Friday, January 17, 2014

Transcripts of Scotland Yard's Interviews of The Three Burglars

SY: Burglar One, where were you the night of May 3, 2007 when Madeleine McCann disappeared?
B1: Dude, that was six years ago. Beats me.
SY: Well, we have you on your phone in Praia da Luz.
B1: Okay, then, I was in Praia da Luz.
SY: Were you in the McCann's apartment?
B1: No.
SY: Were you burglarizing apartments in the area that night?
B1: No.
SY: You made a bunch of phone calls to your two burglar friends late that evening.
B1: Yeah, so? Probably we were trying to decide which pub to meet up at.
SY: I don't think that was it. I think you had kidnapped Madeleine McCann and needed help dealing with the child.
B1: What have you been smoking? What is a burglar going to do with a child? Our fence isn't going to give us money for her. And no stuff was even taken from that apartment.
SY: We think you killed the child accidentally because she saw you and then, in a panic, you took her with you. You didn't get around to stealing anything but Madeleine's body.
B1: Are you actually serious? Like a three-year-old seeing me in the dark will be able to pick me out of a lineup. You have got to be kidding! Like I would prefer a murder charge over just getting the hell out of there.
SY: Well, we have evidence you took her.
BI: Oh, please. How dumb do you think I am? I read the police reports on this case. They are online. The only evidence you have from the apartment is the fact your British dogs found that someone lay dead in the apartment for a couple of hours and, if that is so, no burglar had anything to do with it.
SY: Well, we don't believe our dogs. We believe the McCanns.
B1; But, they have lied about stuff and changed their story a bunch of times.
SY; Yeah, well, that doesn't matter. What matters is your two burglar friends have told me you were the one who actually kidnapped the child.
B1: Oh, yeah? I doubt that, because after the McCanns leaked to the media that Scotland Yard wanted to arrest us, we got together and had some beers and a good laugh over what we were all going to say in the upcoming surprise interrogations.
SY; Well,, don't leave town. We might want to talk to you again.

Transcript of Burglar Two: Same as the first

Transcript of Burglar Three: Same as the first

These transcripts brought to you by Bollux Media and

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

January 17, 2014

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Anonymous said...

Pat, I get the point of course, but you're assuming the Scotland Yard detectives can speak the same language as the burglars. I don't think you'd have too much of a problem finding a Portuguese detective who spoke English, but an English detective who speaks Portuguese?? - as rare as a solitary sardine, I suggest. Take for example this line "You made a bunch of phone calls to your two burglar friends late that evening." Google translates this into Portuguese as "Você fez um monte de telefonemas para seus dois amigos assaltante tarde naquela noite." Babylon translates that back into English as "You made a lot of phone calls to her two friends robber later that night." Having said that, I think only one sentence needs to be translated - 'we're not interested in what you took, but what you saw.'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, we are in Make Believe World, the McScam & Clarence Mitchell's world where anything is possible.
There is infinitely more chance of PC plod speaking perfect Portuguese or local burglars speaking English lingo, than there is of an abduction! (in my humble opinion, that is)

Annie Haley said...

This blog by Pat is yet another example of the so called "truth" by Bollux Media. Pat does a great job in giving examples on why these 3 burglars just don't make ANY sense to have as main suspects on this high profile case! Pat points out with humor, the 5 main points on why this case is so utterly ridiculous! Point 1: No one can remember the specific details of what they were doing on a specific day 6 years ago! Hey, unless I had lunch with my favorite artist, I sure as hell would NOT remember a typical day! Point 2: No one can accurately recall a specific phone call from 6 years ago! Point 3: The Fence would NOT take a child! They only want goods to sell; not a first class ticket to Death Row! Point 4: the police records are online for the public to view and there is evidence from the police dogs. Those are simple facts.
Point 5: This case changes it's story too many times and reaches for ANY believable ( in this case, Unbelievable ) story to have the attention turned away from the MCcanns. Unfortunately, these 3 burglars are the lastest scapegoats caught in the crossfire of Bolkux Media. Thank you, Pat!

Anonymous said...


guerra said...

Pat, your Bollux article is better than anything that's out there. It exposes the sheer foolishness of what we are being fed by the mainstream media.

The objective of the mainstream articles are: 1. To disinform the judge presiding over the libel trial and the public that arrests are going to be made and that the suspects are not the McCanns. 2. To disinform the public that Scotland Yard is having a hard time with the stubborn PJ.

People tend to forget that members of Scotland Yard were on Portuguese soil when Mr. Amaral was still coordinator of the investigation. I'm certain that they were quite familiar with this case before they undertook this PR gig. The following is an excerpt from Mr. Amaral's book:

"It's 10am. After dealing with everyday matters, I join the team of investigators responsible for the Madeleine case. The Leicestershire police are present at these meetings, as well as José Freitas. The latter, aged 46, is descended from Portuguese people who settled in Madeira and emigrated to the United Kingdom to find work and a better standard of living. Violent crime, abduction and illegal confinement are the speciality of this high-ranking Scotland Yard officer, who joined us eighteen days into the investigation - the English authorities consider that the presence of a man who knows Portugal and its culture could facilitate the investigation. He speaks our language with a British accent"

Mr. Freitas was not permitted by Scotland Yard to testify on Mr. Amaral's behalf in his fight to keep his book from being banned.

Steph S. said...

Thanks for the giggle today, Pat. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

will the case of Mikaeel Kular open britain's eyes?

Anonymous said...

I think anyone in the vicinity of PdL would remember where they were and what they were doing on the night of 3rd May 2007, but I don't believe for one minute that any burglars took Madeleine from apartment 5A.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @4.20am, no I don't believe it will, the child's mother isn't a wealthy, white, middle class, former GP wife of a surgeon. Everyone who's eyes are already wide open could see right away what had happened. The media being terrified of being sued by the McCanns assures that people I consider to be intelligent, rational, but also naive, human beings never doubt their fast fetched story, because they don't seek out the alternative information that's right under everyone's noses.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong time reference re the anonymous comment. I was referring to the comment about Mikaeel Kular.

Anonymous said...

From findmadeleine - McCanns official website, asks people to contact them about sightings - and to specifically NOTIFY mcCanns if they want that information shared with others

How your information will be used:

OUR investigation team greatly appreciate all the information being sent through to them by email & phone. (!!)
It is vital in helping them to find Madeleine. All information will be used in any way and shared with such relevant third parties as may be required (!) in order to find Madeleine, support her family and bring her abductors to justice. We take our data protection requirements seriously and will treat any personal data we receive in line with these obligations.

"If you require any limitations on the use if the information you provide or the people with whom we will share the information,(LIKE SCOTLAND YARD??) please let us know at the time you provide us with the information or as soon as you want these limitations put in place."

Due to the large volume of information that our investigation team receive, they will only re-contact people if additional information is needed. Please be assured that all information is looked at, evaluated and prioritised. Thank you so much for your help.

Contact details when providing information:

Investigation Line and email go to McCanns own No Stone Unturned "investigation" and not to the police unless, apparently, you request this.

In other words, we don't trust Scotland yard and continue to have our own "investigation" going, so keep sending in those tips, we don't accept that our one vision of the "abductor" has been ruled Scotland Yard - as we can't be certain they are doing a proper job of it.

it took them quite a while to come up with this strategy - Crime Watch, where Detective Redwood in charge of the Scotland Yard investigation stated that they had found the person of interest seen carrying a child that night and ruled him out, was done last October? As with the cadaver dog alerts, McCanns are now attacking Scotland Yard's work. It was only a matter of time.

While Scotland Yard is being secretive about their investigation and who this person was, seen carrying a child near the apt that night, McCanns are under no such obligation and can throw out any information they want, including that the Scotland Yard findings aren't "certain" - until McCanns say they are - clearly the Yard has overstepped the boundaries of responsible and helpful investigation.

despite Scotland Yard "doing all the things we wanted them to do" (so they're kind of on the right track, poor sillies) they can't seem to get it right - but McCanns will be sure to keep us all straight about these sightings.

When they are done, people will no longer trust their own police force, and defense lawyers will be having a field day because leaving kids alone is now an acceptable thing and we know that dogs, DNA evidence etc is all a big question mark.