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Why I am So Pessimistic about the Madeleine McCann Case being Solved

It has always been my secret hope that the Judiciary Police (PJ) had reopened the Madeleine McCann case with new leads that would bolster the original investigation and Dr.  Gonçalo Amaral's focus of investigation, that somehow Portugal would eventually fight back against the British faux review and bring a proper end to a seven year miscarriage of justice.

However, I am feeling ill this morning after reading Joana Morais' translation of a recent news report from Portugal, sick to my stomach, while many who read it are rejoicing that this rare news out of Portugal is a good thing. Here is the translation of the article (with thanks to Joana for her tireless efforts to keep the English world informed of Portuguese media reports):

PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead


PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead that a predator of English girls has abducted Madeleine.
Scotland Yard has asked for aerial photos of places in Praia da Luz and wishes to question eight “persons of interest”

by Marisa Rodrigues

The Judiciary Police (PJ) is about to discard the lead that has resulted in the reopening of the process in Portugal and that is Scotland Yard's main line of investigation. So far, there isn't any evidence to support the hypothesis that Madeleine was abducted by a sexual predator who attacked English children in the Algarve.

This is the firmly held position of the team of inspectors from the North Directorate of the PJ who has reviewed the investigation process that was archived in 2008. 

After naming as probable suspect the late Euclides Monteiro, a former Ocean Club employee, the Portuguese investigators now believe that the intruder, in the cases that were reported to the authorities, could be British and that he does not reside in Portugal, since there were no new reports and those that were disclosed [seeMetropolitan Police site] only targeted children of that nationality. “A sex abuser is someone who acts compulsively. If he only acted in the summer and has never attacked again it's because he does not live here”, explained a source close to the process.

Yesterday, the day was marked by an aerial photo-reconnaissance in Praia da Luz of the areas where searches and excavations are planned, using a helicopter of the Portuguese Air Force paid by the British authorities and by a meeting between the police forces of the two countries at the PJ headquarters in Faro.

One of the places where Scotland Yard wants to use the sniffer dogs and the georadar is on the 25 de Abrilstreet, in the vicinity of the Ocean Club and by the church. The area, which the helicopter overflew three times, was undergoing construction works when Madeleine disappeared seven years ago. If anything suspicious is detected, it will be excavated. 

Besides the searches, which were already allowed by the Public Prosecutor of Portimão, the letters rogatory also request for eight people to be questioned. Some used to work at the Ocean Club resort whilst others are not linked in any way. With all these initiatives, it seems likely that Scotland Yard has more than one line of investigation, of which the latest and most visible action yet indicates the hypothesis that the child was murdered and buried in Praia da Luz. When questioned, in Faro, DCI Andy Redwood refused to speak with the journalists.

Tension between the PJ and the English 

The relationship between the police forces of the two countries is rather tense. The Judiciary Police has requested to the English police to stop disclosing information about the ongoing work in Portugal, otherwise they will not proceed with the steps that were requested. Scotland Yard wrote to the newspapers in the United Kingdom asking for “understanding”.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition (page 13), May 9, 2014

Okay, what excites others that is not exciting me is the news that the PJ is discarding Scotland Yard's main line of questioning, a lead about a sex abuser of English girls in the Argave, a lead that was the cause of the Madeleine McCann case to be reopened. In fact, this revelation has crushed my hopes for any positive outcome and this is why:

The fact that the PJ reopened the case based on some flimsy alleged weirdo in the area and not any real evidence is a sign that either the investigation by the PJ is politically influenced or they are incompetent (their incorrect profiling that  a sex predator acts out of compulsion is frightening  - sex predators are psychopaths and can control their behavior -and their conclusion that since he is compulsive and only strikes in the summer, he must be a Brit and not live in the Algarve troubles me: it could be that he is a teacher and only strikes during his months off or he only strikes when his wife is away or maybe he works in another country for a portion of the year - there could be numerous possibilities). This statement is a horrible blow to Dr. Amaral because this public admission that a sex predator is the reason the case was reopened only infers that the PJ do not believe  Gonçalo Amaral was following the correct line of questioning.

The fact that they are now discarding this because they found no link to Madeleine is no big surprise considering all the original evidence does not point to an abduction and the PJ should know this. This does not, however, mean the PJ are going back to the McCann as the focus because if they were basing their investigation on the evidence, they wouldn't have gone down this sex predator/abduction road in the first place.

Soctland Yard and the McCanns have just recently been running a media campaign of attacking the PJ which likely means they are going to claim that the PJ simply are giving up because they failed yet again to find the abductor of Madeleine McCann and now are preventing the British team from pursuing more leads (like searching people's homes without probable cause).

This "dig" in Praia da Luz where the McCanns, the PJ, and Scotland Yard know the body is not, is only going to be used to prove all was done that could be done by Scotland Yard and as fodder for a claim that Maddie was killed during or after an abduction and her body was dumped in the ocean or that she was removed from Praia da Luz and buried who knows where. With one scenario, the McCanns can have closure and the other, we can keep looking for her ad nauseum and the fraudulent fund can continue to operate. No physical evidence will be found to link back to the McCanns, so they will be "in the clear."

When enough fires are fanned touting that Portugal has not cooperated with Scotland Yard and has prevented them from pursuing solid leads (those interviews and searches they were denied), and, furthermore, that the media has compromised the "investigation," fingers can be pointed at all the uncaring others and the McCanns can play the victims again, only this time, the case can be administratively closed with some statement from Scotland Yard of what likely happened to Maddie; in fact, the case will be closed administratively by both police agencies - the PJ and Scotland Yard -but this time with the abduction theory as the last lead followed, not the McCanns. In other words, the McCanns will have been effectively cleared by both countries as having anything to do with the disappearance of their daughter; Britain and the McCanns will be the victors and Portugal and Dr. Amaral, the collateral damage in whatever game of politics this whole farce is.

The last tiny ray of wishful thinking for me is that Portugal is playing a totally deceptive game, that they lied when they said the series of alleged sexual assaults in the Algarve was the reason they reopened the case, that they only used that as an excuse to restart the investigation, that they planned to just play along with Scotland Yard until enough useless leads had been eliminated and then they planned to circle back to the evidence and the McCanns. I can wish that this methodology could be some big secret weapon, but my experience in working with police departments and their handling of cases and politics does not support this likelihood any more than the belief of some that Scotland Yard is playing a fantasticly expensive game that will end with the arrest of the McCanns or that the two departments are working together to accomplish a big coup in bringing the McCanns to justice.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

May 9, 2014
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
SY asked the PJ to investigate 'smellyman' on their behalf, as you know SY have no jurisdiction in Pt. This 'attacker' who has no similar crime as the 'abductor' & has been ruled out, as has 'tractorman' & the 3 burglar bears. The eight witnesses could very well be people around pdl who have been traced(through cell site analysis) to the areas where 'smithman' was going/had been.
Although we see stories of Operation Grange & their Portuguese counterparts having a strained relationship, we know Redwood & some of his team have been to Portugal over twenty times & yesterdays news that the Portuguese Air Force was involved suggests this operation was done at the highest level & was planned well in advance. Now that every swarthy man & his dog has been ruled out, who are we left with? The twelve UK nationals that made the Operation Grange review = Full Investigation.
I believe the PJ reopened the archived case after SY gave them the proof who 'smithman' is & reopened as they obviously have to do any ground work on their side along with any planned excavations.
An agreement has or will be made that enables the UK to have the British suspects tried in the UK...of course i could be completely wrong & just a helpless optimist
Yours Matthew Wright..P.S xxx

Pat Brown said...

Matthew, I hope you are right, but there was no reason to spend millions for three years instead of just getting to the point. One doesn't conduct a proper investigation by ignoring the evidence and running down irrelevant leads. If that were the case, they should have been looking at all the childless couples that lurked in PDL as well. But, no, they have spent a ridiculous amount of time on nothing of worth; I have never seen a police department do this just to then arrest the people that the evidence points to. If this happens, it will be a historical first.

Pat Brown said...

BTW, no suspect can be ruled out unless he can't physically have accomplished the deed (dead, incarcerated, physically incapable, out of the country, seen giving a speech from the pulpit at the time of the crime, etc). All of these "suspects" simply have no links to Madeleine. All of them still could have theoretically abducted her if the evidence pointing to the McCanns is a red herring. PJ eliminating "smelly man" has no validity because they have no idea who the hell he is.

Pat Brown said...

For all those angry at me for not believing Scotland Yard and/or Portugal are planning a big surprise: only those that seriously follow this case will have an issue with the outcome. Most people will simply accept whatever spin is thrown out in the end. Just like many have a hard time believing Scotland Yard's handling of this "review" is improper, so many people will have faith in Scotland Yard in the end; they are the biggest and most experienced police agency - they must have handled the case properly.

I have seen numerous times here in the US, cases that are closed improperly that completely go against the evidence. But almost never is there a peep of public outrage. They just assume the police know more. Even when that evidence is placed within the public arena, so they can view it themselves (like the PJ files), if the media pushes an alternative scenario, that is the one the public tends to go with, at least enough of the public to bury the truth for all intents and purposes.

Pat Brown said...

BTW, no one wants more than me for the area of Monte do Jose Mestre to be searched and dug up! I believe there is a great chance Maddie's body is there and, if it were found in that spot, near where Gerry's phone pinged, I believe that would lead to the arrest of the McCanns. But, just because I want this to happen, doesn't me it will. Instead, they are looking where no body would be buried except by a British pedophile camping in the area. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

Whatever's really been going on here, and I am no more optimistic than Pat, I do detect a small wind of change. It does occur to me that an eminent British politician on the world stage who formerly had connections to the UK Lisbon embassy has quite recently had his name associated with the former wife of a very powerful media mogul, and maybe there is motivation for not protecting for those 'in the know' any more. We are in an era of political policing and media grabbing prosecutions - a very slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

I Will try again ! :(

not many suspects have the best lawyers (other peoples) money can buy or the money (other peoples) to have a team of PR that would make Kim Jong Un blush.
The review started with the ridiculous two scenarios 1: Madeleine is alive or 2: Madeleine is sadly dead, Operation Grange has indeed looked ridiculous whilst reviewing number 1 but they have to have a case where the sublime & the ridiculous has been seen to have been looked at but as we keep seeing later ruled out.
What we are seeing now is number 2: Madeleine is sadly dead scenario but there are still 'suspects' that need ruling out first. smellman tractorman & the first three burglars in the history of burglaries who somehow decided to 'nick a kid' & accidentally kill her before leaving with their 'haul' . So now we are left with the body in close proximity to 5A, the man the Smith family seen heading towards the ocean & have not heard any of the 12 UK POI having been ruled out.
Hope that makes some sense x

Anonymous said...

You said "considering all the original evidence does not point to an abduction".
Isn't that the whole issue surrounding the PJ and their nvestigation? The McCanns refused to cooperate when asked questions that might have helped the PJ move forward with the case and now SY are tramping all over a foreign country giving the implication that all they have to do is "investigate properly".
I never felt that Madeleine was abducted and wonder why the parents can't see that there are other possibilities.
There has been no sign of this child at all since she was last seen. No hint of a serial sex predator and no evidence of a burglary gone wrong. I really deaspair because I think she died on or about the 3rd May.
Sometimes people don't see what is right under their noses - don't you think?

Anonymous said...

The premise of ruling people out prior to looking at the McCanns is untenable. Criminal cases are not decided upon the basis of "eliminating others". What the CPS demands from Redwood is not the elimination of 'x', 'y' or 'z' but the decisive ruling IN of ...'g' or 'k'. No amount of legal wrangling can evade this formal reality of Law: the accused are bound by the case against THEM. The fact that 'x' or 'y' may (or may not) have been investigated for the same crime has no bearing upon the case as presented by the CPS, and it has no basis as a defence - in light of the 'case against' it would amount to nothing.

If Operation Grange is legitimate then these conjectures about who Redwood is ruling in or out are really not the crux. What we have seen from SY is bullshit tabloid fodder. Redwood's presentation of those supposed 'Algarve Attacks' was the most grotesque and unprofessional display that I have ever seen from a serving officer (and that's saying something). It held no investigative purpose, no possibility of elimination, just the crass incitement of our xenophobic press.

The crux is not whether you, I or anyone else can best determine what Redwood is doing, but whether what he is doing has all along been COMPLETELY veiled.

Ie. no Smellyman, no Tractorman....just one almighty smokescreen. The McCanns from the very begining, and the McCanns at the very end.

To accept this idea, we'd have to accept that the PJ and SY have orchestrated an immense scheme of media management that is only now coming to a head. The divisions between them were never real, and the ludicrous leads were never really chased.

I confess I don't know. It seems inconceivable to me that any person could make a mockery of searching for the wafer thin bones of a small child.

Whatever our differences of interpretation about Operation Grange, could any one really go so far?

Thomas Baden-Riess said...

Pat your pessimism warms my heart as I too see know real reason for optimism, at least not at the moment.

As a measure of how well the truth has been buried, I read a Guardian article today -- about how the Mccann's don't deserve all this press intrusion -- and the imbecile commentators were arguing amongst themselves, some saying the Mccann's deserved protection, others saying, although the Mccanns have suffered enough already (the poor dears) it's the price they're having to pay for trying to find their daughter. Needless to say my comments were immediately censored.

I read another Guardian article some time back about the PR company Bell Pottinger, and ALL the comments were negative and people were up in arms about their work. So it’s an inherent irony that the same company -- or whoever it is that is now doing the Mccann PR -- have basically got Guardian readers eating out of their hands.

It goes to show you can spin any sort of crime provided you pitch to people's sensibilities: in this case the Guardian readers have been told that the Mccans have been stitched up by the tabloid press; and because Guardian readers hate the tabloid press, the Mccans have become their new best friends.

As you spoke about other cover-ups Pat, do you have any feelings on 9/11? Personally I feel it is the same as Madeleine Mccann: so much of the evidence points to the official version not being true; whilst the story told by the media has been completeley lapped up by Joe Public, so that anyone who tries to say otherwise is denounced as a conspiracy nut.

Anonymous said...

Err, what press intrusion? That was over nearly six years ago.

The Iraq invasion is a better comparison I think - the initial coverage of Madeleine's disappearance was similar to the way the press behaved before the invasion: there was real world and then there was the parallel fantasy world being talked about by the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Fact: children who cannot fend for themselves were left alone where the guardians could not see nor hear them. It doesn't matter if the children were or were not on holiday. The guardians have expressed that they do this in their home country: leave children in the home alone while they're in the garden where the children cannot be seen nor heard. Accidents happen. Perhaps, the guardians simply cannot bring themselves to believe that because of their actions, one of their children became frightened and began to look for them. Whilst trying to find them, the child found herself in harms way. Perhaps the parents' mind has just blocked that out and instead actually believe their daughter was taken. I don't know. What I do know is that the legal guardians (her parents) have truly messed up. I feel very sorry for them - no amount of suing others to keep them shut will block out the voices in their heads that must be shouting at them: what were you thinking!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Roy Greenslade on "the simmering row about the reporting of the renewed investigation"

He'd like it to be "simmering" I'm sure.

But the whole world can see that neither he nor the McCanns said a word about the hundreds of tacky front pages the papers have printed since the last 'row'.

guerra said...

According to this article:

The lead that is on the verge of being abandoned and that was the reason for the case being reopened is that of the deceased Mr. Euclides Monteiro. A lead which I thought was brought to the attention of the Porto contingent by Scotland Yard. Who knows? The article also says that Scotland Yard has a "different understanding" i.e. they are strongly favouring the hypothesis of a sexual predator which to date neither they or the Portuguese police have provided concrete facts.

At no point have the Portuguese authorities said that the McCanns are suspects, on the contrary, they have said that they aren't. So why start crying now about an article that says the reason they reopened the case was because of a suspected sexual predator?

Yes the Portuguese decided to aid Scotland Yard in its endeavour to whitewash this whole affair. However, I believe that England is pressuring Portugal to do more, i.e to assure a conviction of Mr. Amaral. It's the very reason SY was called upon. This is my belief, others believe that the Portuguese are running an independent investigation and are not keeping SY abreast of the latest developments.

March 18, 2011:

Mr. Amaral says that the decision by the Supreme Court to allow his book to be distributed is a victory for democracy.

May 2011:

Scotland Yard launches operation grange.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you and JM we are bashing our heads against a political brick wall. Even so, I find it hard to abandon a child who has no connection to me. I will carry on protesting until my last breath and I will never accept anything less than the Truth.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation Pat, there can only really be one reason why you get so much flak over your doubts about Redwood: you hit a nerve.
As you've repeatedly said, the SY sceptics would love to be proven wrong; but only a final outcome is going to make that possible.
Those who are certain about SY can await that moment in assured silence. Why the need to convince or denounce others?...other than to convince oneself.

Anonymous said...

pat I feel same as you its an awful farse the whole idea is to clear the mc cans from day one the get everthing the ask for why because its to do with politics my god poor maddie sy are a bunch of idiots all that money looking for one child what about all the others its not right

Anonymous said...

PAT,Why would the maccanns want to clear their names if it was true their not connected to this latest investigation?
Turning the clock back to the dogs, the maccanns were dismissive over a possible death?
It dosent make sense to look for a body if their following a abduction theory, and not a death in apartment 5a?
I agree about the telepnone ping and the location you suggest, like you said it will be the fraudulent fund was built around one theory and that's it, no matter what evidence says anything diferent.

Anonymous said...

I'm teetering on the fence with the whitewash / no whitewash argument here. All the above points are very plausible but when did the PJ ever say they were re-opening the case based on the sexual predator/ abductor scenario? These reports seemed to come from the media only. In a telegraph article we were told; "A spokesman for the Attorney General's office said today:
"Portugal's Attorney General has determined the reopening of the inquiry relating to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann following a request from the Policia Judiciaria."
"The decision follows the presentation of new material justifying the reopening of the investigation."
..........But authorities in Portugal have imposed a secrecy order on the new material they are looking at, banning it from being made public."

So no-one has been told exactly what this new evidence was. There is so much media spin in this case but SY and the PJ have confirmed or denied very little, which gives me some hope.

Anonymous said...

One tiny ray of 'optimism': "The last tiny ray of wishful thinking for me is that Portugal is playing a totally deceptive game..." The Portuguese have been known for centuries for a diplomatic sort of wiliness and cunning, that's how they survived as a small independent country for so long. Many pressures that we do not know about are being brought to bear, but this country is less and less convinced.

Louise K said...

Dont believe the media, these stories are just that, stories. SY and the PJ have been working on this together for years now. The dig is valid, they are expecting to find something that will seal the McCanns guilt.

guerra said...

Louise what SY and the PJ have been working on since early 2011 is a a way to devalue the work of the original investigators. All this heightened activity was planned to coincide with the libel trial against Mr. Amaral. It's plain as day.

Mr. Amaral recently gave an interview to CMTV in which he stated that it appears a deal was made when the case was reopened.

I'm starting to think that all this reported tension between SY and the PJ is merely part of the plan to make their final conclusions more believable. In the end both forces will agree on the chosen deceased paedophile who abducted the child and killed her.

It baffles me why this libel trial is constantly being delayed, something tells me that that too is a done deal. The poor man is a sitting duck.

Anonymous said...

O K, Trying some optimism...for Mattew's sake! :-)

For all the reasons above I still reject the idea of elimination, and I still believe that Redwood's public appearances have been a travesty.

I don't know about the US and PT, but 'failure to eliminate' has been tried as a defence in the UK. It didn't work (anything but ). I try to picture the court hearing a string of expert witnesses: DNA, Blood, Psychs, dog handlers etc etc. and outside the "defence" is mounted by Clarence Mitchell holding up a burgundy T-Shirt and an egg man!!! No chance.

But when all is said and done Redwood has only ever given us 'appearances'. And to that extent, however nonsensical it might be, he has controlled the media flow. Maybe wrestling the initiative away from Mitchell.

So has it *all* been for appearances sake - masking the real work? I don' t think so. I think there have been genuine PT/SY tensions and many lines of enquiry that have floundered every which way.

But...political situations are hardly ever stable, and amongst a team the size (purported) of Operation Grange, I imagine that there will be many stresses, many lines and a lot of possibility for change.

Redwood has, if nothing else, always been equivocal. Even crècheman had the proviso of 'might be' this man. Smithman appears...but then seems to be ignored. Treading water maybe.

I don't think that the true excavation sites are likely to be known to the media, and what better cover than to advertise spurious locations with 'dramatic' helicopter arrivals. Meanwhile, somewhere, land is tested.

Experts don't like to be played for fools. My gut feeling is that if such specialised practitioners as dog-handlers and cadaver experts were called upon to make searches. Then searches were/are being made.

At least there must be that chance.

The spin that can be directly attributed to the McCann's seems to bear that out. They are simply too desperate to give the impression of being in control.

Anonymous said...

watched the BBC interview with the McCanns. First time without audio (problem unknown) and it was an insight to see how this pair conduct themselves. Watched for a second time with audio made me realise how their verbal and non verbal communications are at odds. They sit very still with little to no movement of the body and hands, saying "yes" while shaking the head from side to side, eyes up and to the left (Kate) and quick side to side eye movements (Gerry). Shoulder shrugs when asked certain questions! Little almost imperceptible tightenings of the lips and smirks.
I get the feeling that they know more than they are saying.

Anonymous said...

Even if redwood does close this with the body being dumped at sea?
This still leaves the smiths sighting lingering in thin air, and amaral not proven wrong, and no matter how unsolved this case may end up, and I can see many already thinking this, this is to discredit amaral in every way, not about finding this child, otherwise the dig would have happened years ago from the word go!
There has been enough funds for that dig in the maccann funds, it might be questioned why that delay took so long, if it is true the maccanns felt certain evidence did incriminate them?
There was no set permater for a set up of a murder by the police, otherwise the maccannns would of been charged from day one, there is along way to go on this case, if the maccanns wanted to know what happened to their daughter, it still remains a public concern why the maccanns ignored the police, about putting out too much information and detail about their daughter, where a alleged abductor would probably dispose of that child?
It must be that neglect that shows the maccanns defence is fraudulent in false belief madeleine is alive?
By excepting that mistaske, the funds have not looked for a dead child?
This is gross negliance on part of the funds, and by the maccanns themselves, not the police at all.
This is why I never believed the abduction theory by the maccanns.

trustmeigetit said...

Totally agree with Pat that most will never question the police.

Fact is most people really only half pay attention. That's why the Mccanns going for a good PR image right away has worked to some degree.

People will read one article and simply think "oh those poor parents". It's not unless you read the facts do you see a very different story.

I thought the same thing after seeing the story initially on the news. It was not until I read up on it that I realized there was so much more to this story.

People in General have a "it's note problem" mind set and jump to the conclusions the media dishes out.

I've been guilty of it. It was not until I learned about statement analysis which lead me to you that together I now make the effort to get the facts and not just assume the media is telling us the truth much less the guilty.

trustmeigetit said...

I also think Maddie is buried in Spain. Or at least very close to it. I really believe they moved her body in that car and like it's been discussed, they went to Spain and put on way more miles that could be explained.

I do think however if they ever get close to finding the location of the body.... I think a new media circus will erupt. Something new to distract.

My belief is also that Madeline was buried with her pink blanket (it was photographed on her bed when police arrived and turned up missing).

So I think if her body was found it would link mom and dad (since they had possession of the blanket after she disappeared).

That's also why I think they buried her in Spain. PJ can not just go into
Another country to dig. And the sheer size of the area she could be in is so vast it's unlikely anyone would find it.

Anonymous said...

PAT, i have said for ages, this case has been manipulated by the maccanns and their pr group, the maccanns havent followed any evidence at all, which is the focus of finding madeleine, i do agree this has been mislead by the maccanns to stall that process finding genuine evidence to solve this case, they also knew any reconstruction based on original statements would not give the maccanns any excuse over information they gave?
By rights the maccanns should be charged with manslaughter of their own daughter, for putting information out that would result in her death, no excuse for that ignorance after a warning, how clarence can defend that beggars beleif on its own, they knew this all along, and down right criminal at all levels, either way the maccanns are guilty of their childs death, next time they say they havent done anything wrong, they should look at warnings they ignored, and evidence they have manipulated since, truly disgusting pair pat.

Anonymous said...

One week on. Nothing. And so it will go on. Perhaps until the PJ buckle.

The publicity stunts come and go.

Next May, following reports from a stray fishing vessel, SY plans to send a team of officers hanggliding across the English channel.

And still just one question: Why would Redwood say anything at all? (Other than to defile the memory of a dead child)

MRSFeeX said...

Clarence is not working for the Mccanns anymore?

Still.. never understand why K&G did manage to control the media even in Europe for so many years..
Awareness.. sure..
Very proffesional..

Ike said...


I am not sure if SY has dismissed the McCann's completely as persons of interest.
I was pleasantly surprised
by the article from Blacksmith on Xmas Blog, 21 December 2013. He copied this article from Gerry's blog. At the same moment, someone escalates the McCann's garden in Rothley, dismantles their car and have all the Tapas friends come together in the police station?

Anonymous said...

Well Pat! You have an illustrious academic on your side! Professor Paulo Sargento, no more no less. In a recent interview for CMTV the Professor of Forensic Psychology suspects Scotland Yard's shenanigans can only be understood by assuming Scotland Yard is under the orders of Someone. Adding that there is no other way to understand it!

For the full interview, see here:

:) Plug! Plug!

Pat Brown said...

Ziziduarte, thank you for that excellent link. Although I have a slightly different focus/scenario as to what happened, Mr. Sargento are in agreement over how the case has been and is being handled and how it should be handled.

Some think that I am just being a troublemaker or some kind of police hater when I say that Scotland Yard is not handling the "review" properly. But, I have no issues with Scotland Yard (until now). Even if I had issues with a police agency in the past, if I see they are handling a new case properly, I am very enthusiastic. We need all the justice we can get and any time I see something being done right, I will be the first to give them my support. Police agencies are political beasts and just because there is something not right going on doesn't mean I have it in for all the detectives in that agency or for all detectives out there. Detectives have hard jobs and some are forced into bad situations through politics and some have no training and some are dumb as rocks (but maybe nice guys!). Just like any profession, there are skilled and unskilled people, ethical and unethical people, good moments and bad. Just because a college has some terrible professors doesn't mean all the education is worthless or if a hospital kills off some patients through bad care doesn't mean that all the doctors there are incompetent

So, Scotland Yard may have had moments of shining and may have moments in the future of great work, but this is not happening now. Nothing they are doing makes sense for a department handling a case properly; it simply looks like they have an agenda and that is what is going to play out. The agenda, as far as I can see, does not have the McCanns in the investigative crosshairs.

Anonymous said...

I could not have phrased it better Pat! I agree entirely.

As for the "agenda"... when one looks at the McCanns' connections that becomes easier to understand (or at least to speculate).

The idea of the review was put forward by The Sun at the time Rebekha Brooks was there.

Rebekha is married with Charle Brooks - David Cameron old chum (Eton).

It was David Cameron, you will recall, who ordered Scotland Yard to "review" the case.

The instructions he gave to SY we don't know but they are not difficult to guess (...)

Clarence Mitchell could have known Charlie Brooks via Matthew Freud (married with Rupert Murdoch's daughter) or some other via. He worked for him (at Freud Communications)anyway. Both Matthew and Cameron are part of the so-called Chipping North Set.

So you should not be too surprised to find that Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesperson - is now, at last!, a CONSERVATIVE candidate in the next UK general elections - David Cameron's party (...)

For other equally thought provoking ideas, please refer to the Chipping North Set article in Wikipedia:

; ) It is conspiracy theory all right!

Paula L.S.

Anonymous said...

Just how obvious can you get these people are like so guilty!!
This is the strangest case ever.
Imagine gerry & kate on Judge Judy.
She would turn them inside out and hang them up to dry..
Whats with all the names fawning over them?
Cover up..BIG TIME