Thursday, March 15, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day:
Who should be held more accountable? The Pedophile or the Judge who lets him loose?

Little six-year-old Christopher Barrios was just found in a trash bag on the side of a road in Brunswick, Georgia. Four people have been arrested in connection with his murder: a pedophile who is a registered sex offender who had broken probation, his parents (he didn’t fall very far from the rotten apple tree), and a family “friend.” Apparently, this lovely crew lied to the police, misguided them in the search for the little boy, all in collusion with this two time pedophile to help him cover up his crimes. What a sweet bunch! I am glad to see that this time the police are not letting them get away with this behavior and charged them with obstruction of justice, lying, and possibly murder. The family friend has admitted to helping dispose of the body….now that is a friend you can count on when you have crimes to cover up.

While it is hard to believe the level of depravity these people have sunk to in killing this poor little boy, the judge who gave this scumbag child molester only probation for assaulting two children should be tossed off the bench. I guess he didn’t have any children of his own living near the guy, so what did he care? It would be interesting to see what would happen if judges who let violent and predatory criminals off with no punishment could be sued if the offenders committed any crimes within the same time frame as the prison sentence they should have been serving. I bet those judges would be singing a different tune if they were held responsible for their decisions, decisions that cost other people their lives.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Levi said...

Pat, I really think that this is an epidemic of pedophiles molesting children & murdering them. I hold both the pedophile & the criminal justice system accountable for not locking them up. People will say that the media just covers the most gruesome cases of pedophiles murdering children & they are making it out like an epidemic to hype up & get ratings. Apparently they haven't seen NBC's Date: To Catch a Predator. Where pedophiles troll the internet for children to rape.

We should either lock them up forever or give them the death penalty. I'm tired of hearing about dead children.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

I second your thoughts, Levi! There IS an epidemic and we constantly ignore the evidence that children are being murdered right and left. It must stop.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Levi said...

Pat, I really think that politicians are afraid to pass tougher laws on pedophiles because they don't want to fight w/ civil rights groups like the ACLU who are apologists for pedophiles. I think it's time they band behind Mark Lunsford put their money where their mouth is & pass these laws & make sure there are no loop holes these dirtbags can slip through.

By the way: Great blog! I've enjoyed reading it.

Ronni said...

Maybe some of these politicians and judges have a bit more sympathy with the pedos than we would like to think.

It comes down to that psycho-narcissistic entitlement. Nobody cares what people fantasize about; it's when the perpetrator decides he has the right to subjugate another for his own sick pleasure. In other words, crosses the line from fantasy to reality.

Incarcerate for life is my vote.

Katie's Revenge.

Levi said...

My problem w/ Life in prison is this: There are so many loop holes like in Oklahoma there is a little known provision that allows inmates serving LWOP for 15 yrs to apply for early release.

I think it is a good argument that the death penalty is reserved for the WORST crime: Murder.
But on the other hand we see cases like this, Jessica Lunsford, Samantha Runnion, Dylan & Shasta Grone, the list goes on & on. Where children are murdered by repeat child sex offenders.

It may sound extreme, but I wouldn't have a problem w/ seeing them face the DP.

Levi said...

Pat Brown has been on MSNBC today talking about the case.

Pat, I agreed w/ everything you said, great commentary

DonnaMorrisToone said...

Seriously, there should be some kind of permanent record and classification for these sickos (past offenders, any offences they or any "sexually deprives" currently not charged" talk about committing).

And regulations governing their threats and uintimidations (pre-tier, before-tier-not-charged-not-convicted-degenerates), near kids places, etc.