Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Phil Spector Circus

The Phil Spector dog-and-pony show is about to begin. This trial will illustrate the stupidity and economic waste of the American trial and jury system. Just watch (and we will as this entertainment for the masses gets televised daily) the pack of lies rolled out by the defense team in an effort to bamboozle a bunch of untrained folks-off-the-street (that you wouldn’t hire to do any other job you needed doing because they have no skills to do those jobs) into finding this man not guilty. Already the big fat liar celebrity defense lawyer, Bruce Cutler, is claiming if “there is no motive, there's no intent, there's no malice, there's no murder, and there's no crime.'' He isn’t planning on defending an innocent man; he is going to trying to use every con and ploy he can think of to get a almost unquestionably guilty-as-hell man out of receiving the punishment he should get for depriving an innocent woman of her life.

Am I convicting this man without a trial? No, I believe there should be a final say in whether this man has committed a crime and what penalty he should pay for doing it, but anyone who has the least bit of logic probably could wrap this case up in ten minutes (if they aren’t being confused by the showmanship and lies of Bruce Cutler). Let’s look at the basic facts in order:

1) Spector has been known to wave guns around while working with bands in the studio.
2) Spector has a 1970’s misdemeanor gun conviction.
3) Spector has evidence of 13 firearms in his mansion.
4) Women (not one woman, but multiple women) will testify Spector has threatened them with guns,
5) The driver told police Spector said to him, “I think I shot someone.”
6) The police found Spector in the foyer slumped in a chair with the gun at his feet.
7) Spector told the police, “I didn’t mean to shoot her. It was an accident.”

Seems pretty clear to me why Spector was arrested and charged with murder. But, our renowned defense lawyer, Cutler, claims, “Lana Clarkson accidentally killed herself fooling around with Spector’s gun.” Now, Cutler is either one of two things: the dumbest man on the face of the earth or the biggest liar on the face of the earth. Since I can rule out that Cutler is that stupid, then we are left with Bruce Cutler being a lying scumbag of the lowest sort. But, this is what our criminal justice system has come to: buying the best liar one can afford to convince lay people that the guilty are not really guilty. Cutler will claim that Spector was in shock when he made those statements, that he had no beef with the woman and ,therefore, no motive, that the lady could have been fascinated with a gun Spector had lying around or had hidden suicidal ideation, and that because there was gunpowder residue on both her hands, she likely pulled the trigger herself.

Hopefully, the prosecution will be able to convince the jury this is all hogwash and the poor woman was desperately trying to protect herself as she grabbed the gun to push it away when Spector shoved it in her face. But, who knows if Cutler will be able to create that little speck of doubt for this famous man and the jury will fail to convict him for a crime he undoubtedly committed.

The amount of time and resources that will be wasted on this open-and-shut case will be nauseating. Something stinks in the American criminal justice system and I think we need to stop saying we have the best system of justice in the world because we don’t.
(Photos of Spector's old and new "dos" courtesy of The Daily Pulp)

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

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