air.

Anonymous said...

McCanns website has finally been updated now that Detective Redwood of Scotland Yard has announced to the world on Crime Watch BBC program, that they found Jane Tanner's sighting and ruled him out as a tourist carrying his child home.

McCanns have it on the website that they can't be sure the person Scotland Yard identified is the same man Jane saw, so you should contact them if you have seen the guy.

Basically they are calling Scotland Yard's investigation into question and asking people to contact them, McCanns, at their own investigation hot line.

Just wow.

Gwen said...

Thank you Pat, I'm from Australia and I follow your input just about every day. I have only just become interested in the case in the last 6 months. you are the only one brave enough to keep saying it as it is. I hope that you don't stop educating us to look at things objectively and not like brainwashed sheep. I'm kind of hoping that someone makes a movie out of it from the PJ side of the story and not from Disney….I…mean…..well you know who I mean.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, how hypercritical of Scotland yard, not to mention how hot kate and gerrys phones were,considering deleting texts ect.
One can see how the contradictions continue, from the McCann team, and via bollux media, more interesting is how little of any qualifications the mccanns have on criminal matters.
For all the gas they produce they have made sure their daughter wont be found, how did kate know so much, to state the press know nothing?
Surely that comes back to the questions she wouldn't answer, and what others have suspected about a odd circle of people that have been cagey from day one, and hired a even more odd circle to revenue their finances, without ever having any proof any abduction took place, its no diferent from a insurance fiddle, where they remove goods from a house to locate it some where else in the belief it was a burglar, without ever proving one existed?
One would of at least noticed the main flaw in kates story, claiming abduction before forensics examined anything, I can only think kate wanted the evidence to fit that idea, and nothing else, was their clean ups about being innocent, or was it has kate stated,she knows more than us?
Yet shows contempt for them that want to know the truth.
And for them that question this.

Anonymous said...

The BBC and HBO are doing a TV series about Madeleine McCann.Maybe it will be based on Kate's Book.Oh, but that would really be a TV series "Loosly" based on the "Real Story" now, wouldn't it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat!

They're really assuming we,(the public who won't buy into the,daily it seems,rubbish the McCann/Media come up with), accept their argorant stance.
An Innocent little girl is missing,most probably by a brutal manner!!Still her Mum and Dad,Kate and Gerry McCann, along with others, continue to brutalize her Memory.carol

Thomas Baden-Riess said...

Anonymous at 7.45. I'm not in fact Scottish, though I am techincally a geordie I guess, which is not disimilar.

Crimewatch was such a stitch up. I'd love to personally talk to someone in the BBC and get their off-the-record take on matters.

Anonymous said...

Thomas. Yes I agree you are technically Scottish. Maybe you could get an in at the bbc through Alan shearer.

Anonymous said...

@PAT,one thing for sure, the mccanns are going to have real problems trying to convict any stranger, based on their own statements, their daughter would never go with any stranger, no court can convict without a body or forensic evidence to link anybody in relation to allegations that are unfounded, and have no motive since the mccanns have no direct enemies in doing so.
In order to establish any kind of revenge theory, one needs a conflict between a suspect and the maccanns prior to any events, this simply dosent exist, making the idea of any target absurd and delusional, none of this fits either around the checks, and how did a drugged child bump into a burglar?
All assumption since none of this is witnessed by anyone in that group?
If anyone dosent know what happened, how can they state anything that dosent exist?
Since redwood wasn't there that night, hes backing a dead horse in hope it fits, instead of giving concrete proof, so the one vital clue that could of shown this theory was washed by kate herself, since kate stated it was a intruder that moved the toy?
How stupid for allowing himself to be manipulated by deviance,does he not understand the motives to lie, when forensics give no evidence of a intruder?
Does he not know why any evidence of innocence is destroyed by the maccanns?
Like you said pat, the more they say, the more they hang themselves in the end.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, I wish you well, and support for amaral in kind regards in such difficult times, may I also add, its been a privilege to know you are not frightend of saying what you think.
Freedom to find the truth only makes sense when everything else has made no sense, I also hope we all find out what happened to madeleine, keep the faith pat, fight the good cause, and send my regards to amaral, thank you.

Anonymous said...
More E fits..
In Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, after broadcasting, people start to 'come foreward'..
Still leads to create..
I don`t think she left Pdl alive..
I don't think she is easy to hide, alive, She´s famous.. even how?
It seems that the Mccanns blaming their 'mistake' on everyone.
Gerrie telling that miljon people leave their children un attended.
Even taken a bad, they could be abducted?

Kate said `it would happened anyway?'
These people are decent, medical trained people, their friends to..

Careless or stupid?
It seems very odd..
But still..
Madeleine is a moneymaker..
2pence worth..

Anonymous said...

Rechercheurs proberen de eigenaren te achterhalen van alle telefoons die tijdens de ontvoering van Maddie in het dorp waren. Naast de 3000 inwoners waren dat talloze vakantiegangers en seizoensarbeiders vanuit de hele wereld. Volgens Scotland Yard is het telefoongebruik nooit eerder zo intensief bekeken in de zaak.
De recherche heeft 41 „interessante mensen” op het oog die meer zouden kunnen weten over het lot van Maddie. Niemand is gearresteerd.

Detectives try to find out who the owners are from the mobils used in the period in that village.
There are 3000 people who live there, but also many people empoyed during the season and many tourist.
Scotland yard said They never did such a intens job tracing the phones.
Detectives found 41 interessting people who could know about Maddie.
No arrest are made..

All the calls are given to the British investigationteam.

In Belgium and Germany also the same.

Yeah,create more leads..
The memory is getting better after all this time?

*I saw Elvis yesterday, and Maddie last week, you know, I know, you know, everyone ones..*