Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Defective Adults need to Grow Up

There is a new game coming in September to Toronto: Street Wars. This is a video game gone real time involving idiots posing as adults stalking each other on the streets until they can commit an assassination by water gun. Now, I will have to admit I can see the fun in it. Essentially, what these folks are doing is called "tailing" in the, private investigation industry. They are tracking down information on where the mark lives, works and hangs out, and then the mark is tailed until he can be "killed." The big difference is private detectives have a license for this because without one, it is rather concerning when one person stalks another.

The claim by the creator of this stupidity is that it is all in fun and no one is getting hurt. I beg to differ. While each contestant pays forty dollars to get in the game and knows he is the assassin or the target, the game is not being played on private grounds where no one else is being affected. This is not paintball at the paintball range or laser tag inside a laser tag facility. This game is being played out among other human beings who have no clue to what is going on.

If I see one of these fools skulking around acting suspicious, I am going to call the police. And, if one of these morons pulls out a water gun in a crowded location and aims it at me or someone near me, God help him, if it looks to real; he may get shot. These players by acting like criminals are going to cause fear in other people's lives and that will make their behavior no longer just pretend. They are crossing the line into true criminal behavior. In return, they may get treated like criminals.

I agree with the game creator that this game could be amusing, but so what? Lots of illegal things are fun and I don't do them. There are some things that are not illegal but morally or ethically questionable and I don't do these things either. As an adult member of society, I am supposed to be mature enough to figure this out. Apparently the game creator and his players aren't. Grow up, for God's sake....please.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


THE1LILY said...

Sounds like this so called "game" will be the next college campus "fun" much like Dungeons and Dragons a few years back until some of our brightest children ...like "young adults" went over the edge into the "REAL world" and some paid a dear price!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Whatever happened to playing chess? I am a Scrabble player and I enjoy two nights a week at the club and I go to three day tournements at different locations in the US. The game is always challenging, nailbiting (because we are timed on a clock), and loads of fun. I could play the game for hours on end (and I have been known to play late into the night). Ideating violence should not be the only way to have fun.

Anonymous said...

They probably can't spell...