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Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Sheriff Chuck Wright

Sheriff Chuck Wright of the Spartanburg County South Carolina Sheriff's Office - Guilty of Nonfeasance, Misfeasance, Malfeasance or just Incompetent?


What I didn't read on the web about this South Carolina county and their broken form of justice

Sheriff Chuck Wright and His Only Suspect


Don Corbett Board Certified Investigator-Retired Police Detective

June 3, 2012

Note to The Daily Profiler Readers from Pat Brown: Today’s guest post is written by Don Corbett, a retired police detective, private investigator, and instructor for law enforcement. Like me, he has put in many hours pro bono on behalf of the families of the victims of the now near nine-year-old 2003 Spartanburg Country Superbike Motorsports quadruple homicides. And also, like me, he understands the struggles of police agencies to solve homicide cases and bring them to prosecution. However, he also fully recognizes, that there are some police agencies and government representatives, like those of other professions, that fail to do their jobs, refuse to be accountable for their work product, block oversight, and abuse the powers given to them by the state or the citizens. These particular agencies and individuals need to be identified and corrected if truth and justice is to prevail for the victims of these crimes and their families, and for the perpetrator or perpetrators of these heinous crimes to be removed from the streets so they cannot commit further damage to the community.  


Sheriff Chuck Wright has been heard on local and national television over the past year stating ad nauseam, “Our form of justice is not making it.” Yet instead of making an effort to be innovative and try something new to fix his broken form of Spartanburg justice, he simply took the easy way out and told all women to arm themselves. The Sheriff and his staff have treated the eight year unsolved cold case of The Superbike MotorSports Quadruple Homicides in exactly the same manner, the easy way, telling the victims' families that the Spartanburg form of justice is broken in one breath (the case has been inadequately investigated from the start so we can’t fix it) but seconds later telling that they don’t need any outside help because they have everything under control.

So, the Sheriff, instead of trying a new proactive approach such as by utilizing outside assistance from trained, experienced investigators and criminal profilers, valuing fresh sets of eyes and their findings and recommendations, he has decided he will continue to do it the good ole boy’s way of broken Spartanburg justice. Keep the facts concealed to only a chosen few who have been doing the same thing over and over again for eight years without any quantifiable results, openly lie to the public, mislead the families into believing the case is being actively investigated by one cold case detective who has 50 other cold cases on his desk and shooing away any assistance who might identify nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance or outright corruption on the part of the past sheriff, himself or his investigators. Why else conceal the facts after 8 years other than that they are hiding something?
Are Spartanburg County South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright and his staff guilty of wrongdoing in the 2003 Superbike Motorsports Unsolved Quadruple Homicide Investigation or are they just incompetent? That’s a question the victims' families, residents and news media of Spartanburg County need answered.

By failing to allow other experienced professional board certified, retired police detectives and investigators such as myself to review the cold case file under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and failing to consider all of the findings and recommendations of the highly recognized and experienced criminal profiler, Pat Brown  (who DID review the file for a total of 50 hours at the department's request and about which Sheriff Wright outright lied on camera to the citizens of Spartanburg when he stated, “She's pretty critical of a case she doesn't know anything about…that she's getting off the Internet”), by failing to cooperate with them in hopes of developing new leads, Wright sends out a clear message - to hell with the victims' families and the public; if we can’t solve this case by ourselves, nobody will. So what if a quadruple murderer still lives and works in this town with the broken justice system? Maybe will get him next time. I have my ego to protect!

The Center for Public Integrity recently released its 2012 State Integrity and Corruption Investigative findings and out of 50 states, South Carolina finished as one the worst five in the US. The South Carolina Corruption Risk Report Card gave them an F receiving a 57% out of a possible 100 points. The report can be viewed by viewing this link:

In the report, South Carolina received an F in Release of Public Access to Information, Ethics Enforcement Agencies, Executive Accountability and other critical areas of government. Sound familiar? It sounds like the Spartanburg County Sheriffs Office was the place graded.

After working with Pat Brown on this case and looking at the facts as we know them, it is blatantly obvious that the Sheriff and his investigators have failed miserably by not focusing on the evidence at hand,  not properly investigating the two most obvious persons-of-interest, and not letting the family and others know what they really have uncovered at this point  but, more importantly, what they don’t have not. 

Sheriff Wright has forgotten about the family and victims and has let his ego stand in the way; his broken justice system refuses to reach out for free assistance. What does he have to lose? Sheriff Wright needs to quit hiding behind his lame interpretation of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act Exemptions section and open this case to those who can develop the information he needs to put a killer behind bars.

On his first full day in office, President Obama issued an executive order that turned a new page on open government and emphasized the importance of transparency, stating, "A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency... In the face of doubt, openness prevails." Apparently Chuck Wright missed the president’s comments or believes it doesn’t apply to his “Good Old Boy Network”.

A great majority of Spartanburg County residents and the media are currently under the false impression that their sheriff and staff is omnipotent and above misfeasance, nonfeasance or malfeasance when investigating violent crimes and cold case homicides, believing that all cases will be adequately investigated in a timely manner by a professional-experienced investigator who is willing to think outside the box, and that they will release pertinent information which will assist in identifying suspects and murderers. But they have been badly misled by Sheriff Wright and his “Good Ole Boy Network”.

 More and more often, victims’ families are learning that they are again victimized by the very agency charged with solving the crime. Sheriff Chuck Wright must begin to work with the public by sharing information with them to take murderers off the street. He has obviously forgotten he is responsible to protect and serve the public and needs to be held accountable for his organizational dysfunction and lack of professionalism.

Each of us knows that people's trust in law enforcement is increased when their police, sheriff and related law enforcement authorities can show and demonstrate to the public and victims' families that they have conducted a thorough investigation with integrity. By failing to release information on this investigation to other trained professionals and the victims' families it would appear to the family and public that Sheriff Wright has failed to adequately investigate the case or has something to hide. It also breeds corruption which sources have advised me openly exists in South Carolina.

In this case, Sheriff Wright has intentionally withheld information from the media, trained outside investigators, the victims’ families and the public by denying them access to the case file, again hiding behind his lame interpretation of the FOIA law enforcement exemptions section and what appears to be blatant incompetence in office.

This is a travesty of justice and an insult to the victims' families who must live every day traumatized by not knowing who and why someone murdered their loved ones and when and where they will strike again. And without question, this killer will kill again and may have already done so.

I have made it clear to the Sheriff that I do not need to view any restricted or confidential data that may affect a future trial and will not copy or record anything he deems restricted. I also offered to sign a confidentiality and non-release agreement with the Sheriff.

In this nearly 9 year old blitz style quadruple homicide where four young lives were snuffed out with no named person of interest or suspects being publicly identified, Sheriff Wright still refuses to allow the family or me (acting on their behalf) to view any part of the investigative file in an effort to develop new leads, locate something that was overlooked by the original investigators, etc. They had steadfastly refused to allow the family or me to see Pat Brown's profile even though they claimed it was useless. My concern is when does a cold case of this magnitude become available to the family and their representatives so that they can confirm that every thing that can be done to solve the case has been done? Simply relying on Sheriff Wright’s hollow statements that they have done everything in their power to solve the case is not acceptable and disrespectful to the families and public.

If the case is never solved by the authorities but left in an  "open-active" status,  the family, outside investigators, public and media will be forever kept in the dark as to what occurred on that hot November afternoon and a killer will continue to roam the streets to kill again. We believe the Sheriff needs to open this case file, listen to our recommendations and findings and solve this case.

Based on my professional opinion as a seasoned board investigator/retired police detective and my interpretation of the South Carolina FOIA, Sheriff Wright should have no reason to deny my viewing of the investigative file (minus restricted data) based on the totality of the circumstances and the 8 + years that have passed since the crime was committed which certainly confirms I am not acting prematurely in this matter. If the sheriff never closes the file or allows others to view it, this investigation will go unsolved forever.

As a retired police detective and board certified investigator with 30+ years experience it is obvious to me that Sheriff Chuck Wright is either guilty of nonfeasance, misfeasance or malfeasance for his total lack of accountability and failure to respond to my repeated official request for documents which under the FOIA is a clear violation of South Carolina law punishable by jail and fines. Sheriff Wright has also commented that if I had been in his office when he received my initial request, he would have ignored my FOIA request for these records and he would have “decked me” which is an obvious threat, not to mention extremely unprofessional for a person in his position. His investigator William Gary, has also threatened to arrest me if I failed to stop interviewing witnesses while in Spartanburg.

It is further evident that Sheriff Wright has intimidated others in the community including the media, his own investigators, deputies and potential witnesses to the extent that they fear repercussions if they discuss the Supebike Motorsports killings without his authorization.

There is an old Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal, “quis custodiet ipsos custodies,” that translates to “who’s policing our police” which desperately needs to be answered in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Who’s policing Sheriff Wright and his Posse? Evidently, no one. Sheriff Wright needs to lose his over-inflated ego and do the “WRIGHT” thing. Open the case file.

Don Corbett is a retired police detective and board certified investigator with 30+ years of experience in law enforcement and investigations from the State of Ohio who assists families of murdered and missing children get the cooperation, information and service they deserve from law enforcement investigators.


Don Corbett, Columbus, Ohio May 28, 2012

Contact number 614-565-7189 or email



Anonymous said...

Don & Pat,
so good to see that you're fighting injustice as much as it should be done every time and everywhere.
But, please, do take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don for expressing the facts regarding the Spartanburg County Sheriffs Dept. & Sheriff Wright.

These families continue to be re-victimized every day that this case is not solved. But, the lies and deceit of Sheriff Wright and the Detective on this case is inexcusable. He needs to bring any and everyone possible to help solve this case.

Its a shame Sheriff Wright holds a grudge for someone at SLED that he refused years ago to bring SLED in. And You volunteered your assistance for no fee? What the hell is the Sheriffs issue with this. His detectives are not getting it solved.

I sure hope your post makes it to the local news media and the Sheriff himself. Wouldn't we all love to be a fly on the wall when he reads your blog. Wonder what kind of threats he would make reading this.

We have a killer of four (only quadruple homicide in the state) thats sitting back laughing at the local sheriffs dept. for there stupidity and lack of proper investigation/interrogation as we are all sure he has been interviewed already.

Keep up the good work Don for these families. Its apparent that our Sheriff is above the LAW and does not need help. LOL

Looking forward to reading all the post related to your blog today!

Anonymous said...

“quis custodiet ipsos custodies,”
Apparently Wright is his own police. Apparently he believes it's his DUTY to threaten and/or harass any citizen who comes out against him.
Spartanburg County Sheriff's Department operates on the THUG mentality. They will do what they want. A SLED investigation, (which is supposed to be impartial but the statement alone is laughable) can be requested, demanding he comply with the FOIA law's in SC. Let's see if he deck's SLED. The Attorney General's office in SC would also be another great source. I assure you within the two departments there's someone who's back doesn't need to be scratched. It's going to be very far and few between but I have faith it exists. Any Sheriff of any town should not hold the authority to keep a case against the public's will. It makes the public begin to wonder what it is the Sheriff, has to HIDE? Because HIDING is exactly what this Sheriff is doing. During this ordeal I fear he will dispose of critical pieces of information to ruin any efforts to solve the case.

JUSTICE should be for 'all' not who the Sheriff decides get's it. And that is not an approach anyone who hold's such a powerful position should have. And let me tell you, he hold's a very powerful position and the many who follow his order's he OWNS. Think about it. ;)

He can also be owned he is a little too big for what the southerner's like to call, BRITCHES!

Talk to the 'WRIGHT' people, the TRUTH is out there. I believe the 2 suspect's need to be checked out from birth. They know someone inside of that department. GUARANTEED! of course, WRIGHT is always RIGHT. I'll sit back and wait for someone to finally call him, WRONG!

Dale Burke said...

This is just election year propaganda and we all know that this has been a difficult crime to solve. Dwelling on one crime even if it was as ha-nous as it was will not overshadow all the other great work that Sheriff Chuck Wright and his Office does on a daily basis. Sheriff Wright has been and will continue to be the Spartanburg County's and the Nation's best answer to Justice in many, many years. I hope they continue on this path. They will come through for the families of these victims and see that Justice is served.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your informative blog! I have so many more questions than before after reading it. But I don't understand--WHY NOT TAKE ANY AND ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET TO SOLVE THIS CASE???? Justice should override pride!!


Anonymous said...

Yes there is more cases than this one, but only quadruple in state And 9 years is a long time not to have answers and to he told different stories from the commander. Before you judge read all the blogs(from professions)

Barbara Morris said...

I never said he had not done a good job in Spartanburg for many people. Drug dealers can be arrested every hour of every day. What I have an issue with (and theres a lot about this case you and the public does not know about) but because he refuses to bring in additional resources such as FBI/SLED, retired Detectives that willing to work pro-bona, etc;.
And then for him to get on national T.V. and make a statement that the criminal profiler, Pat Brown, got her information off the internet. Well thats a lie and she has already reported the Sheriff allowed her to review the case file. And now Ms. Brown is speaking out of only a few of the errors and lack of thorough investigation work of this case. A little retaliation from his telling what he did.

He had the audacity to tell a blatant lie. This is not being a leader or setting examples for his deputies as most of them all know she was there. Just think now LOL If she did read it on the internet then which one of his officer /detective put it on there?

Personally It is hard to phantom a Sheriff with as large of department that he has staff wise and crime rate that Sptbg County has, that now county council gave him the additional responsibility of overseeing the over populated County Jail. WOW I guess money talks after all!

As one of his detective reported, he was over worked and had to many open cases (Cold Cases) to devote much time to any of them.

Tom and Lorraine Lucas are dear friends of mine and I am proud of the effort that they take everyday seeking justice. Until you loose someone being murdered, you nor anyone else could not begin to feel the pain in there heart, mind and soul. Try walking a day in there shoes seeking answers to why and who if it were your child. (Just saying) Justice is being failed here and yes it started with the Sheriffs Department.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister

Anonymous said...

WOW and someone thinks it is election year propaganda. Well thats BS. If that was the case the Sheriff would be bringing in the top notch professionals to help solve this case while on his clock.

And for the person that said "Dwelling on one crime" will not over shadow all the other great work done by Sheriff Wright should be ashamed of himself. To many errors and to many lies from staff at the Sheriffs Dept.

If it was your child would you want Law enforcement to "Dwell on the case">> You "dam skimpy you would" and would expect nothing less.

If you have been following this case for 8+ years and close to some of these families then speak your mind, if not shut the h*** up upholding people you only read about on the internet.

A "liar" is a liar call it what you see. Money talks and bullshit walks!!!!! Glad to see the local media is about to air some of the truths about people that are suppose to uphold the law and protect the community.

Anonymous said...

Please listen, share and feel free to give us your comments.
Thank you Dr. Roth, Susan Murphy Milano and Delilah Jones for your willingness to help spread our story. What we want is simply for our Sheriff Chuck Wright to do the "RIGHT". Extend the formal invitation to SLED, FBI, US Marshalls, Statement Analysis Specialists or any other agencies that may ensure the families that this case" has and is being properly handled. We expect Sheriff Chuck Wright to "fulfill his promise made to our face that he would bring whatever resources, do whatever was necessary to SOLVE THIS CASE. We realize errors were made under Sheriff Coffey, but he knew when he ran for Sheriff that it would be HIS RESPONSIBILITY. If there is nothing to hide, why have a problem with it?

Lorraine Lucas said...

I can only say that I hope and pray, that no one ever have to WALK A DAY IN MY SHOES. They aren't very comfortable, they need to be REPLACED with some new SOULS.. (YES i intentionally spelled souls, instead of SOLES.

Dale Burke.... it wouln't take much to show an improvement over Sheriff Coffey, he's the one responsible for the botched case. We just think Sheriff Wright, "should have unwrapped this package the way it was wrapped when he took over SSSO years ago, and started a NEW INVESTIGATION DONE PROPERLY, STARTING RE-INTERVIEWING FAMILIES, CUSTOMERS, WITNESSES ETC. And more importantly OPEN THE DOOR AND INVITE SOMEONE WITH FRESH SET OF EYES, AND THANK AND PRAISE THEIR EFFORTS.

Really Chuck (doesn't deserve title of Sheriff Wright at this point)..... 'the brown lady'.....
and even more importantly, "see read it on the internet". He opened the door for that one. Unfortunately he "got it, but even moreso the families and community got it too"...

Anonymous said...

I would love for the person that wrote this article to take a look at our missing family member in SPARTANBURG COUNTY! The same detective and department are handling it, she's been gone 83 days now. I would gladly share EVERYTHING I know. And I know plenty that the department isn't even considering. "Bring me facts, bring me evidence!" Hell, I TOOK THEM TO THE EVIDENCE and they left it there and chalked it up to craziness! The community has decided to do a search of random areas of interest tomorrow morning because they won't even look! "We have no reason to look, no leads to those areas." I say, if it were their child, they would search day and night until they found them. We intend to do just that. Not ONE person in this family has a clue what is going on. NOT ONE! Not the parents, not the grand parents, no one. I had to get her registered on ! Her mother was told back when she first reported her missing that she was already on NamUs! I love Chuck Wright , but I don't see how getting FREE outside help would hurt anything. I will gladly accept the FREE OUTSIDE HELP! So will the entire family and 2,100+ members of the community that want to bring this girl home. Feel free to contact me when you finish reading this!

Anonymous said...

We have a missing family member in Sptbg Co and I am amazed at what's NOT being done! We will take ANY and ALL help offered! I'll give you evidence that WE had to collect because the detective didn't find it "important "!!
Find Crystal Lynn Freeman group on fb! Help us! We need it! Please!


Here are several correspondences between Sheriff Wrong and a family member who had a Missing 20 Year old young lady, whom by Federal Law is to be treated as a minor, Suzanne's Law introduced and signed into law by President BUSH!!!
It started with correspondence between the Detective on the Missing Person's case being asked to come to a search and assist, media had already been alerted and cadaver dogs were being utilized. The response from the Detective was.... He'd let his Information Officer know.. Lame..

* Sheriff Chuck Wright

Clara, Tell me what I need to call the fBI for, We have nothing to go one other than a group of people who " have this case all but solved" I have looked at this case, and against the opinion of the " facebook " guys, all we have to go on is a 20 year old legal aged woman who has not been heard from in a few months. I know a lot of info about this case that I just can't share with anyone due to privacy issue. I will keep looking for her and I do pray we find her safe, but all I have to work on at this moment, is she is just missing. I have no indication that she has been harmed, we have checked on some of the comments that were made bout this lady. NOTHING to allow us to go further by the law.

She was reported missing after not being seen or heard from in three weeks. We were already three weeks behind when we started to help.

A lot of people are critical of me and the office, but that does not change the fact the we must follow law.

I don't have an " ego " issue, if I did, I would not even worry about what people are saying or try to help. I would rather all just pray hard for this young lady and her safety.

Have a great day,

* September 9, 2012


Benna Badbone
Hi Sheriff Wright, My name is BeLinda, one of the "facebook guys" you referred to in your responses about Crystal Freeman. I also met you previously, as we talked for quite a while about you adopting a child from a horrible situation . I wanted to contact you because, even though we "might think we have it all but solved", we just about do. I accompanied 3 police certified cadaver k-9 folks and 2 cadaver dogs yesterday for 9 hours and we have a positive hit in the same spot by both dogs in our search for Crystal. Both dogs were taken in separately and hit the same spot. We even had them take them in a different way and deter them from the location and they still BOTH went back and hit the SAME spot. These dogs are certified cadaver dogs and I have the information if you would like to verify the positive hit by both dogs. We searched with the dogs and handlers for 9 hours, four of those hours were spent in the location the dogs repeatedly hit. These guys came in from NC to help us since we knew that you guys, per YOUR emails, did not believe that Crystal was in harms way and we didn't really believe that you would listen to us and out "chatter". They came with the dogs and volunteered their time, dogs, and wouldn't even take any money I gave them for gas. They understand how frustrating this situation is for all of us. I would like for you or SOMEONE to contact me and let me take them to the location the dogs hit with one of the departments dogs. I have taken the day off of work and I can be reached at 864-415-0059. I am ready to go whenever you guys call me. Even if it isn't Crystal, someone is there and someone needs peace. I pray that you will do the right thing and help us. If you don't that is fine too, I have other outlets I can call for help. I just thought you guys might would like the opportunity to do right by this child. Thank you for your time,BeLinda



Benna Badbone
Also, I have not contacted Detective Gary, as I do not trust him. This child's mother took me to a well/drainage hole and I called him, he left FACTS and EVIDENCE at that well and acted like she was crazy. I say when the mother of a missing child takes you to a random location like that , SOMEONE should pay attention and not leave evidence at the scene.


17 hours ago
Benna Badbone
Seriously, I take your guys down there and Det. Gary calls the K-9 team threatening them ! He wants to revoke their license because HE DIDN'T DO HIS JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Your crime scene guy requested that I bring the evidence DET GARY left behind to him Wednesday morning when we all meet back up?! I am about over how your fine detective treats people in his path. I am so over how awful he is to people that ARE WILLING TO HELP when he won't simply DO HIS JOB that I have already told the media EVERYTHING! From the smallest thing HE DIDN'T DO to the biggest things HE DIDN'T DO. And I mean in detail.You want to know why folks are saying bad things about YOUR department? Go ask "Sweets"! I tried to be polite to him today but he doesn't even need to come around me or anyone in my family to ask for anything else pertaining to Crystal. He can keep on wondering what I know. I am finished dealing with him. He is a jerk and people that do what those cadaver dog folks did for us, they don't deserve his crap. I will keep my meeting with the FBI and give THEM my info. I am sick of people being treated like crap in the name of the "Law". And I hope that you get things in check before election time because I am about to put your kind detective on BLAST on the world wide web. It may just be "chatter" to some , but really, it is the best way to reach the most people. He has no right to treat people like crap when he isn't doing his part in this. It is no one's fault but his own. And there are way too many people in this county that know just that.


17 hours ago
Benna Badbone
And the sad part of this email is.....I really just wanted to come here and thank you for helping Crystal today. I wanted to just tell you that I understood how busy you guys were and how important your jobs were in our lives. Instead I have to be upset that our tax dollars pay this man to treat people like trash. Sickening.

about an hour ago


Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Chuck Wright
Dear Belinda,I spoke with you on the phone yesterday and you and I had a pretty good conversation about this case. I informed you of the evidentiary value that you and whatever dogs you had come to search for a missing person. You kept raving of how professional the K-9 teams you brought in were. They are so professional that they will not return our phone calls nor did they notify the Sheriff's Office per protocol. I also heard the phone conversation that you and Detective William Gary had about your search, I was surprised to say the least that you would not tell us where your search took place until we convinced you of the possibility of the evidence we needed to collect. I find it very strange that you will post a lot of blogs on our Facebook page and will only put your side of the story which is less than half of the truth. In years past we have noticed that the people who try to direct the investigation is more involved in the case than they want us to know. I promise you I will be speaking with a Magistrate about your side investigations and you not wanting us to help you, and then you tell the whole world that we have no interest which is not true and I can prove it. In short all Facebook readers and bloggers who may have information please call (864) 503-4509 and allow us to investigate as we have been trained to do as professional police officers. I Know that investigations are slow and there are good reasons for it. I have reached out and tried to private message most of the people involved in this case to advise them of what we can and cannot do as we investigate this case. This will be the last blog you blog on our website that is a lie without you having to deal with the legal side of it. We will be searching that area on Wednesday with dogs who are certified with the State of South Carolina and not some organization who would come down and assist with looking for a body without notifying law enforcement.Rest assured I will be speaking with you shortly about this case and your involvement. Have a nice day!

Sheriff Chuck Wright


WOW.. BeLinda (Benna Badbone) is a family member of Crystal Lynn Freeman. Somehow Sheriff Chuck Wrong was able to ID her body on site, after over 8 months being missing. He proudly went on TV at the scene the day she was found and called out everyone of us who really tried to find her, my thought is he must have been aware of how she died and where she would be found, no DNA test, Dental comparison can be done in the field.. please search for his video's on September 14th, 2012 when Crystal was located. He ruled her death a suicide because he was angry at the family for trying to find her. He never even notified her Mother who reported her Missing but called her Father to come to the scene and make a big Media production of it.. Listen to his lies on those video's.. complete and total lies.

Anonymous said...

Wow really this is a friend of mine crystal freemon i think her case has been over looked n throwed under the bus god has her on my mind heart and soul everyday n its tru police or what ever they call there self the facts are she still hasnt had justice. nor her family n none of this bullshit adds up if i should be so ungodly get. off ur ass on ur feet and do ur job if not we gladly will accept any help. to let my friend rejoice

BeLinda Thompson said...

I received this in September 2012. Anyone know today's date? Yeah May 31st,2013 ...still no word from Chuck. I want a refund of my tax money I've pissed away on the department. They forget that they work for us.

BeLinda Thompson said...

Three hours and twenty-seven minutes "forensic tests " used by the SCSO positively identified mummified skeletal remains on the scene and nobody even questions law enforcement. Those aren't per my words, those are per the sheriff's words. You can see the news interview on youtube, don't take my word for it.
I'm really not impressed with the Governor's Office of the Ombudsman either. They didn't do very much in helping this child either. Matter of fact, I can't think of any office statewide I contacted that did.
Hell, the Spartanburg County Coroners office refuses to even acknowledge the Power of Attorney that Crystal's mother gave me to help my fight for thus precious child's justice.
Thus entire county, possibly entire state, is a joke. Our tax money does not work in our favor nor do our laws.

Anonymous said...

google unsolved murders in that town..its up to 25-30..not kidding

Anonymous said...

Spartanburg South Carolina Has there own theme song Dirty Laundry from Don Henley u should listen to it...

truthgiver said...

I told you that Crystal Lynn Freeman's killer has the first name of Daniel but of course they didn't believe me! And I have had personal issues with Shrieff Wright my daughter had her dream car an irock z and the person that had it and their yard did it would be safe there and fine to leave it there because it had a Bab motor but it got sold and I found who had it and they had forged her name and didn't even spell her Nam right and shrieff Wright and his detectives didn't even try to get it back for her! So yes someone needs to get on the job!