Monday, March 17, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Suicide Bombers are Social Outcasts

A new U.S. military study has determined that social outcasts are recruited by al-Qaida to become suicide bombers. One could say this is a rather "duh" conclusion because any time you have a school shooter in the U.S. you can be fairly well assured he is not fitting in well and making a great success of himself.

However, while I believe school shooters are America's version of suicide bombers, many people believe that the mentality of the suicide bomber has a deeper religious issue or a deeper historical motivation causing him to commit this violent and suicidal act. This study shows that this is likely not true at all and the only difference between the school shooter in American and the suicide bomber of the Middle East is that the school shooter is "recruited" by the anti-life community of the Internet/gaming/gore/death metal community to deliver their message and the suicide bomber is directly recruited by a more recognized and organized specific group.

What is important to learn from this study is that social outcasts are targets of those who want to attack society in an ongoing and continuous war. Suicide bombers are not just recruited once, but again and again as al-Qaida continues to attempt to destroy the West's influence - politically, economically, and socially - on their ,and the anti-life community continues to drum their message into the heads of our youth that their society is useless and needs to be destroyed as well.

Mass murderers who commit suicide in the process come in many forms but they all come out of lives of personal failure and are easy pickings for terrorist organizations of the domestic or foreign sort. In order to stop both kinds, we need to destroy the networks that recruit them and also ameliorate the societal conditions that cause these young folk to eventually turn agaisnt the human race and want to destroy them.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


preraphazon said...

I remember when I used to think that they'd eventually run out of willing suicide bombers, but after reading more about that culture and religion, I now see I was sadly mistaken. I so hoped the internet would shine a cleansing light on these cultish cultures, both large and small and begin change from within. We haven't seen much evidence of that yet, I'm afraid.

Ronni said...

Our kids would be less vulnerable to these influences if we brought them up with a conscience. If we brought them up at all, actually.

We have become so materialistic as a society that our children are lost in the shuffle. The big house, the big car(s), the toys, the cruises, the careers--these things have become more important that raising children.

If builders suddenly started building small houses that would sell for under $100K, with three bedrooms, two baths, and one storey and one living room, would anybody buy them? Even if it meant that the payments could be afforded on one income?

Builders tell me they would not. People feel like failures if they don't have McMansions and SUVs. If their children are failures, they can blame the movies, the games, the music. They don't see that their kids would not be so immersed in these things if their parents really spent time with them, encouraging them, and making them feel more important that the Hummer. And teaching them that every single living person has the same needs, rights and responsibilities as they do.

We are going to Hell in a handbasket. The games are the symptom, not the disease.

Pat Brown said...

Very good points. I think parents are failing most in showing children how to care for others, put others first, and be thankful for what they have. Church, volunteer work, and the wonderful concepts of Mennonites and Quakers as to living more simply so that others may live is so wonderful. Even if we don't downsize our lives to that extent, certainly when we are raising our children we should show them some manner of being a positive part of the world and looking out for others.

Sharing has become a lost art as well get bigger houses for fewer people, our own cars, our own phones, our own everything. What happened to sharing a bedroom, letting relatives come and live with us, and giving of our time and money to the community?

With families showing this kind of caring for others and refocusing our concerns for someone other than ourselves, the children would not be so narcissistic and feel apart from society.

Hopefully, we will find a way to turn this around in the world.