Sunday, February 5, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Is Scotland Yard really about to Interview the Tapas 7?

Very fishy, if you ask me.

I find this whole story bogus as hell.

1. What timing! Less than 48 hours after the news goes out that I have issued a cease-and-desist letter to Gerry and Kate and 24 hours before I leave for Portugal, suddenly big breaking news in the Madeleine McCann case! The headline reads: Tapas 7 Will Help Madeleine McCann Detectives! I know many think that since the news organizations haven't exactly rushed to print a story about what I am doing, there is no need for diversion. This may be true, but the timing is so coincidental, I think Clarence Mitchell may be attempting to make sure the story doesn't gain any momentum, to quickly turn heads away and say, see, something is happening over at Scotland Yard; they are really making progress and the Tapas 7 are cooperating.

2. Of course, let's say that isn't true. That Clarence Mitchell doesn't really want anyone even pointing at the Tapas 7 because, after all, what do they even know what would be helpful if the McCanns are innocent? If Scotland Yard wants to interview them, hmm, that can't be good for the McCanns, can it?

3. So okay, let's suppose this has zip to do with me and Scotland Yard is planning to interview the Tapas 7. So they warn them? What? They want to give them time to get their stories down pat and perfect? What police department warns co-conspirators (if they are) that they are gearing up to interrogate them?

4. Why aren't the McCanns being interviewed?

5. Why would you spend millions of pounds and nine months going over the minutia of every tip before doing a crime scene analysis and a reconstruction and bringing in the main players for interviews? Why wouldn't you have required in the beginning that the McCanns and the Tapas 7 to do be interviewed, polygraphed, and to participate in a reconstruction if the McCanns want the review?

6. Which brings me to this: Either this is all smoke-and-mirrors and a distraction or Scotland Yard took nine months and a shitload of taxpayer money to grow a brain and conduct a homicide investigation as even the smallest police department would, in a proper investigative manner starting at Square One.

7. But, then, let's go back and really reread the article. You will find the only time Scotland Yard says anything is with this statement

“We are not going into that level of details,” he said. “We are not at the stage of speaking to individuals yet. We are laying the groundwork.”

Which means they have made no plans to interview anyone at this point in time and have told no one they would.

Reread what was really said:

The friends of Kate and Gerry McCann, who accompanied them on their holiday to Portugal almost five years ago, are expecting interview requests as soon as officers feel they could assist the investigation.

After nine months of information gathering, officers are checking statements from key witnesses.

In other words, the article simply says the officers are checking statements (well, duh, they have read them in the police reports so this is merely stating the obvious) and the friends expect they might be interviewed if the officers feel they could be helpful. This is a story from their point of view, not Scotland Yard's.

8. The news story is a non-news story. It is pure spin and, in my opinion, nothing but a distraction so the cease-and-desist order to the McCanns and my trip to Portugal will be continue to be ignored by the media.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


AnnaEsse said...

Thank you Pat.

Pat Brown said...

Someone left this well-thought out comment (I saw it had been posted in my email) but it was not under the comments when I came here. I liked some of the points and wanted to share them and comment as well. So I am reposting the comment from my email. I will respond in the next comment.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Is Scotland Y...":

1) The Daily Express and its Editor Richard Desmond is not a pro-Mccann newspaper. During the Leveson inquiry he managed to get his view on the whole affair across quite openly. "I'm sorry to the mccanns, however there are people who had views, and still have differing views on the matter. Also the term 'Tapas 7' is prejorative in this instance which shows a not so favourable story.

2) We don't use polygraph's in the UK as we are aware how easy they are to fake. (when asked the truth baseline questions bite your lip/tongue and when you want to lie do the same and hey presto)

3) There was an interesting part in the news article which stated
"In some cases the Yard officers have asked for documents to be retranslated from ¬Portuguese to English so that they are absolutely sure of what was said and meant."

Considering a lot of people pro abduction theory try and pick fault at the files (especially when it comes to the Gaspar interview) due to the translations. So I take this to be a positive.

4) Surely once you reinterview the tapas 7 and clarify timelines you have your evidence to really interview the Mccann's and put them under pressure.

5) I am totally sure this is complely coinicidental timing as people in the UK (I am from there) have not heard of Pat Brown. The people that do would have learnt about you only from forums. There was no media reporting of your trip so there was no bad news to bury by Clarence Mitchell.

6) I have faith that all the pressure is gradually piling up. Scotland Yard has stated this review will be an investigative review which will take part as if the 'abduction' happened in the UK. This gives them more powers. Also the DNA 'proof' for markers is lower in the UK and the USA than it is in Portugal therefore the fluids found in the back of the car can categorically be said to be Maddie in our country.

7) Keep up the good work I do hope the UK media takes note of you!

Anonymous said...

Pat, if you find anything at all in Praia da Luz, can we have your assurances you will give the information to Operation Grange first of all and the PJ secondly?

We know what a mess up it was originally and perhaps much was down to the translators?

Pat Brown said...

1. Yes, I read Desmond's Leveson's testimony. And I get that Tapas 7 is used. This is why when I initially read it through quickly, I wondered why Scotland Yard would be putting out this information. But, also, I wondered why I got the feeling something was weird about the article.

2. Polygraphs are not quite that easy to muck up if you do them correctly. And, there aren't allowed in court, but that doesn't mean they have no use as an investigative tool.

3. That is all well and good to be so careful with the files, but not all files are equal. Good god, if you have ever read police files, you know that there can be file upon file upon file of dreary phony leads and follow-ups that have zero importance. With the use of an translator, one can make piles of what is important to bother with and what isn't and narrow down what one spends one's efforts on. The only reason to go through to the very end is if one is absolutely sure there Madeleine has been abducted and that there is come amazing credible lead buried within the files the PJ overlooked or ignored. In order to prove abduction, you don't need anything but the crime scene information and the Tapas 9 interviews.

4. I totally agree that once one really interviews the Tapas 7, one can move on to the McCanns. Which is my whole point; if this is the key, Scotland Yard should have done this nine months ago before they went through that huge some of money. It is the STARTING point of the investigation, not a halfway point.

Secondly, Scotland Yard isn't trying to fix the PJ's reputation. And

5. It could be totally coincidental. But, we have seen before stories pop up at the most convenient times. And, since this story DID NOT COME from the Yard as it clearly reads from the point of view of the Tapas 7 and has no real facts in it, who felt the need right now to write such a uninformative but manipulative piece with a eye grabbing headline? I smell media manipulation in this even with the Tapas 7 wording. Seems like this is what the article is trying to get us to think:

"Wow! This is HUGE news! Scotland Yard is no longer just reviewing files, there are moving forward and speaking with the McCann's friends, so they are REALLY investigating now. And, the Tapas 7 are willing to speak with the police so clearly they are cooperative and willing to help so there must have been an abduction. Scotland Yard must have FOUND something in the leads and want to double-check with the Tapas 7, maybe especially Jane Tanner, so they can be clear on certain things and follow up those leads and find where Madeleine has been taken.

6. If Scotland Yard is going to focus the investigation on the DNA markers and the interviews, again, they could have started there and not wasted time with pointless information in the files. I just find it weird they did not agree to the review under the immediate condition that the McCanns and the Tapas 7 come in. I also find it strange the McCanns would push for something that would come around to bite them in the ass. Th they got the review and the review did not start with them or the Tapas 9 confirmed my fears that this was not to be a proper review.

7. Thanks. I DO hope the media pays attention to the cease-and-desist letter because that
is a freedom of speech issue which is important even if you don't like me or think I am wrong.

I DO hope that Scotland Yard actually ends up doing what they should. My only hope is that they were TOLD it was an abduction and that they were not to go right after the McCanns, so they had to waste all that time and money to find there was no useful abduction information in the files and now are realizing that they have to go back to the beginning.

So, if they finally do for whatever reason, fantastic. And if this proves what happens, I am happy! That the truth comes out, this is what matters.

Last point (below)

Pat Brown said...

Last point, whether Scotland Yard is finally doing the right thing or not, the story still is a carefully crafted piece of manipulation that appears to come from the McCann camp. Maybe Desmond feels he cannot turn down a story from them so he printed it with a tabloid Tapas 7 headline. There is still some reason for this story being pushed now and I doubt it has anything to do with Scotland Yard, especially since warning the Tapas 7 they are going to be asked to be interviewed is a stupid investigative move (and I would guess they can just refuse since it isn't a British case anyway).

Did the story have anything to do with the cease-and-desist letter to the McCanns? Maybe not BUT having seen the way the McCanns operate and how they think, I do believe they are worried that a story about someone fighting back against them for freedom of speech at this point in time is not something they want to become well-known and talked about. The UK press may not be publishing the story, but it is out, albeit on Anorak and one other Internet site, but IF the story gets more and more attention in the coming weeks, they may well be worried about its impact. It may be worth it to them to do something they feel will distract any attention so the story just disappears. Don't let that happen, folks.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous, if I learn anything of worth when I am in Portugal, of course, I would inform law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

But I urge you to tell Scotland Yard's Operation Grange first and foremost. Nothing needs losing in translation this time Pat.

Scotland Yard have had quite a job already sorting this out.

Glad the so-called tapas Group are to be re-interviewed if they haven't been already) as I trust the correct stories will then come out. Not fabrications as seen before.

Anonymous said...

"One theory they are examining is that if someone abducted Madeleine they could have had a copy of the key for the holiday apartment at the Ocean Club"

Why are NSY even looking at this theory? It's well documented that the McCann's left the patio door unlocked.

Pat Brown said...

Clearly, Anonymous, you have not read any of what I wrote above. Scotland Yard has NOT approached the case properly which means I question what they are actually doing.

I will NOT ignore the PJ if I came across anything. There is no proof they messed up anything.

You have no idea if the Tapas 7 are going to be reinterviewed because Scotland Yard has not said they are doing so. Reread the article.

Pat Brown said...

Yeah, I didn't get that key theory being brought up either, Anonymous. Although, again, it may be this is just being added to the story because, of course, they WOULD consider the theory as they must consider everything, so maybe that makes it seem like they are investigating abduction. Another reason I don't think the story came at all from Scotland Yard.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Pat, I realise this story regarding the Tapas Group has come from The Express who do tend to make a lot of stories up.

What I am urging you to do is if you find out anything regarding Madeleine in Praia da Luz, will you please inform Operation Grange first and foremost as I would trust them much more than I would the PJ.

Anonymous said...

I feel the key theory could be a very good one. You see the apartment had door on the front of the building, adjacent to the childrens room.

Why therefore, is it not possible that either a Mark Warner staff member was involved or that keys were obtained and copies taken?

I would have thought profiling would encompass such a theory?

Pat Brown said...

IF I learn anything of worth that cannot be publicly disseminated. I would turn it over to both the PJ and Scotland Yard.

Pat Brown said...

BTW, I have been informed that James Murray who wrote the Express article has been known to write bogus pro-McCann stories in the past.

Pat Brown said...

Of course, I considered a key theory, but not in isolation of all the other evidence and information. It is the claim that the Kate McCann made that the window was open that makes no sense. IF he had a key or the door was unlocked, he doesn't need to bother with a window, does he?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Pat, I cannot see why Kate would lie about the window being ajar. But the door was on the so-called front of the apartment and the same side as the window where there would probably be less foot traffic to see what was actually going on.

At the end of the day Madeleine must be found and those who have abducted her must be brought to book. But I suspect that when the person is found, there is going to be worldwide shock and abhorrence. And I do not feel the McCanns are to blame at al for this except in leaving the children alone in the apartment. A silly thing to do, undoubtedly, but they love their children and are grieving so much for Madeleine.

Hope you can unravel the truth of what has taken place. But the Portuguese language is very difficult, so please approach Operation Grange in the very first instance. I beg you.

Anonymous said...

I didn't only consider the key theory Pat, but surely it must not be dismissed?

Something well planned and orchestrated happened on the day in Praia da Luz, but as there has been no indication that Madeleine has been harmed by her parents or by anyone, it must surely stand to reason that Madeleine may well have been the victim of abduction either by paedophiles, but hopefully by a gang who have been paid to abduct a little blonde girl.

You see there were reports in the area by others whose children had also been targetted, so why should there be this dismissal by some that abduction was not the case? Where is the proof that harm was incurred by Madeleine? It just does not make any sense.

Most certainly we need the answers in order that the Portuguese and all countries are on an alert for child abduction and child trafficking.

There was an article in my local paper on Friday about a young man who was abducted and taken into a trafficking network but is now thankfully home. So it does happen, and not only to little children

Pat Brown said...

The evidence does not point to any sex ring, Anonymous, and it would be extremely rare for a sex ring to bother kidnapping a foreign child from a resort when you can simply buy them for cheap or get the parents to let you use them.

Steven Colquhoun said...

Anonymous seems like a very trong McCann apoligist by all accounts. And also like a McCann connection trying to throw another false lead into the wash of lies and misinformation already scuppering the investigation. All these false leads take up valuable time and resources and who kicked it off in the 1st place? None other than the McCann's themselves aided and abetted by their cohorts and especially Jane Tanner. It sounds to me like people are getting a bit nervous within Team McCann and they and their supporters are trying to create a new smokescreen around this, beefing up the sympathy with 'We are co-operating so look, look, we therefore appear to be innocent...' Why don't they go under hypnosis, just incase there are small things that their conscious mind has forgot of that chaotic night? Surely this could be of interest in the hunt for their daughter Madeleine? I'm sure I would want to try everything possible and available! I would even do a lie detector voluntarily to prove my innocence so that I could get the full support of everybody without suspicion. But we are dealing with a product as far as the McCann's are concerned. A trademarked item and profit and loss exercise. How disgusting is that? But then if you read about the problems poor Kate had with Madeleine from pre-conception, birth through to May 3rd 2007. You see a very different story to the cosy spin that has been sugar coated by the McCann's media machine. Kate now has the perfect manageble family that I believe she always yearned for accidentaly or otherwise. This may sound cruel on my part, but it is the only reason that I believe Kate has behaved so unusual for a normal grieving parent. Good luck Pat.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this story has been printed - it says nothing at all. It appears to me that it's just a sales boost for the newspaper and a boost for the 'dwindling' M.Fund.
Good luck Pat and good luck to Tony Bennett during his case. I dislike bullies! ...sheesh what a lot of money to spend on ruining lives and not on searching for their precious child. Surely after all this time and all this money, this little girl has never been found and there is no clue whatsoever to where she is...I'm not a rocket scientist or a detective but it looks pretty clear to me!
Good luck again! I hope SY do the review thoroughly and come up with theories which are investigated well.....I think if there is no result from them they are going to be a laughing stock - I really hope this does not happen. I would love to say I have faith in them doing a good job but I am so suspicious of the McCanns and the high level supporters I have doubts :(