Monday, April 16, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Better Business Bureau Supports Crooks

Consumers can hang up getting help any more in this country. Don’t waste your time with the Attorney General’s office because they only decide to “handle” complaints if their lawyers decide there is some political advantage to doing so. But, wait, what about the good old Better Business Bureau, those supposed consumer advocates who are the watchdogs of abuses by companies and corporations? Yeah, right! The “watchdog” has become the lapdog of crooked companies out to swindle innocent people. This “fox who guards the hen house” makes a ton of money off of fooling citizens by pretending to help them (usually by sending back a form letter that simply says the complaint has been filed and handled) when in reality they take more than $400 a year from companies who get protection from lawsuits by becoming members of this totally crooked “consumer advocacy” organization.

Better Business Bureaus are supported by the very people they are supposed to be investigating and you can be darn sure they aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them. In our world today though, they do great advertising that covers their real intent….to make millions through phony “consumer services” and collusion with the scumbags they are supposed to be monitoring.

It is a pretty sad world when the only true consumer advocacy are the consumers themselves, on places like eBay and Angie’s list (which cost the consumer $7/month for the privilege) which allow real feedback from customers to be publicly displayed. The Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s offices, on the other hand, claim privacy rights to cover their refusal to give out any useful information and keep citizens from knowing if any of the claims have been pursued and how many of them have been truly handled.

The corporate world now owns the consumer lock, stock, and barrel, and we no longer have any recourse to fraud and abuse. Only small time crooks ever get nailed for their criminal acts…the rest get away with them, all with the help of our government and fake consumer advocate groups.

Pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Ronni said...

What about local TV exposees? One of our local stations does "7 On Your Side," which will investigate fraud claims by viewers?

DonnaMorrisToone said...

These people have taken the "Their Bad" "Organized Attitude Advantage" of our nation's posperity system, which is vunerable a worker in the system has only to report what "They Have been Schooled To Do not What They Actually Intend To Do", because if you look and see, most of them are victims of ritual abuse, where they have been coerised seen childhood ignore the differences between right and wrong, by organized people around them (this includes these gambling-cardshark/entertainment/ businesses groups/customers), people that want "Their Money" any way they can get it.