Saturday, April 28, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: We LOVE you, Seung-Hui Cho!

Cho has made it. He is now poster boy for the lonely, the bullied, and the ignored. He is our hero and we owe him our respect, we owe him our tributes, and we owe him our love. At least this seems to be what that insensitive, self-centered sick twit of a schoolgirl thinks who made a memorial for Cho Seung-Hui at Virginia Tech alongside the innocent people he slaughtered as though he deserved the same sentiments as the others. Apparently, this stupid girl is not alone in her perverse thinking as it seems others have gone so far as to place flowers and notes of sympathy by the memorial stone for this lousy piece of garbage and a good portion of the media is oohing and aahing over how wonderful it is that there is so little anger and hate levied against Cho.

Well, let me levy some. While I feel pity for the little boy Cho was before he turned into the antisocial beast that committed such a hideous mass murder, I feel nothing but disgust for the vicious cold-blooded killer he became. He deserves no empathy considering he had none for his victims and their families. He deserves no forgiveness from us folks who did not lose a loved one to this psychopath because only true victims of this man have the right to make that choice. For that matter, Cho deserves no forgiveness from anyone because he has asked for none; the matter is now between Cho and God and let’s let God decide for Himself what to do with Cho’s soul if he has one.

If this act of honoring Cho is the right thing to do, well then let’s name a hall after Ted Bundy at the Florida university where he slaughtered a number of his victims. Let’s start Hitler Day and Assassins Week. Let’s take a killer out to dinner.

For God’s sake, America, how much lower can we sink then when we blur wrong and right to such an extent we can’t even distinguish the difference in the worth of the life of a brutal mass murderer who never gave society anything but destruction, sadness, and misery and the lives of thirty-two innocent victims whose loss is devastating to all of us? My guess is we have hit rock bottom.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Levi said...

Pat I agree with what you said.

It is like honoring the terrorists responsible for 9/11.

It is, as the saying goes here down south "Bass Akwards"

Levi said...

Just wanted to add another thing. Our colleges today have gone nuts.

One professor I forgot his name was in the news a while back for calling the 9/11 victims Nazi's etc. Students challenged him & got F's on their papers unless they agreed with him.

I wouldn't be shocked if some NUTTY PROFESSOR gave the idiots who put up the memorial "extra credit"

Ronni said...

I hope this is the bottom. Every time I think we have hit it, we manage to dig down a bit deeper!