Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey, Gerry, Have You Still Got That Shovel for Us to Borrow?

Bollux Media has just learned that DCI Andy Redwood is heading to Praia da Luz to dig up the town and countryside in an effort to find Madeleine who he recently admitted might be dead.

BM: Mr. Redwood, are you now convinced Maddie is no longer alive? That she isn't living happily with a family somewhere, gypsy or otherwise?

AR: ::snorts::Well, come on, we might be daft here at Scotland Yard but we never really believed the child was living the good life somewhere out there.

BM: And you no longer think she could be held in a sex ring?

AR: Well, I guess that could be a theory but we have to wrap this case's been three years already and we have come up with squat...we gotta solve it somehow.

BM: That makes sense. So are you now following the evidence trail? The fact that the cadaver dogs hit in the apartment and in the McCanns hire car and that Madeleine must have died on May 3rd and been taken off and buried?

AR: Hell, no! Good Lord, what an insane idea! For three years we have ignored all the physical and behavioral evidence; we aren't going to start focusing on that now.

BM: Then why are you going to dig up Praia da Luz?

AR: Well, if we want to close this case in the near future, that child needs to be dead and buried. We would have to use the theory of a local pedophile and such a person wouldn't keep a child alive more than a few hours, so that would make Madeleine dead and buried nearby the fellow's house. So, we will focus on the area.

BM. Criminal Profiler Pat Brown has a theory that the cadaver dog evidence is valid and that would mean Maddie's body was moved from Praia da Luz to some other location by Gerry McCann. She believes Maddie might well be buried in an desolate area called Monte do Jose Mestre, the area just west of Praia da Luz where Gerry's phone pinged a number of times. In fact, she went to Portugal herself to analyze the case in person and she located this area right off the main road which is isolated enough to be able to bury a body without anyone noticing. She wrote a detailed description of her findings here.

AR: I don't care what that woman thinks: she's a nutter. We have no intention of reviewing the evidence like she did. We will not be visiting that location. We will just wander around Praia da Luz beaches and road shoulders with our radar machines.

BM: So, you aren't actually going to dig?

AR: Well, Gerry gave us his shovel, but I have heard the residents of Praia da Luz and those pesky local government officials aren't keen on us making a lot of holes in the area, so we may not have a chance to put it to use. We will just go through the motions of looking and then declare Maddie was probably dumped in the ocean.

BM: Okay, well, thanks, Mr. Redwood, for the update. I know you have said that Scotland Yard isn't going to give a running commentary on an open investigation or review or whatever it is, but we appreciate you giving us this interview and I am sure all the other British media outlets appreciate your openness in this matter as well.

AR: Most welcome.

This responsible and accurate bullshit was brought to you by Bollux Media and

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

May 5, 2014

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MRSFeeX said...

If they find a body..
I don't think there is much left after all these years.
I dont think there is a body anymore.

May 2015
they come up with a Tattooman probaly?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Things not looking too good in Lisbon then?
Well of course, they have always had to face the "possibility" that Madeleine died. Move along now, nothing to see.

(I look forward to the PJ sending their own letter of request. Maybe they have a few questions to put to the emergent "crècheman".)

Perverting justice?


Those niggling little realities.

Barry Bucket said...

I was more than surprised to see that the author of the 'Digging for Deadwood' article in the Mirror, one Tracey Kandohla, actually lives in Rothley, Leicestershire, close to the McCanns. How convenient to have the un-named 'source' so close at hand.

Anonymous said...

"...we have ignored all the physical and behavioral evidence, we aren't going to start focusing on that now."...We have no intention of reviewing the evidence" ah!ah!ah! you're terrible Pat but I like it! Yes I do!
Regards from Lisbon

guerra said...

This is hilarious. Wouldn't it be great if when shows like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell are discussing the McCanns that when they go to commercial you hear someone say: "This bullshit was brought to you by" and then they mention the sponsors? It would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly something very special about this conversation between AR and BM <>

It seems AR aka MET through away any common sense when the started their investigation.

Have they interviewed the Smith family yet?

Have they interviewed the McCanns yet?

Have they interviewed the T7+JW yet?


Pat Brown said...

Heh, yeah, Guerra, that would be great! BTW, I originally had "this bullshit brought to you by Bollux Media, but then I changed it. Your comment had me put back a version of that!

Anonymous said...

certinaly KM is looking more worried by the day while GM just looks like a smug bar stew..d.
This kid didn't get abducted everything points to her leaving under her own steam.... or being carried away by someone she knew. Hence no DNA left behind from an abductor

Pat Brown said...

Ah, Alexandra, the whole "review" is so ridiculous, making fun of it is like taking candy away from a baby.

I just read a comment in which someone said I was as cynical as they think I should suddenly see the sun come out when all the behavioral evidence of Scotland Yard reeks of whitewash and foolishness?

Anonymous said...

Pat, I'm probably about as cynical about SY as a person can be. Redwood is a big boy, if he's playing clever, or if the political sands have moved then great...but until I see the results I'm not prepared to give him an inch of credibility. Trust is something that SY have long since forfeited the right to expect.
Whilst I accept that SY is not responsible for *all* of these absurd stories..
1 They have clearly provided narratives cues for the press to run with... 'Lone wolves', drug users, burglars, uncooperative Portuguese, and that obscene "map" of Algarve attacks. (Try drawing one up for the south coast of England)
2 If SY were serious about wanting press restraint then these stories would not be appearing. This isn't the Boy Scout movement we're talking about. SY do have a little bit of leverage when it comes to curbing editors' hands.

No. They want this crap, and they plant the narratives.

And so the alternative perhaps runs that this is all a smokescreen; that behind the planted narrative of division and absurd leads there is a hardcore of SY/PJ alliance that are going to suddenly spring forward.

And whilst we wait with baited breath for that moment...what? And above all, why? Portugal takes a daily trashing in the papers...a child's right to justice (to peace) takes it's regular violation from the media. And all without any certainty of bringing charges. If they were certain of being able (ultimately) to right these wrongs, then the evidence would already exist to say as much. Clearly it doesn't (or at least it isn't being acted upon).

I get tired of saying to myself over and again. There is no reason for this. If charges are brought they measured against reality: forensics, timelines, people at the scene.
That haggard

Witness testimony...yes
....Cold hard facts collected in silence....yes.

They needn't say a word. Just collate the facts.

Anonymous said...

the mc cans said if maddie is dead we cant change that my god such a thing for parents to say if the had not left three kids alone this would not have happened so the are fully to blame god forgive them because the aren't taken any blame poor maddie and god forgive Scotland yard for covering all this farse up

Anonymous said...

Pat, I think someone has finally spoken up. They can't row back from this now because it's just too real and too terrible. Duplicity has it's limits, surely.

MRSFeeX said...

In Europe..
This girl keeps to have a high profile.

Still 'abduction' not missing.
The UK story not the Portugese one, is in the media.
We dont even speak the same language in Europe.
But we have some English education.
And Tv.

Our laws are different
(We dont wear wigs)
So Europe is not UK and UK not Europe.

In many ways
Not really united
I cannot say what a mile means, or a penny, or a stone weight,

Scotland yard is JUST an old statue, like Jack te ripper,unsolved 007.sherlock holmes.
WO2 historylibrary

About a 100 missing persons in the UK only each year.. still unsolved.
In Europe even more..
So why?
Are the only one brought to trail, not the one who are responsibel for this missing girl?

Many children are not registrated worldwide 20% it seems.
Many children die, unnatural before reach their 4th birtday.
Every day..

I probaly even buy my products..

Politic, tax,charity?
This case was probaly never any good, only harming in every way.
Which good came out?
Not one?
Not one Pedo came to court.
Not one child was saved.
Not even the assulted children were imporant to alert?

I still think that girl was destroyed( nothing to find)
So,keep digging,
even the reason why never is solved.
Or CANN be solved.


Or can her eye defect still be found in hairremains where ever found?

Still..If... and it prove nothing..
After all these years.
No justice cann be done,I think.

Protecting the twins, projecting on them.
They were in the news to.
The familyalbum and close friends even came forward.
To paint the picture..
I dont think I invited the media if someone close was abducted.

Be able to react, or to respond.
Or to tell what really was going on.

I dont like questions, I like answers..
But even the answers create more questions

MRSFeeX said...

Soccer_football. you call it.
It is sport, and supporters do feel the need to write history to.
This is a very sick expression of a sport, to play it.

This girl was about to be rescue, for a long time.
Arrest was meanwhile reading statements, she could be home, months aGO.
And now they digg??

Yeah, great.
Pray for the good outcome.

Anonymous said...

PAT, The idea of suggesting madeleine was dead, was the maccanns stalling plan for ages, and many articles have been written, it has always been in the mind of the british police, the maccanns were involved, more odd is why anyone would criticaly be pro maccann and againgst the Portugal police for lifting the aquido status?
In contrast kate has made a serious mistake over her book?
What im pointing out relates to information kate would not give to the Portugal police, yet set about a price for that information in her book?
In effect kate carnt tell the truth without a price, which then leads to the early set up of fighting funds before they became suspects, and before amaral could focus any theory about the maccanns behaviors, since Clarence has been in the bee hive of admissions of no evidence of abduction?
So now its clear all the early admissions are mistakes by the maccanns, no damaged shutters, the window now being a red herring ect.
All former lies to mislead a abduction story, which is correct in amarals book in what he thought about the window, and stands to this day to be correct, yet has been damaged for no reason by the the maccanns in their own contradictions?
More supprising how this story was created around the checks, and around kate herself?
Its never been explained how kate obtained all this information without questioning the previous checks, or obtaining information before announcing any abduction to that group on that night?
Putting it another way pat, if I was at the bar that night, I would have to agree with graham McKenzie, how did kate reach that idea, which now shows the fund was set up for the long term?
And contradicts the idea of being alive since kate didndt say simply that madeleine had probably wonderd off, without finding out beforehand if her abduction idea was incorrect?

Anonymous said...

I guess the first thought of a parent who found their child out of bed would be "where is he/she"?
Kate instead immediately "knows" her child was abducted because of a draught and an open window.
Ok taking it one step at a time there were no fingerprints on that window other than Kate's. The "intruder" managed to get into the apartment without being seen, take a child out of her bed and leave the apartment with the parents close by while being so careful that not a hint was left that he had been there? Nothing to say "abduction" at all.
Everything to suggest that despite Kate's claims - madeleine got out of bed and had an accident. Could this huge ongoing story be a smoke and mirrors thing to prevent the parents being prosecuted?

Anonymous said...

Kates versions of events never hold up for very long at all, without another contradiction appearing in what she states?
How can she state her daughter tried to warn her, when she left her alone again the following night?
Note kate misses out it was mrs fenn that also made that warning clear the previous night?
If a abduction wasn't being staged by the maccanns, why then did kate not invite mrs fenn to watch the twins after a alleged statement from her own daughter about neglect?
Also how can kate contradict this statement if true, it wasn't their fault?
Surely that discredits what madeleine is supposed to of said, and makes kate a liar, if that warning was ever real, and why kate ignored such alleged warning?
This was also evident about the photos, and the wilful ignorance about risk in doing so, after police warned them?

Anonymous said...

Pat, it was a diferent story with the maccanns, when Robert murat was being accused by the group of contradictors who wouldn't reconstruct evidence on a whole in their accusasions, im sure there is many people around that night that didn't have a alibi, that dosent mean their guilty of not seeing anything suspect, how could they if the body was concealed, or removed earlier?
More telling, the maccanns have never been able to explain why anyone saw nothing to even suggest a abduction that night, no claim from mrs fenn ect.
Not one sighting of a child alleged to be alive, and taken by anyone?
For a clear start to have a abduction, there has o be a sighting of some one going into that apartment, or at least coming out wih a child?
Its in that missing fact about this case, why the maccanns are suspects, and no amount of pr can change that about this case, its inevitable after many years, the maccanns have not been able to prove amaral is totally wrong?