Friday, April 16, 2010

Criminal Profling Topic of the Day: NOT Joe Overstreet

We have all been glued to the television set watching the the continuous loop of Misty Croslin standing on the dock with law enforcement, divers in the water, the location now a crime scene. By evening, the case had gone from missing persons to homicide and police stated there were persons of interest. Mistys' cousin, Joe Overstreet, was reinterviewed and speculation is flying that he is the killer of Haleigh.

I don't know jack about Joe and how much squirrelly behavior he has exhibited in the past but since he is part of the Croslin clan, I am going to accept that he isn't going to medical school and spending his free time working at the soup kitchen. But, I also cannot buy that Misty and Tommy were either so endeared to him or so scared of him, that they let him kill Haleigh and then helped him cover up the crime.

Let's look at the facts:

There is zero proof at this point that Joe Overstreet murdered Haleigh.
There is zero proof at this time that Joe Overstreet dumped Haleigh's body.
The only people claiming Joe Overstreet killed Haleigh are pathological liars who flunked their polygraphs.
There is not now nor will there ever be any physical evidence linking Joe Overstreet to the crime.
Unless Joe Overstreet confesses to involvement in the crime, there will be no probable cause to arrest him nor will there be sufficient evidence to convict him.

Now, why would Misty and Tommy finger Joe Overstreet? One or both of them are trying to cut a deal. If they are willing to admit knowing what happened and can tell the police who it is, then they might get some reduction in their sentences. Of course, doing that connects them to a crime which is exactly what the police want. Even if they make up a ridiculous scenario (like kidnapping and killing a child because a gun was not available to steal) and pin the crime on an innocent person, law enforcement wins: they finally have admissions Misty and Tommy were involved in the crime and that crime is homicide. From there, maybe they are hoping the actual truth will eventually come out.

But how can we believe anyone at this point? Unless someone can be tricked into confessing (and that can be done if you know what you are doing) the stories are going to keep changing as these Misty, Tommy, and Ron jockey to save their own hides. Keep your fingers crossed their is a crack interrogator down there in Florida and justice might one day actually be served.


ET said...

I almost feel bad for cousin Joe. I too believe he is being framed and with his past and his intellect(or lack thereof) I'm sure he is an obvious target for the jailbird clowns. You can't believe a word they say. What a mess. The police must be getting really tired of dealing with this clan.

Anonymous said...

If the police are getting really tired of dealing with THIS clan, maybe they should move on to dealing with the Cummings clan?

ET said...

Absolutely! Cummings clan included!

TigressPen said...

The thing is, Grandma gave Tommy an outlet when she asked if he was about to tell her what she has known in her heart all along. She named Joe. He may have been about to confess he did it if she hadn't asked that question. Could be he would've told her he or Ron did it.

I can't see anyone in the 3 families being afraid of Joe, but I can see them as possibly being afraid of Ron. He has shown himself with a volatile trait to me.

CharmCity said...

My personal feeling is that Joe is involved. I know there is no evidence to back that up, but that is my gut feeling since the very beginning.

I think this family is very dyfunctional. Per comments made by Misty, I feel that many of these players were victimized sexually when they were children. Early sexual abuse can result in many behaviors, including personality disorders and drug abuse. These victims grow up, and usually turn their pain within (harming themselves with drugs or eating disorders) or outward (criminal behavior, sexually abusing others, domestic abuse).

I'm not sure what happened that night, but I think Haleigh was sexually abused by Joe & Tommy and then killed because Haleigh would've told Ron. I think Misty covered for her cousins to protect her brother, who probably sexually abused her in the past, from Ron. I think Misty pointed to Joe in the beginning, hoping that would lead Law Enforcement to the truth, but the cops accepted Joe's story and dropped it. Tommy's involvement is supported by Misty being very upset in jail that he may get out before her. In her mind, his crime is much worse than her cover-up so it would make sense that she would be pissed. Also, Hank Sr said that he would kill whoever took Haleigh- even if it was his OWN SON.

These are all mentally sick and addicted individuals. There is a lot of cover up going on in families affected by sexual abuse, and often the victims feel a sense of loyalty to their own abusers.

TigressPen said...


Perhaps Joe is part of the cover-up but I think more to this baby's death is known by all parties involved. I do strongly feel had Grandma not said she believed Joe did it, Tommy would have told her everything. He was in the right frame of mind at that time and sadly, perhaps unintentionally, she gave him the out.

Yes. Abused do protect abusers and I think Misty protected Tommy many times in her young life. I feel no great sympathy for Misty with this case. I do feel sad for her for the way she has been raised. Maybe it's that reason she hasn't trusted LE to help her if she told the whole truth. But, she chose to continue not telling everything she knows about all her family members and the Cummings too.

Also, I have never and still do not put any value on anyone not passing lie-detector test in any case. Compulsive liars can pass them when innocent people can't. And vice-versa. Some compulsive liars accept that their lies are lies, some don't, they believe their own lies.

I don't think Misty could pass one if she was telling the honest truth. She is just one of those people.

Anonymous said...

If Joe took Haleigh away that night, how in the world would the police bring Misty to the river?

They must know Misty was there at the river!

I have thought all along that Haleigh died because Misty gave her something - on Ron's orders - and she died. Misty got her brother to help get rid of the body.

Ron told her what to do since he could not leave work.

Ron is as responsible and that is why he married Misty and then sold drugs with her.

PinkCactusFlower said...

Anonymous said: "If the police are getting really tired of dealing with THIS clan, maybe they should move on to dealing with the Cummings clan?"

I have often wondered why this case has taken so long, including gunning for the Cummings clan. IMO because TN is connected to LE in that area it could be coverup/corruption. IMO.

I'd like to know what Pat thinks of the Cummings clan, particularly the mother Teresa Neves.

Anonymous said...

At least the Croslin parents encouraged Misty and Tommy to come forward and work with police. This is contrary to Casey Anthony's parents who just want to help her cover up her brutal crime.
My hats are off to the Croslin parents. We love our children despite their flaws but we still need to teach them to take responsibility for their actions.
My thoughts are that Casey's parents excused her so many times in the past that they helped create this monster she became. It appears that she was never held accountable for her actions including embezzlement from her own grandmother's account. She has been a compulsive liar her whole life. She was a spoiled self absorbed individual who only thought of herself. She was too selfish to even let her own mother raise her daughter since she just wanted to party. Better to drug the child with chloroform so she would sleep while mommy partied. What a sick mindset she had.

Pat Brown said...

Tigress, I agree Joe could be involved in some way; drug dealing, gun stealing, fights with Ron, or brought into the cover-up in some manner. But, he didn't do the child in.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Joe had aything to with Haleigh.Yeah he was there but that doesn't mean he took her and then killed her.Misty knows what hapopened i believe Misty killed Haleigh and Tommy helped her take Haleigh's body to the river.If you remember Ron told police that he called Misty all night about 90 times and once did she answer the phone... WHY??? because she was dumping Haleigh's body in the river along with Tommy.

Misty and Tommy are putting blame on Joe because he was there and he left the next day and because he lives out of state.Ron wasn't to worried about his children when he called Misty 90 times and never could get ahold of hef.He was seen on tape at a store buying ciggs, and beer now if he called Misty all night and hasn't talked her why would he go to the store and not go straight home??? he wasn't to worried.

It is also being reported that Leonard Padilla was interviewed by Police and FBI about Haleigh being "already dead" when Tommy and Joe showed up at the house.Misty did this and Tommy and MAYBE Joe helped by dumping Haleigh's body.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I dunno, I always thought it highly suspicious that Joe left town the next day! If he didnt do it, Ill bet he knew about it.
Also I still wonder about the comment from little Junior. He said a man in black with squeaky shoes took Haleigh. Now, presumably he knew Joe and Tommy so why would he not just name them?
That puzzles me still. Four year olds are pretty aware of what is going on around them, especially in their own homes.

Debra said...

Pat, it's interesting to look at Misty's video denials of mistreating the children. "I'm good with them kids, they talk lovely about me, just ask Junior." Junior was 3 then? she is so good, a witness saw her the backhand Junior at bus-stop. This tape mentions Haleigh's supposedly washed blanket,(Ronald told Tim Miller no wash was done they had no laundry soap)Also Why was Misty and Ron's blanket in the van?

Debra said... "I never hurt her"

Anonymous said...

Pat, you wrote this:

Let's look at the facts:

There is zero proof at this point that Joe Overstreet murdered Haleigh.
There is zero proof at this time that Joe Overstreet dumped Haleigh's body.

Well frankly there is zero proof known to any of us who actually did murder Haleigh.

Strange that you would rule Overstreet out so quickly. I have a feeling that may come back to haunt you.

Even other family members thinks JO is capable of this. Hmmm sounds like they may know him much better than any of us, doesn't it? If it is true that he stabbed his own sister over a piece of bologna we are looking at a man with an explosive uncontrollable temper who can erupt over the slightest thing.

I believe JO sufferes for "little man" syndrome and has a big chip on his shoulder and thinks he is a tough guy so he has to scare everyone to gain control of the situation.

I think he is the type of man that seethes when he doesnt get his way about something and wants revenge and will get it no matter who he hurts in his path.

I am still amazed that you seem to have lost all of your open mindedness in this case and objectivity just because you want Ron Cummings to be involved and by the way, talking about proof and FACTS? Where is the evidence to prove Cummings had one thing to do with Haliegh's murder? Since you seem to be hung up on defending Overstreet by using "there is no proof" and wont even consider that he could be the murderer of Haliegh.

Anonymous said...

Well if Tommy had come to steal a gun and Misty was involved perhap they would be to scared of Ron Cummings to tell the truth? Since you Pat Brown claim everyone is so scared of Ron Cummings. If Tommy is so scared of Ron Cummings then why did he press charged after he got a dead rat in his mailbox? If the Croslins are so scared of him then why did they call and leave messages that Ron reported to the police as threat and that say things like you are a gay bitch?
Seems to me the only thing the Croslins are scared of is Jail.

Anonymous said...

I could never feel bad for Joe.
Just ask anyone he tortures small animals for fun. Sounds like he belongs in jail and will end up in jail eventually anyway.