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Why do People Tweet so Much about the Madeleine McCann Case?

The news media is reporting that McCann skeptic Brenda Leyland tweeted some 4220 times about the McCann case (how they got this number I am not sure) and, certainly, that does raise an eyebrow as to the issue of obsession and, to some people, trolling. Although I myself think, wow, that is a heck of a lot of tweets on one subject, I quite frankly don't want to count how many I have tweeted on the matter and that would be on top of my seventy plus posts at The Daily Profiler on the Madeleine McCann case, a whole lot of Facebook posts, a trip to Portugal to analyze the case, oh, and yeah, a book, too. So I guess that wouldn't put me far off of Brenda Leyland's numbers except I could claim I have more validity for speaking on a case as I am a professional profiler and Brenda, well, she is just a "regular" person (in fact, my haters will say any "real" professional profiler would never have spent as much time as I have on this case without pay....that I am just doing it because I am a nutter and can't win with this case, as a professional or a layperson when it comes to being called a troll).

But there is a perfectly logical reason why both so many people are spending an incredible amout of time ruminating about this case; there has not been a case like this since I don't know when. I think this case beats out the JonBenet Ramsey case and the Charles Lindbergh case for many reasons, the biggest which is the McCanns themselves. The case is fascinating, bizarre, a media magnet (so the media should have no right to mock anyone for their interest in the case), and unsolved. And to top it all off, we have a set of parents who act like no other set of parents of missing children, parents who have courted the media from Day One and sucked a massive amount of money out of goodhearted people and sued the crap out of anyone who dares to "purport a theory" (a right everyone has as stated by Gerry McCann under oath). Oh, and (as one reader just reminded me), we have the entire police files that were made public so we aren't merely speculating; we are able to see the facts for ourselves and draw our own conclusions.

So, Brenda couldn't let go of this case? I can understand why. Was it healthy for her? I have no idea. Did it give her something to do or did it drive her crazy? Did she lose faith in justice? Did she lose faith in the government? In law enforcement? In the media? Was the doorstopping the last straw? We will never have the answers to this but I can surely state that Brenda is not alone in wanting to get to the truth of the McCann matter.

I have pretty much given up on that. I believe we have a whitewash in progress and this whole affair will be put to bed and the answers we all seek may have to wait for another time, if that time ever actually arrives. It saddens me because it seems wrong for so many to try so hard to just get this case handled honestly and properly. Some do it for justice for Madeleine, some do it for justice for all missing children, some keep on to insure our governments act properly, and some want the McCanns to justify their use of the money so many have given to them to "find" Madeleine only to find their money squandered.

As a profiler who has worked on cases from the inside, I can tell people that the McCann case isn't the only one that has had the truth hidden about it. I have seen police lie to the public, prosecutors lie to the public, evidence claimed to exist that doesn't exist, people convicted wrongly that no one cares enough about to be sure that due process was served, I have seen DNA reportedly matched when, in fact, no DNA actually exists. Why does this happen? Because it can and because the media knows which side their bread is buttered on and unless there is going to be a hell of a lot more in it for them than the next few easy stories from the police department, they aren't going to print anything controversial. Sadly, most police detectives work hard and want to see the right person convicted of the crime but politics sometimes overtakes the case, and when that happens, truth and justice and anyone who cares about these things become collateral damage. Just like Brenda.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 8, 2014

Cover for 'Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann'

By Pat Brown
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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


me said...

Hi pat,i agree with the wwash theory,however i feel public opinion may have made the ww even harder now as so many people are watching,especially since the tragic death of brenda.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, SueBell, for reminding me of the files! Duh!

Pat Brown said...


I wish I could believe this would be so, that there is a large numbers of skeptics out there and their numbers are rising especially with this horrific incident, but, my experience of two decades shows me that this will all be put to rest and then the plan will come to its intended end. I think Summers and Swan's book was intended to zip up the public viewpoint side of it and that may have not worked out so well, but still, in the long run, the book written by "independent" "topnotch" "journalists" will seal the record. I continue to find it amazing that simply whoever controls the most media usually wins

shiveringgoat said...

Good points Pat.
I can see totally why people are drawn to this subject, any levelheaded person reads deeper into the truth of this whole situation, it symbolises everything that is wrong with the world's media, the fact that the media can be bought and controlled and used is a frightening injustice to democracy.
You only have to study press statements Clarence Mitchell makes 'a friend of the McCann's' etc to see how truth is twisted in order to pacify and confuse the masses who believe tabloid gutter (broadsheets in UK no better)
I totally understand Brenda or any sane person becoming passionate and using social media as a vehicle to express what she truly believed was absolutely wrong, what other vehicle could she have used? Twitter is perfect for this as it gives a voice, and an important one at that, for a lady living out in the countryside - she was able to express herself against the evil mistruths and engage with others to help fight for truth.
Long live the democracy of the Internet and my utmost respect goes out to Brenda she did more than most of the sedated UK masses who are drugged off their faces with Murdoch propaganda!

Anonymous said...

The files, gone over with a fine tooth comb by many people who were trying to help/see, if they could find that missing clue to help find the child and while doing so discovered many things that did not make sense. All the following from the files: A 'friend',who seen her for the last time, twice? Another friend who said he was there to check their breathing (twins)? Employee who was told at 9.30 a child was missing? Employee stated table empty at 9.40? Many many more. These are the things people do not understand. SY need to find the answers to the above at least.

Anonymous said...

What I feel we are doing is starting the beginnings of civilisation.

I find the philosophical questions we all ask answer that question.

Why have Laws ?
Its an oxymoron of a free world.

Why are Truth and Justice important ?

Those two questions cover everything related to us as humans and if the above are enforced correctly - we thrive as a species and the best of humanity develops....the world becomes ordered.

What we are witnessing is what happens when they are not enforced for ALL ....when some sections of society believe they are above them.
When this happens they might aswell not exist.

What I am saying is that the root of all the upset, anger and frustration is because of this impunity.... all of this upset exists because of the INJUSTICE and complicity from the very people who we rely on to help enforce a equal society.

These Fundamental principles for a calm and balance life are been eroded - have been eroded.

I only see a grim future if these principles continue to be side-lined.
The future does not bode well and if we don't fight to uphold such principles - then the future generations will suffer.

If children are our future - we should do all we can to fight for these principles.

We all realise at different points in our lives what's important.

when my time comes - I want to know that I fought for what is right - and we all have.

Pat Brown and Joana Morais - you are two incredibly special ladies courageous and prepared to listen to everyone regardless of social standing etc.

You follow the truth and the facts, are professional highly intelligent woman, who could have forged far more success in terms of money by not been so damned honest and all round good people....but then you wouldn't be what you both are ....amazing!
so thank you both just for been you.

Mojo /Kyle

Anonymous said...

Pat, I too am sceptical about this entire situation.
Then I read that the Sunday Times has paid out £55,000 to the McCanns - this will be donated to charities. Last December the paper printed an apology which the McCanns said was on an inside page and inadequate!
Words can't express my feelings.

Anonymous said...

For some strange reason these days when the police are investigating a crime they feel they have a duty to
report on every step of the investigation.

Fair enough appeals to the public and the use of the media to do this is fine. But there is a quid pro quo
consequence of this in which the media thinks it has the right to know how the investigation is progressing. Many times they impede rather than assist.

The PJ in Portugal suffered badly from this approach and even had to invent a police liason officer to cope with it.

This is the reason why most media pundits and ' Investigative ' journalists think they have a right to storm round to somebody's front door and challenge them over their alleged ( and I use the word alleged carefully here as only a Court can decide on the facts ) criminal behaviour.

The fact is that many in the media see themselves as self appointed representatives of the public and act as if they have a
right ( because they represent the public ) to ask questions on any topic they see fit to cover of anyone. If you have money you can repel them - if not you are on your own as fair game.

TV is full of these guardians of the nations morals or purses.

Until the police themselves stop encouraging these idiots then more of the same will follow.

For example I don't believe half of what has been said in the case of Madeleine but I'm not going to go round to houses of the people I disbelieve complete with a camera and crew and denounce them to a waiting public yet that's what most of these shock journalists do.

It is the job of the police to gather evidence and the Courts to prosecute alleged crimes. That's all there is to it for me.

The funny thing though is the ones who don't understand that are the police themselves.

All opinion.

trustmeigetit said...

I also think the millions of dollars the Met is wasting on chasing down possible kidnap suspects is only adding fuel to the fire.

It feels like the comments and tweets have really increased!


It’s not their money. Its tax payers money.

There needs to be some justification. Especially when there are other missing kids that they are doing NOTHING for.

They should have to explain why.

Anonymous said...

Ardeal....does anyone know where that is, Love that book by Bram Stoker.

I digress

I think some of the recent posts are shaking the establishment, there sending all the stooges out.

There is connection - this case can really blow the top of something really big - though very dangerous terrority.

Doesn't this case leave everyone in total amazement and feeling strange.
I feel like my eyes keep changing colour - my tongue keeps dropping out, I cant make out whether my eyes are slits or round .....Ill be hissing next.

I wonder do others ever feel like that lol - I am sure were in viper terrority.

Plenty of snakes just no ladders.

Sometimes I feel like the riddler from batman too...especially with some of my recent posts.

I think some can understand - others will not have a clue.


Anonymous said...

@ I think for me, its watching others get stitched up, and a real sense this is being buried without questions being answerd, with brenda, it is what constitutes a bad parent, and what defines neglect or manslaughter?
For those who are aware, without a abduction story, the maccanns would be facing serious neglect accountability?
The queswtion i would like answerd, would the maccanns beleived all this, had this came from another family that lived in portugal and the crime happend here in the uk?

Pat Brown said...

Anon 6:22

I half agree with you. Let me see if I can explain from the point of view of police, media, and citizen as to how I think each want things to go and how it, in my opinion, should really work.

One: when a crime happens, at least in the US, is deemed only of interest to the state legally. This means the state can decide if it is worth investigating and pursuing. Most citizens don't realize that the police and prosecution can pick and choose which cases they want to bother with. Now, some will say "But the people ARE the state!" Yeah, true, but they have little voice when it comes to police investigations and prosecutions. So, the tendency is for the police and prosecution to put more effort into easy cases and shelve hard ones unless they are forced to pursue them by the media (the family has zero power; they are just always given the same statement, "We are working on it" whether they are or not). The whole reason this situation exists is because the police and prosecution have NO accountability and NO oversight. There are no real laws to make sure each and every case can be reviewed at some point by an independent, citizen run group with adequate professionals to do the analysis.

Hence, when the police go public, they do so mostly because the media is stalking them and forcing their hand. Then, when they do go public, they often poorly present themselves because they lack a proper media plan. What they SHOULD do is have a website that clearly states what is proper for the public to know and shun all ridiculous off the cuff interviews. They should only have a spokesperson who gives a nonemotional useful update which may include enough info to get good tips from the public.

As to the media, they need to go back to factual reporting and thorough reporting which does not mean harassing people but writing in a style that is strong in pertinent facts. When I have bee interviewed by print media, the in depth info I give them is watered down to one out of context line which is why I won't do print media interviews any longer. On TV, I do give an analysis which is my forte but I always hope I have enough time to explain thoroughly. Today TV is saving money by not bringing experts in and now the show host do the analyses themselves which is ludicrous....they have no expertise in the dozen subjects they talk about but apparently I'd doesn't bother them. I would like to see media reporting to require care with every story but that seems to be pretty rare these days.

The public has a right to know enough facts to understand what is happening in their community and what their government is doing but media should not be a running reality show.

Pat Brown said...

TrustmeIgetit, yes, the millions on a faux investigation is a HUGE reason why people should speak up.

Barry Bucket said...

I don't think Brenda Leyland was on her own.
I've followed this case from Day 1, making my donation to the Fund, and finally getting it back when I realised that there was no Charity, just a limited company no different to those I owned during my working life.
Seven years and 5 months of posting and debating on various fora.
I expect I post maybe 30 or 40 comments a day, mostly 5 or 6 days a week, for,say, 46 weeks of the year.
That's some 90,000 posts or more, and I'm not a troll, not insane, just someone who has been interested in the twists and turns of this case - mostly trying to figure out why the parents have, so far, escaped any real searching enquiries into their behaviour before and after May 3rd 2007.
I can't understand how or why their behaviour has been considered, by many, as 'normal'.
I can't see why the fibs, the half-truths and the outright lies have never been subjected to intense scrutiny.
All I can think of is that they have very powerful friends somewhere.
That the discussions have been the reason for an unnecessary death is beyond sad.
Especially when the whole circus has been to avoid blame for the initial unnecessary death, that of Madeleine.

Where are all the brave investigative journalists with integrity and honour?

Where are all the policemen who have sworn to uphold the law?

Why is the British taxpayer funding the travesty of a re-investigation by Scotland Yard-once the envy of the world, now the laughing-stock?

And the question that should have been answered 7 years and 5 months ago......what happened to a little girl, Madeleine Beth McCann?

What happened? We certainly haven't heard the truth of it yet.

Anonymous said...

@ I can see that amaral had the good sense to say it was dangerous, to change a thesis, without evidence, and you are correct pat, about them qualified in such cases to present facts for them working on this case, and for the media not to attack questions raised by them that support that genuine process in which anything odd is found, or not yet made clear as a result of a indepth investigation?
Most questions about this case have been via the internet, would it be fair to say this hasnt been applied by them who call anyone haters or trolls?
If we didnt question anyone that came to our door trying to gain money from us, how then can we judge any con man?
In reality that means people should give money without questioning them begging for support?
Suddenly there is a big break in the search to attack them questioning the validity of any fund?
So why has their rich backers stalled the search to attack internet questions surrounding none existent abduction?

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Kyle (Mojo) for the nice things you have to say about me and Joana (who is one of the best persons I have ever had the opportunity to know; she truly cares about the world and fairness and freedom for its inhabitants). And, yes, there is something very snaky about the goings on and I am not sure we will ever have that curtain pulled aside to see who is at the controls.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Kyle (Mojo) for the nice things you have to say about me and Joana (who is one of the best persons I have ever had the opportunity to know; she truly cares about the world and fairness and freedom for its inhabitants). And, yes, there is something very snaky about the goings on and I am not sure we will ever have that curtain pulled aside to see who is at the controls.

Anonymous said...

@ This might sound nasty, as the maccanns put to the public, but there is evidence contray to any pr publicity
emotional or otherwise?
Ive never been able to feel any sympathy towards the parents at all, i can sure have empathy for the twins, who are innocent, and their missing sister who has remained silent in all these years.
What is odd about the parents, they have never been available to the portugal public on any talk shows?
Surely if any concerns about a mystery abductor realy existed, why then did the maccanns not take that oppurtunity to submit that theory regarding any suspect, despite what people think?
It does go on to look perculiar, why the maccanns would manipulate the press in the uk, to supress information not favored in portugal?
What is serious about secret docuements in the uk about the british police hampering the case, or more to the point them not qualified to witheld such information from the public, or any ongoing court case at civil level, is a deception to any verdict in any critical judgement in misleading allegations that hide evidence in a open case about damages?
Any litigation on or in part of any party, cannot be held in secret without examination or cross examination by a judge?
Making the court case corrupt in doing so and bihest in the process of not having open docuements into the handling of anything being alleged by unaccountable process?
How then can anyone witheld information out side of this duristriction regarding a portugal investigation?
Very strange thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

The mccanns are suing Amaral for libel for damaging the search for Madeleine. However it's appears that they too hampered the search by their own refusals to do a lie detector, reconstruction of the night, and refusal to answer questions.So isn't it true that they hampered the search before Amaral put pen to paper ,his conclusion based on years of experience and evidence present. No wonder people are talking about this case.

Anonymous said...

@ it shows at the early stage, it is graham mckenzie that found the abduction story to be odd, he wasnt aware at that time of kates alleged dream either, he simply couldnt understand, how they arrived at that claim, when the police couldnt confirm that themselves, and how did the maccanns know madeleine would be missing for so long to set up a limited company thats raked in millions of pounds?

Anonymous said...

@ Pat made a very good point, about this story being diverted away from the scene, and what amaral noted?
Why would any red herrings exist at all in kates stories that rule out it was any stranger?
There is no evidence like this in any other alleged incident, yet for some strange reason other alleged attacks ect do not have red herrings that link to this odd case at all?
The more one tries to reconstruct the events, the more it dosent add up!

Anonymous said...

@ If anyone was to examine everything kate created in a lie, it becomes telling kate knows alot, about what happend to her daughter, it is also obvious each lie has no merit of proof of it being a stranger, also if madeleine did wonder off from the apartment, i find it unlikely andy redwood would suggest they were drugged, and the maccanns giving that any credability after suggesting madeleine might of been drugged?
We then have to consider there wasnt one good samaritan that would return this lost child to the care of her parents?
But how could they when you look at what happend to robert murat, whos interest was to help the maccanns find their daughter, yet he never stated they did anything?
But for some odious reason he was accused?
This was correct because robert would of witnessed who took madeleine had he been around at the time or prior?
Kate has suspected robert murat, yet he was paid damages, when no evidence existed of him being involved.
More strange its supposed to be a dead man, thats now a suspect?
It does come across they have nothing to prove their theory, surely one wouldnt rely on fraudsters they hired, who lied about their daughter, but this adds to kates delusional red herrings she defends?
Its no supprise amaral has asked kate to tell the truth, looking at her many contradictions and utter lies, i think kate is afraid of being sued over her own delusional clap trap?
Carter ruck has admitted there is no evidence of a abduction, so why are they defending them?

Anonymous said...

@ One last inherited problem for kate to face, how did she know her children were drugged and unable to leave that apartment alone in her odd abduction story?
And why didnt madeleine wake up on previous checks if she was a troubled sleeper, before gerry checked?
If one compares this to the night a child was crying and alone, i can see why mrs fenn also found the story odd!

Anonymous said...

@ Note kate did not ask mrs fenn after her alleged search if she had seen anything suspect in relation to any alleged abduction?
How then did kate arrive at her irrational claim, when she returned to the bar without any confirmation being evident at all?
And why didnt anyone at the bar question this in her claim, without witness clarification in a very odd claim?
If kate wasnt hiding anything about her daughter, what made her think her freinds would beleive something they were distant from, than asking a neighbour for vital evidence before making a unclarified claim?
This shows a lie in what kate beleives, and a cunning amount of knowlege to that scene, she designed in her contradictions and many red herrings without proof.

Anonymous said...

@ Like ive said, this isnt what it seems, and kate knows alot about abduction, more than any suspect on any list, that hasnt fabricated their mos in contrast to kates delusional claims, that faulter with time, and so called memory that is full of holes and poor excuses in its own changes, to attack others that are not stupid, or nutters?
So its ok to wish a decent detective to feel fear and suffer misery, just because he found errors in their statements?
How does that truth make him a liar, when kate makes troll comments she is supposed to find nasty in her own contradictions to that conflict of hypocracey of slagging the very people who are confused about her contradictions?
In essence that makes her worse than any nutter.
because she baited the public with her own book?

Anonymous said...

@ All that summers and swan say in their book, is to silence the mccann truth finders, kates book was a mess and did not present the truth why she was a suspect?
In total ignorance she manipulated the process, to why amaral found errors in her contradictions, for some body that is supposed to understand information, kates lack of thinking about the errors, shows poor observasional skills about any evidence submitted in qualifcation and experience?
This form of obstruction by kates lack of co operation has hinderd the case from reaching real progress, what summers and swan wont mention is why the mccanns sought legal advice over a reconstruction they felt would incriminate them?
Impossible if they havent lied about events, or what happend to madeleine?
More odd they have unlawfully brought civil cases to silence evidence that is supposed to show them innocent?
Its little wonder people are left thinking they have alot to hide, that is left in the air for speculation, and for a false theory that has no place amongst common sense or logic to reveal that memory by them lying.
What becomes nasty about this case, they can lie about being innocent, without showing the truth about their contradictions?
Or to why they wanted to change their statements after a secret meeting between them?
Collusive and elusive towards what happend that night this innocent child went missing?

Anonymous said...

I simply can't understand the reticence to answer questions that might conceiveably throw up some clue as to what really happened.
7 years later there seems to be no progress at all and no evidence that there was an abduction. How can anyone say without a shadow of doubt that Madeleine didn;t wake up (as on the previous night) and walk out of the apartment through that open patio door?
It seems that brenda Leyland felt very strongly about this case but calling her a troll for giving her opinion - albeit very frequently - is harsh. Gerry McCann has said they don't use social media so unless leyland wrote directly to the McCanns harrassing them how can they know what she may have said?
many questions surrounding Madeleine's disappearance remain.

Anonymous said...

Poster 9.35 There isn't going to be any"progress" Unless "progress" is defined as SY's forthcoming announcement that the McCanns were not involved in their daughter's disappearance. I fully agree with all of Pat Brown's posts about this case. And her predictions of a "whitewash". The McCanns for political reasons have been protected from day one. They also have the mighty British Media behind them. This has been obvious for 7 years but never more blatantly than when Martin Brunt arrived at Brenda Leyland's house. If she was acting illegally why was Brunt there and not the police?

Anonymous said...

That is the nuts and bolts of it isn't it?

If she "WAS" acting illegally WHY were the police not there?

So there you have it ..blatant in your face harassment - resulting in the death of a lady.

Am i the only one to see what the UK has become, everything about this case connects into something so much bigger and very powerful, not a good force either.

If you sit back, and really ponder the environments in which you live - the mechanisms of a society can become enlightening.

If you control those institutions - you can pretty much tell the world what you like ...and it becomes the "official version"...and if you are connected as one cabal or mafia with the reigns of the media,police,government you get the idea - then you can see what power you can wield...not difficult to create "independent" bodies either it? to prevent corruption lmao.

and.. that's what you got, make no mistake - yep that's the world you live in, so for those of you that watched that TV show "big Brother" all you need to do is realize that they watching you watching it lol. ...Like a Russian doll - one with in another.

Yes its always been like it - but the Cabal controlling today have no souls ..actually worse still they are hell bent on destroying everything that makes the world more humane - that should be a clue.

They are like a rogue seed grown in numbers and burning with vengeance.

Time to get real ....your not fighting the McCanns to get Justice for an Innocent child.

oh no no..
Your not even fighting the British Government and its institutions...because that too is controlled by the Force behind all this - it all connects through and emanates from an agenda driven by few.

This case is the doorway to blowing that wide open for all to see.
time to call the bluff.

This case as exposed the type of people who have the access to the "machine" as nothing more than criminals.

Do you all want to live in such a world ? or are you ready to fight.

As Gerry Mccann recently said he wants to improve the world - then i think he will agree with my sentiments.

Well they know who i am - my details are here.

I am against you all and what you stand for - and i neither hold respect or fear for any of you.


Anonymous said...

@ If the press do contact me, i will share with you all, what im not afraid to put forward, on what new evidence was this case reopend?
The mccanns argue they wouldnt have been able to keep this up for so long if they are guilty?
Thats not exactly true in my mind, take a closer look at this clue to that excuse, the group have never been available for interviews since their statements became unreliable?
They have never taken part in any interviews with the mccanns on tv.
There has never been a reconstruction by them involved to provide any facts for progress, and to give credence of any abduction?
The public are aware their statements have changed without police investigation, or the press not putting pressure on the police to investigate further contradictions, after a secret meeting the mccanns had with the group, which proves they are lying about events.
It also shows the public have a right to question why the uk police in not supporting the public over questionable flaws about a missing child, and a fraudulant fund with rich backers that hamper the case in the uk?
I voice opinions that are true, and why i think this all stinks.


Anonymous said...

@ Part2, On a political level, and democratic right, i would like to know why the mccanns would need any influence to sack a detective they hired?
There wasnt no statement made, or given to amaral after kate wouldnt answer questions?
Kate did not talk to amaral about his findings, or any concerns he had about their statements?
What became odd about kate, she hid behind a fund of lies, instead of debating why their statements are contradictive, to help amaral understand any mistakes, that might of occured?
How can the mccanns fight some thing that isnt a lie about errors in their own information!
No excuse over that ignorance.


Anonymous said...

@ Part3 Damages, kate states her twins might read nasty comments on the internet?
The many questions relate to their missing sister madeleine, and neglect of leaving them alone to fend for themselves against a alleged intruder?
Its a very reasonable question to ask if there was any abductors that existed, why then did kate leave them alone again to go back to the bar?
Its this contradiction i find disturbing, in the idea the apartment is alleged to be watched?
This cannot be true, because there has been countless debate over why the twins remained untouched by any bogey man?
We then have strange stories about checking on madeleine, not the children?
It is mrs fenn who brought attention to this odd area about their children?
So having been warned about leaving madeleine alone in her own daughters words the following morning, kate does not understand child neglect, and in addition to this information they decide to leave the place unlocked, and go out again?
I can understand what drove brenda to the tipping point of anger?
I have felt that frustration over this farce myself, and why brenda asked for things to be looked into?
If a charge of neglect was ever brought, they know for sure a jury could not find them innocent, if they look at the facts of this case!
We know that will never happen, because of appeasers who think this is normal behavior?
Accountability is lost, when its doctors under the spotlight, a class problem our government defend.


Anonymous said...

A great many people will feel that it was totally wrong for this one woman to singled out and doorstepped by Martin Brunt. It begs the question (more than one actually) about how he got her name and address if she was posting under a pseudonym and why he consider it in any way acceptable to take it on himself to harrass this woman.
I remember though that he was one of the first to report (incorrectly as it turns out) that swabs taken from the boot of the McCanns hire car showed Madeleine's DNA.
My opinion is that Brunt overstepped the mark and his actions pushed a woman over the edge. The police are responsible for law enforcement not the media and Brunt has shown himself to be quite extraordinarily naive in the way he has dealt with the issue.
If we are expected to believe his reports and take them as accurate then it seems to be reasonable that one of his sensational reports is false. The media has a responsibility to check and double check that anything they put out as "fact" rather than "assumption".
RIP Brenda Leyland.

Anonymous said...

The attacks on Pat previously published here only reveal the attacker behind these posts. Why try so hard to discredit a person? What are they so afraid of? Something big is at stake otherwise the fury would not be so bad. /catherine

Anonymous said...

@ Its designed to fit abduction, and nothing else, and god help anyone who picks at the surface, that sees something diferent?

Anonymous said...

"Last month McCann and her husband Gerry handed police an 80-page dossier containing hundreds of tweets, Facebook messages and posts from online forums abusing them and accusing them of being involved in the disappearance of their daughter. Some of the messages were directed at their other children, nine-year-old twins."

In today's Sunday Times. If this is accurate it was not "supporters" or "members of the public" who handed in the dossier, but the McCanns themselves.

Anonymous said...

@ If thats true as you think, the mccanns did not read the posts?
But it isnt beyond possible, since their monitoring what the twins do on the internet, or block any offending comments?
Since the twins have not asked any other questions, its unlikely this is in relation to internet trolls, since the question was raised from a radio on a school bus not the internet?
Based on a interview with amaral at the time this was alleged by kate?
Then this scandal about internet trolls being the cause of a damaged campaign?
As far as i know, their fund is very well protected, and nobody can hack any information about that fund?
Various questions have been asked about its set up, but no fraud has been committed from any troll?
Any direct mail, electronic or otherwise sent directly to the mccanns are put in diferent boxes, its not known which box pats letter was put in since there was never a reply?
Pat is correct to think her name was included, looking at the book published recently, and its political influence on them questioning this case for so long?
Still unresolved no matter what we think.

greatbm said...

People who support K & G seem to do it blindly and say they wouldn't have done that. At the very least they abandoned 3 infants, wrecked a crime scene, hindered enquiries and spent the majority of the funds not looking for Maddy. They seem to have shut down the McCann Files and are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

@ Various questions arrive in bucket loads, more via the internet, than any tv media, sadly the bulk of anything being asked, is in effect being shut down, being buried quicker than anyone can type any concerns?
Its more insane any lie pointed out about the mccanns, is met with contempt, or the threat of jail?
Having a theory without evidence is also fraudulant, thats exactly what the mccanns have done with this limited company, and money they have stolen in a theory that has no evidence at all, its time carter ruck asked them to prove that theory, to justify the cost.
Instead of attacking the public over any law suit.

Anonymous said...

I have kept away from this case for years but have been drawn into some research since the tragic death of Brenda. Some very inspiring and committed people posting their thoughts, theories and tremendous work translating etc. have warmed my heart and renewed some faith that there are many who search for truth, openness, fairness and justice. Hats off to all of you. I fear you are correct Pat when you say a whitewash is in progress. The Western media are shameless in their manipulation of the public on many issues and in many cases and who really knows who pulls what strings. Money is power and therefore influence through threat of legal action, greed or other means. It's a case of who you know or who can benefit from a particular spin and supporting a particular cause. Too many have suffered cruelly and unfairly already, my heart goes out to them all and especially Brenda's family. We don't need more ill thought laws, repression, censorship or 'control' we need truth, openness, honesty, integrity and humanity but I fear the former will be one spin off from this case... Apologies, I cannot make paragraphs for some reason. Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Glad your blog can still be reached via Google search engine.
Google have removed The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann and also Missing Madeleine websites.
Talk about free speech in a democracy !

Anonymous said...

@ Kate and gerry have people watching the internet, its mainly a set up to isolate any other theory that isnt designed to agree with abduction?
The fund is now open in its own designed fraud to mislead donations.
Those websites have questioned the funds not being a charity, but being used to silence anyone concerned about white collar fraud, and the application being applied by them with no qualification in abduction?
The principle of any fund is to have solid proof that a abduction took place?
No expert has endorsed that fund since it was set up, even more apparent them involved in its dealings have not given donaters a real reconstruction to provide a motive for this shady fund.
If the public are to be treated with contempt, then the fund managers should be taken to court for not submitting evidence of any abduction, and taking money on speculation, and their backers should demand the mccanns prove their theory, or be taken to court for fraud.

Anonymous said...

Just to add that my main reason for suspecting a whitewash comes from the text describing the remit of Operation Grange.
Link at the bottom of page 2 here. The words in the brackets are the relevant ones which I have tried to embolden.

Where it states:- " The investigative review is intended to collate, record and analyse what has gone before.

It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (as if the abduction occurred in the UK) what additional, new investigative approaches we would take and which can assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter. Whilst ordinarily a review has no investigative remit whatsoever- the scale and extent of this enquiry cannot permit for such an approach. It will take too long to progress to any “action stage” if activity is given wholly and solely to a review process."

Operation Grange is clearly based on the assumption of an abduction.