Friday, April 16, 2010

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Ronald Cummings, the Mastermind

Finally, Ronald's involvement in Haleigh Cummings death becomes clear and we have Misty, Tommy, and the cinder blocks in the river to thank for it.

Here is why:

Misty and Tommy both know that Haleigh was tied to a cinder block and tossed in the river. The fact the cinder blocks undoubtedly came from Cummings yard means the crime went down in his house and nowhere else. The claim that Misty's cousin, Joe Overstreet, kidnapped Haleigh from the house because he wasn't able to steal Ronald's gun is a lie because no one is going to drive away with a child, kill her, and then return to the house the child was kidnapped from to borrow a cinder block to sink her in the river with.

So, the death of Haleigh occurred in Ronald Cumming's house.

The idea that another cinder block was used to prop the door open to facilitate carrying out a dead child is also preposterous. Many a parent has carried a sleeping child in or out of their house without needing to use a doorstop to keep the entryway open. And considering there were two (yes, two - Misty and Tommy), I am sure one (Misty) could hold the door open for her brother.

So, when was the cinder block placed on the ramp to hold the door open? As Nancy Grace would say, BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Ronald Cummings most likely placed it there AFTER he arrived home. Why was it placed there? To stage a stranger abduction.

So what exactly happened that evening? Here is my theory.

Something happened to Haleigh just before or in the early evening after Ronald went to work. The most likely possibility is Haleigh ingested Ronald's drugs and sometime just before 8:30 PM, Haleigh died. I believe she convulsed and vomited on her blanket before she died.

At 8:30 PM, it is reported Ronnie and Misty had an argument.
He stepped outside of his work building to handle the call. Then Misty turned her phone off resulting in Ronald calling her phone repeatedly from then on. Then, supposedly he called Tommy in desperation to go check on her and Tommy drives over, knocks on the door, but Misty doesn't answer.

What is wrong with this picture? Ronald has a bitter argument with the woman watching his children, he can't get through to her, he gets so worried that he calls her brother to go check on her and the kids, the brother finds the house dark, and Ronnie STAYS AT WORK until 3 AM and then stops at a convenience store on the way home to buy beer, snacks, and cigarettes.

Rubbish! Here is a far most logical scenario. The heated discussion between Ronald and Misty at 8:30 was Misty telling him Haleigh is dead. He is cussing and freaking out, trying to figure out what to do. He doesn't want to call the police because HIS drugs probably killed Haleigh. He comes up with a plan.

"We have to get rid of Haleigh's body. We need to be sure it can't be found and analyzed for drugs. We will dump her in the river with a heavy brick and then the alligators will take care of her. You get that blanket in the wash because we don't want to explain the vomit and we can't have that vomit analyzed for drugs. Turn off your phone. I can't have you talking to anybody until I get there. I will call your brother and he is going to help you get rid of the body. "

So, he calls Tommy who goes over and takes Haleigh's body and dumps it in the river.

Ronald finishes his shift so he keeps his alibi solid, stops at the convenience store so he can be seen on camera with the time recorded. He arrives at the house twenty-five minutes later. One glaring error made was Misty saying she got up at 3 AM and finding Haleigh gone and the door propped open, she is neither scared enough nor concerned enough about getting a search started to call 911 or even Ronald. But, of course, Ronald doesn't want her to talk to 911 until he is in the room and makes sure she has the story straight.

Ronald comes in the house, gets a cinder block, props the door open. He tells Misty to make the phone call to 911 and while she does, he can scan the room to make sure nothing is out of place that could get them in trouble.

Misty gives 911 the scenario Ronald coached her on and Ronald spends his time acting upset and stressing he was at work and just arrived home and that his bitch of a girlfriend "got his daughter stole".

Neither Misty or Ronald ever search for Haleigh, or tell the operator or the police that they think a child sex predator got her or that some creep they know might have kidnapped Haleigh. I guess they didn't think that far ahead.

Ronald Cummings is a controlling, lying psychopath who knows exactly what happened to his daughter. I hope the police figure this out.

Note: This scenario is a hypothesis based only on information publicly obtained with no access to police files. The words in quotes are a theoretical conversation. My opinion does not imply Ronald Cummings is criminal guilty of crimes associated with the Haleigh Cummings case as only a court can convict him of this. This scenario also does not attempt to address every possible suspect and every piece of evidence as this is not a full analysis of the case.


Misfit Mimes said...

Thank you, THANK YOU, Pat Brown, for apparently being one of the few people besides myself who can actually see right through Ron Cummings and his BS! Your scenario, which is what I've thought SINCE DAY ONE, absolutely has the ring of truth and explains everything. Why oh why won't Nancy Grace listen to you? Please keep up the good, solid work!

TigressPen said...

(Just a thought on your thoughts)

Or she injested the drug prior to Ron going to work. Back when this case first happened, the news report stated Ron put Haleigh to bed then went to work. Later, they said Misty put her to bed. The first article could've been a hurried writing for media publication and just a misprint. But-- with this case, who knows.

That could've been the argument issue with Misty. Maybe Haleigh died, yes. But maybe Haleigh was getting worse, Misty couldn't wake her and Ron wouldn't let Misty take her to a hospital. His drugs, his jail probability. He sent Tommy over, Haleigh had died by then. And the big plan was born.

By the way, the cinder block thing-- In the earlier reports, it was reported that the door was hard to open. That could've been the reason or the idea of propping it open came from.

jim said...

If this were true why wouldn't Tommy just tell the truth? Why would Tommy protect Ron?? Why would Misty even protect Ron when she knows the things he has said about her??

Pat Brown said...


I think you missed the sentence above!

"Something happened to Haleigh just before or in the early evening after Ronald went to work."

As to the door, still easy for one person to hold it while the other carries the child out. We aren't talking about dragging a 200 pound stiff through the door.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous jim said...

If this were true why wouldn't Tommy just tell the truth? Why would Tommy protect Ron?? Why would Misty even protect Ron when she knows the things he has said about her??


If true Tommy could have been there when she was dying. That would make all three just as guilty. What was Tom's pay?

Anonymous said...

I think Tommy might have said something to LE about a cinder block but I would bet anything LE told Misty the story of the cinder block and it bothered her so bad she called her grandma to tell her as soon as she could.

Anonymous said...

My thought is that Haliegh's nebulizer could have been used by someone in the group to get high. It is a trend now in teens and young adults to "nebulize" alcohol and drugs. A quick google search will educate you on this process. from what I remember the neblizer.. ie "BREATHING TREATMENT MACHINE" was missing along with the child? Perhaps the oxycontin was crushed and inhaled as recreation... and after a cool evening in Florida in Feb Haleigh neede a treatment. (cool air tends to cause asthmatic "flares") Her albuterol/ventolin (medicine) was put into the atomizer by someone who had no knowledge or had forgotten about the oxy. Haleigh got wired initially, so Misty called Ron... he said to spank her and turn a movie on... later she became comatose... perhaps vomiting and or wetting her blankets? the bouncing couch was an attampt at CPR... (which is not effective unless performed on a hard surface)Haleigh passed and the cover up began... the home was cleared of all legal and illegal drugs as well as the machine so no traces could be found of illegal drugs as well as the child that had ingested them? Because there would be no way to explain away why Haliegh had oxycontin in her system...

Ron was at work during this time... as stated by LE

the finger pointing began... and while everyone may have played a part... noone was willing to accept responsibility?

the gun, molestation etc... just to prevent the obvious...
and why did it disappear the very same night?

Just my theory...
I want to believe that it was NOT intentional!!!

pardon any typos....

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with the last post, it seems to make more sense. There was plenty of time to clean that trailer up spic and span/i doubt if those people lived like Martha Stewart...where is the medical equip. that should have been there, and the drugs illegal and legal...there was a panic to clean that place up...i believe tommy took her to the dock/river but Misty helped...with the blocks/rope etc...there are 3 pairs of dirty hands here..Misty/Tommy/Ron...these 3 knuckleheads are far to quick to throw their cousin Joe under the bus...i think they were counting on the fact that he has a conviction and is listed as a sexual preditor, blame could easily be placed on him..the next few days will tell...

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Ron knew more than he was admitting. All those calls back and forth weren't just a lovers quarrel, they were quite relevant to Haleigh's disappearance.

However, I don't think Ron hurt, or was party to hurting his daughter. I'm a father to both a boy and girl. I can see the love for his children in the many pictures of them with him.

At the same time, I can see the need to control his x-girlfriend. This is a man who has had relationship, after relationship with underage girls, all apparently for the purpose of having a babysitter while he runs wild and does his thing.

There was a fight between Joe and Ron. No doubt about it. Even his own family admitted it while he denied it. It was over a stolen gun which Misty helped Joe take.

Then Tim Miller comes in with talk of a gun Ron puts barrel in mouth. I don't doubt TM one bit.

This new story sounds more plausable than any other. Joe, humiliated by Ron came back for revenge, he brought Tommy, Misty cooperated. After all, these were family members of hers and she was just off a 3 day drug and sex binge, rebelling against Ron.

But Ron wasn't ignorant of what happened. He helped cover it up. He intended to deal with it himself when all passed over.

All, Misty, Tommy, Joe, and Ron we're party to it, all should fall.

Anonymous said...

wow arent we all crime story writers? none of these scenarios make sense and we REALLY need to get more FACTs on this case before we start pointing fingers at people. we have NO IDEA did this.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Jr. said "the man in black took sissy." Maybe this was Tommy taking her dead body out of the house. They probably let her lay there looking like she was sleeping until the little boy was fast asleep. He wouldn't know the difference between dead and sleeping. Then when he was finally asleep, they left him at the trailor with the door propped open, to dispose of Haleigh's body, so when they reentered it would not awaken the child. We can't forget that he is a witness too.

Anonymous said...

Another possibility is if Ron and whoever were fighting over drugs/gun and Haleigh interrupted in some way. Ron may have backhanded her and she was badly injured when he left for work. Hence the blanket being gone along with Haleigh. Misty may have used the nebulizer trying to help her breathe and they tossed that tossed that to hide evidence. This could also explain Grandma Holler's not knowing if Haleigh was dead or alive when they tossed her in the river.

Anonymous said...

Pat Brown's theory is brilliant. Clearly, why would Ron stop at a convenience store if not to establish an alibi?

Could anyone tell what are the charges if Brown's theory is correct? Besides covering up the death, who is responsible? Is Ron responsible for leaving drugs around or telling Misty to shut up the crying child?

PinkCactusFlower said...

It is so refreshing to read an articulate, cogent, well-written and well-presented scenario -- for a change! Thank you Pat.

Anonymous said...

You really are a friggin lunatic!

Linda Paris said...

Pat Brown...have been a fan for so long. I was so glad to hear you assess Ron Cummings on Nancy Grace. it has always been my opinion that his 911 call was fake. He is a proven child molester, drug user and criminal with a long standing relationship with LE. That 911 call was so alarming that 100 red flags went up when I heard it and then he married Misty (the girl that slept around on him and lost his child) and has been protecting her since this happened. How can LE be so blind? Not great at tweeting yet but I see I'm not alone...enjoyed reading people's opinions on RC. IMO MISTY IS COVERING FOR RON and the whole group is afraid of him because he THREATENED TO BLOW THE TEETH OUT OF THE BACK OF MISTY'S HEAD if she ever betrayed him. Something tells me that they all have a good reason to be afraid of Ron Cummings. Nothing that Ron Cummings has said OR DONE makes any sense unless he is involved...IMO.
I'm not buying his story for one second.

Organica said...

I have always believed Ronald Cummings was the master mind behind this horrible crime. When I watched him whsipering to Misty on Fox's Greta Van Sesturin's video of the two. Something in my gut told me there is a fox in the hen house. One thing I believe is, Ronald Cummings told Misty to act stupid and the police would leave her alone. She played that roll well. He married her for reasons to control her I believe. They all need Oscar's or do they? I believe the top's about to blow off this whole SHOW!

Anonymous said...

Pat, You are right. I didn't see the words 'just before'. :( I have always felt Ron's so called anger/broken heart in that 911 call was fake.

The back door thing I agree with you about that, I just wondered why you didn't make mention of the 'hard to open' part. I figure if they kept it shut and locked all the time because it was so hard to open, then the hard part was from the inside due to it warping (trailer doors do that a lot) which also means to open from outside would've meant someone had to put a lot of their weight on it,if it opened to inside. And jerked really hard to open it if it opened to the outside. So why didn't Misty hear that door open?

I may be wrong (been a long time) but I think the cinder block was holding a screen door open. Which meant the abductor (I choke using that word) had to look for that block. That's a long time long time for a hurried abductor to hang around. Since Ron allegedly sold drugs, anyone could've driven up at that house.

TigressPen (was too lazy to sign in with my addy. :) )

Leslie said...

Pat, IMO you are 100 % on the spot...
I always thought she ingested Ron's drugs...
and always thought he was knee deep in this.

I would love to know your thought on the marriage. That was my key he knew what happened.

Debra said...

You didn't mention the family feud and the dead rat left in Tommy's mailbox. I've suspected Ronald, his fierce defense of Misty speaks volumes. Cousin Joe is young, he is easy to pin it on. If Misty was so terrified why did she say shortly after Haleigh disappeared, she thought her cousin too her. There is a striking difference in Misty Haleigh 911 call and Misty/ "they robbed me" 911 call

Anonymous said...

Pat, here's my own theory. I have always thought both Tommy and cousin Joe has the most to do with Haleigh's disappearance. Tommy has made several suspicious comments to relatives from his jail cell, that Misty should "not make stuff up".....trying to quiet her. I'm not sure Misty had anything to do with it, as she may have left both kids sleeping that fateful night and went out partying. Early on it was reported that Misty's relatives, I think Timmy & Chelsea, and I think Joe were all in the house early in the evening on that night before Haleigh disappeared. Perhaps Joe sneakily unlocked the back door in anticipation of coming back later to break in to steal Ron's gun, knowing Misty would be gone, out partying, and when he did come back, found both kids asleep and Misty gone. Joe then propped open the back door, so as not to awaken the little boy, Ron, Jr, and carried Haleigh out the back door. I believe he took Haleigh to get even with Ron because of their dispute over the gun Ron wouldn't give him. Ron tries to reach Misty on the phone while he's at work after their argument (probably because he knew she was going out to party and he didn't like that) At some point, after Ron calls Tommy to check up on Misty, Tommy shows up at the trailer and see's Joe there and maybe confronted Joe. Joe already has Haleigh in the van, unbeknownst to Tommy. Joe then left and Misty came home and saw the back door propped open and she confronted Tommy as he was leaving. It's been reported that she said Tommy was by the back door when she came home, and when she looked back after she discovered Haleigh missing,Tommy was gone. I think Tommy came upon Joe in the midst of him kidnapping Haleigh, but didn't realize he had Haleigh until Misty showed up and discovered her missing, and they put two & two together. I think Joe is the only one responsible for the kidnapping of Haleigh, and Misty & Tommy were scared of Joe and probably never even told Ron the truth. JMO.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought.
Maybe Ron was fighting with Misty..{ he was very angry} and hit Haleigh causing her death.He just seems like a Controlling person.

Anonymous said...

Pat - I always listen for your observations on Nancy Grace. You 'see' with a different view (and experience) than other guests on her show. I'm behind you, as are many of us, when you disagree with the popular discussion. Ron has always looked suspicious and I bet other law officials see that too. It's just a matter of lining up all the ducks - or maybe in this case - the cinder blocks. If he is sociopathic, that would explain his ability to so outlandishly get married in the middle of the search for his little girl. What the heck was that??!! Remember - Misty was getting kind of carried away with her 'stardom' at that time and giving odd interviews.

I think you're right. I think there are detectives who think the same thing and it's just a matter of time before we learn who is really the master mind behind this tragic loss of a child...

Jess said...

If this is the case then PLEASE explain what Tommy Croslin would have to gain by keeping Ron's "secret"!!?They hated each other before this ever happened they hated each other.If this scenario were the least bit true then Tommy wouldve dropped the "BOMBSHELL"months ago throwing Ron under the bus,BIG TIME!He would've made sure to "play up"Ron's part in it, by saying it was Ron's drugs that killed his own daughter,Ron's instructs to get rid of his favorite childs body to the gators no less.This scenario is as close to impossible as anything Ive yet heard.Any scenario that would have Tommy in any way,shape,or form lying or covering for Ron to anyone that even knows half of this story knows its 100% not possible.I believe you are a talented profiler,but just as in everything in life,we are all wrong about somethings,NO ONE gets it RIGHT EVERYTIME.I would be anxious to hear if you have ANY OTHER THEORIES IN THIS CASE,as all scenarios have to be looked at,in order to get to the scenario that correctly fits with the crime.Would love to hear your thoughts,as I said I do admire you&believe you have what it takes to be successful profiler that you're known to be. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and if you choose, to respond.
Jessica Memphis,TN

Linda Paris said...

In answer to the question why would Tommy protect Ron? The answer is FEAR.
Because he was THREATENED by Ron Cummings.

August 12, 2009:
"Hank Croslin Jr., Misty Cummings brother, told deputies that one of his neighbors saw Ron Cummings put something in his mailbox around midnight."


"Cummings allegedly told him that he would “get back” at him. He said that Ron owned guns and he feared the dead rat was a sign that Cummings was going to kill him. Croslin told the deputies that he wanted charges filed."

Linda Paris said...

Another point.
Ron threatened to:
"blow the teeth out of the back of Misty's head" if she betrayed him.

That's quite an imaginative threat. Blowing the teeth out of the back of someone's head sounds exactly like what would happen if someone was shot in the face. I wonder where Ron Cummings got that visual?
That's doesn't sound like a description that someone conjured up in their imagination. That sounds like something that really would happen.
That's rough language at best for a supposed "innocent victim" to use.

Where does Ron get this disturbing visual he paints for Misty?
Why is Ron threatening EVERYONE around him with dead rats and shotgun blasts anyway if he's such a victim?
Why does a victim need to go all over town and make THREATS?

The answer IMO is that a "victim" does NOT need to threaten people.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous said above, " I've always thought Ron knew more than he was admitting. All those calls back and forth weren't just a lovers quarrel, they were quite relevant to Haleigh's disappearance."

I would say if it was a woman calling the man's phone after a quarrel, I wouldn't have so much of an issue with it. But, most men after an argument walk away or dive off, leaving the woman fuming for hours. Women want to talk, men don't. Women want to work it out, men want to forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Pat you have an interesting theory here. I have had my own doubts regarding Ronald. At one point he seems sincere when he speaks of Haleigh and wanting her back, but then you HAVE to question his motives regarding staying with Misty all this time. If he truly had nothing to do with it, then I just don't see how any NORMAL person could hang in there with the person who last saw his child. Her story changed non-stop and to this day it's still changing. I've oftened wondered since Ron was supposed to be a drug informant at one time, if the police didn't convince him to marry Misty in an attempt to "get info from her". News stations are now reporting the police told Ron to divorce Misty to get her to talk. When they were arrested on Drug Charges, you can't convince me that they weren't still together. Misty was caught on tape calling Ron "baby". I don't think that's a common term used amongst drug dealers. It's ashame that this case has gone on for so long. This poor child didn't ask to be born into this bass akwards family and she didn't deserve the fate she's met. For her sake, for the members of her family not involved and for the community, I hope someone will speak up with the truth and nothing but the truth. This community needs closure and time to heal. Haleigh needs peace and justice against the people who caused her harm. Whether Ron is involved or not, justice needs to be served. Haleigh looked like a precious little girl and it's ashame her life was cut so short. If the investigators were able to recover her, which sounds like that is unlikely, she deserves a proper place of rest. Not to just be tossed out like trash or gator bait! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this case. You've put some thoughts and questions into print that alot of us has had. I wish Sheriff Hardy could see your theory, maybe that would give him and the investigators a new angle to consider. Thank you for your time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very interesting theories. I have followed this case since the beginning as well. Not sure, but Joe Overstreet taking Haleigh and getting rid of her (as he is drugged up and pissed off about the gun he couldn't find) since he is a sexual predator he would have no problem having his way. Misty & Tommy helped him dispose of body, I could see that. As far as Ron, not to disagree Pat, excellent theory, but I don't see him as a good enough actor to display that grief when he was worried as she was missing, (unless it was over knowing he helped cause the death and was crying over the fact he knew the truth and she wasn't coming back) Misty, Tommy, Ron, and Joe some of the dumbest, imbred, hicks I have ever seen! I love NG show, but she does tend to slant it, and not bring out LOTS of pertenant info. Have seen that in many many cases.
I hope all these get whats coming to them! Hope its solved this week!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Ron is involved and appalled by Nancy Grace acting like he is the victim==as far as his crying act--that's easy to figure out--he was scared for himself--Misty and Tommy protecting him because Ron is one bad dude and might have them more scared that jail/ Tommy might not even be involved. I do believe he married Misty to avoid being brought up on statutory rape charges andbecause he was stupid enough to think neither could be forced to testify against each other==I know that would not have prevented it but they aren't the brightest.

I like some of NancyGrace too but she really is slanted and rude to her guest--extremely abnoxiously rude.

Pat good job

Gail Potts said...

I agree, I think Ronald is aware of everything that took place. I hope truth comes out soon. I also pray for the little boy living with Mother. I hope she has go her act together.

Seamus O Riley said...

Great article, as usual.

I ignored Ron's statements, from the beginning as law enforcement communicated, one way or another, that he was at work, and not a suspect.

Looking back, how often did he preface statements with "I was at work" or "I wasn't home"?? Even on the 911 call!

Great work!

This needs further investigation.

Peter Hyatt

Anonymous said...

Cracks me up that you guys think the bumpkins are that smart.

kNmd said...

i don't know. i definitely think now that it is possible Ron knew she was dead after the fact. but even Crystal stated Ron loved Hayleigh with all his heart. so he tells them so coldly "throw her body in the river so the gators can eat her" ? that just sounds realllllly cold-hearted. and what about his reaction then at work? he doesn't cry or become visibly upset?

i do believe Tommy may have been afraid of Ronald. but Ronald's in jail now. so why wouldn't Tommy let it all out now that Ron's locked up for a long time?

Anonymous said...

Since the child had a bedtime of 8:00pm and since there was a history of Misty not being able to get said child to sleep, Ron not being able to get her to school on time, I would say it is more likely that
Misty drugged Haleigh at her bedtime.

Most of what you write makes little sense and I somehow highly doubt you have a degree.

Linda Paris said...

Anonymous said...
Cracks me up that you guys think the bumpkins are that smart.

Define "smart."

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to put a dead rat in a mailbox or "blow the teeth out of the back of someone's head." Just sayin.
Not sure what your theory is since a child is missing and SOMEONE is responsible and no one's getting any answers?
I don't understand why people believe Ron when there is so many things wrong with his story and his ACTIONS. His acting is terrible, his fake whining and hysterics are transparent and everything he's said and done has been suspect...unless of course he's involved...then it all makes perfect sense.
Ron Cummings is a proven liar, a criminal, a drug user and a drug dealer. He's not winning any awards for brilliance. He's had a long relationship with the wrong side of LE. and because of his past he's sneaky and manipulative IMO.
You don't win any awards for outstanding thinking to manipulate this group of misfits.
Some people do believe Ron. (Not me)
I think the point is not that he is smart...but that he has the ability to CON people. You don't need a diploma for that... all you need is criminal history.
The bigger question in all of this is how can people fall for it when he's so transparent?
IMO Pat Brown is right on point. This will lead back to Ron. He is trying to save his own a** plain and simple.
The rest of them are just his puppets.

I don't think there is one person on the planet that thinks this group is anything but a bunch of lying idiots...but the fact is a child is missing and they have somehow stymied police and stonewalled this investigation.
So SOMETHING is going on and it's NOT a "stranger abduction" either.

Anonymous said...

There are cinder blocks all around the area, so how can you be so sure they came from that particular place?

Anonymous said...

Your hypothesis is right on.

kNmd said...

there are cinderblocks all around. and one just happened to prop open the door at the crime scene! come on. and in an early news clip there is yellow rope on RC's door!

i recently saw an interview also where Misty keeps repeating that "8 pm is her bedtime. that's when she goes to bed so she's not tired in the morning." very intentional. and in the same interview Ronald repeatedly corrects Misty's account of facts at a crime scene he was NOT at!?

but i believe Grandma Sykes account that she saw the kids at 7pm eating, happy, and alive. i think it's the drug overdose and this is why Ronald has a reason to help with the cover-up. Misty gave the drugs and this is why Tommy has a reason to help with the cover-up (plus dumping the body).

Anonymous said...

Grandma Sykes would not have seen the kids eating in the screened area of the home at 7:30 at night on February 9 with the weather chilly, in the mid-fifties, and Haleigh susceptible to cold, is my opinion. Haleigh had to be in school the following day by Court Order. Besides 7:30 p.m. it is dark. Were they healthy - who knows.

Did something happen to Haleigh and Sykes was called in to see if she could make it right?

Don't believe Grandma Teresa, don't believe any of the Grandmas in the Croslin family. Teresa says she picked Haleigh up from school; Ronald says he picked Haleigh up from school bus stop; and neighbors say Misty picked Haleigh up from school car line -- so, who, in fact, picked Haleigh up from school?

That for me is very important as it is the last credible time that Haleigh was seen alive.

Did police release WHO Ronald Cummings is supposed to have called in his 90 calls he claims he made from his work that night?

The 20 calls alone to Misty - is it true that only 2 pings came off the PDM tower.

What time did Ronald Cummings actually go to work that final day of his employment at PDM?

He claims it is 3:00 pm in one statement, and that he clocked in at 5:00 pm. If this is correct, and he was, as is stated, fifteen minutes early for work but for some strange reason didn't clock in until 5:00 - where was he all that time?

It is approx. 26 or 27 mins from his rented trailer to his work.

Why would someone leave an hour and a half early for work?

Also, my main bone of contention. Why isn't Ronald Cummings charged under Florida Statute 794.05 which clearly states that any person 24 years of age or older that engages in sexual activity with a minor, including a 16 year old, has committed a felony under the law punishable by not more than fifteen years as a secondary felony?

Also, on the 9th of February, 2009Cummings was given a Contempt of Court Order issued because of his neglect in Haleigh's truancy from school without cause.

The court date was scheduled for February 10, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. regarding custodial issues.

Why is more not mentioned about this in the media? Aren't there court records to support that this contempt of court was filed and served?

Haleigh provided for him extra money from her disability monthly check and a child support check from Crystal (which was overdue).

At the time of Haleigh's 'gone missing', Ronald Cummings was behind a couple of months in his rent for the trailer, it is reported. Hence, his living in a tent under the disguise of not wanting to ever go into the trailer seems a way whereby he would not be forced to pay back rent - could that be a possiblity?

If he didn't have money for the back rent, he most probably didn't have money to pay the fine that would be due at the Court Hearing on the 10th of February.

That all leads us to the a/c guy that was supposed to be fixing the a/c unit on that cold February evening, in the dark, at Ronald's trailer. Would Ronald be responsible for the a/c at his rented trailer? Would a landlord who wasn't paid for a couple of months pay for such services for a non-paying tenant?

Also the cider blocks - why does Ronald Cummings claim he never saw cider blocks?

Who would have come in the dark, after ten o'clock at night since Misty said it was then she last saw Haleigh in bed and safe, and be able to find cider blocks to prop open the door? It just doesn't make sense.

Someone that knew where cider blocks were, or it was during daylight hours within which time one could find cider blocks, that cider blocks were gotten to either prop open the door, or, hopefully not, do other weight measures.

Why did the tracking dogs track to the river behind the trailer? Something of Haleigh's went there. The cadaver dogs, or one of them, hit on the dumpster. I believe in dogs as they have no horse in the race.

So many questions and so few answers.


Anonymous said...

Tommy is very afraid of Ronald Cummings. Remember Ronald put a beheaded rat in Tommy's mailbox. If you rat you are beheaded - would seem the message.

Ronald is very unique in his ability to escape justice.

He was about to be out on bond (thanks to Grace and Padilla) until this latest news about St. Johns River started and it is said, true or not true, that law enforcement advised against getting Ronald out on bond.

Misty is deathly scared of him. The father and mother are scared of him - and, in my opinion, his own mother is scared of him.

He is a pretty ruthless individual and I am surprised that Misty wasn't done away with. Perhaps more time had to go by so it would be less suspicious for her to vanish.

He, in my opinion, seems to be the most criminal of the bunch - and I would be very afraid of that man.

Dinah Bee Menil said...

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Anonymous said...

Why do people keep saying that Joe is a pedophile and has a record as such? It simply isn't true. No arrest. No record. No conviction. No history. Only Misty has said that about him. You can decide if you believe her or not.

Peinay said...

I so agree with you, Ms Pat Brown. It's good to hear that you believe Ron is involved as well. I have observed his demeanor from day 1, from his 911 call to the present time. I had always thought of him as being involved, if not the mastermind.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I have thought on some cases you pretty much got the profile right although you have a tendency to think everyone is a psychopath. But on this one I think in the end you are going to be way off base.

I think you have lost your objectivity because of your obsessive dislike of Ronald Cummings and it has clouded your judgment. I do appreciate that you are sincere but your theories aren't really based much on facts but speculation.

I believe you are like so many others and have become so biased against Ronald Cummings that you just want him to be involved. So you weave him in to fit your theory.

I think it may be Joe Overstreet that turns out to be the true psychopath in this case.

We will see if you have it right or all wrong.

Anonymous said...

lots of nuts out there in case you weren't aware. Pat calls it like she sees it. I agree with her.

KD said...

good scenario.. i think chesea and timmy know what happened because misty said in her letter to chelsea i thought were gonna stick to the story joe held me up with a knife?

i always thought ron acted wierd -

Anonymous said...

I think this is one case where if you are wrong someone should sue.
I am sick of people exploiting this one. I bet Haleighs mom would sue.

Linda Paris said...

Anonymous said:
***I think this is one case where if you are wrong someone should sue.
I am sick of people exploiting this one. I bet Haleighs mom would sue.****

First of all they are all in PRISON where they belong so I hardly think out of that bunch of criminals any of them have the where-with- all to sue...even if they had a case....which they don't. In case you haven't heard a chid is missing and people are NOT buying Ron's story. You can't SUE for that. He can't tell any story he wants...any lie he wants when a little girls is missing and expect people to accept his word for it when he has a criminal past and his story doesn't add up! It's called Freedom of speech.
Second...why would the mother sue when the theory is that RON is lying? She can't sue for him!
Why would you even think that she could?
The claims have to be false and damage someone's reputation and livelihood. Are you kidding? This is a bunch of lying drug dealers. How have any of them been damaged?
There's no lawsuit here.
I don't know how you think there would be ANY basis for a lawsuit...there isn't.
Ron's story doesn't add up.
Now he's in prison where he belongs.
The theory has nothing to do with Hayleigh's mother...she can't sue if she's not the subject of the article.

Linda Paris said...

Another anonymous said:

***I think you have lost your objectivity because of your obsessive dislike of Ronald Cummings and it has clouded your judgment.***

maybe Pat Brown is right.

Where did you get your degree in the science human behavior again?
What is your background, experience and education that gives you the expertise and ability to psychoanalyze Pat Brown?
I missed that part of your post.

Considering Pat Brown's education and years of working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies...and
what is your background again???

In other words...
My money is on Pat.

Interesting that you think you are in a position to analyze Pat Brown and set her straight. I bet she woke up this morning and slapped herself on the forehead and said...
"Wow! I bet that anonymous poster is right! I AM unfairly obsessed with Ronald Cummings!!! I better stop!"

Roflol. Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Tara brown blok said...

Richard gosling Jr aka Richard smons Simone 7 7 in other words helter skelter and I was the one kidnapped I escaped from there in fuzzy yellow onsies with polyester polyeurathane feet on it And a sideways zipper and I had curly blonde hair

Anonymous said...

The night this happened I had a glimpse of what I think happened. I saw a thin guy carry the child out and pur her in the water and when they showed Ronald I thought it was him. That like you say the child died while he's at work due to drugs maybe oxy lollipop, Ron comes home dumps the body in water behind the house its hard to tell but the man carries her straight out and directly puts her in the water. I also got that the person was someone that was not suspected at the time and was "the best friend" of someone, like one of the cops or maybe haleigh herself or referred to themself that way. Ron was definitely involved as you say. I've not had something happen so fast, I got this on hearing the story first break. You got it right.