Friday, March 9, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Child Protective Services Should Give Up Criminal Profiling

Here I am again shaking my head over this quasi-police organization known as Child Protective Services. It would seem to me if our country is going to support such an agency there should be some kind of rhyme or reason to what they do and that rhyme and reason ought to be supported by legal standards. However, it seems there is this “club” of government employees who sort of play house with other people’s kids, deciding the fate of the children at whim. Too often this ends up with overly aggressive actions against folks who have nontraditional viewpoints of childrearing and completely ludicrous nonaction when the parents are a bunch of violent, drug abusing dregs of society.

Social services threatened me back when my children were small because I refused to give them the DPT shot and because I had a family bed. These horrible decisions on my part meant my children were at risk – in a two parent (married at that and no drugs or drinking) nice home in the suburbs, full of toys and educational materials, with a stay-at-home mom (not on welfare). Now, fast forward to February 2007 and a horrifying news story has just come out in which a four-year-old child has been found dead in a plastic tub in a storage bin and her five-year-old brother is “missing.” Daddy has been arrested on charges of murder. Seems Mommy who hasn’t held a job more than a month in her adult life and lives on welfare does methamphetamine (at least that is what the husband claimed and since her last child was born with the stuff in her system I guess he probably wasn’t lying) and Dad is a domestic abuser. Social services took the most recently born child away from the woman but returned it to her and her newest abusive boyfriend because they didn’t see that the home had a problem (even though the woman was diagnosed with both postpartum and bipolar disorder). They also didn’t have a problem with visits with Daddy who apparently offed the kiddies to get out of child support.

So, let’s see…threaten to take the kids away from me because I disagreed with a dangerous immunization and because I wanted my children to be near their parents in the night so they feel loved and unafraid, but leave these now dead kids with two dangerous and dysfunctional adults in an unsafe-at-all levels home. Is it just me or does something seem wrong with this picture? Maybe Child Protective service should get out of criminal profiling or hire a real criminal profiler to figure out who the bad guys are!

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Ronni said...

I agree with this, 100%. CPS threatens people raising kids outside their narrow scope of "normal" all the time, and yet, horrific cases seem to slip through the cracks.