Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: (Don't) Stand by your Man, Mrs. Spitzer

Dina McGreevey, the ex-wife of sleezy ex-New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey who slept with his male employee, comments that Silda Wall Spitzer is suffering from public ridicule and shame because of her husband, New York Governer Eliot Spitzer's immoral and criminal behavior.

I say Silda should feel no shame for the errant behaviors of her creep of a husband, but she should be totally ashamed that she stood next to him when he addressed his constituents, stood there while he did not admit to his sins, while he did not resign from office, and while he did not say he will accept the punishment he deserves.

I lost all respect for Hillary Clinton when she stayed with Bill. After all, this wasn't about a man falling in love during a time when his marriage was in trouble, realizing he had done wrong, coming to his wife privately and begging her for forgiveness. In this private matter, a wife may decide to choose to give the man a second chance.

No, Bill Clinton was a womanizer who tarnished the image of the US Presidency, he was a liar, and he also violated the trust of the American citizens by putting himself in such a position that he could well be blackmailed for his behavior.

Hillary should be ashamed she stayed with a man of so little character, which makes her.... a woman of very little character.

So, Silda, are you planning to honor a hypocrite, an adulterer, a liar, an alleged money launderer, a prositute's john, and an all around sleezebag, by continuing to be his wife? Do you lack morals, character, and courage? Are you going to join the Hillarys of the world who stay with such despicable men because you don't want to give up whatever money or fame or political power they have to offer you?

Or are you going to realize when the shock wears off that staying with this poor excuse for a man makes you a lousy role model for your daughters and is an insult to women everywhere? I surely hope the next words I hear out of your mouth are, "The divorce papers are in the mail."

Women who stand by their criminal, unethical, and immoral husbands, whether they are drug dealers, killers, or politicians, don't deserve our sympathy or support. If they are going to make their bed with a known creep, let them lie in it alone.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


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Preraphazon said...

I don't agree. I worked in a celebrity business, and the best I was able to observe over 20 years is that if men can, they will. And powerful men always can. If there is temptation around all the time, as there is with powerful men, most will succomb to it. I don't think this should cast a bad light on women. I think any that have been around powerful men in that environment know they have to be prepared for it, and I can't judge someone who doesn't dump a lifetime of marriage and the father of their children over one big cheating episode. Women should NOT be judged for men's cheating.

And in my opinion, anyone who thinks most men DON'T cheat is either very naive or in denial. I would bet you that at least half the women out there smug in their relationships and casting stones at wives of cheating men have actually been cheated on and don't know it and don't WANT to know it. In fact, some research was done a few years ago that said just that.

I had the confidence of many men in the spotlight over my life, and even the ones who told me they don't cheat only meant that they don't have actual intercourse and only accept BJs. Believe me, men are cheating if it's easy for them to.

Sometimes there's a tradeoff for being with creative, charismatic, and powerful people. Do I think Bill should have kept it in his pants in the White House? Certainly. But I was even more appalled by his choice in cheating receptacle, a conniving suckup bimbo.

Would I stand up publicly and humiliate myself by standing by a man who spent tens of thousands on prostitutes? Hell, no. And that's a lot different, to me, than one incident of cheating because it obviously indicates some bigger problems. Much bigger. But let's give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she's either naive or was shell-shocked.

I never wanted to believe it when I was young and naive, but I now believe cheating is something most men will do if they think they can without losing everything. And there are plenty of women out there for rich, famous, or powerful men who will happily whisper in their ear "No strings, your wife will never know. We'll just have a good time." Believe me, I've seen it over and over again. And most men can't pass that up.