Friday, June 29, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day One

So all of you are wondering how the first day of a fast feels (if you have never done one yourself). Well, I didn't have much of an issue until about lunch time because I am not a big breakfast eater. Then, I thought I really might like to have something to eat, but, of course, I ignored the thought. I continued working, all the while imbibing in the only thing I am allowed to swallow on this fast - boiled spring water between sunrise and sunset.

In order to do something nice for myself that involved some other senses rather than smell and taste, I went for a swim and an hour of sunbathing. The sun was wonderful and then the feel of the water as I swooshed through the pool....aah....and then I wanted to eat something.

I came back to my work station and watched the Food Channel. Naughty, naughty....turned it off....and focused on my writing. God, my head hurt. My bad...I forgot to give up the caffeine...the coffee and the Diet Pepsi...a few days before the fast. So, now I have a double headache from caffeine withdrawal and hunger.

Which makes me a bit nauseous! The first day of not eating is not so much fun! Not too worry -  if I remember correctly - Day Two and Day Three are worse.

The Stats:

Weight: 155
Exercise: Walked and ran a little bit through a nice arroyo for forty-five minutes
Hunger: You bet; thought about food on and off
Side Effects: Bad headache, mild nausea
Mental Clarity: Just fine but headache is distracting

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 29 2012


Dawn Dix said...

Pat, I feel for you! But seriously, the Food Network?? lol Should I profile you as a masochist? :)

Libby Munro said...

Is this good for you?? 30 days?!?? Praying it goes smoother. :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you doping this?
Alexandra (from Lisbon with love xx)

Anonymous said...

Why are you doing this?

Alexandra (from Lisbon with love xx)

Pat Brown said...

Read the previous post, Alexandra!

Anonymous said...

I got it. Thirty days will be a challenge. Christ fasted 40 days in the desert. Wish you luck and I will follow you here.

Sandy said...

The various people who were selected for the Survivor series lost a lot of weight during their days - even those who only stayed for 20 days. I cannot imagine 30 days for myself, but with be intending and aligning with your objective, for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is!

Oh, and every time I have withdrawn from social eating (dieting) I have endured those horrible caffeine withdrawal headaches - ugh.

joan said...

I read that there will come a time during a fast when there is no hunger. Do you know when that will be?

marcellomalibu said...

I am such a big fan of yours. I hate seeing so many smart women fall for these medieval torture tests. You also happen to be gorgeous so... how about you try self-acceptance? moderation? finding your inspiration from women who are proud to be accomplished & creative citizens? Because that is exactly what you are.

Pat Brown said...


I appreciate that you think I am smart and you are a fan of mine, but I am not "falling" for anything. I am perfectly proud of myself and my life, but that doesn't mean I don't want to learn new things, challenge myself, and improve myself. Fasting is not about being cruel to my body or my is to heal and to expand.

What is medieval is our present medical system which tortures patient after patient by not helping them to improve their health through proper diet, exercise, and emotional support and instead quickly recommending dangerous and destructive drugs and surgery.