Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Scaling Down the Scotland Yard Madeleine McCann Investigation Means


Although I have quit running commentary on this case because I have always considered the Scotland Yard investigation to be a sham and any true closure of the Madeleine McCann case to be a ship long sailed, I would like to give my thoughts on what the  "scaling down" of the investigation actually means:

The British investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been scaled down, from 29 officers to four as her parents say they have not given up hope of seeing their daughter again.

Scotland Yard insisted the probe continued but with a "smaller team", adding "Officers investigating her disappearance have completed the huge task of bringing together and investigating the massive amount of information held by colleagues in Portugal, the United Kingdom investigation and the private investigators working on behalf of the McCann family."

Some believe that this is good news, that Nicola Wall and Company have stopped running down all the leads in existence and now are focusing on the McCanns as the last suspects standing. As I have stated before, it is not a proper investigative method to eliminate everyone but the main suspects as it serves no purpose in forwarding the investigation and actually gives ammunition for the defense of the main suspects if the case ever got to court. The only reason to investigate half of the known world is because you haven't got a real clue as to who the culprits are or you are doing everything to keep busy and avoid focusing on them.

So, what I believe has been going on for the last number of years is fulfilling the remit, to investigate all leads with the specific requirement that the McCanns be considered cleared and off limits to further investigation. Why Scotland Yard has been unable to "solve" the crime so far either means the investigators accepted the abduction theory and simply have not been able to come up with a credible suspect or the known darn well no abduction occurred but haven't come up with a suspect they feel is convincing enough to foist on the public. Perhaps, they were told to simply make the investigation appear thorough and allow it to dwindle away with an eventual "We believe we know what happened and who did it but we haven't been able to get enough concrete evidence to take the person to court. Since he is (fill in the blank with "dead" or "already incarcerated for life") ________, we are administrately closing the investigation." I believe the heads of the investigation took on the task of the latter while detectives under them may well have been dutifully invested in the former.

Now, at this point in time, the public who is unhappy with the increasing cost of the investigation, can give a collective sigh that the investigation is being scaled down, be happy that Scotland Yard put out its full efforts to find the poor child, but satisfied that the public's money will not be required in such large quantities anymore, that just enough will be spent to keep an eye on possible new leads or confessions or sightings. The public has a short attention span and now that the big investigation is pretty much over and done with, we can all move on. Game over. The final statement can come later when pretty much the whole mess has faded away.

My opinion remains the same. This is a whitewash; always as been. The Scotland Yard investigation in no way represents the way a police department handles a true above-board investigation but has had all the hallmarks of a staged play. I have seen such charades before - not to this level - and the results are always the same; the truth stays hidden and life goes on.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 28,2015

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By Pat Brown
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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Ian Whiffen said...

This is the joy of high ranking Freemasons running this country. The truth, while blatantly obvious, will never come out.

kee cee said...

So in a way we can conclude the 'Yard investigation' was successful.......the whitewash is done.....

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

What you need to do Pat, is move on. For several years you have been obsessed with this case, letting it cause you to keep your bowels in an uproar; develop OCD while keeping your panties in a bunch and wringing your hands day and night. L.E.T. I.T. G.O. P.A.T. We know you are right and have been all along. But you DO need to think about your health and your livelihood. BTW, the Freemasons do not run this country. My husband was a 32nd degree mason, his brother a potentate; and just like all the other masons they knew and were friends with, they were just good every-day men, intelligent and fair-minded towards all, all striving to provide a good life, make a living and support their families.

Anonymous said...

Simply nice to hear from you.
Thank you.

Pat Brown said...

Anne, I hardly pay attention to this case anymore which is why I stopped doing much commentary on it. However, this is big news, so I am doing one blog about it. It is my profession to teach and comment on crime and profiling and so it is hardly causing me massive stress to do so. I have personally worked many cases where justice has not won out and what it has taught me is what still needs to be done in this field to improve the problem of investigation. I am right now working with a police chief to develop a profiling program for detectives which will launch next year.

For you info, I have a perfectly healthy emotionial and physical life. I have always kept things in balance which is why I enjoy life; my profession, my family, my friends, hobbies, and traveling. However, there are many following this case who simply cannot except the reality that truth and justice do not always win; I hope that they can accept this in the future because not doing so is very debilitating.

BTW, I have never even brrought up the subject of Freemasons....not sure why you are.

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

I only mentioned the Freemasons Pat, because of a post before mine where the poster is blaming all the ills of this country on the Freemasons. Every now and then someone takes off on this path, laying everything that's wrong in the world at the feet of the Masons. Good heavens, they don't have secret, clandestine meetings where they lay the groundwork to destroy others! Actually, they do a lot of good with their charities in this country. I just wanted to clarify the truth to the above poster, since I happen to know.

I understand your disappointments in this case too, Pat. You worked very hard on it, and your book, plus made that extensive expensive trip over there. I'm sure your hardships on this case have been many. Honestly though, it's been going on so long that I had gotten a little concerned that you might be letting yourself get bogged down too deep in it. It does happen.

Glad to hear everything in your life is going well. I wish you the best and all that is good. Take care. Sincerely, Anne

Pat Brown said...

Anne, yeah, the Freemason stuff just gets caught up in myth and mystery...heh.

And, no, not at all bogged down! In reality, the case is only one case, athough, as a profiler, it is one of the most fascinating and concerning cases of the century! Professionally, I have never been obsessed with the McCanns or missing Madeleine, but I am heavily interested in the handling of the case. When you work many cases, certain elements are not that unusual; parents covering up a crime, a child getting the raw end of being born to certain people, police departments covering their failures, politicians and journalists using cases to bolster their images and careers...this case just had all of the elements in a perfect storm that turned into a tsunami. Sometime in the far future, this case will be analyzed and used as a great example of all of these issues.

And, thanks, Anne! Life is good! Heading out to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks to enjoy life in the tropics!

Anonymous said...

You tried to make sense of it Pat, that's what matters, people needed to read between the smoke and mirrors on this that were put up deliberately by certain people. I just feel really ashamed to be British today, our main police force have let down an innocent little girl purely because of her parents connections. Well, I hope God doesn't give any of them a good nights sleep from now on in.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 1:57, no need to be ashamed when it happens everywhere, just most of the time, people don't realize what is going on and accept what they are being told. Besides, powerful people have always been able to corrupt and control things...and citizens simply can only do so much. I am proud that so many have worked to get the truth about this case out to the public; they have won in the arena of speaking up for truth even if it doesn't cause this case to be "solved" in this decade.

Rob said...

The longer this case has dragged on, the the clearer it has become that your conclusions have always been right, and I am now convinced there has been a whitewash/cover up at governmental level. If this assumption is correct, would you say that Goncalo Amaral has no chance of winning his appeal, as the decision has already been made.

Pat Brown said...

Rob, I was not the least bit surprised that Goncalo didn't win the last round and I would not be a bit surprised to see that he doesn't win the next one. Yes, he might be given a break on a point or two (that makes it seem like proper deliberation is going on), but it is hard to envision a judge (who is indeed a political animal) ruling in favor of someone with no support (and, believe me, Internet "trolls" are not considered important support nor is an American "fake" TV profiler prominent enough to give Goncalo credibility) and ruling against a couple who has lost their child and who has massive support (Scotland Yard, the present PJ, the government, the media, missing children's orgs, famous people, etc).

People who spend a lot of time on the Internet often place themselves in a certain bubble and then what happens in that bubble becomes their world and seems very important. However, most of the world isn't in that bubble and doesn't even see or hear what is going on. If all the folks on Facebook, Twitter, and special Internet groups and blogs would stay away from the Internet for a few weeks, they would see that most people have little knowledge that they don't get from mainstream media and unless an issue is able to make the leap from the Internet to the MSM, it will never get traction. "Black Lives Matter" here in the US started on the Internet but it was taken up by political groups, rioters, big media names and became huge in mainstream media on cable television and in newspapers. Can we say anything like that has happened with support for Goncalo or for those fighting for the truth in the McCann case? No, and, in fact, the only stuff that has made it into the MSM on this case in recent years is how wondeful the McCanns are, how hard Scotland Yard is working to find who took Madeleine, what a creep Goncalo is, and how crazy his supporters are...THAT is reality.

So, if one stps away from the Internet, one realizes quite quickly that the truth as to what happened to Madeleine and the truth about how this case was handled has effectively been buried and is likely to stay buried for years, if not forever.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many persons actually know where Madeleine McCanns body is and what actually happened to her. Surely more than just the parents. What is worse than NOT telling the truth in this case? How will these people's lives be affected IF the truth comes out?
This is such a mystery. This is something beyond 'just' an accident. Has to be something so sinister that it can't be explained away as an accident...Who needs to cover up an accidental death?

Pat Brown said...

Anon, if you read all my past blogs you will see I find all the evidence points to an accidental death due to drugs and neglect on May 3 and that it is most likely that only Gerry knows where Madeleine is buried. I won't discuss all of this hear because I would just be harping on my theories which are in my book and in all the blogs I wrote since I returned from Praia da Luz. Due to the incredible wide net thrown out by Scotland Yard and due to the fact the McCanns are not included in the investigative focus, no criminal case against the McCanns would stand a chance in court unless Maddie's body is found with evidence specifically linking her death and the disposal of her body back to the McCanns.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the person or persons who know exactly what happened to Madeleine will never tell.
As has been said before dogs don't lie and no matter how many people were seen in the vicinity of that apartment there is apparently nothing to show that any of them was in the apartment.
A whitewash indeed and shame on all who are complicit.

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate that police investigating a crime need to concentrate on the main suspects and not try to include those that are unlikely to have been involved in order to eliminate them. However, in this case Scotland Yard have not been investigating from the beginning, building evidence, but instead, have had to review all the evidence held within the Portuguese files, so I suppose, from that point of view they have had to include the unlikely suspects? I think Scotland Yard were asked to look into the abduction by a government who had not read up on the case, I think they started to investigate thinking they knew better than the Portuguese, but eventually had to take notice of what the PJ were saying all along.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 2:12 My answer too your thoughts would be "No, there was never any intent to review or investigate properly. I know this because I have been brought in to review and profile cold cases and never, never, would I allow any remit to bar me from looking at certain persons of interest or certain evidence. In fact, I don't even want to know what the last investigators think who did it and why; I tell them I want to start fresh and not be told what to believe. I go back to the beginning and review all the evidence, police reports, photos, interviews, and persons of interest. From the crime scene and evidence, I build what happened and the likely motive. Then, I move on to persons-of-interest and analyze their interviews and movements and connection to the crime. Finally, I make a determination as to what the conclusion the evidence supports.

IF Scotland Yard were doing a proper review, they would have started with the crime scene and quite quickly determined that there was no evidence of an abduction (which does not mean it didn't happen but is highly unlikely). Along with the dog evidence, they would have determined that the initial focus would have to be on the McCanns and company, reviewed everything to do with them and reinterviewed them to either eliminate them or continue to focus on them. THEN, they could look at other lines of investigation just to rule them in or out. But, this is not what happened so I know Scotland Yard never embarked on a legitimate review.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the case of "Johanna" (Blog "unterdenteppichgekehrt"). She has many pages and the associated comments deleted.

She did not reply to a question at the moment.

I have submitted in the years 2013 and 2014 longer comments on their posts. Trend: There still is a cover up and the McCann's be protected by the secret service.

Who knows what happened to Johanna?

Pat Brown said...

Anon 3:37 ::sigh:: I hope you read my most recent blog about conspiracy theories gone wild.....including Madeleine McCann.

The government and the McCanns have not done anything to Johanna or Brenda or anyone else that isn't through legal channels. People who write stuff on the Internet who have no particular professional credentials are equivelent to mosquitos for the most part...annoying, but something you can ignore or swat at legally if necessary. Brenda was not murdered...she committed suicide because she had emotional problems. People who obsess about this case believe the McCanns are coming after them...but, this is hardly true. Outside of Goncalo Amaral, I have had the strongest message on this case as professional profiler with a book...and all that happened to me was that the McCanns Carter-Rucked the book off Amazon because it was easy to do. They have never approached me about my blogs or removed the book from Smashwords or B&N (I think Amazon irked them because it had a strong showing there under their book). No one has threatened me or followed me around Portugal when I was there for three weeks (and very publically would have been easy).

The McCanns may have backing but not in a way that requires dark ops to off their critics...again, this is unnecessary conspiracy foolishness.