Thursday, February 16, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: What about the Window?

After I posted my first blog of this series, we had quite a rousing discussion over the issues of lighting in Praia da Luz in 2007 and if an abductor would feel unnerved going in and out of a window at that location (I am speaking of using this window for purposes of child abduction, not a lesser crime).

#1 Because the lighting was not horrifically deficient and the window was not positioned in a location where it would be extremely unlikely for someone to observe an abductor moving in and out of a window (and, for that matter, quite high odds that someone could observe the crime even though Praia da Luz was not flooded with visitors at the time the McCanns were there), I do not believe an abductor would have targeted the apartment by way of the front window.

But suppose this abductor did decide he really wanted the child inside and he couldn't access the doors. Perhaps he was willing to take a chance going in the window at a time he observed the parents had left the children without any adult supervision.

Could he pull up the shutters, open the window, and climb into the apartment without causing any damage, being heard, or leaving evidence? The McCanns say they believe the window was locked (but not absolutely positive) and the shutters were down. If you are inside the house and you want to open the shutters, you must pull on a cord which raises them (pictured above). If you want to break in, you must push them up; they make a horrible noise and they don't stay up...they go up 4/5 of the way and then fall back down. In the video you can see retired British police officer, PM, giving it a go (this video is distorted due to an unfortunate sideways filming and when compressed for uploading, stretched the horizontal dimension; PM is tall and very fit as you will see in future photos ...sorry, PM!)

So, the window is not a likely choice for an abductor to access the apartment. With this knowledge and the fact (which Kate McCann does not dispute in the book) that there is no physical evidence of anyone crawling in or out of the window (and the fact that doing so is extremely awkward with a child), such a scenario is unlikely to have occurred. The only other possibility is someone accessed the house through a door, opened the shutters and windows from the inside and passed the child through to an accomplice. This is all very dramatic but walking out the door is easier.

My next post will focus on who could have come in and out the doors.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I didn't realise the shutters could be raised so much! This still doesn't explain how the window could be opened from the outside but I am completely stunned about the amount of movement there is in those shutters. That's truly eye-opening.

Anonymous said...

thank you pat and pm for showing us how these shutters work,very enlightning:-))))

Pat Brown said...

If the window was not left open, one would have to bust the glass or use a tool to somehow break in. Doing so would leave damage and be very obvious.

Anonymous said...

how did diane webster not manage to do that then, she said she got them up a few notches and they got twisted

very surprised at this as they are supposed to be security shutters, i wonder if they are the same ones as back then? can you ask him to try the other ones down that path?

as to the window, the mccanns said they never touched it at all all week so it must have been closed and clicked to and couldnt be opened from outside

Anonymous said...

if they fall back down then kate couldnt have seen them pushed right up on her discovery unless they were opened properly from the inside?

Anonymous said...

Several issues about doors and windows.
OK rear patio door: could not be locked from outside and it was alleged to have been left UNLOCKED

The children's window & shutters: it was alledged both were found by Mrs McCann open.
Shutters: no evidence of damage, only recognisable prints, were Mrs McCanns
Windows: at great pains in the article by Beyond the Smears, it was regarded that the cleaners left them UNLOCKED, hence they were also not smashed or damaged

NOTE: FROM forensic photos, the whoossshing of the curtains, were in fact neatly behind the bed (left) chair (right)

Front main door: Presume it was a slam lock so no one could get in, but of course unless DEADLOCKED someone including a child could get OUT

Hence it would have been possible to access via the rear and exit via the front

So, whats the deal with the windows & shutters?

But what has to be acknowledged is the Tanner's children were also left, but the Tanners (see Roggies) having a child the same age as M had taken on board that a child NOT in a cot could easy wander, and therefore they had DEADLOCKED their main front door so the eldest child could NOT get out.

The problem with the saga is there is too much information, rather than too little.

The check by MO where he doesn't see TWO unoccupied beds, an open window & shutters and flapping curtains. He didn't know which bed M slept in, or did he?

Which leads much to suggest if an abduction took place, it was after the 9.30 (ish) check by MO rather than before it. Which would very much align to the Smith family sighting.

So, what's with the earlier alleged sighting by JT at 9.20 in the Burmuda Triangle. Which seems the preferred expectation of the McCanns.

Leaving MO like a prized country idiot for not seeing two empty beds some 30 minutes before Mrs Mc's check.

Like I said, too much information.

And of course, you can go on and on

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that Pat Brown is investigating this mystery properly!

Thank you ever so much for spending your time going to Portugal to solve this.

All the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Pat, with all due respect this has been discussed ad infinitum. This has not shown anything of interest really.

The shutters may have been opened by someone going in through the patio door don't you agree?

The abductor/s could then pass Madeleine out and both disappear into the shadows of the night. Back in 2007 there were bushes around the apartment and not such good security lighting.

I would also take issue over your first blog which stated a busy road? In Praia da Luz there is no such thing as a busy road and especially out of high season and at 10pm at night.

Too many unanswered points still.

I am disappointed after this build up!

Anonymous said...

If the shutters were completely closed with no space open between each slat, then no one could lift them up even an inch and it would be impossible to get your hand under them to try push them up in the first place.

Anonymous said...

if only the gullible british could see this i think there would be a lynch mob outside the mccanns

Anonymous said...

i have these shutters on every window in my house, it is not normal to be able to lift the shutter up that much from outside. the internal locking mechanism must be broken on that shutter.

Anonymous said...

The shutter can only be opened and HELD open. It is quite clear from the footage that the minute he removes his hand the shutter fall down.

Now it would take some kind of body morphing to be able to hold those shutters open while you open the window and keep it held open while you climb in?

So anonymous 1.09pm is absolutely correct: how could Kate McCann have seen them open on her return?

Now please do not tell me the raptor exited that way after opening from the inside while holding a child through a window where only half a pain opens nor that the shutter was opened by the raptor as a 'red herring'

Although I absolutely believe the shutter was without a doubt a 'red Herring'as was the alleged 'neglect'

Anonymous said...

GA Amaral said the only evidence found on the window was the finger print from Kate McCann opening the window to the left. That means, when she went to the room the window was closed.
The lady who use to clean the flat, stated on an interview to "Linha da Frente" ( a program from RTP) that she cleaned the flat on Wednesday. She didn't went in details with what she cleaned, but Kate told the police they never opened the window before. Any person who could open the window, will be leaving fingerprints or fibers or other material related to gloves if he had used them.
It is something that I never saw well explored but I found it quite important. My flat in Lisbon, has windows and shutters similar to that and I believe the type and the size of that windows are standard, since they need aprovement from the municipality to be Installed.
My shutters are not old and if I try to force them from outside they get out of the trail and start bending to one side, then to fixe them, we need to open the wood container setled on top of the window( inside) and then fixe it. Not easy. You need tools, time and you will make a lot of noise. But the subject of my post is not about the shutters, is about the size of the window. This kind of windows, open sliding to the side, then when you have the window open, you actually, only have half of the window open. Trough half of the window you have difficult to pass yourself. You can do it with a lot of exercise and chairs out and inside to help you. Impossible to pass carrying anything. To enlarge the window, you need to remove both glasses by lifting them. Then, we have the abductor with all that work and the extraordinary amount of time and calm, to leave the child somewhere outside and come back to the flat to re-fixe the windows.
The window on the 5a is too high from outside. A guy with the height described by Tanner will need a chair or a ladder to go down that window.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is if the sound of the shutters being raised would be audible to Gerry and his friend standing in the road nearby. There has never been any comment that either of them heard a noise.

Anonymous said...

im sure i read that only kate mccanns prints were on the shutters,if so then how did diane webster and gerry not leave any prints when they tried to lift them. pat your doing a great job,thanks

AnnaEsse said...

So, if the shutters wouldn't stay up, why was there enough wind blowing into the room, as Kate McCann has said on several occasions, to make the curtains go "Whoosh."?

Anonymous said...

Entering via the shutters is an No No!
No burgler or abducter will enter
via a 'blind' entry point without knowing
for absolute certainty that nothing
will await them on the other side.
ie, a sleeping adult.
Better to enter with knowledge that
the other side is clear.

Anonymous said...

pat,can you tell us do the shutters go right up to the top please

Anonymous said...

Anon February 18, 2012 12:48 PM, the shutters in the video were not completely down (pay attention to the very begin), the shutters are made of aluminium strips and in the joints they have little holes that let the sunshine in when they are not completely down. If they are completely down they just move one finger maximum.

Anonymous said...

Was this 5A shutter.

SteelMagnolia said...

Great work Pat and I think those who maybe a little disappointed with the fact that some ,not all, shutters can be pushed up so easily must remember a couple of things . 1) No One saw the window in the state Gerry and Kate have described it, it is their word and their word alone , fabricated like the abduction. The window I believe had a far greater purpose and that was to ring folks back home saying the shutter was broken smashed so that would be relayed by the British press the following morning May 4th...ALL articles are still there where several friends say the McCanns spoke of a broken shutter,more importantly the apartment was broken into. I therefore believe the plan WAS to smash the shutter BUT Jez Wilkins came along and things did not quite go to plan.

Further proof the window was NEVER open, it was Gerry McCann himself who said he had closed it BUT where are his fingerprints ? there are'nt any because he never touched it because it was never open.

Silvia Batista OC employee went back to the police 3 times and made 3 different statements , she obviously found something not quite right with McCanns story...It was Gerry McCann himself who told her that it was he who had closed the window.

Silvia's statement has quite a few other eye openers so well worth reading, remember this was her third visit to the police.

Thank-you Pat. xx

Anonymous said...

The McCanns claim they never opened the window or raised the shutters during their stay in the apartment. Ok, possible, but weird...why would they choose to take care of the children, I mean, dress them in the mornings, etc., lighting the room by turning on the lamps when there was all the natural light from the bright algarvian sunshine coming from outside??? And they never aired the room??? They must have opened that window at least once, Kate has, because her fingerprints were the only ones to be found on the window panes, in a position that indicated a opening motion, it's in the police files. Kate said that when she found Madeleine missing the window was open and the shutters raised, yet, she does not say she closed them before rushing to the Tapas bar to raise the alarm, which is weird, because according to her the cold night air was coming into the room and she left the twins behind when she ran for help. The poor kids were left alone in the cold! Weird, eh? She surelly has not closed the window, the fingerprints indicate the opposite, the opening of the window. If indeed she found the window open who closed it then? When the first workers from the Ocean Club entered the room, minutes after Kate raised the alarm the window was closed, no one mentions an open window.
Ah, if only that window could talk...
About the raising of the shutters from the outside, I have the same sort of shutters in my house (almost ever house has them in Portugal), mine do not raise all that high up, they are heavy and as Pat mentioned they do not stay up. It would be very difficult for one person alone to keep them raised with one hand and break the window pane or the lock mechanism with the other hand. He/she would need help from another person.

One last thought, I wonder why the McCanns and their relatives and friends back in England chose to tell the media that the window had been "jemmied" (in the words of Philomena McCann) when they knew it would be easily verified and discredited...why were Dianne Webster and Gerry McCann "playing" with the shutters moments after the disappearance...? Did they realize the blunder they had just made in telling everyone about the broken shutters ...? Damned shutters, they just would not cooperate and get all jemmied up and stuck half way up...despite Dianne and Gerry's best efforts!

Anonymous said...

If the shutters tested belong to apartment 5A do you know if they are in the same condition as 2007.

Anonymous said...

"if they fall back down then kate couldnt have seen them pushed right up on her discovery unless they were opened properly from the inside?"

February 18, 2012 1:09 PM

BRILLIANT! Very well spotted.
Maybe that explains the "jemmied"/broken shutters version sold to the media via the relatives and friends in England. You see, the story would be that the shutters were raised from the outside by the abductor and he managed to keep them up because they got broken/damaged in the process and they got stuck! Hence, when Kate arrived the shutters were still up, stuck. The only problem is...if the shutters were damaged and stuck in the open position how did whoever closed them down again manage to do it??? When the police arrived the window and shutters were CLOSED and undamaged, and I can assure that those kind of shutters once damaged are not easily repaired, it usually takes a qualified person to do the repair.
This tale of the window and shutter and all the inconsistencies on what was told about them should be reason enough to REOPEN the official portuguese investigation, ah, but for that the portuguese prossecutor(s) would need to grow some "you know what"...

Anonymous said...

We already knew that the shutters could be opened from the outside, Gerry told us that he shut them from inside the apartment then went ouside and found to his amazement that he could open them. Good old Gerry, his daughter is missing and he is instantly trying to solve the crime, as you do. A more sceptical person than myself could view this as an attempt to explain away the fact that he may have been observed opening the shutter and an explanation for the possibility that his fingerprints may have been detected.
Dianne Webster states that she also attempted to open the shutter which infers that it was shut.
Anyway, we now know that the abductor entered via the unlocked patio door, causing a session of musical chairs at the dining table to break out and the window/shutter becoming a "red herring" opened by the abductor to cause enough confusion for him to travel 800M in forty minutes. Luckily for said abductor Mathew Oldfield didn't notice the open window/shutter or that Madeleine was missing on his 9.30pm "just listening check" from inside the apartment although he did notice the twins and the bed under the window which was unoccupied. How he knew that this was not Madeleine's bed is anyones guess, as he had NEVER been in the apartment before. He did notice that there was more light in the room compared to his own daughters room and thought that it must have been coming from the open shutter, the very same shutter that he claimed to have seen closed on a previous check. For some reason he was unconcerned by this and returned to the table to tell Jane Tanner that her daughter was ill. How did Mathew Know that her daughter was ill. All will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Due to the absence of any evidence of a break in, the Mccann's changed their first version of " Jemmied shutters" into an abductor going in trough the door left unlocked, and coming out with girl trough the window. A very bizarre decision from the abductor.
Even under that bizarre scenario I think the abductor will face 3 problems:
- the said door, while left unlocked, still needs the key to be open from outside. Is just unlocked for who comes from inside.
- the window is too high outside for an abductor to jump with a child. He needs to leave the child in the floor and then jump. Such activities will leave evidences from both persons

3- the window is too narrow to be passed by an adult and impossible for an adult with a child. He need to remove both windows ( glasses) to gain enough space. That didn't happen since none of the Tapas 9 reported to the police they found the windows somewhere out of the place.
I think the window is a dead story for the Mccann's. Has no legs to be explored for them. Kate is working now on her latest versions- the abductor going in and out trough the door, using a key( could be only somebody from the OC or having an OC cumplice ). If so, why they delivered so many lies to the police? I believe, even that thesis will die due to the absence of evidences. The abductor didn't leave footprints, fingerprints, hair or fibers from his cloths. Almost impossible to achieve his target so successful. Other think that needs a look is the position of the twins cots on the room.
The cleaner reported the cots use to be in Mccann's room. Why they were moved only for that night and how the abducted jumped over the cots to snatch Madeleine, without waking up the twins? I think, that issue, also deserves your sharp eye, Pat.
For me, Kate is updating her book with a latest scenario- Maddie wondering of from the flat and being snatched in the street. Then, where lies the sight of Jane Tanner? The group is trapped by their own lies, made in a rush to explain to the police a disappearance they must know well how it happen.

Anonymous said...

well i think we can safely say that that Madeleine was not taken out of the window.

SteelMagnolia said...

OK lets go back.

Thanks to Pat we now know the noise of a shutter forced or not in a quit street, YOU hear it. Jez and McCann chatting outside the apartment. McCann had checked on the children and all was well. Tanner claims to have seen the abductor with Madeleine, therefore the noisy shutter was happening while Jez and McCann were present. Tanner IS McCanns alibi by seeing all three at the same time AND Madeleine how lucky can a guy get !!!!!

So by the time Matthew Oldfield enters /does not enter the apartment depending on which statement of his you care to believe the abduction had taken place.

However, back to the crime scene, take a look at the blind, the shutter is a couple of inches from the ledge and you can see gaps through the slats , the shutter is in perfect working order, had the shutter been forced it would have fallen flat to the ledge .

One more point of interest Oldfield had a negligence case against him and it is alleged McCann was a witness in his favour, would this have influenced Matt Oldfield to lie for his good friend McCann ?

Anonymous said...

THE KEY, aka the Sunday papers last weekend & what the MET now think.

So, whats with this key?

Just think, Mrs McCann found her daughter missing. Where did she look?

She was gone almost 10+ minutes sufficient for Mr Mc to become concerned by the length of time

Did she look out the front?

If so how did she get out the front

Who left the keys and where to the apartment??

Remember the Tanners DEADLOCKED their front door

Did the McCs DEADLOCK their front door, as well?


For all the running around in PDL that night, no one it seems comes to the front door

And as much as the MW staff came running to the rescue, just how many do you think ACTUALLY and for REAL entered & walked through the apartment


But then notice how the WINDOW, you know those things made of glass never enter into the whole saga, until the article BEYOND THE SMEARS, suggest we ask the author to explain how he knew !

Anonymous said...

Went to the link given above from the revised witness statement, from

''and therefore she found it strange that someone could have taken Madeleine from the bed where she was sleeping up to the window, because there was no space to get through. ''

Perhaps somewhat ambiguous in translation and the original might need to be reworked, but this implies that Madeleine was sleeping in the BED UNDER THE WINDOW

Might account for the rather untidy bed under the window, compared to the bed from which it was alleged Madeleine was taken

You could never rule out a child playing around with the windows & shutters, could you

Many cases in the UK where children have hanged merely from the cords of standard blinds, although I acknowledge, these are not of that type

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat and 'assistant'. This really makes the shutter being 'jemmied' look odd to say the very least. It's unusual to be able to push them up at all, but LOOK, THEY FALL DOWN AGAIN THEY AREN'T SUPPORTED! HOW WOULD YOU CLIMB IN OR OUT?! Not sure if you've seen the photographs of the children's bedroom and the long curtains that look like they are pinned down by the bed under the window. These are presumably the same curtains that 'whooshed' up when Kate went in the room. So much isn't right in this story. Is it any wonder that a lot of the public either don't care anymore or are suspicious. No matter what the 'spin' keeps forcing down our throats, there's no doubt there's a lot that simply doesn't add up. Why would you need so much 'spin' anyway?!!

Anonymous said...

Pat, could it not just be that the abductor went in through the patio door and out of the front door?

I say this because it would actually make a lot of sense to me. There were reports of the apartment (5a) being observed over a period of days and therefore, surely, the abductor would have a very good idea of movements?

So I don't feel he/she would come back out through the back entrance of the patio doors for fear of being caught.

Also, Gerry stated he felt there was soeone in the apartment on his check. I don't know why he didn't search every square inch to find the person if his feeling was so strong. However, he left said apartment.

So what if his feelings were right and the person was already hiding in the apartment? perhaps after Gerry left he actually looked out of the lounge window and saw Gerry talking with Les Wilkin and decided there and then that his only hope of escape was to leave via the front door? That area was quite shady and not very good lights back in 2007 and a quiet road.

He may have tried and opened the window and shutter from the inside, hence Kate finding the window open and the curtains blowing about?

Perhaps this is the scenario? I truly do not feel the McCanns had any hand in Madeleine's abduction nor her demise.

Anonymous said...

I still believe if McCann had not bumped into Wilkins the shutter would have been damaged. Found on police search one pair of latex gloves.

Anonymous said...

This is not obvious for those that do not want to see!

NO one can came in by that window and no one would left from there either. It is an half space open each turn: left or right, depending each part you want to open first. We cannot open both simultaneously!!!

The only reason this window was opened was to reinforce the idea of abduction. And not pointing the open door as a possible escape was probably because to much wine has caused mind's atrophy when a time schedule and role were delivered to each participant!!!

I repeat: the only reason this window was opened was to reinforce the idea of abduction. Was their first mistake. Truth is always simple....

What I find most outrageous about this story is that a group of neglectful english parents, middle-class who were not able to afford to pay an extra for the supervision of their children to go out drinking late as if they were unmarried and irresponsible try to sell us NOW a song that I really repudiate due the lack of respect for the young child fate and lack of respect for our own intelligence.

There were times I felt some compassion for their pain but in fact they went to far: these people are no good, they have a narcissistic profile but they've also bad character defects.

The accident has thrown up only the bad strain of each of them when the police closed the siege.

It is time to call things by their names and differentiate once and for all who is the victim who is a criminal!

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ February 19, 2012 4:55 AM

WHAT abductor???!!!

I truly believe there never was an abductor! and, as if you say the McCanns had not any hand in Madeleine's abduction nor her demise, then why did they and their friends not fully cooperate with the investigation? Why did kate not answer the questions put to her by the police and why ALL of them refused to take part in a reconstruction of the night in question, asked by the police??? They all gave lame excuses not to do it. NOT the behavior of completely innocent people, is it? What did they fear? That the reconstruction would prove their "tale" (their version of events) impossible? That their inconsistencies(LIES) would be made evident and they would have to come up with a very good explanation for it?

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ February 19, 2012 6:24 AM

If you read carefully this search is not of apartment 5A, it's of the McCanns rented villa, those items were recovered from the villa. The search was done in August the 2nd 2007.
However, there is the possibility the gloves were alredy in their possession when the were in apart. 5A...

Anonymous said...

Great Pat !!!!!!!!!! You made a greta job !!!! Well done !!!!

Here are I found the solution:

The mechanism of the roller shutters
You can open this type of roller shutters in at least two ways, without damaging them.

One is the normal and usual way, from the inside of the room, when you pull down the cord, extracting it from box A (see photographs) and leaving the cord enters box B, by the spring mechanism inside box B.

The other way is pulling up the shutters from the outside of the room. When you do this, in a great majority of cases, the cord remains loose inside box A, and the spring mechanism inside box B do not act.

That is why when you open the shutters as usual from the inside, the cord enters box B, and rolled up there, and the break mechanism of box B mantains the cord there, and therefore the shutters can not falling down. Otherwise, if you pull up the shutters from the outside, there is no break mechanism to stop them falling again to their original position.

So how can you open the window from the outside and avoid them falling again, without harming nothing? It is possible, if the glass doors are not locked.

You have to do the following steps:

1. Raise from outside the shutters to from half to three quarters of the window height.
2. Mantain the shutters in this position with your left hand.
3. If the left glass door (seen from outside) is closed, open it to the right ...
4. Always maintaining the shutters with your left hand, introduce your right hand to catch the cord and gently open the shutters as usual …

SteelMagnolia said...

We have here McCann and Tanner BOTH singing from the same hymn sheet ...PROBABLY ....carrying a child nothing was the abductor and Madeleine grew legs by May 4th

Anonymous said...

If someone had been watching, what would they deduce? That there were sporadic checks on the children at varying times. Hardly a reliable routine in which to accomplish an abduction. They'd only been using that method to check for 3 or 4 nights.
Also if an abductor was in the apartment when Gerry went in then wouldn't there be a scrabble to hide somewhere? What about noisy footwear on the bare tiles as he ran to hide. If it was well planned he'd have gone straight to the children's room. So, say he caught while in the children's room, where does he hide. The cots were blocking the wardrobe according to the photos. Didn't he have a smell about him or heavy breathing being caught in such a dangerous situation. Gerry hovered over Maddie's bed looking at her for a few seconds and didn't notice anything odd. He then went to the loo so abductor not hiding there either. Maybe he was hiding in the parent's room?
If the front door was shut on Kate's check, who shut it? Was the key in the door (can those doors be unlocked from outside with a key when there is a key in the lock on the inside?)

If the front door was the means of exit then why would anyone waste time opening shutters (noisy could wake children) and leave a window open?

Keep going Pat!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.55am then you have to be prepared to believe that if the abductor entered via the rear unlocked patio and simply exited via the front main door

HE WAS ALSO IN THE APARTMENT at the same time as Mr McCann

Then what?

He opened the shutters & window before leaving to air the room?

MO was blind, deaf, dumb and senseless to have not seen TWO empty beds, a change in temperature and whoossshing curtains

An over egged pud!


The Timeline has never been reconstructed with the group & witnesses, there are TWO men from the group who remain vulnerable to the 'situation' they find themselves in. Plus the McCanns & JT Five out of the nine were out and about during the time of the alleged disappearance.

You might consider there are NO LIES, but neither is there the truth.

Anonymous said...

February 19, 2012 4:55 AM

"Perhaps this is the scenario? I truly do not feel the McCanns had any hand in Madeleine's abduction nor her demise."

In the words of Clarence Mitchell, "If she is dead then she is dead, but not by their hand."
But I bet they know who's hand it was...Gerry had a slip of tongue, a freudian moment and said "they" had found and listen for yourself here:

"GM: Identifying that person is the first stage, whoever took Madeleine is still out there, then other children are at risk. How can we participate in her "kidnapping"? We had no vehicle or anything. The leeks media and lies put out there to trie to give an image that we were guilty was particularly hard, BUT NOT AS DIFFICULT AS THE NIGHT WE FOUND HER."

"The night we found her." - PERIOD. FULL STOP!
He did not say: the night we found her gone, missing, etc. No, and there is nothing missing from that clip. It was not edited. Listen carefully, he even makes a pause before he says it.

Anonymous said...

I find it incredible that after all this time people are still banging on about the shutters being opened from the outside.

Its a straight forward case of entry via the front door, on Gerry's visit the abductor was spooked and hid in the closet. Once Gerry had gone the abductor opened the shutters from the inside to check all was clear before grabbing the child and exiting via the front door.

The above may not be the case but it most certainly is a possibility and as I understand the focus of the investigation by the SY is someone within the complex (staff) having access to a key.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.46 why not merely open the front main door to check if it was 'clear' outside. The door was in a recess, better than opening a shutter and a window, getting in between two cots, a bed, a chair merely to get to a window. And what of the curtains opening them, closing them?

Naaa no sense in that idea whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Mark Williams-Thomas, Mark Williams-Thomas (former detective and authority on paedophile crimes) suggests abduction occured after Maddie work & wandered out of the appartment. He makes this assumption: "She found the back patio door partly open". Mark has appeared on many breakfast TV sofas as a guest to offer comment on the McCann case. He claims to have visited the crime scene and purports his own version of abduction, ignoring he Cadaver dogs findings. He defends Kate and Gerry from any involvement but why is he so certain that the patio door was left not just unlocked but actally open? The abductor went to all the trouble of obtaining a spare key when the patio doors were open? Doh!

Anonymous said...

Hang on, why would the abductor need to check all was clear when no one could have seen a thing becasue of the protective screen of trees? Hang on, perhaps there were gaps between the trees and branches but the pro's insisted last week that NO ONE COULD HAVE SEEN A THING because of the trees! If the abductor peeked out of the window and lifted the blind (shhhhhhh, don't wake the baby!) then would he be 100% confident that no one in the opposite appartments was watching him? What if the coast wasn't clear, he wcould find himself face-to-face with one of the McCann's group. Bit of a risk rolling up those noisy blinds, it wasn't exactly peeking through the slats of a blind, it put himself at risk of drawing attention to himself. He left no finger prints or DNA but did leave an aroma of death. Over to you SY.

Anonymous said...

Great! Now it is clear that nobody used the window to enter the apartment or remove the child. I knew that but hopefully it clears it up for anyone still thinking this. One scenario out. Thanks Pat. Forensics show that only KM fingerprints were on the shutter, therefore she was the only one who touched it - simple.

I do however think the window was mentioned for a reason - it must be important, otherwise it would not have come into their speech - after all they knew that the door was unlocked. Was this the window where traces of blood were located near?

It is interesting also that a poster said SY are looking into the key theory/ staff at complex - would this be for the front door? (since the patio doors were unlocked). If for the front door, would this also affect the route an abductor would take?

Looking forward to your next blog!

Anonymous said...

Anon., February 20, 2012 5:11 AM

"Was this the window where traces of blood were located near?"

No. The window were the dog smelled blood and the forensic tests found traces of blood is the living room window, the one which was behind the couch. That window faces the side road that leads to the entrance of the Ocean Club and to the stairs that lead to the apartment's back doors(the slidding pateo doors that were left unlocked), and the very same road where Gerry McCann stood chatting with Jeremy Wilkins at the same time Jane Tanner walked by, unseen by either of them. This is a much higher window in relation to the street level than the one shown in the video, the children's bedroom window.
Mr. Amaral believed that Madeleine was awake and up, and maybe she could hear her father's voice coming from the street and might have climbed on the back of the sofa to look out the window to see or call the father's attention but lost her balance and took a bad fall between the sofa and the wall and got fataly injured.

Panda said...

I think it has been established beyond doubt that the Window wasn't
jemmied . also, Moura , the American/
Portugese Detective hired by CBS to
investigate says Tanner wasn't even
in the Restaurant that evening.

Anonymous said...

Will you be looking at the possibility that the child could have been taken from the apartment before dinner at the Tapas place?
I know there is a time slot when it could have happened and was wondering if any witnesses have reported anything regarding those times.

Hobnob said...

The only prints found on the shutter were kates ar the bottom and th position indicates she had tried to open them from the inside.

This contraidicts not only there being an abductor but also gerry saying he tried the shutters and was amazed how easily they opened.

There is also no explanation how all the checkers failed to not only see an open shutter meaning the shutter was either closd or there were no checks but also as to how metal shutters could be opened so silently as to not disturb anyone in a silent street especially gerry, jez wilkins and jane tanner who were standing in said street ( also no explanation as to how tanne walked round gerry and wilking but neither of them saw her . So that's were harry potter's invisibility cloak went :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon,20Feb@9.40
I forgot which window oops!

Do you know if all the windows and doors in the apartment were checked for finger-prints and if so, what was the outcome? i.e. prints belonging to anyone who should not have been in the apartment. I can't remember reading about that anywhere - only that KM fingerprints were on the window/ shutter.

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to some more postings from PdL but you did mention you found it hard to write and work on the profile simultaneously. Surely you would need time to reflect.

Will you be publishing your findings in the near future either here or in book/booklet form? Many of us are interested to read what you have to say. Remember that...

A. Friend

Anonymous said...

"if only the gullible british could see this i think there would be a lynch mob outside the mccanns"

The British were the first to suggest the parents' involvement, starting with the British Ambassador, followed by criminal profiler Lee Rainbow and British police officers. And long before the UK police and profiler were called in, thousands of people posted online to air their doubts and discuss the improbabilities of the story.

The UK press continues to routinely delete unhelpful comments from a skeptical public, but anyone who thinks that the British have been gullible in this matter must not have been paying attention.

Very few people that you speak to in these Isles believe the McCanns' story.

Anonymous said...

small point;
How can curtains 'whoosh' when only
one pane slides open? Therefore, the aperture is 50% open and 50% closed providing protection to one side of the curtain.

Anonymous said...

In the police files there's a photo of the children's bedroom and the curtains are quite long and pinned behind the bed. How would they whoosh up if they're pinned behind the bed?
No matter how many times you look closely at this case IT JUST NEVER EVER ADDS UP.
Shame our press are so scared of Carter Ruck.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 comments -

1) If the shutters fall back down how could they possibly have been open when Kate went to check?

2) If the shutters make so much noise how is that that Jane Tanner didn't hear them as she walked up towards the road where she said she saw the man? I have read before if there was only 1 kidnapper then he would have had to turn M round in his arms for JT to have seen M's feet as the man walked past.

3) If, as some have suggested, one person passed M through the window to someone outside then that person must have been standing waiting outside 5a for 15-20 mins? -

If kidnapper 1 went through the patio doors just before 9? (any later they would have been seen by either Matt or Gerry and Jeremy) then kidnapper 2 would have been seen waiting outside 5a by Matthew at 9 pm.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What do you think of Mark Williams-Thomas stating that Madeleine woke and wondered out of the apartment looking for her parents and was then opportunistically abducted. See this:

Pat Brown said...

Anon 4:29

Williams-Thomas is making alternative scenarios that are not based on evidence. Madeleine's fairy godmother could have shown up and spirited her away as well but there is no evidence that supports this; however, there is evidence that supports another scenario and Williams-Thomas is ignoring this.