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Seven Years and Millions Spent and Still No Evidence of Abduction

May 3, 2014 marks the seventh anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the seventh year that no evidence of abduction has been found. Seven years of the McCann's private detectives' spending millions of donated pounds have netted zero evidence of abduction and three years of Scotland Yard's team of detectives spending millions of taxpayer's pounds have netted zero evidence of abduction. Any successful business CEO would say that millions of pounds were wasted on a fool's errand.

And this is precisely the cold truth that the McCanns do not want the public to recognize. In fact, the McCanns, their team of private detectives, and Scotland Yard have done their best to steer the public away from the fact that all evidence pointing to what happened to Madeline McCann is contained in the Portuguese police files and it all hones in on the physical evidence in the McCann apartment and their rental car, the findings of the cadaver and blood dogs, the McCanns themselves, and the seven friends that they dined with at the Tapas Restaurant.

In fact, all the detectives - the McCann's hired PIs and Scotland Yard's finest - have purposely ignored the most basic rule of investigations and criminal profiling; to work from evidence to theory and not make up a theory and hope it turns into evidence at some point in time. In Maddie's case, it seems Scotland Yard is concocting theories based on nothing more than the abduction fantasy they wish to purport and then they are attempting to link these various scenarios back to the Madeleine, May 3rd, 2007, and Praia da Luz.

For example, the latest concocted scenario that DCI Andy Redwood and Scotland Yard have pushed into the media in time for the seventh anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance is not based on any evidence from the Madeleine McCann case. Instead, they found some stories about a creepy guy who supposedly slipped into British vacationers' flats in the Algarve over a number of years and proceeded to gaze at or do something of some sort to young white girls. Of course, we have no actual evidence of what exactly happened and to whom because most of these alleged assaults were not reported to police and those that were, well, we don't know exactly what was reported. We do know that no one was arrested, charged, and convicted.

Next, Redwood goes public with the story and now, supposedly, a young woman has came forward to say she was sexually assaulted by a man of the same description in Praia da Luz just before Madeleine went missing. Naturally, we have no proof this woman actually exists any more than we have proof that some vacationer exists who was carrying his child from the creche and crossed the path of Jane Tanner. These folks never came forward until Redwood reached out to the public with the exact details of what he wished someone to call in with and whether anyone with credibility actually called in or whether it was just an attention seeker or whether no one ever did call with relevant information and Redwood is just claiming so, we will probably never know. What I do know, however, is that Redwood appears to be building a theoretically believable scenario bit by bit. First we have a pedophile in the Algarve targeting young British girls in their vacation flats, then we have one attacked in Praia da Luz, and next thing we will have is a couple tips that a couple people saw a smelly man wearing said rare shirt watching the McCann's flat the day Maddie went missing.

Then, it can be assumed since the guy was a pedophile loser, he abducted and killed Madeleine and disposed of her body in such a manner that it will not be recoverable. The man will either never be found or he will be conveniently dead. The McCanns will have their answer and the public will be satisfied with the cleverly devised, believable scenario. But, in actuality, there will be no evidence of any such man having abducted and killed Madeleine McCann. The only true evidence of what happened to Madeleine will still be in the Portuguese police files.

 Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

May 3, 2014

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Anonymous said...

She is being raped, isn't she Mr Redwood? Mr Hogan-Howe?

Annie Hsley said...

Has it been 7 years already? I remember reading about this case when our twins were 2 and thinking how ridiculous and sad it was from the beginning; especially when I found out that the parents left the young children that they struggled to conceive though IVF home without supervision! But thank you for always keeping on the trail of #BolluxMedia and reminding everyone of the BS that Scotland Yard is trying to spin on the world to make themselves look competent.
Your book on this subject is so well done.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't S.Y go to Portugal returning that girl?
After all..
They claimed to go for arresting this 'Suspect'.
Made a hell of a story if it was true..


Are there 'new' leads?
Or raped BRITISH girls?
It seems in PDL its all about the British..Anyway..
A good target..parents dining/winintg in the garden, or sleeping next door..
Unlocked doors..
S.Y should warn the parents to lock the doors or don't let the raper 'walk' away.

Reporting it, to the Police, Hotel, travel agency.
They could even go to the paper, paying for their story relating Maddiecrime..
They DID NOT.. do it?

Well.. Why not?

Anonymous said...

I have awfull feeling pat is right man took her killed her that it man now dead mc canns of the hook case over the way Scotland yard talk nobody would holiday in Portugal according to them its full of sex offenders I have never seen may 3rd so quiet even mcs not saying much poor maddie

Anonymous said...

Will this farce ever end? We're witnessing a fairly obvious whitewash when actual evidence from the crime scene is being ignored. Can SY ever live this down? This is corruption at the highest level. Just what is it with the MacCanns (and their friends) that enables them to escape justice like this with no questions asked?

I can't see how Redwood can back himself out of the corner he's in, other than hoping, as you say that the public will believe the BS 'conclusion' to the whole sorry affair that he's obviously planning.

BTW Pat, I was the 'anon' who thought that our Andy was planning to nail the lot of them by eliminating all other possibilities. I now see that I was wrong, and your assessment (sadly for justice), is far more likely to be true. As others have said - the MacCanns will never see the inside of a jail, the Tapas 7 will never be questioned either and the whole mess will be buried, and, I've no doubt it'll be a criminal offence to dig it up again!

The Tapas 9 appear to be able to live with themselves over all this - I couldn't, but then I'm normal.

Perhaps our only hope now is the PJ - could they be planning to nail them all? After all it happened in their country. What's your view on that possibility Pat?

guerra said...

I think what's happening right now is that SY wants more from Portugal than it promised. More than just a cover up, they want a conviction of Mr. Amaral. Thus the ever increasing number of Paedophile attacks on British girls in the Algarve. Not too good for tourism.

Pat Brown said...

My only hope is that Portugal will somehow come through - maybe with some further DNA tests or whatnot - and this time not fall victim to political pressure. I don't hold great hope that this will happen, but, for once in a very long time, I would like to be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Having followed this case from day one, I have no doubt in my mind that the McCanns and their friends lied and lied again. SY is wasting money pretending to look for a child that the whole world presumes comes to something when we, the British people, have to sit back, knowing that TPTB are for unknown reasons covering for this family. And we can't even trust our own police to be honest anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the Cadaver Dogs, ignore the confused stories from the family at the beginning ignore anything that really IS evidence...that's the UK's response to all this. The only one talking the truth about anything is Mr Amaral!

Hobnob said...

The mccanns and chums never left their children home alone as claimed, medical people are hypervigilant about their kids as they know all too well what can happen to a child in a fraction of a second even with a parent right next to them.
There was an adult missing each night from the group, allegedly sick ( how convenient it was so particular it took only one selected victim each night) They have told us the children were all in one apartment when it was reported the children were moved back to to their apartment, and gerry telling us was it when one of the other... twinds was crying ( a classic example of self editing. He was going to say other children but realised how incriminating it was and changed it to twins, except there were no other twins, there was only Sean and Amelie)
The mccanns and chums had to claim neglect as if the children were being babysat by an adult, there could have been no abduction. No neglect = no abduction.
If there was no abduction then what did they do to Maddie?
They couldn't blame the babysitter as the babysitter is going to say i babysay the children but Maddie wasn't there. They are not going to take the fall for a crime they didn't do, which then points the finger right back at the parents.
This then begs the question if it was an accident, and they do happen, why not call 911?
You are all medics, why not do what was needed to save the child and call 911?
What happened to Maddie that you could not call 91?
What was so incriminating that it could not be explained away as an accident?
What was so damaging that an autopsy could not be allowed to be performed?

The mccanns were advised to admit to neglect on the basis if charged they could plea deal down to probabtion or a couple of years, far t less than homicide,concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.
They also knew if charhed with neglect, they could not then be charged with the more serious crimes, it was a risk they had to take.
Ther PJ instead decided not to press charges knowing the above and they wanted them to face the fill power of the law.
They also knew that they couldn't charge them with neglect, since there was no neglect in the first place, the children weren't left home alone.
In court once charged, the mccanns could simply say, we had a babysitter, all the children were in one room, there was no neglect, case dismissed and they have just gotten away with homicide.

The PJ didn't press charges, as they told us, it was because they didn't know what crimes had been committed.
They couldn't charge them with something if they didn't know what the something was.

Hence the stalemate.
the mccanns bet neglect case hoping the pj would take the bait.
Minima; charges which they would walk away from simply by admitting they lied and there was no neglect. Case over.

Since the Portugues don't have double jeopaerdy they could not then be charged with homicide etc even if they admitted what they really did on the court steps straight afterwards.

Hobnob said...

I am not sure if they could be tried for homicide in the UK since the crime took place abroad, although it was on a british citizen by a british citizen.
SInce double jeopardy has been repealed in the UK, it means if a subject was found not guilty of a crime and later on further new and compelling evidence is found ( a confession, a body, forensic evidence etc) the sibject can be retied again using the new and compelling evidence.
This wa used in relation to the Stephen Lawrence case where the defendents were aquitted first time round, further forensic evidence was found and they were retried and found guilty. ( i think it was a tiny blood spot)

If this is the case, the mccanns will always face the uncertainty of being arrested even if tried in Portugal on whatever charges.

They also have refused to allow maddie to be officially declared dead after 7 years as the law allows since, if they did so, the fund is over and thus their nice little earner. Maddie alive means donations, Maddie dead means no donations and according to their own rules, any remaining monies are given to charity.
It is also worth noting that Maddie is a ward of court and, as such, the mccanns have no parental rights to her, they forfeited the right as soon as she was made a WOC.
This is why the libel trial in Portugal is on a hiatus as Dr. Amaral seeks clarification on what the status means and if it means the mccanns can't sue or take any action on her behalf since they now have as much parental responsibility over Maddie as you and I.
They aren't responsible for her and thus cannot sue or make any claims on her behalf.
It will be interesting to see if the courts decide to declare her legally dead over the mccanns wishes, again this will mean an end to the fund.
Since the fund is not a charity, and the mccanns have told us Maddie is dead, they could however face charges of fraud, obtaining money and services by deception and other financial charges, i suspect this may apply also in any country where they made an appeal for dontations or sold merchandise. That would be fun to watch as it covers Europe, the States and many other countries.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think there is an interesting pattern that can be seen in the SY / PJ relationship.

So long as the PJ were in 'review' (ie not reopened), Redwood was vocal about the necessity to keep the 2 processes separate ("uncontaminated" he said).

When the PJ reopened, things changed. Redwood sought an immediate and very obviously staged declaration from the PJ about their line of inquiry. So hand in hand with Kate and Gerry (how the f$€k could you make this stuff up?) he trotted off to Lisbon for a meeting, and for assurances.

It was then that the media overtures began from Redwood: "this should be a joint investigation". First up, how f£&king unprofessional is this man? He uses the media to moot this possibility, rather than established (and legal) channels of diplomatic approach.

The first signs of SY getting a little hot under the collar?

These overtures have now swelled to a barrage of Red Top clamour (by feature writer Andy Redwood) and radio interviews (Hogan-Howe): we "insist" this should be a joint investigation.

The more they cry this insistence the more worried and impotent we know them to be. In two press articles (Mirror) there has been a very obvious concern floated that the PJ might not be "sharing" the full extent of their forensic knowledge!

What's in the PJ cupboard eh?!

The PJ might have capitulated on day one of reopening, but they didn't. I think that looks to be of increasing concern to SY.

I don't think that these crass blackmail attempts from SY will work. Tourism is actually quite a resilient industry, I'd certainly take a bet that Algarve booking rates remain unscathed.

Silence in this case strikes me as demonstrating growing authority. Red Top wailing looks like impotence.

Damn...there's that "hopey" thing again!

trustmeigetit said...

Hobs, I am curious why you are convinced they were all in a room together and were watched by an adult. I have never seen this anywhere? Was it from the PJ files?

I still think the Tapas 7 jumped on board due to the fact that all the parents choose to sedate the kids in order to go out. And, if one dies by mistake… well, they cannot claim an accident in any manner.

The drugs would be present in the body and could/would lead to the other kids in the home AND the group to be tested. You can not then claim all 7-8 kids (not sure exact number on trip) “accidently” got sedated. Especially since the other kids would show signs.

And if all are sedated….. it implicates them all. They all did the same thing to their kids. It just happened to be that only Madeleine died. Really any of the kids could have died. So they are all locked into this or they too risked the same charges..

Kate also told us Madeleine asked “why didn’t you come when we cried” the night before and the neighbors comment also backs this up. She said she heard Madeline crying for about 75 minutes. In fact, she heard her crying “daddy daddy”. If adults were watching the kids, this would not have happened. If an adult was watching them and Madeline just wanted daddy, she would have called Gerry and told him to come back.

So the following night, when it was already clear that what you did the night before was not “working well” (as they claim), since an outsider was even aware you child cried for an excessive period of time and that your child also clearly did not sleep then why on earth would you do this again?

So instead of just staying home, hiring a sitter with the hotel, etc… they choose to AGAIN go out and leave the children alone.


Unless you figure, since only Madeleine woke up…. We will just increase her dosage.

Now, not every child is affected the same. I have also heard possibilities that the eye defect could have meant other health conditions could exist.

I have given by son Benadryl. My doctor actually recommended it due to his symptoms at the time. I was told this would make him sleepy. Not my son, he became hyper but in a way that he didn’t appear to function right. Almost like he was drunk if you will. He acted different than normal. I think he was about 3-4 at the time.

We never know how any drug will act. Everyone is so different. A drug that helps one, may kill another.

So, I think that they increased the dose on Madeline thinking she just woke up too early.

I think it likely had a similar affect as the night before, and she again woke. I think she may have crawled up on the couch and her mind was hazy and she fell and landed on her head.

It just is the thing that matches the evidence. That is also why they said that wall had been recently cleaned and why the couch was pushed against the wall.

I think there are too many things that lead to that vs everyone was in a room together.

But I am curious and would like to read more about that

Pat Brown said...

Trustmeigetit, I too believe the children were alone and that the evidence, physical and behavioral, as you point out. But, some believe the children were watched as a group or that Maddie died earlier than May 3rd. I don't agree with either theory, but I think folks find it difficult to believe that they got so much support from friends if there were not a bigger issue going on than that Maddie died due to an overdose and a fall. While I cannot totally rule out any possibility from outside an investigation, I would have to say that I have not found evidence yet to support such a theory.

trustmeigetit said...


I think all the parents drugged their kids. So it really linked them all.

It's the mindset that it could have been any of the kids that died.

And they could not claim it was an accident and Madeline got into something because they could then require the other kids in the apt or group to be tested as well. And all the sudden you have several adults getting charged. With they saying "abduction" it distracts police from what really happened. Sedating children so the adults could go out and have fun.

And well, it worked. Even if there is more at play behind the scenes.

But no one can still come forward now. If they do, they are implicating themselves. While it would be hard to prove the kids were sedated today.... I bet they all stopped after one died... It still would be more probable they all did. And that's a risk I bet none of the tapas 7 are willing to risk so they remain quiet.