Sunday, October 5, 2014

We are in the Secret Madeleine McCann Troll Dossier

In the wake of the death of Brenda Leyland who was outed by a pro-McCann group, Summers and Swan, and the UK and US media, condemned as a Twitter Troll and McCann hater, let me publicly state that I can be pretty sure that I am one of those named in the dossier as a McCann hater and troll.

Let me be perfectly clear to all media outlets. You don't need to out me. I am Pat Brown, criminal profiler, from Maryland, USA. I can be reached at and all my contact information is on my website at I have two Facebook pages under my own name and a twitter account @profilerpatb. I am more than willing to discuss publicly my skepticism of the McCann account of what happened to their daughter in Praia da Luz in 2007.

If you believe you are one of the others named in the dossier, please add your contact information below so media does not need to track you down, publicly humiliate you and hound you to your death.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 5, 2014


Anonymous said...

I dont think I am pat as I to the best of my knowledge have never threatened the Mccanns with violence or abuse. I do believe they and there friends fabricated a crime scene to cover up the death of maddie and then dispose of her body.

I have Twitter and Facebook account in my own name

I am Peter Kirby of Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria England.

Pat Brown said...

Peter, I have not threatened the McCanns with violence or abuse either but I know I am in the dossier because it is comprised of pages from a pro-McCann website that slates anyone who is vocal about the McCanns and question their innocence, threats not needed to get you on the list.

But, thank you for being willing to give a real name and contact so to show the media that we are not all hiding behind anonymity on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I could be on the list...have never issued a threat but my opinion has been deemed as 'hateful' as I'm sure yours have.

Once you go down the tunnel & see the light it is hard to turn your back on an injustice to a 3yr old girl & the lengths taken to keep whatever needs hiding, hidden.

The organised 'anon web users' will goad you & then take a screenshot of your reply but not the goading...@sweepyface was answering a tweet designed to provoke such an answer.

So angry right now & thoughts with 'sweeps' family & friends.

Matthew Wright



North Wales

Anonymous said...

I would like to say first, that I don't care if I am in the dossier or not, or whether they tracked me down.

I am ready to stand and be counted, there are to many innocent people been vilified whilst the truth is deliberately avoided, and that's putting it mildly .
My view is clear .. the case is a cover up.

I have posted here and at the Joana Morais site under the name of Mojo....never on twitter or facebook.

My name is Kyle Wood.

11A Brenwood Close.
West Midlands.

Home tel 01384-288768.

Martin Brunt, Sky ..your a disgrace.

I will meet you Martin ...give me a call lets see if your a stooge or a real journalist, well are you Martin? are you a big boy now, can you think for yourself ? or are you a little puppet who has his strings pulled - lets see.

Are you about truth or just destruction of people?


Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Matthew and Kyle! (and I have enjoyed immensely your Mojo posts!). Thank you both for letting the media and public know we are REAL people with REAL concerns about the McCann case, not just bored crazies with nothing better to do than troll on the net and cause a ruckus.

Sharon said...

Tens of thousands of people all "trolling" the McCanns! And why? Hmm, Perhaps we are just bored bums who need a hobby. Or perhaps we have read all the evidence in the Police files and come to the conclusion that there is not one shred of evidence that leads to the Abduction "theory". Perhaps the best course would be for the Police to prosecute us for having an opinion....Oops, isn't that what they are wanting to do? Arr well, I am a so called "hater" as my opinion is that they are barefaced LIARS. I am on Facebook under my own name.
Sharon Harris
31 Moorhead,
Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Anonymous said...

I too am ready to stand and be counted.

I run a page 'Madeleine McCann News As It Happens'

I have never abused or threatened the McCanns.

I do believe that we are all witnessing a cover-up of huge proportions and i will never give up putting the truth out there for those that rely on just MSM for their news.

We are REAL people, not trolls.

Why is the REAL truth about the McCanns being avoided globally?

Myself and others would sincerely like to know what REALLY happened to Madeleine McCann.

Martin clearly have not got a conscience.

Julie. Clifton, Bristol

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Sharon! Name calling is an easy way to block people from evaluating information and it certainly is a good way to stop people from standing up is not pleasant to be humiliated.

Anonymous said...

There needs to a full enquiry over this poor ladies death. Public outing, bullying & harassment is vile. I think I said a lot worse than Brenda, no threats, just looking for justice for
Maddy, questioning the facts of the case & wanting answers to what really happened.
Im on FB under my own name Angelena Kearney & yes I believe the parents are much more guilty of child neglect. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

Pat Brown said...

Julie, thank you so much. There are those who say that Martin Brunt was just following orders. So what? You have a choice, an ethical choice, to follow orders or not follow orders. When I started doing television in 2001, I made a promise that I would always say it as I saw it and stick to what I thought was right no matter the consequences. How I lasted for so long on television I am not sure, but I have stuck to that decision. When I took my stand against speaking on individual mass murderers because I believe media attention was causing the increase in the crime, I lost a huge number of television appearances. And when I did get on, I mentioned that media was at fault for giving them publicity and I can tell you it didn't make the hosts of those shows happy.

Sometimes a career comes to an end because one will not do the dirty work of one's masters. If Martin Brunt cannot do honorable journalist work (if such a thing even exists anymore) he would be better off doing something else with his time, something better than being a disgusting paparazzi.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Angelina! I am not sure what happened to Freedom of Speech. Certainly, there is a difference between harassing and stalking (direct undesired communications with an individual and directly following of an individual against their wishes) and speaking out. There is also a difference between slandering and questioning. I have been the recipient of harassment, stalking, and slander, so I know what these three are and, still, I stand strong for anyone's right to give their opinion about me or question me as long as they don't defame me.

Steve Morley said...

Happy to also stand up and be counted. As others above I've not made any threats but have questioned the McCann's version of event.

Post on Facebook in my own name and twitter as @ayrshiretiger

Steve Morley
Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland

Anonymous said...

To Pat Brown please continue to persue justice for Madeliene as this has been the biggest coverup in recent years.Many more in the past.Jimmy Saville etc. my condolences to the family of this poor woman,x

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Steve! Yes, I have not personally read any threats to the McCanns on Facebook or Twitter. I have seen some nasty comments, but not direct threats. And even if some whacko did do this, tarring an entire group of skeptics (from all over the world and Internet as haters and trolls is slanderous and disgusting. I have been verbally attacked and trashed by some pro-McCanners but that doesn't mean I think everyone who thinks they are innocent is a horrible person. I also have been verbally attacked by some who think the McCanns are guilty of a crime simply because I don't agree with their take on what happened but that doesn't mean I think everyone who questions MY take on the crime is a vicious hater. The simple fact so many people question the McCanns including police, profilers, and other professionals should cause the media to reflect on why if they weren't so hellbent on supporting the McCann story.

Viv Green said...

I have never directly threatened the McCann family, but probably have said things they would claim as damaging. If they had a presence on social media that is, which Gerry McCann admitted, this week, they didn't. Therefore my posts have not been accessed by them.
I 100% disbelieve the abduction nonsense and absolutely believe the McCann's have lied to cover up something else. What I do not know, only they do.
I don't know if I will be in dossier. Maybe if I have retweeted something but certainly nothing I have posted could be seen as abusive nor threatening.
Just in case..
Vivienne Green
Milton Keynes

Anonymous said...

I have read everything I can find about this and have formed my own opinion based on evidence so can be classed as a 'hater'. I have pointed lots of sceptical people in the direction of certain Facebook groups where they can read that same evidence. I have argued with friends who are sympathetic toward the McCanns, and haven't managed to sway a couple of them from their sympathetic opinions, but never have I threatened, insulted or 'trolled' the people in question whom I believe with all my heart are guilty of covering up the death of their daughter.
The untimely death of this lady who was exercising the right of free speech is an appalling tragedy, brought about by the media, as has happened on numerous other occasions.
Count me in!!! Also on Facebook under my own name
Vicki Holt
1 Dromore Cottage
Dumfries & Galloway

Anthony J. Quinn said...

Pat, I've also been labelled a "sicko" a "troll" for merely agreeing with the conclusions of Mr Amaral, Mr Sargento, Mr Flores and co. Given that Gerry and Kate know who I am, (through posts on youtube) it could well be I'm on the list. I'm very flattered if I am - and a little fearful also. So if Martin had plans to come to "out" me I live in Widnes, Merseyside. I won't give him my specific add as others have done - I'm not going to make life THAT easy for a prominent member of The British Media who have elevated those two disgusting child-neglectors into national celebrities. And have also launched a concerted campaign of "trolling" and vilifying the Portuguese Police who worked their socks off to discover what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann. He can find that out for himself - if he does not already know. I'm ex-directory but I can be contacted via e-mail or Facebook Anthony J.Quinn

Chelsea Hoffman said...

They don't need to hunt me down either!

I'm Chelsea Hoffman, and my contact details are public on

I too have been labeled as a troll -- all because I acknowledge the clear and existent evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann. I will not be embarrassed and I will not be bullied for it.

Anonymous said...

The MCanns now have fresh blood on their hands.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you Viv, Vicki, Anthony, and Chelsea! As each one of you stands up, I feel inspired that there are those who are willing to stand up strongly for freedom of speech and the truth!

Anonymous said...

As I said earlier, there will be consequences - consequences which the McCanns wont like. The Band of Brothers (and Sisters of course), who don't believe the McCanns, will have increased today. All we can do now is forge on in the quest to help the uneducated public (who blindly believe what the MSM feed them), to learn and read the truth as written in the Portuguese Police files.

Pat, you did so much research when you went to Praia de Luz, I can only harbour a small hope that this horrible event will persuade you to get out there in front again.

My name is Anne, but I'm afraid that is all I will divulge here.

roger Kelly said...

I'm delighted to show my support for you, Pat. I have read your thoughtful,well reserched profile of the McCann case and posts with interest. I also found your TV profile into the death of Cleopatra illuminating. I have also read some of the abuse that you have been subjected to on Twitter.The fact that you have been added to the list says all we need to know about those who seek to shield the McCanns. Keep up the good work.

With kind regards

Roger Kelly @rebroger

Anonymous said...

me too...there are loads of groups on facebook all questioning the McCanns yet to find one in support of them,from what i have read and watched including the documentaries aired in portugal called truth of a lie,i too believe they have more questions to be answered,which they refuse to my opinion they have been instrumental in her going missing and possibly her death

Anonymous said...

I do not believe a word what McCann couple has to say and I remain skeptical. But if media wants better insight into the matter , I urge them turn to Ms Pat Brown. I have read her blog and agree with everything she has to say regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. I have no interest in talking to media hacks myself since they twist and turn every word and story. Media has an agenda. Pat Brown is experienced criminal profiler and she good at talking, well I am not.
Hence I wish to delegate the task to her, a professional, in hopes media wont bother, harass or stalk me for no good reason.

Kylliki Tennemann

Pat Brown said...

Many thanks, Roger, for the kind comments and coming forward. I try to simply present the facts and then my analysis of them. I don't have a problem with people having a different theory than me but I find it sad when we have to shut down all questioning because some don't like the threat of an opposing opinion.

Pat Brown said...

Dear Kylliki, thank you for posting here. It is my hope, albeit a rather dim one (and one could take either definition of dim and have it work) that someone in the media will finally contact real people who question the McCann story and interview them in a true journalistic manner, seeking to understand what is truly going on and present what they learn in an education and honest manner. I would prefer that media do enough interviews of a variety of people - professional and lay - to get a full picture of why so many are skeptics. If we even get one journalist to come forward and do an honorable story, I would be happily shocked.

Anonymous said...

I have never threatened or abused the Mccans
I however believe they are directly responsible for their daughters disappearance and the following 'cover up'. I will go further. I believe that they know Maddy has passed away either due to their neglect or something far more sinsister. They have profited financially from her death. They have defrauded (again in my opinion) the general public who have made donations to a company set up to find Maddy but instead have improperly used the money for personal unrelated expenditure such as: mortgage payments.

Carol Ross

tania cadogan said...

I am also listed as a troll even to them using my pic from my blog which sad to say isn't my best one.

I am honored that they have taken an interest in my blog where i discuss and point out the discrepancies in their statements as well as their admission that Maddie is dead.

I am more than willing to discuss their statements and admissions and giving a crash course in statement analysis 101, something i did when i contacted the operation grange officers

Should it get to court i am more than willing to explain why i believe theur are involved in the death of maddie and to question them about their statements.
it also means all the stuff they want the public to ignore will be published and publicised.

tania cadogan said...

as an addendum

Tania cadogan

6 hawthorne walk



nn17 2uu

PS if you want to visit, call and let me know in advance so i can make sure i have a good supply of cookies in

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Carol, for adding your name here. As you point out concerning the fund, not only do people have a problem with the McCann's story of what happened to Madeleine, they cannot wrap their heads around this huge money making fund that the McCanns set up as a private cash sponge but also how the money of kindhearted, hardworking people was spent on crooked private investigators, lawyers, and personal bills. Even if the media thinks the McCanns are innocent of any wrongdoing in their daughter's disappearance, the apparent fraudulent fund should have media all over it

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Tanis, for posting your name here and making cookies for all the journalists who will be beating a path to your door! With each newly posted name and contact, the media can't claim we skeptics are hiding and refusing to be interviewed. Media?

Spud Gun said...

Mike 'Spudgun' Hardy

By virtue of the nature of my work I can't leave an address although, ironically, Martin Brunt knows where I am. As can anyone else who so desires to email me with that request and reason.

Pat Brown said...

Dear Mike,

Thanks for joining in. No address is necessary, just a real name and a way for the journalists to contact a real person to get real information if they ever care to exercise any real journalistic methodologies.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joana Morais said...

Joana Morais, Lisboa, Portugal
joanamorais at gmail dot com

Basta de manipulação, basta de inocentes serem expostas nos tablóides ingleses, basta de mentiras!

Pela #sweepyface

Pat Brown said...

Louise, would you repost your name and location but be careful not to include anything here which has not yet been proven as fact to avoid charges of libel.

Zora McCartney said...

I frequently post in my real name on Facebook. I take great care to stick to facts with of course my own opinion on said facts. Like the vast majority, I have never once made direct contact with, harassed or threatened the McCann family. Neither, I believe did Brenda Leyland.

Perhaps if UK MSM stance on the McCann couple wasn't so far removed from public opinion, we wouldn't have this situation whereby tens of thousands take to social media to share the evidence and sometimes vent a little.

This cannot go on. Perhaps the tragic death of Brenda Leyland will be a watershed moment.

Rest In Peace Brenda. You will never be forgotten.

Zora McCartney

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Joana, for joining the list. You are certainly one who has never hidden her identity and have always written intelligently and fairly about the case. That no journalist has bothered to properly interview you is appalling. Along with the fact you have great integrity, you are also Portuguese, so who better could they contact?

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Zora, and, though this cannot go on, it has managed to do so for seven years do to the cowardice of the media and the powers behind the scene that have yet to be identified.

Annie haley said...

Please add my name and contact information to this list to strengthen the collective voice of reason in the fight for Freedom of Speech and Justice for all.
Thank you for taking on the #BolluxMedia and for having such integrity and honesty during this entire case. I saw how the Trolls tried to defame your character and discredit you as a Professional Profiler and author, and you never responded with name calling.
I know that I am not even a beep on the dossier's list but my contact information can be found on my personal Facebook page, Annie Haley
or @SingAnnie on Twitter.
Good luck to everyone with this.
My heart goes out to Brenda's friends and family during this sad time.

Anonymous said...

@ I to have no problem being on that list also.
John derek thompson, 21 stone pit, kettle brook staffs tamworth,b77 1dn.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Annie, for adding your name. We need all the brave folks we can get to let the media know that we are not trolls hiding behind false fronts, that we are willing to come forward and speak straight to them if only they would choose to do real journalism.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, John, for adding yourself to the list of willing and able folk.

Anonymous said...

@ Huge hugs to all that seek the truth, and sympathy to brendas son.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pat Brown

I doubt I am on that list, but I am more than willing to be counted.
I've posted fore years now under the name parapono
on twitter and on several forums.
I've been to the damages trial in Lisbon in June and July.
Eephraima van den Hoek,
Koninginnelaan 42a
9717 BW Groningen
the Netherlands

RIP Brenda

Pat Brown said...

Eepraima, even if you are not, you well could be, but, more importantly, your are a real person willing to stand up and let journalists know you are not a troll but a perfectly intelligent skeptic who is there if they actually want to interview anyone. Thank you!

imakimou said...

Thanks Pat, it's Ima for short.
Journos are very welcome.

Anonymous said...

I too doubt I am on the list as I am not a very prolific poster, however I do question the McCann's and the mainstream media's insistence on publishing things as if they were fact and labelling people who question "haters" or "trolls", so here are my details:

Ellie Morrocco
2 Coupar Angus Road
PH10 6NS

You are welcome to doorstep me Martin Brunt, but good luck finding my house as most posties have trouble!

Opal Taylor said...
Condolences to Brenda's family.
What bothers me about this is how, from this dossier allegedly handed to the police, Sky/Brunt obtained Brenda's details and chose her? Could she have been identified as a vulnerable person rather than other, more forthright sceptics who might say things on camera they didn't want the public to hear ? The whole thing stinks and Sky need to answer some questions.
My name is Opal Taylor and I live in France. Along with other disbelievers, I was outed some years ago, so they could have a dossier as long as your arm. Why not choose one of us?
I don't join in any comment about this case any more as I am 80 years old and trying to enjoy a peaceful old age, but this is a time to stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

I to believe that there is a cover up in the case of Madeleine McCann. I have never said anything abusive and any comments I have made on Facebook have been in my own name.

My thoughts and prayers are with this poor lady's family and I still hope that one day the truth will come out about what really happened to Madeleine McCann. I have read the PJ files, I have read Kate McCann's book and I am proud to be a member of the facebook groups that I am in.

Kerry Allick

Anonymous said...

It is great to read the comments of so many like minded individuals. Especially this morning with the constant bullying ofBrenda Leyland in the UK media. This blog from Pat and our comments should give us the hope that justice will prevail for maddie and now Brenda.

Keep strong and spread the truth of the mcscammers.

Regards Peter Kirby Barrow

Anonymous said...

Not on list but happy to speak out to gain Justice for Madeleine and.Brenda

Sally Bate Warrington

Pat Brown said...

Thank you for standing up, Ellie, and welcoming journalists to your door. I don't think finding your house would be a problem if they really wanted to talk to you; the problem is having them want to really talk to anyone at all.

Pat Brown said...

Opal, people of all ages and locations in the world have issues with this case which is something the journalists don't want to address Thank you for adding your name on here!

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Kerry, for speaking up and for always having done so under your own name. Funny, it would be awful easy for the media to track us down who have always been in plain sight, but they have never done so..

Pat Brown said...

Peter, I hold out little hope, but the coverage of "dead trolls" has incensed me and I want to show the media that we are not trolls and we are not afraid of them and we are more than willing to be contacted by them should they really want to write a truthful story.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Sally, for adding your support.

Anonymous said...

My name is Petra Clark, I love in Masham North Yorkshire. I have believed from the very outset that the McCanns are aware of much more information than they have provided. Their silence when being questioned by the police, refusal to take a lie detector test and even just the fact they washed their daughters scent off cuddle cat... these are not the actions of innocent, grieving parents. At the VERY LEAST they should be charged with child neglect for leaving their 3 babies alone that fateful night. I am no troll, simply a lady who seeks the truth.

Pat Brown said...

Petra, thank you for coming here and speaking up. You bring up a good point, that you are simply a person seeking the truth. The media seems to paint everyone who does not go along with the McCann story as haters, haters for, essentially, no reason. Why do they not publish that there are many wishing to get the truth which clearly is not clear, in spite of Summers and Swan's claim that zero evidence exists that cast doubt on the McCann's innocence. Seeking the truth is the right and obligation of all humans.

Anonymous said...

I have not 'threatened' the McCanns personally either but, I have discussed in groups the evidence that is on the internet for all to see (including police records translated from Portugese to English by dedicated people who want the truth). If by caring for Madeleine's welfare makes me a troll - then so be it ....I will stand and be counted too ! yours, Carole Ann Evans, Rotherham S Yorkshire. I can inbox you my address as I have a crazy ex who likes to send pizzas etc xxxxx

Paulie said...

I don't know if I'm on the list; I'm more of a retweeter than a tweeter, but I have followed this case for years now. I am also a member of the groups that are often referred to as hate groups.

They are not hate groups, they are concern for a little girl who had no choice and no control over what happened to her. I hate no one. I am not a troll. I have simply read the case files and I have an opinion and a desire for some justice and dignity for Madeleine McCann.

I am Paula Jones from Harrogate, and you can find me on twitter @paulagreenjones and I always post under my real name.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Carole and Paula, for posting your names here and pointing out you have read the files. Media and Summers and Swan would have the public believe that all those "trolls" have never researched a thing and only got their ideas from news stories (hmm....wouldn't that actually then be their fault?) when, in fact, it is clear to me that us "trolls" have read the police files far more thoroughly than Summers, Swan, and any other journalist.

Debbie Coates said...

I'd be surprised if I'm on the list..I have most of the most vehement McCann supporters on Twitter blocked now, as the constant flow of abuse and insults from them to anyone questioning the McCanns version(s) of events just got too tiring to read on a daily basis. They are particularly nasty to anyone new finding their way to the McCann # and will go all out to intimidate people into not posting. I have seen several newbies give up quickly under this pressure during the past 18 months or so. I, however, will continue to question the HUGE discrepancies and red flags which exist around this case. I don't fully understand why Brenda was singled out for this horrific act of humiliation, but I do know that it could have been any one of us being "made an example of." Rather than be scared into silence, it is more important now than ever that we raise our voices, for Madeleines sake, as ever, and now for Brenda too.

Debbie Coates.
@LocalSongstress (Twitter)

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Debbie, for joining in here. Yes, the vitriolic attacks from those who support the McCann's claims are very overwhelming for many who then simply go away quietly; therefore how many "nontrolls" are out thre who question this case?

Paulie said...

Pat, I was ill a few years ago and I had time to read the files.

Like most people who haven't read up on the case, I felt that the McCanns should never have left their children alone.

Probably, unlike most people who haven't read up, I felt some uneasiness and found it odd that there was a brand identity associated with the case, and that they needed PR. I didn't pursue it though, it just felt off.

While I was ill, I was reading an off topic thread on a business forum, and one of the posters linked

I was hooked, and I read everything, right down to looking at the original pictures of the case files alongside their translations. I have read lots of commentary, dismissed some of it (because I have a brain and am a critical thinker) but largely taken on board what I have read. I have seen all the contradictions, some of which, as we know, are on video for all to see, wondered about the necessity to patent Madeleine, the need for a fund set up as a limited company, her ward of court status, the discrepancies.

While no one from the McCann camp answers, I think we have the right to keep asking the questions. Particularly as the fund receives donations from the public, and the investigation has currently cost the UK taxpayer more than £7m. We have the right to some answers and explanations, and we're not getting them.

Wanting answers doesn't make me a troll. Wanting justice and dignity for Madeleine doesn't make me a troll. For the record, I have never made any personal remarks against the McCanns, and I don't have much of an opinion on them either way. I just don't believe them. And clearly, neither did the Portuguese investigation.

The trolls as far as I can see are the ones who try to block access to information, who discredit us (or attempt to), who state that we suffer from mental illnesses, that we have sad little lives, and we attack from behind our computer keyboards.

As far as I'm aware, it's not an offence to have an opinion.

Today on twitter there is REAL trolling taking place, people saying Brenda deserved to die. I wonder how her poor son is coping with that.

I am so disgusted, all round, at what's going on here, and absolutely gutted that Brenda has gone. Yes, it's possible to not like her opinion, sometimes we will tweet with our hearts and not our heads, and occasionally we could all do with being a little more articulate, but it's not always so easy in 140 characters.

I'm so sorry you're gone Sweepyface, and I hope you have some peace. xxx

Pat Brown said...

Paulie, many good points to you make. Wanting answers does not make one a troll. The reason there has been such a huge number of "trolls" is because no one is getting answers. British and Portuguese citizens have every right to have their questions about this investigation and the McCanns answered as huge numbers of taxpayer pounds and euros are being spent on this case. People from all over the world have the right to answers from the McCanns because the McCanns squandered their money on crooked private investigators and lawyers and have never given an accounting of how fund money was spent. If we are trolls, then we are simply trolling for answers.

Pat Brown said...

I have removed all comments that are off topic. This is not a general discussion post. Please only comment if you are adding your real name and contact info as one of those willing to be known to the media and willing to have then contact you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, happy to be out in the open. Years of reading about this case have made me aware there is more to the mystery than meets the eye. I am always happy to refer people to the PJ files, and to your good self. Poor old Sweepyface, am crying as I type this. I hope she gets justice. Anne Goldsmith, Clapham, London

Pat Brown said...

Dear Anne, you are now the thirtieth person willing to stand up as your real self! As have many, you have read the police files and in them, the facts raise the same questions we do.

Neve Grey said...

Hey Pat, I'm living on a military base in the UK so it's not possible for me to leave my full address.
It's been a long time since I posted anything in relation to the McCanns and my words were always of a questioning nature so it's highly unlikely that I'll be targeted. On the other hand there are certain people in this country who I suspect won't be happy till they've brought in thought crime legislation.
If Brenda's family are reading this, please know that so very many people are thinking of you x

Neve Grey



Anonymous said...

hi,i have never trolled the mccanns,but having read the files imo they did something to Madeleine,so I would like to be counted as well.
chris Clarke,kent

Pat Brown said...

Welcome, Chris, and thank you for making yourself known.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Neve, for adding your name here. Even questions seem to be considered cruel and wrong because how can you question grieving parents' innocence, eh?

Anonymous said...

I have never trolled the McCanns but will add my name. After reading files,blogs and belonging to a FB justice group. There is no doubt in my mind the parents know what happened to their daughter. The loss of a small child has made the parents celebrities instead of criminals. I hope this status changes soon. RIP Brenda.
Jo Petteford, Paphos, Cyprus.

Lorraine Holden said...

My name is on my fb account
Lorraine Holden
Gosford Drive
Hinckley Leicestershire
Le10 0sx

Terri Denice Leyman said...

Pat, I doubt if I'm on dossier but I have nothing to hide. If anyone wants to come witch hunting because I am not pro - McCann and use my twitter account to occasionally question anything about this case, please feel free. My name is Terri Denice Leyman. My twitter is @DRAGGYX007. I live in the USA, Ohio where I dare anyone to tell me to keep my mouth shut.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Brenda, Lorraine, and Terri for adding yourselves to folks who are willing to be counted as real people with real contacts for the media.

Stella Mcateer said...

Stella hope, Hinckley leicestershire

Anonymous said...

I admire what you have done here Pat. RIP Brenda.
Joan Brennan, Ayr, Scotland

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Stella and Joan. I just want to make it clear that the media has NO excuse for not getting their information from the very people they are writing about instead of from a pro-McCann hate group and using other media stories to replicate for their own outlets. If you are really journalist, then really interview the subjects you are writing"facts" about.

shiveringgoat said...

I am Shaun Hutchinson

Manchester UK

shiveringgoat at gmail dot com


I am certain that the McCann's know more but am disgusted by this poor lady being branded a Troll by MSM when all she was doing was expressing her opinion, anyone who reads the Portuguese files or the excellent blogs like Joana Morais's knows the picture painted by MSM media is not the truth.

Thanks Pat we are the good people :)

Ella Bella said...

Hi Jo I regularly use the Facebook page questioning the story on The McCanns it has thousands of people who are members,are they looking to silence us all??
I have never abused the McCanns I've simply expressed my views which I know is different to theirs,
My name is Jane Corbridge,Portslade East Sussex

Ella Bella said...

Ps sorry I meant Pat :)


Pat Brown said...

Dear Shaun and Jane, thank you for joining in here. Yes there are many good people who are seeking truth and justice. Funny, if you don't try hard enough people say you don't care; if you try very hard, they call you a troll.

nene shea said...

I am Nene Shea and I would love to discuss anything I have ever written about the McCanns. In 7 years my opinion that they are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance has only gotten stronger because of all the evidence that has come out.
I live most of the time in Laredo, Texas.
When you come visiting you have to know I am packing and Texas is a "stand your ground" state.

I guess that will get me off the list, since they seem to prey on more defenseless people.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail clarifies their definition of a troll: "The trolls wrongly believe the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance."

Anonymous said...

Pat, I think it might be worth mentioning that the British Media have in fact during the last seven years contacted "real people" who disputed the abduction theory. And then proceeded to pour scorn on them both by implication and overtly. I refer to a television documentary about Tony Bennet and the Madeleine Foundation. I also recall when the MF did a leaflet drop in Rothley. I'll never forget the television interview with Debbie Butler then a member of the MF. Miss Butler said the leaflets "were facts" to which the interviewer retorted scornfully "yes but facts can be changed" Incidentally, Debbie Butler was also a victim (like yourself and others) of vicious trolling.

Anonymous said...

Jon Tait, Armagh.

End stalking now.

H. Genreith said...

Dear Pat,

my name is Heribert Genreith from Germany. I'm a scientist and blogger to find under I also providing a Wikipedia-like Wiki on the “Maddie”-Case ( ).

I always post anywhere by Real name, sometimes under alias TandemVipera but which then is always directly connected to me.

Of course the Madeleine McCann case is one of the crimes of the 21th-century. Just like the “Jack the Ripper” case in the 19th and the “Lindbergh-Baby” case in the 20th. Besides the tragedy of the victims such miracolous cases but are a highly interesting subject for a subtle scientific investigation.

For sure the truth behind the case is much more sinister than most people think, which may be reflected seriously by the fact that the case was officially declared a case of “National Security” in the UK ( Such that Downing Street was involved from the very beginning of the tragedy in 2007 on. Hindering the normal investigations in Portugal and later on never questioning the McCann's in UK despite of the still existing overload of evidence against them. Still much more than ever needed for an UK prosecutor in any comparable case.

I have never threatened the McCann couple with violence or abuse. Based on the whole of evidence but I do believe that they and there friends fabricated the crime scene to cover up the death of Madeleine and then disposed of her body. I don't know if I'm on the McCann-supporters “blackmailing-list” of Non-believers called “trolls”. If not but it would be quite disappointing.

Best wishes to you, Heribert Genreith, Germany.

Anonymous said...

I am almost certain that I am on the 'list' but that bothers me not, so they can bring it on :) Op Grange have had my contact details for a very long time and so they know where to find me and how to get hold of me in person, via phone and email. I am more than happy to stand up and be counted as someone who will not lie down and take the crap that nearly all the pros dish out at us for holding an opinion and for daring to ask questions about the McCann case. Nor will I accept the MSM mushrooming from journalists who keep the public in the dark and feed them shit when I know for a fact that a big percentage of them doubt the McCann story themselves but do not have the balls to stand up to Carter Ruck. I am still in shock over what the dossier compilers and Sky News have done to Brenda and her family. She committed no crime, her tweets were within Section 33 of the CPS guidelines and police admitted that they were not investigating anyone on the 'dossier'. Gerry McCann also admitted he had not seen her tweets. It is also highly likely that Martin Brunt broke Ofcom rules regarding doorstepping

"Dr Claire Hardaker, a lecturer at Lancaster University and an expert in internet abuse, said that from the tweets she downloaded from Leyland's 'sweepyface' Twitter account, she would not have classified her as a "troll""

All those who played a part in the events that led up to Brenda's tragic death MUST be held accountable. Justice for Madeleine McCann and Brenda Leyland. RIP

Denise Thomson

Anonymous said...

Ooh it changed the zero in my name to an o - should read @syn0nymph

Anonymous said...

I am more than happy to publish my details. I have read the official files and the made up versions of events provided by the parents and those trying to protect them. I originally didn't believe there was anything amiss until I read compelling evidence against them. If I am a troll for not believing their version then so be it.

Denise Dundas
Co. Durham

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Jon, for joining us here. Yes, stalking definitely needs to end. The media should be dogging down the facts (investigative journalism) rather than dogging own people just for a story.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Heribert, for adding your name here and pointing out that you have been visible and vocal for a long time. Those who have spent a lot of time analyzing the case should be the ones the media goes to when it is going to write an article on the issue. Summers and Swan were equally as egregious because they only went to a pro--McCann haters site to gather information on those who believe Madeleine may not have been kidnapped. This is a travesty for investigative journalism not to even bother to go to the source; worse, to then portray those with a differing opinion as haters and trolls without giving them the slightest regard for intelligence or taken an ethical stance for justice and truth. Even if one doesn't agree with everything another believes, it doesn't mean they are wrong or a nut. There are many people who are not profilers, police, or professionals connected to crime analysis who have a different take on the evidence than I; I still respect their input even. There is nothing wrong with another's viewpoint; it is how we learn, it is how we challenge ourselves, and it is how we as adults discuss things by agreeing sometimes to disagree. Only in a court of law is it necessary to have the majority agree with one particular theory, hopefully, a strong majority due to solid evidence that makes it difficult to come up with differing analyses. Journalists should also respect varying opinions and elucidate such opinions without giving vicious, emotional commentary on those who have them.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Denise Thompson, for being willing to stand firm in an onslaught. As you point out, many of those who disbelieve the McCann story have stayed anonymous for a reason. They are afraid of the pro-McCanners and Carter-Ruck. Having suffered much abuse from both of these myself, I can't blame them. Certainly, I have done my career no favors by speaking up on the McCann case and so I cannot blame anyone for not be willing to suffer the consequences of being public. However, I thank you and all here for doing just that. It takes guts, more so I think for someone not already in the public eye such as myself because it is scary territory to enter.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Denise Dundas, for standing up and being counted. As you point out, you are basing your determination on COMPELLING evidence, not just vague minimal bits,. COMPELLING evidence it is.

Christine Leonhardt said...

My name is Christine Leonhardt, I live @7611 36th Ave. North #301 New Hope, Minnesota 55427 and I am ready to stand up and be accounted for. I have stated my views, my opinion and commented to Pat Brown Criminal Profiler. I have believed from the very outset that the McCanns are aware of much more information than they have provided. Their silence when being questioned by the police, refusal to take a lie detector test and even just the fact they washed their daughters scent off cuddle cat... these are not the actions of innocent, grieving parents; as I myself have experienced the loss of a just do not do that!!! I am no troll, I Believe completely In Pat Brown - Criminal Profilers Expertise & Professional Views and I WANT Justice & Truth for Madeleine McCann. If I am a troll for not believing their version then so be it. Christine

Anonymous said...

Jemma Murray tweet @jemmaoliver2 London girl who lives up north. Have no issues with anyone from press contacting me tweet with real pic and all! Don't believe mccanns have had this much control for so long iam neither ashamed of my opinion or fearfull of being outed jemma

Morag MacFarlane said...

I am disgusted by recent events.Brenda was like thousands of others who do not believe the version of events that we are being 'fed'.
Morag MacFarlane,

Pat Brown said...

I am removing any comment including anything that could be considered libelous, general discussion not including a name and contact (I don't want the distraction here), or any comments where I am not sure the poster is the actually the person they claim to be. If you have posted your name and contact and I have removed it, please contact me by email at and let me know it actually is you and please do not remove the next post you put up.

Pat Brown said...

Also, if anyone has added your name and contact info without your consent, please contact me asap at

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Christine, for representing the fine state of Minnesota! I miss living there!

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Jemma. We need brave people to stand up and, anytime you are willing to deal with the media and the pros, believe me, you are brave.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Morag, and I believe you are correct that much of the information is being "fed" to the public.

Mark Lillie said...

Pat i have been on twitter years and use @_bumps my name is mark lillie I will be in that crap file

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with the sentiment I would strongly urge anyone in UK to think twice before giving personal details on any social media blog or otherwise.

Pat Brown said...

::laughs::Welcome, Mark, and thank you. I have been in a number of crap files for years and had a FB page and a website created just to trash me. One of the problems with this particular "dossier" as well as other sites is that when they put people in it, they add libelous stuff about them and misrepresent what they say or take what they say out of context. For that matter, that is often the problem with media which is why I rarely do print interviews or prerecorded television interviews; often, I am totally misrepresented. Only on live TV can I be sure what I say is what people hear.

Anonymous said...

I have never uttered a single word which could be regarded as a threat to the McCanns but I have been a disbeliever of their version of events since day one. I don't consider myself a troll but also don't want to hide behind a computer screen so you can add my name to all the others. Patricia Thompson, Newark, Notts UK

Anonymous said...


My name is Kelly Webber-Spary

i have opinions that differ on a sequence of events portrayed to those that are in the media of the McCanns events in the disappearance of Maddy

i don't consider this to be trolling, but others seem to think that the power of freespeech to be just that

i have Facebook in my name, i have email at and also i also have a blog at - seriously neglected it is mind

i live in Pontypool South Wales and i a History student at the University of South Wales Caerleon campus - we could do with some notoriety might keep our campus open!

Lorna Mulligan said...

Hello Pat, I cannot give my full contact details due to my profession (for security reasons) however I post on Facebook and twitter under my name and never used a pseudonym. I have never made threats nor directed abuse to the McCanns or anyone associated with them, nor their supporters. However I have expressed my opinions based on the facts that have been presented by sources I believe to be reliable and truthful.

Lorna Mulligan
Argyll, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat

My name is Mike Enoch from Salford,UK. I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts in my own name. I've never posted anything vile or bad about the McCanns. All I want is for the UK public to be made aware of the facts as contained in the PJ Files.

It seems now that any one who disagrees with the McCann's official line is labelled a troll. If wanting to know the truth makes me a troll so be it.

sarah Sprason said...

Hi there everyone

* sorry if a previous post has already been posted...Google being awkward!!*

My name is Sarah Sprason and I've never knowingly written anything that could be taken as a threat towards the McCanns. I have however knowingly, on more than one occasion, in closed groups and my own fb wall, written that I don't believe their version of events and that I believe they are involved in a massive cover up!

I have twitter but rarely use it, to the point I don't actually know my username! I only use my true profile to sort on fb.

I hope that one day, the truth comes out and I would love to be proved wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Journalist Sonia Poulton

Anonymous said...

Hi I wouldn't know if I am on the list, and don't really care, if anyone wished to pursue me that wouldn't worry me, and if i was sued for being honest then they wouldnt get much from me, maybe £5.00 a month until i retire lol. Anyhow, I have been vocal on facebook and twitter and will continue to do so until we finally know the outcome of events and where poor Maddie is. Im just like thousands of other people who is sick to the stomach that Maddie is still missing, and we all want her found so she can be laid to rest in a more respectful place than in a shallow grave somewhere. I know that may sound awful as there are some that still want to believe she was kidnapped. But I've read the files of investigation and the reports from the sniffer dogs so I do not believe anything other than that beautiful child has been taken from this world at the hands of monsters. Ive never spoken directly to anyone supporting the McCanns or them themselves, but have voiced my own logic and intellect when posts have appeared with respects to the facts of the case. I am happy to join any healthy debate at anytime if required. I stand alongside all that seek the truth and Justice for MM
Sending love to Brenda Leylands family RIP to a brave woman who stood up for her beliefs in the face of adversary and God bless all who mourn her x
Wendi Wilkins
West Midlands

Pat Brown said...

Please only full names, contacts, and reasons why you are willing to speak up. No extraneous commentary or first names only or vague locatoins without a contact for the media.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Patricia and Kelly for joining the list. Even if someone disagrees with everything I think, that does not make them a troll. It just means they have a different viewpoint and any third person can evaluate both our views and come up with their own personal viewpoint. This is called discussion. And as long as one speaks out without slandering or threatening on their own page or a public forum it is hardly harassment.

Pat Brown said...

Lorna and Mike, thank you. Your opinions are hardly trolling and the press should be seeking out people like you to get at what is really the issue with the McCann case.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Sarah. Willingness to be proven wrong by solid evidence I think is not a problem for most of us. Our problem is that the evidence does not prove abduction and heavily points in the McCann direction yet since the case was shelved and reopened, it seems the evidence is not being evaluated properly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat I am Margaret Cumming and like many like minded people I do not believe the McCann's after reading the PJ files etc. I am known on fb as Wee Mags Cumming I personally cant believe I am considered a troll for believing all the files and the dogs's findings etc

Pat Brown said...

Sonia, thank you for making the video and being a journalist willing to broach this story.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Wendi, for bing willing to put yourself out there and accept the consequences should there be any. In reality, we all have a responsibility to stand behind what we say and if aren't willing to take what comes our way, perhaps silence is the better choice. Saying this, I do understand why many do not want to use their real names because the backlash is pretty nasty.

Pat Brown said...

Thanks, Margaret, and, yes, it is hard to believe voicing an opinion is considered being a troll but this is often a mirror image, the name caller is actually the one doing the vicious stalking and harassing. I know this because those that have claimed I am such have spent an incredible amount of hours attacking me and libeling me simply because I voiced an opinion that differs from theirs.

Anonymous said...

I post as myself on FB , I am @fiorifan on twitter , I am 'The Slave' on the forums.
I stand with Brenda Leyland and Madeleine McCann

Ann-Kristine Westwood
The Woodlands

Liz Martin said...

I post as myself on Twitter
I would love to be wrong that #McCann had anything to do with the missing status of Madeleine
I however have opinions but have never verbally abused the parents All I want is justice for this little girl
I am aware I am on a dossier
The abusers are pro McCann
The result Brenda Leyland's death RIP
Liz Martin

Peanutnut said...

I doubt I am on the dossier but object to being labelled a troll because I am a member of several groups that do not buy the one sided story published by MSM about Madeleine McCann. I rarely use Twitter but since this terrible treatment of Brenda Leyland I have been tweeting more than ever.I was always under the impression that when using Twitter you had a USERNAME and did not use your real name for safety reasons NOT to be confused with HIDING BEHIND ANONYMITY. The moderators have your details and that is all that need them.
However my user name Cabro Creations is linked to my Facebook so easy to identify, My real name is Carol Brown ,email: and I have never threatened the McCanns or any of their cheerleaders, I have nothing to hide

Anonymous said...

I too have followed this case from the start. I have been on many Forums/Groups and i am on an FB Grpup at the moment. I can say with honesty that i have never once said anything to cause the McCanns distress. They have done that by themselves through not being truthful as to what happened to their daughter They would not take a PolygraphTest.that maybe could exonerate them should they pass. Why Not? I have never Trolled them nor have i directly or indirectly tweeted anything venomous about them. I always cite the Official PJ Files. What has happened to this lovely Lady is Trial By Media and a lot of Blood on their hands. Who does Gerry McCann think he is wanting all of us taken to Court? What he has said and encouraged his fans to do was done in Deviousness and through him and his supporters also #Brunt #Sky #Gamble #McCanns have the blood of Brenda on their hands. RIP Brenda

Pat Brown said...

Thank you Ann-Kristine for being the 60 person to sign on here. xoxo

PeterMac said...

Pat, Hello again. They have known who I am for all those years since we walked PdL together, and you took that very unflattering film clip of me working the shutters - and proving to the world they they COULD be pushed up from outside, BUT they then crashed down again, and there is no way to keep them up ! Still there at
Since then I have tried to examine the evidence we have, to focus on the lies about their point of entry, whether the curtains were "wide open" - Kate's Police statement - or tight closed - all Kate's subsequent TV interviews. I have examined the weather reports, and have spoken at length to a retired UK RAF Navigator, for whom 45 years of duty involved noting weather patterns, - who now lives in PdL, and who keeps a diary. And after all that we come to the conclusion, based purely on the evidence, that the door could NOT have slammed, the curtains, trapped as they were behind the bed, could NOT have 'whooshed', and furthermore that the "Last Photo" the one of the three of them siting in boiling sunshine with their feet in the pool, COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN TAKEN on 3/5/7. It is most likely to have been taken on the Sunday 29th. This is a sneak preview of a YouTube video to be released with the evidence in the next few days.
E-speak to you again soon

Pat Brown said...

Hello, Liz! Thanks and, yes, you are surely in the dossier but I have never seen anything from you that was anything trolllike!

Pat Brown said...

Thanks, Carol, for standing up and being counted. Even if you are not in the dossier today, but aligning yourself with all the so-called trolls here (and a good portion of us ARE in the dossier) you might well end up in the next one!

Pat Brown said...

Hi, Peter! Ah, I do remember our enjoyable day together and, personally, I like the shutter video and it certainly has been well viewed! Who knew that was going to be such a hit! Look forward to your new info. And, although, yeah, they do know where to find you, if you could put a full name and email or whatever here, this would be great for that journalist who just might not have your info.

Anonymous said...

I wont be on the list, but i would not mind. Those dogs do not lie, phil dunn south shields tyne and wear, ne348pl i look forward to talking to anyone who does not like my opinion

Philip Dunn said...

Oh and i want her to answer the 48 questions she refused to answer. Name and address as above

Pat Brown said...

Phil, welcome and many are curious of those 48 answers. Although it was her legal right to refuse, it was extremely odd for a parent of a missing child to do anything that would anger the police and prevent them from moving on to other suspects.

Pat Brown said...

I have had to remove two very well thoughtful comments because, as I stated previously, I only want comments here that include a name and contact for media. This is not a general discussion post and I don't want to water down the page with dozens of general comments. Please pick any other blog post page and post there. I hate to keep wiping out these good discussions.

Pat Brown said...

PS. I entirely agree with the last two comments.

Anonymous said...

@mariaccnr Twitter

Mariac CNR Facebook


66 years old

Good Day, Pat Brown!

Not a Google account but please post what I write.


Anonymous said...

There isn't much to add as it's all been said in prior comments. The shock & heartache at th news on Sunday will take a while to ease. The ugly ness of the people behind this dossier will remain thats what they are & will always be..Brenda was there for Madeleine & will be really missed..RIP Sweepy x

I am Kathleen Hammett,
Clacton on Sea

Colchester, Essex

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat

I don't know whether I am on the list or not, but I have been following the case and posting for years. I believed in the original Portuguese investigation and nothing since has convinced me that Madeleine was abducted.

I am a member of a number of forums, have my own Madeleleine FB page and have posted case-related comments on the Met Facebook page under my own name.

I do not do Twitter but am appalled at what happened to Brenda.

Lesly Finn
New Zealand 9440

Anonymous said...

My name Jim Boland. iam no troll or McCann hater but if thats what I've to be branded , because I want the truth & proper justice for a be it.bring it on.This tragic saga is like the childs story about the Kings new suit.Pat I dont want to patronise you,but your a Legend!.my name in English is Jim Boland from Achill island, Co Mayo, Ireland. Ps fair play to the people who stand up to what's right.

Pat Brown said...

Maria and Kathleen, thank you for taking a stand. Yes, Kathleen, many people don't realize that the person/s behind the dossier and not caring citizens but a pretty vicious group of humans.

Pat Brown said...

Dear Leslie, thank you for adding your name here. Regardless of any other issues Brenda had that might have led her to making such a final choice, certainly, the utter viciousness of the media plastering her name across all of the UK and the US in headlines calling her names has nothing to do with journalism but pretty much a hate crime in itself that must have devastated her.

Pat Brown said...

Jim, thank you for being counted and for the kind comment I think fair play has long left the building in this case and it is my sad feeling is never coming back but I still find people taking a stand for the truth inspiring regardless of the results.

jojo said...

Hi my name is joanne sharlott. Jo jo here on Google as it wouldn't alow me my own name at the time. My fb page and twitter account are in my own name. I've commented on fb and posted on twitter. Also had mild abuse from pros on twitter ! I have seen far worse! I also told a pro one night to take down a link that went to the twins school with pick up points for their mini bus! I asked ten to take it down! Was within a Web page containing people's twitter accounts names gimme ts ect ( the dossier) I think. I said it was sensitive and should be removed! I was called pond life and scum for this lol. justice for Madeleine justice for Sweepyface RIP x
Joanne sharlott
Barewell close

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Joanne, for adding yourself to the list. Although I am not holding my breath that the media is going to interview any of us who have come forth and openly given our names and contacts, it is still important to show that, in spite of the abuse one risks doing this (which is why so many aren't willing to use their real names on the Internet), there are those who have shown quite a lot of bravery to put themselves on the line. Having been the recipient of a lot of nastiness (although I rather though my head imposed on a slug was kind of cute), I know what people are risking.

Ann Brown said...

ann brown
john morton crescent, darvel,east ayrshire..
i agree with everything thats been said...i loathe the mcCanns....
journalists welcome..try not come at the same time as the "tv licence inspectors"

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Ann, and you are the 70th person to stand up and welcome the media to talk straight to those who question the McCanns and what happened to Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

Mike Wild
Was @21lvafox on twitter
boarshaw clough m24
posting because ive read pj files and definitely don't believe mccann version of events.
Me a troll?? Lololol. Give me a knock Brunty.
rip Brenda xx

trustmeigetit said...

I constanly comment on blogs and facebook comments.

These people are profiting off the death of their child.

Enough is enough.

It kinda feels like shit may soon hit that fan!

Shelley Matz

Glad this is the focus on not what Gerry and Kate have done.

And all while taking millions of dollars.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Mike, for being willing for Brunt to show up at your door. Interestingly, I am sure Summers and Swan help the pro-McCann troll dossier site to connect with the McCanns and I am sure they brought the attention of Sky to the dossier. Now, that we have over seventy names of people aka "trolls" willing to speak to the media, why are Summers and Swan not giving our names to the media? Oh, yeah, because we might actually represent ourselves properly.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Shelley, for adding your name here. Certainly, I have read your comments for some time since you have often posted on my blogs and I have never thought of you as a troll just a concerned citizen.

AnneGuedes said...

I might very well be on the list.
One year ago I've been told by a certain KMC on the Lamberton Justice Forum that I should fear for what I have because I was on top of the libel list.
Then Isabel Duarte twice and in public threatened me (obviously she doesn't like my reports).
I wouldn't mind at all any questioning, since I never insulted anyone, I'm just not a believer, whatever the subject.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Anne, for adding your name here. You have certainly out in the open for the media to contact, but it seems that even those that have been threatened and Carter-Rucked like myself have never gotten a call. Oh, please add a contact even though it would not be difficult for media to figure it out.

jkh said...

Hi Pat

I'm pretty sure I'm on the hit list because of my forum and blogs.

Here are my details:

Jill Havern, owner of The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann forum - the McCann supporters have trolled my forum for years.

and owner of the NHS: Abuse of Power blog:

and also owner of 'The Truth of the Lie' blog

I'm also on twitter as
Get 'em Gonçalo @abuseofpower

and Facebook:

I've also got another blog which Summers and Swan are aware of and mentioned in their bewk:

I'm not worth suing and I don't want to be doorstepped or hounded to book a hotel, thank you very much.

I think it's absolutely disgusting what happened to Brenda and the McCann's have got even more blood on their hands now. It's time that they paid the price for what they've done to Maddie, Goncalo Amaral, Tony Bennett and Brenda.

Rest in peace Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm only too happy to be included in a list with so many people who truly care for justice to be done in this case.

Apart from those people already named who've suffered directly, there are many thousands of trusting schoolchildren and senior citizens who contributed to Madeleine's Fund and have been defrauded by the McCanns.

Sky and their so-called 'Reporter' should hang their heads in shame.

Andrew Espeland

Burton on Trent.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Jill, for adding your name here. Your forum has been a go-to place for me for a long time to get the latest news. You certainly have been highly visible on the net and it is a shame they blindsided someone so horrifically. But, then, that was the idea.

Pat Brown said...

Thanks, Andrew, for joining here and pointing out the issue of fraud which it seems no reporter has spent a moment's time on. When I think of all the families of missing children who are desperate for any funds so they can hire PIs, often using up every penny they have, it frustrates me that the McCanns have pulled in such a huge sum of money and tossed it away on incompetent and crooked PIs. I find it odd that they didn't bother to get good recommendations from missing persons's experts but instead hired these bozos....but, then, they may have purposefully done so.

Helen Williamson said...

My interest in this case was initially fuelled by concern for a child.
If I am on any list I shall be proud to have cared!

Too many have turned away instead of taking notice and acting,
hence how Saville was left to abuse so many children.

My name, Helen Williamson
I post on Facebook in my own name and can be reached there. said...

I am not concerned about any lists but I do not believe an abduction took place and say so in Facebook.
This is my second attempt at registering.
I only post in my own name.
Clive McIlwaine
KA20 3NL

Anonymous said...

I am adding my name to the list not because I am a troll or because I am a bored housewife with nothing better to do
But because justice has not been done for this poor beautiful girl I have read the files and looked and the evidence and it doesn't add up
In my opinion to many inconsistencies
Martin brunt and sky news should be deeply ashamed of themselves
Gayle bunch

Pat Brown said...

Dear Helen, Clive, and Gayle, thank you all so much for joining the list. Even if none of us ever get a nod from a reporter, we can forever truthfully claim we were not hiding behind aliases and impossible for the media to contact and interview.

AnneGuedes said...

Easy to contact me

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat
I want to be on the list.
Denise Gould

Anonymous said...

I don't think I am in the dossier unless it has been revised - I have really jumped on the band wagon purely because of the death of someone who actually spoke their mind. "cut 1 head off and 2 will grow back"

I have never believed the crazy idea of what apparently happened and I have nothing against middleclass or freemasons but am surprised that a 20 year old single mother was imprisoned for leaving her child home alone - would she have got away with it if it DIED or was abducted instead?

I am also against they fact they are swanning around the world on donations - when my nephew died my sister stayed at home depressed - she didn't visit the pope.

Robert said...

I am Robert Gee of Kempsey Worcestershire. PP No 505556752. I tell the gory truth. The McCanns are liars. Now the police can find me easily. I am probably added to the list after an attack by 3 pro McCann trolls on Sunday. They certainly expose themselves and I find them out. I am hardened to name calling however. No wonders since sending me death threats is par for the course.

Theresa Parker said...

Saw some of ur u tube stuff. Brilliant!

Theresa Parker said...
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Elizabeth Wootton said...

My names Elizabeth Wootton and I was a teenager when Madeline disappeared from praia de luz in 2007. Back then I didn't read the case files, only had the media to go on for information. Over the years I noticed the discrepancies in the case and started to look into it more. I'm now 22 years old and firmly believe the McCanns are hiding something. I am more than willing to get my views out there. I have never threatened the McCanns in any way however I do not believe their version of events. So I could potentially have been added to the dossier recently. Martin Bring, bring it on. Come find me if you ever want to do some honest journalism.

R2 said...

I have read all your posts!!!! You have a sharp mind and you are surely making them uncomfortable Hobbs.

Pat Brown said...