Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Ronald Cummings is "Only Disappointed" the Bitch got his Child Stole

Gotta love defense lawyers! Ronald Cumming's defense lawyer, Terry Shoemaker, has just come out with two mind-boggling statements. One is that the police told Ronald, "If you divorce Misty, we'll find something out. She'll crack" and "If Misty got in trouble, in jail, we could probably get her to crack." I guess Ronald's mother was right that he "only dealt drugs to get close to Misty after the divorce, in order to learn what happened to Haleigh."

Let's see now; Ronald married Misty to get "his enemy near" him because that would get him information. Then he divorces because the police told him to, because that would get him information. Then he deals drugs with her and helps them set up a sting to get her arrested because that will get him information. I don't think I have ever seen such a complex ongoing plan. Ronald is also an amazing actor to be able to play the loving husband, then divorce her because he failed in his mission, then take up with her again to get her busted selling drugs, and pretend to be the felon while waiting for her to crack. This is the real world folks, not a fictional crime drama.

And now, we have a new incredible comment of Ronald's via his lawyer. Apparently, Ron is not mad at Misty, "only disappointed" that she couldn't confide in him for an entire year, forcing him and his family to suffer needlessly. He hopes the reason she withheld the truth was that she was "threatened" or "forced" to keep quiet.

I am finding his kindly attitude hard toward Misty hard to swallow (as I always have find it abnormal). Disappointed? You can be disappointed someone didn't give you a job, disappointed your child didn't get good grades in school, disappointed that your mate doesn't want to go away for the weekend. You are usually mad as hell when you find out your spouse cheated on you, a drunk driver killed your son, or your druggie girlfriend "got your daughter stole."

Not Ronnie. Even though he swore he'd kill the person who took his kid, he isn't even mad when he finds out his girlfriend/wife/girlfriend was involved in his child's disappearance and lied to him over and over and over again.

Maybe it is true that he has been doing an undercover job for the police trying to get Misty to slip up. Or, maybe, he knows she finally has slipped up and he is sending her a message through his lawyer. He needs her continued cooperation to save his own butt so he can't be too nasty. He is letting her know that he is "disappointed" (you gave up the information you shouldn't have) and he hopes that she was forced or threatened (you better just have slipped up under pressure and you better not be about to roll over on me).

Seems more like the defense lawyer is working overtime to paint Ronald as a victim and sympathetic figure. He is giving too much information which leads me to believe he is working on a defense in a murder case, not a drug dealing case.

Maybe I am wrong and we will find out the Ronald Cummings really did spend the year helping the police nail Misty. If this turns out to be the case, Ron can play himself in the movie because he is one hell of an actor and I will pay the $12 to be there on opening night.


Brenda Lee said...

My first thoughts when Ron's lawyer started giving statements this week was that he was, at minimum, trying to drum up sympathy for his client even if only for the drug trial. After all, it only takes one sap to hang a jury.

ChasingHeaven said...

If Ronald did all this to get info from Misty, why then did he call Misty to warn her when her new drug friend (I apologize, the woman's name has slipped my mind) was working undercover to get info out of her?

Anonymous said...

I think he was worried about Misty talking about the drugs/guns that he was into.

Point being: Him warning Misty not to talk quite possibly had nothing to do with Haleigh at all.

I also think ALL of them should have to take a polygraph. Give anyone a polygraph who claims to have seen Haleigh the day she disappeared. This should help narrow the time line a bit. Verify that she WAS alive and well when Ron left for work for example.

Timmy, Tommy, Chelsea, Lindsey, Joe, Ron and Misty. There are things which point to all of them having some sort of knowledge even if they weren't directly involved.

Lindsey mentioned she threw out Tommy's nearly new work boots after his arrest, why? Evidence?

Misty had this boat ramp on a list of 5 locations for Tim Miller to search a year ago.

Ron also suggested they search there in that exact spot.

I also think Teresa, Annette and anyone else who talked to or saw Misty, Ron or Haleigh that day should be polygraphed.

I believe that Ron's grief is real. That does not mean he has no idea what happened. If Haleigh accidentally overdosed on his pills, or got injured in the middle of a domestic, he would STILL be grieving. That wouldn't need to be faked.

I do not (want to) believe that Ron or Misty intentionally killed Haleigh.

However, if you know your child is dead.... it would be easy to slip up and say "I would give my life for my child's life back" ...even though your child has only been MISSING for less than 48 hours. That has always bothered me.

If you haven't heard the interview where he says that, here it is.

That statement is about a minute into it and is crystal clear. I would love to see Nancy try to explain that...if Casey Anthony said it, it would equal a confession.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that youtube post! Besides the confession, how about "She's the most well-mannered child I've ever had..." So how many DO you have, Ronnie? Two? Three? FOUR? But let's just focus on the one we can't find, the one dead, or maybe sold to a child sex ring, whatever, not Junior, or Jordan, or the one whose mother doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore…

Eyes said...

If Ron was in a "sting" with police to get Misty, he wouldn't be sitting in jail for drug charges, would he?! Heck no. They would have let him walk free and put Misty in jail. That didn't happen, did it? LOL.

That looks like supportive evidence that this is an untruth to me.

Anonymous said...

If he WAS in a "sting" to help police, I can see them keeping him there until the case is resolved.

The motivating factor for Misty to talk, would be to help Ron get out of jail too. She is very upset that he is there and lost Junior.

So if he was released (possibly out there with another teeny bopper girlfriend) it's entirely possible she wouldn't talk. She would likely just give up and stay in jail.

I also think that law enforcement would be crazy to release Ron. He has made it CLEAR he will kill someone if given the chance. If it's not a sting that is a great reason to keep him in there anyway.

I was a bit surprised they allowed him into general population after deciding it was a homicide, as he could have easily been looking for someone to kill those responsible for Haleigh's death, should he know who they are.

Victoria said...

With police interrogators so well trained, someone please tell me how a 17 year old (Misty) and a party girl (Casey) can withstand professional questioners for so long? Aren't the police embarassed?

Yes, I agree Ron's lawyer is sending coded messages to Misty. After all, Misty was 17 at the time, what would her sentence be in a guitly verdict of an accidential murder?

Also: Important: It seems all high-profile defendants go public with interviews to get their story out there.

Are these people (Phil Spector, Scott Peterson) told by other inmates to give interviews?

Is Casey letter-writing just a chance to float certain stories out there and see which one the pulib grabs on to?

Is Misty's grandmother being used? And don't you love her makeover? She's a star now!

Anonymous said...

What will Nancy Grace say after Ron is implicated in a murder? Just curious how she will be able to back-track after she protected him like family- it is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

The more I learn about Ron and hear FROM Ron the more I have to agree with Pat's opinion of Ron.

However... if he can talk about the possibility of gators eating his child without even batting an eyelash... that's a bit sickening. (Again, Nancy would have burned Crystal or Casey at the STAKE for saying anything like this!)

If he can say that he WILL have Junior until the die he dies even if they have to die together... also sickening.

To be able to sit down and have a conversation about the habits of alligators... and how it relates to them possibly eating your own child... as if you are discussing the weather? That's just disturbing.

Oh and again, links...

I don't know if Ron will be implicated or not. As Pat said, hopefully the police figure this out...maybe they will not. But they have access to all the same things WE do. So maybe they will?

But if he isn't charged then that will be what Nancy sticks with "Ronald Cummings has not been CHARGED in connection with his daughter's murder." I do fear there might not be enough to ever charge Ronald even if he did have involvement.

I just hope he doesn't get custody of a child again. I would be happy with that.

Anonymous said...

Ron is "disappointed" in Misty and his arrest for the drugs were just a "setback" in his life. LOL!

Grace said...

I'm disappointed that Ronald and Shoemaker think that we're all that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Great comment, Grace!

Ronald's comment reminds me of when auther Anne Perry labeled her role in the murder of the mother of her childhood friend a "mistake." I'm sure that Ron is inspiring Anne...

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that G-Grandma Sykes cared more about how the kids looked by doing their laundry than the environment that they were living in. But, from what I remember, she was the custodian of Ron not Teresa his mother. This family is a total mess and has been for generations. This poor little girl never had a chance. I'm just relieved that Jr. is back with Crystal @ this point now that she's away from that mess it appears to be the most stable place for him.
If Ron was working with Detectives in a sting op to get Misty hung up, they would have limited Ron's involvement. Did anyone notice the number of charges and the bond amounts? Extremely high for co-op. Detectives would have wanted to keep Ron's line of communication open with Misty.
Grandma Hollars did say last night on HLN that Misty has been sending letters out to family for them to mail to Ron, what's up with that? Why are they not keeping a better eye on what Misty is sending out? That's not the first time that she's sent out mail to family directly relating to HaLeigh.
Love your site, Pat! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ron cares a lot about his appearance, too. A guy who smiles in a mug shot? Sheeesh!

I hope that Junior, "Butterbean", sooooo cute, IS better off with Crystal. All that stuff about siezures and driving with Chloe? Ugh.

If Misty's family tries to get the letters to Ron, LE will block them, won't they?

Agree, love this site, Pat! Always looking for new posts :).

Anonymous said...

What an evil psychopath Ronald Cummings is. I have known for quite some time that Ronald Cummings is one of the prime suspects in this case along with his partner in crime, Misty Croslin. What I don't know is how and why Haleigh died. My first theory is an overdose from Ron's drugs. My second theory is that she died from a fatal injury inflicted by Ron or Misty. Ron has a known reputation for hitting Haleigh in the head. Cousin Joe has been the fall guy from the beginning of this twisted cover up. Tommy had nothing to do with her death, but may have been an accessory after the fact by helping to dispose of her body. Ron Cummings came off as a grieving and loving father gaining sympathy from many including Nancy Grace, who, in my opinion, mislead many viewers by her staunch devotion to this drug-dealing, child molesting, control freak. After I stopped relying on her for facts and truth about this case, I was able to focus on who Ronald Cummings really is and what I found was terribly unsettling. He is cunning, street smart, and controlling. He thinks his intelligence is above LE's. His time is running out though. LE has their man. LE has all the time in the world. There is no statute of limitations on murder. All LE needs is how and why Haleigh died and they will eventually get that information out of Misty. It would be great if they could find Haleigh's little body, but they don't need a body to convict. Misty's testimony will be the key to solving this crime. Pat, who does Ronald come close to reminding you of from the many high profile cases you have worked on? I'm just curious to know if you have a comparison.

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

I tell ya, it's getting harder and harder to sit and watch Nancy Grace defend Ronald Cummings on every show, like she has blinders on. It's like she's hell bent
on proving she's right just for the sake of being right. One would think, that of all people SHE would know how the criminal mind and element functions, no?

Somebody, PLEASE step up and have him investigated and I think they'll find he had a LOT to hide, he is the ring leader and the master mind of little Haleigh's mysterious whereabouts and nearly everyone else is playing follow the leader. After all, he made damned sure HIS ass was covered the night little Haliegh went missing, from beginning to end and is still covering his ass. I wouldn't be so sure Haliegh was ever thrown in the St John's River. That could be just another misleading tactic. She could just as easily be buried in a hole with all the evidence.

Why is FLE looking the other way? Could it be that some of THEM were involved in his shenannigans? What EXACTLY was he hiding? Guns, drugs, kiddie porn? That trailer was swept clean before 911 was called!! Why is everyone so afraid of him? And Nancy is being stupid. SOMEBODY, come forward and REALLY have him investigated, AND not just speculation. You'll find plenty. I'd bet on it!

Anonymous said...

It's quite obvious that all the players here have severe mental issues outside of their drug problems. Has Misty had a mental evaluation? Maybe her attorney should take a step back and look at having someone work with her and show her just how much she's been manipulated and used by Ron. She is the key to HaLeigh's murder and disappearance. Misty is involved to some degree and knows all the players involved.
Is it true that a Sociopath cannot pass a polygraph? If that's the case, LE should quit wasting time and money and work on other solutions this finding answers to finding HaLeigh.
The story Misty has told about cousin Joe raping her when she was younger has led to alot of rumor about him having a juvenile arrest for sex crimes. How much of Misty's crap can we believe @ this point? I don't believe any of it. If the PCSD felt that Joe was involved, wouldn't they be more proactive?
I also heard that Tommy's attorney is still representing him in his drug cases but not the HaLeigh investigation since his latest polygraph test last week after the search @ the river. What does that tell us?
Thank you, Pat!

Sprocket said...

Polygraphs are not 100% accurate.

I don't know, but I would suspect that the experience of the examiner does play a (small?) part in the accuracy of the test.

There have been guilty individuals who've passed them.

How many polygraphs has Misty taken now? The amazing part to me, is that she keeps taking them.

Anonymous said...

True, they're not 100% accurate, and for that reason not even admissible in any court. Thats not really the point though, the point is that when you allow the media to publish that they "failed" the polygraph or it indicated deception, it helps in conviction, because no one in/on the jury lives in a box, and they will have heard about it regardless of the admissibility. (they're not supposed to take it into consideration but its likely most do regardless.) Also in some cases it gives LE a focusing point and sometimes helps them determine if they're on a false investigative path. I think most of what Miss/(mrs.?...ehh dosent matter really) Brown says is pretty much on the mark, but I'm not as confident as some others that there will be closure on this matter. For one a lot of time has elapsed, and NO CONFESSION from anyone, so if the girl decides to talk now thats going to destroy much of her credibility and any two bit lawyer will try saying shes simply coverin her own ass NOW by pointing the finger at Ronnie-Boy. I figured it was a similar scenario as the one mentioned by Pat from Day One..but proving it will be tough unless He himself confesses, or some damning evidence comes to light. I disagree on the comment about "good acting" skills however....Perhaps I just have an instinct for sniffing out who the fakes are...and he's certainly of them.

Anonymous said...

Well this is a little better since with peak plasma levels what you said before really made no sense.

I have always felt Misty drugged the child to sleep but the new problem with this theory is Tommy Croslin.
Apparently Tommy has put himself at he scene of a homicide, saying he saw Joe do this. Why would he do that? Must be more trouble for him then getting rid of someone after they are dead. Tommy is not that scared of Ron Cummings, give me a break he put the guy in jail.
That could explain the rat. I now think Joe is involved. The more I watch him, the more I think there is something to this story about Joe. Why would he be telling people a good place to commit murder and "get by with it" weeks before the child went missing? He told Tommy and Hank Sr. not Ron Cummings. The same person who likes to torture small animals.
Leaning toward Joe Overstreet as the killer, the next question is what involvement do Misty and Tommy have? Overstreet was threatened by Ron Cummings and NOT allowed in that home. Misty wanted to babysit her brothers kids that night, maybe to get out and have a last party with Joe Overstreet before he went home. Granny says they were very close the three of them. Misty could not leave as Ron said no. Did Haleigh wake up and see Joe Overstreet in the trailer? Did she say she was going to "tell daddy" and did Misty and Tommmy care so little they let Joe Overstreet kill her?
Haleigh being nothing but a thorn in Misty's side anyway and Tommy being so wasted he did nothing?

laderaranchpetsitting said...

Ron Cummings lawyer is not going to make code statements to Misty, he could be arrested. He could be in a heap of trouble.

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

RanchPetSitting: You need to think about the ridiculousness of your words. For one thing, lawyers do pretty much as they please and get away with it. They have no boss, no overseerer. There is no one out there weighing their every word, their every action, scrutinizing and punishing them.

They operate as they wish, "within the law" of course, let the chips fall where they may and be damned with the consequences. It takes one hell-uv-a-lot of fradulent charges to snare a lawyer in disbarment charges, no one walks along behind them carrying a big stick. You seem to forget they fend for each other. Whatever made you think otherwise!

It's your OWN life that gets snarled up, never to be untangled again in this lifetime, NOT theirs. It's a plain miracle from God when you are fortunate enough to get one who remains above board and totally ethical down to the finish line. It's YOUR loss, tough luck, NOT theirs. Get it?

Secondly, Ronnie's lawyer could very easily tote a slick (call it coded) message via heresay from Ron to Misty or her lawyer, knowlingly or unknowingly, without realizing he was carrying a secret message from Ronnie boy to Misty. And what harm would he have done? To whom? Would he be arrested? Are you kidding? By whom? For what? You need to wake up and figure out how lawyers operate.