Friday, October 2, 2015

Dear Media: When Will You Stop Encouraging Mass Murder?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Dear Media,

Three years ago I took a stance against giving mass murderers fame by refusing to appear on any television or radio show that used the name or showed the face of any individual mass murderer. I have refused to talk about any individual mass murderer, to profile him, to give him any kind of notoriety because this is exactly why mass murderers commit their crimes. For three years, I have told each and every television and radio producer that I will not come on their show and talk about the mass murderer; I would only come on and talk about how we in the media must become responsible citizens and stop playing a major role in the increase in mass murder by giving these psychopaths the infamy they seek.

Today, a sheriff and a marine and a guest on one television news show came out and said what I have been saying for far too long; that the name of the mass murderer should not be spoken and that we should be done with giving glory to these cockroaches. Today was the first glimmer of hope I have had that maybe, just maybe, the public and the media are starting to understand that the media is encouraging mass murder, inspiring the next mass murderer to commit a heinous crime, and the media pushing sensationalistic news about the killer is why innocent people are getting murdered.

When the media gives 24/7 attention to the mass murderer, they have blood on their hands, the blood of all those dead victims the mass murderer exterminated just to get on national television. When the media shows the face of the killer, gives his name over and over, discusses his supposed motive, and dwells on every detail of his life, we in the media are aiding and abetting mass murderers in their quest for fame.

Please, members of the media, let's end the fascination with mass murderers. Let's lower the numbers of mass murders and the number of victims by ending the attention we give these evil beings who are mowing down innocents just because we in the media want to get high ratings for drawing in the viewers with our unending discussion of these psychopathic killers.

Please, I beg you all in the media, please stop encouraging mass murder, please.

BTW, not ONE American national television show has ever allowed me on to discuss the media's role in the increase in mass murder; not ONE of all the shows that have called me over the last three years to ask me to come on and and profile the mass murderer has been brave enough to let me speak out. To all my friends in the media, to all the producers and hosts I have worked with, please be the one to change this!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 2, 2015


morgan_phoenix said...

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Pat Brown knows.

Anonymous said...

Well said. If only there was some way we could help. Are you on twitter? If so, perhaps tweeting a high profile celeb with some links could help

Pat Brown said...

Anon 4:38, I am on Twitter but tweeting high profile celebs rarely has any effect because they have so many followers, they don't see their tweets or respond to them. My hope was that one TV host, especially one whose show I have done a dozen times, would be brave enough to have me on to discuss the issue; so far, no takers.

Anonymous said...

I caught the last part of your interview on CNN this morning. Bravo to you dear lady. I have thought this all my life, take away the criminal's identity and take the power they desire in their sick mind. I hear you and hope more people do as well. Thank you!