Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day Three

Nice Bunny
Day Three seriously sucks. It is always considered the worst day in a fast. I woke up and had my breakfast water and then went for my walk. I got ten minutes down the way, took a picture of that cute little rabbit and turned around and went back. Weakness is what one feels on the third day and, along with that, an incredible desire to chuck the whole idea. Most people quit on this day, never getting to Day Four which is so much better (at least that is what I read and think I remember from before). On Day Four, hunger diminishes and energy increases as the body goes into ketosis and burns stored fat for energy. But, meanwhile, Day Three is damned hard to get through. I am hating it.

But, I am making it. I went out and got a nice massage for an hour which was quite interesting because I noticed that during that massage, I actually didn't think about food. Likewise, while swimming in the pool; for some reason, these nice sensations seem to replace the need to eat temporarily.

Then I went out for "lunch" with my wonderful literary agent,Claire Gerus, and while she had salad, I had sparkling water. I managed to enjoy her company without having to eat which is something I am trying to learn, that I don't need to consume a ton of food every time I am out socializing.

Another thing I learned today was that I don't have to drink liquid all night. I have been quitting having liquid at sundown and start drinking liquid again only after sunrise (I tend to drink Diet Pepsi all night). Quitting night drinking sure helps me sleep through the night!

So, the day from hell is near over and I am just crossing my fingers that Day Four will be much, much  better.

The Stats

Weight: 148 -
Exercise: Walked for twenty minutes; felt like crap within ten minutes and turned around and that was enough exercise for the day.
Hunger: Yes, and had to fight really hard to not give in.
 Side Effects: Mild headache late in the day.
Mental Clarity: Not so good because all I wanted to do was crawl into the refrigerator and make friends with anything in there.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 1, 2012


Barbara said...

Hi Pat, just catching up on blogs and am very intrigued by your water fast. I have a lot of respect for you (read your first book, plan to read the second) and I am going to consider doing my own water fast soon.

I like what you said here, it sums the whole matter up for me:

"funny that we are so afraid of not eating but not afraid of eating to excess which is what is killing most of us before we should be dying!"

I hope you keep writing daily!

Mohammad Khan said...

Try Muslim fasting if you get fed up with this. Ramadhan is around the corner but you can fast anytime.

joan said...

You are doing great! I hope you feel better tomorrow.

su said...

Hi Pat,

I have done the 30 day water fast twice. Once in my thirties and once in my late forties.
Both times I had a tumour and instead of establishing whether it was cancerous or not I decided to fast it out.

By day five the second time I was out of breath after a few steps. I became weaker and weaker. It was extremely intense but I had fortitude and I regarded it as the greatest challenge one could undertake and that fortified me.

The tumour vanished both times and after wards my skin and eyes looked unbelievably clear and bright.

The downside is that for a year afterwards my blood pressure sat at 70 over 39. I was mobile and such but my heart never recovered from it.

So there are the upsides and the downs. I urge caution and the wisdom of an elder if you can happen upon one.

Strength and cleansing to you.

Anonymous said...

The heart, that's what I was worried about.

Dear Mrs. Brown. Take care.
And IF you also have e.g. an underlying tumorous condition, seek advice. Not to necessarily follow it, but to know the alternatives.

And, please allow me: there IS a difference between a 30 days water fast and eating "tons" of food & drinking Pepsi all night :-(

Skipping the "tons" and the caffeine would already make an important difference on your metabolism and well-being ...

Sincerely yours, Châtelaine

marcellomalibu said...

I care about you so much I had a double dose of lemon cheesecake in your honor at Shutters by the beach in Santa Monica. Took pics of gorgeousness all around me- all dedicated to you. No rabbit though. Where I come from we eat those. I pray that you are not hurting yourself at all as the world needs you--possibly just the way you are. But I will not insult your intelligence & will let you be the judge of all that. I am sure that people around you are reminding you how truly precious a person you are. I am just adding my voice.

Anonymous said...

is nice to see that you keep your good humour despite the hunger :) be strong woman day four is coming :)