Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How NOT to Commit Career Suicide

As you all know, I have been keeping quiet about this case and simply waiting for the end. However, there is a lot of excited buzz in the Madeleine McCann world that Nicola Wall, the new DCI on the case who is taking over Andy Redwood's position on the case, is going to bust this thing wide open and it is making me shake my head.

No. Way.

Why? Because if she did, she would make the Met look like fools for wasting over three years and 10 million pounds of taxpayer money. Furthermore, a defense attorney would shred her for going after the parents of the victim when it is clear the previous head of the McCann case (British side, that is) never once investigated the parents or their friends, clearly focusing nonstop on a stranger abduction.

Unless Ms. Wall wants to find herself back on street patrol, she is going to continue down the same road as her predecessor, until she can find a suitable suspect to finally put this case to rest.

Andy Redwood was not eliminating every other possible suspect and scenario so he could circle back around to the McCanns; no police investigation does that because it is ridiculous...you can prove something DID happen but you can't prove something DIDN'T happen which means there could always be one more suspect and scenario that could theoretically be the answer. If there is evidence, the McCanns can be arrested, charged, and taken to court but you can't take them to court just because you couldn't find another person who could have done it. Redwood wasn't moving his investigation toward the McCanns and Ms. Wall isn't going to either. They are either looking for the "REAL" culprits in the disappearance of Madeleine or they are looking for the BEST culprits to blame for her disappearance.

As I have previously stated over and over, I see no evidence that the McCanns are going to ever be looked at again by law enforcement and whatever happened to Maddie will continue to be unproven for years to come barring some incredible miracle like her body being found or someone finally confessing to the events of May 3, 2007.

God Bless, Gonçalo Amaral; may he survive the nightmare whether he wins or loses the civil case, and continue to hold his head high as he deserves to be respected as one who never backed down or sold out.

I can't say the same for Scotland Yard.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
December 8, 2014

Cover for 'Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann'

By Pat Brown

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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


highmyope1955 said...

This article hits the proverbial nail on the head. Police forces in England are struggling because of lack of funds; a minister has refused to release papers appertaining to the abduction of Katrice Lee, who disappeared in a German NAAFI some years ago. Cameron has got his fist stuck in a jar and cannot back down. The McCanns frequently complain that not enough is being done to find Madeleine. I am hoping that people will stop donating to the find Madeleine fund once and for all; if they get the damages from Amaral, they do not need to beg. If they do not, then it must finally be acknowledged that they should start answering questions. That is not to say that they will be made to do so, of course.

Rob said...

The priest should come forward and tell what he knows, or at least qualify his statement that he felt deceived by the McCanns. After all, he's added to a controversy which has set factions of the general public against each other, and he should bear some of the responsibility for that rather than continuing to bury his head in the sand.

guerra said...

You couldn’t resist Pat, now you’ve exposed yourself to more aggravation once again, when will you learn? I’ve read some persuasive arguments by those who believe this is a legitimate investigation although their explanations as to why Scotland Yard has behaved the way it has are rather strange, to say the least, and humorous at times. My desire for this frustrating affair to end has even had me try to convince myself that they are right, but when I reflect on Mr. Redwood’s actions in the public domain, the timing of the investigation, the manner in which it was launched and who made the effort for it to happen i.e. who asked for it, those thoughts quickly dissipate. Mr. Redwood’s conduct indicates to me that he knew this case would never be tried and what he has done will make it very difficult for this case to ever be prosecuted. As you’ve said before Pat, even if SY’s convoluted way of doing this investigation is a legitimate attempt to solve the case, the case is in such a mess to begin with that the odds of ever prosecuting anybody are next to nil. Think of it, one of the “arguidos” in the case, Robert Murat, translated some of the depositions for the police, anyone not see a problem with that?

Yes, Mr. Redwood’s intentions to retire were well known, but it is still a surprise that he would retire in the middle of an investigation even if he had a preset date. Any investigator who is convinced that success is just around the corner would stay on to complete the job. Therefore if you are convinced they are actually trying to solve the case you have to believe that they are a long way off. Myself, I think having a new person taking over the reins who will go down the same path, away from the McCanns, adds legitimacy to whatever story they offer up to the public.

With regard to Mr. Amaral, I’m not sure what will happen. It comes down to whether the judge feels he had a right to express his views; I can see the decision going either way. I believe that if the McCanns are awarded damages Mr. Amaral will win on appeal, however if he wins on appeal the English speaking world will be kept in the dark. Any decision not favourable to the couple will be drowned out by SY’s final say on the affair.

Anonymous said...

From Dr Martin Roberts:-
" It really doesn’t take much imagination to appreciate the perceived difference between, ‘We have reviewed the process and found it to be thorough/lackadaisical (delete as appropriate) and ‘We have investigated the abduction and found no evidence that the McCanns were involved’. There is every indication that the purpose of Operation Grange was never to endorse or further the original investigation, but to supplant it."

Pat Brown said...

Ah, Guerra, yes, I finally got sucked in to comment once more. I have been, of course, keeping up to date, and just waiting for what I view as the inevitable unfortunate conclusion, but this change of DCI and the renewed excitement that the Ms. Wall is going to be a lady knight in shining armor pushed my buttons...sigh....I guess I understand why so many have hope but, if one looks at the evidence (or lack of it) and how a police investigation works in the real world, there is zero indication the McCanns are on Scotland Yard's radar as suspects.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 12:49 Dr. Roberts is right on point.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a body would be the answer Pat, I get the feeling Portugal is pretty damn fed up with the case what a shame that could not be turned into a rally to get folks out looking farmers searching their fields etc.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 3:34, the problem is not that Portugal can't look for a body or for more evidence; it is that they are not going to do so. It is political. For example, I have repeated many times that one reasonable place to look is on Monte Jose de Mestre, a barren hilly area just west of PDL where Gerry's phone pinged. As of now, no one is rushing over there with dogs and equipment. There obviously can be other places to look but the only place that was focused on was in the Scotland Yard dig near suspects' digs. In other words, the McCanns are off the table, apparently for both countries, so no one is really going to look for Maddie's body.

trustmeigetit said...

Even if the find the body...I don't see that leading anywhere new.

If the body was buried, they may not even be able to determine the cause of death.

And the Mccanns would say "see, she was kidnapped and killed"

I would not wish for justice so bad if they were not such selfish people so quick to call others liars.

And if your laughing days after ur child is gone.....you just don't have a soul!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time the people set up an independent fund... got equipment them selves and searched. It has happened in recent years fir missing mores victim. Just an idea. If it's public property no consent would be required.

Anonymous said...

Where will this story end? I don't think a witewash, meaning finding a scape goat for media consumtion only, will succed in terms of satisfying anyone at this point in time.
The reason for this would be the over-the-top amount of time and tax payer money spent so far. Simple maths: More resources = increased expactions on outcome.
Especially with all the case knowledge that exist wide open on the net, it takes a lot to find that scape goat needed for a white wash.
So as time passes, as it does every day, the case gets tuffer to leave for SY with no result that counts in court of law.
Will SY be laughing stock or will they pride their reputation? That is one tuff question right now for those in charge. /Catherine, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Superb analysis as always Pat.There is another blogger many of whose posts are as articulate and perceptive about this case as your own. Where that blogger differs from yourself, is that she has from some reason I cannot fathom, implicit faith that 'Operation Grange' will ultimately bring the McCanns to justice. There is as much evidence of that as there is that Madeleine McCann was abducted. Not only would the Met look foolish if this cover-up was exposed, but so would a lot of politicians and a lot of pundits in the British Media. And that will just not be allowed to happen. A Goncalo Amaral victory in the libel trial will be easily dismissed (if it's referred to at all) by the British Media. It will be rendered to be even more irrelevant when the McCanns are officially exonerated.

Anonymous said...

@ Its always been a reality that sy carnt solve this case, from the out set redwood did state he carnt promise anything?
There is alot of disinformation about leads, going from hundreds to just a hand full, it deoes appear their aim is a dead man?
The dificult question being, no body found connecting any suspect, so no crime as yet, unless assumption is the principle, and without testing the samples remaining to link anyone before questioning is speculation not evidence?
They beef up the campaigne, and at its most, it has revealed very little since nobody saw anything of this missing child?
More uncomfortable a dead man cannot look after a alleged living child, this contradiction by the mCcanns shows a denial to accept that suspect is innocent, if indeed they continue such a farce to beleive any sex offender looks after a child?
A very strange way of thinking since there wasnt any evidence to link that odd theory?
The case has simply become more odd than having any logical reality, one realises chasing delusion illistrates many problems, than producing solid evidence to underline a resolve.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Portugal square this case with their people and the freedom of expression they rightly hold so dear.

The case is a huge political cover up and their are obvious reasons why the truth cannot come out ..the governments would be on the way to the slammer for one....No Way can they be held to the same laws as everyone ----no no no don't be so silly.
It does not matter what anybody thinks the agenda will be driven through exonerating the guilty and you will all have to lump it....you are nobodies and they have the power.
Just to keep the FACTS flowing.

That's the truth and you all know it....tell me how does it feel ?

Tell me how would you feel.. if what had been directed at Goncalo Amaral for the last 7 years was directed at YOU and YOUR family.

You see Law and Order is an all or nothing thing and to be applied evenly to everyone - if not - no point having it.

cant be bothered to talk any longer about aspects of the case - it is a blatant cover up where evidence has been withheld,PJ investigators blocked, deliberate lies reported by the media.....you could just keep going, its in your face corruption.

get back on your knees people - it makes for a quiet life...say after me
"yes Sir...three bags full sir"


Anonymous said...

@ this is my last post, so i want to make it clear, why i did not beleive the abduction theory?
This is only based on them that created this story before anyone could think about what has been stated?
In gerrys version of a check, his daughter was still in the apartment asleep?
If there was a intruder hiding, why then did gerry not question his wifes version about damaged shutters if he left the place unlocked?
In kates original version the place was in a state of lock down for any alleged break in?
This contradicts a patio door being left open, the lie of a break in to cover who had the key?
By contradicting the intruder must of used the open patio door, reveals a flaw about missing keys, which wouldnt of been used if they had access to a unlocked door?
Only in a state of lock down would such keys be used?
So who left the patio shutter up if it wasnt broken?
The only people who used this door are them that did the checks, yet none bumped into any intruder going in the same passage or comming out?
Why was madeleine not missing when gerry thought some one was hiding?
Too many flaws show weak invention where they had access and a key.
If anyone was watching that apartment, how can gerry explain why madeleine was still there on his check in a unlocked place?
Both are lying, because the shutters would of been damaged for a intruder to hide, and none exists in gerrys version at all.
His failiure to see the contradictions in his wifes version, and not question no damage found is disturbing in claims of unlocked doors?

Anonymous said...

"The rat left the sinking ship"

Clarence Mitchell FORMER McCann Spokesman

to find on

Anonymous said...


A Message from Gonçalo Amaral

Dear Friends,

The civil suit that was filed against me by the McCann couple is in its final stages, and the decision concerning material facts, which to me seems rather favourable, is already known. A period for legal allegations ensues, after which we will await the verdict, which I envision will translate into my longed for acquittal and the consequent lifting of the attachments that have caused me such extensive financial difficulties over the past five years. This means that it has been only due to your help that I have been able to financially sustain the ongoing lawsuit, which nonetheless cannot be said about my increasingly strangled personal life.

I say strangled because in reality I am experiencing a very serious crisis on an emotional as well as a financial level. This is due to those who have tried to asphyxiate me financially, wishing for my civil death and wanting to place me in a position where I would be unable to react judicially. After five years (counted since the civil suit was filed) the parents of the child that mysteriously disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 in the Algarve were not able to fully achieve what they intended. I am alive, I'm able to financially sustain the civil suit, although not much more than that...

Concerning my emotional crisis, I ask you to understand that for me, this whole struggle is not only about the fundamental discovery of the truth, because no matter how optimistic I may be, I can never forget the demand for damages amounting to 1.200.000 Euro that was filed by the couple, which, if absurdly it would be granted, will completely destroy me on all levels.

To all of you, thank you very much.

Gonçalo Amaral

Lisboa, February 2, 2015