Sunday, March 11, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Difference between Male and Female Child Kidnappers

I just got an email from someone got who got all bent out of shape because he thought I was being unfair to the male sex in my profiling of criminal behavior and psychopathology. He wrote

"Dear Pat-

Wow, you've got to be one of the angriest, tunnel-visioned people on TV--I've never seen you on there when you weren't going on about how this one and that one are psychopaths. Now men who kidnap are molesters and women are nurturers. You have all of these broad sweeping statements about people and you have immediate judgments about people based on your own bias. You've undoubtedly seen horrible stuff in your profession, but I'd say it has invaded your clarity. I imagine you'd find someone who spit their gum on the sidewalk as someone who has psychopathic tendencies who should be put away for a "dang long time."


Well, gee, Todd, I do apologize for talking about psychopaths so often, but considering I am a crime news analyst and I am brought on mostly to talk about rapists and murderers, I find it hard to avoid labeling them as psychopaths because they are psychopaths. But, I think Todd's real problem is his male ego has gotten the better of him and he has got his boxers in a bunch because he didn't actually pay attention to what I said about male and female kidnappers. There is a major difference between the sexes when it comes to abducting babies and small children. First of all, men rarely kidnap babies; they usually go after children who are at least four or five. Women tend to grab as young a child as they can. Why? Because men grab children for sexual purposes and women take babies and toddlers to show them off as they become their phony mommy. Both sets are psychopaths but their motivation for kidnapping is different. Both get gratification from the "use" of the children, but the men usually kill them when they have gotten what they want from them and the children taken by women are usually retrieved alive. Of course, if the children in the women's possession are not found for a long time, those children could end up deceased one day as well. The female kidnapper may get tired of taking care of the kid or she may poison, injure or kill the child if she needs to ratchet up the attention payoff. The fact that women who kidnap children may not off the kiddies quickly, however, hardly qualifies them as being "nurturing"! Go figure how Todd got that from my television interview but this brings me to my last point. Just because the women don't quickly dispatch the kidnapped children should not make them any more sympathetic to the public. I have argued for a long time that we citizens of the United States allow female criminals a lot more "understanding" when it comes to violent crime. Andrea Yates brutally murdered four children and yet she got off on an insanity plea the second time around. If astronaut Lisa Nowak were a man, I bet she would have been charged with attempted murder since that is exactly what she had in mind when she drove 900 miles to attack her ex-boyfriend's new lover.

By the way, Todd, something tells me you have done some things worse than spitting your gum out on the sidewalk. Wonder what they could be.....Yours truly, very angry Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

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