Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Superbad is Superscary

I went to see the movie Superbad last night to see what all the fuss was about. The critics are raving, the public is raving; this movie is being called the most hilarious, accurate, teen raunch movie of the decade, destined to become one of the great all time classics. I have to admit, the audience loved it. I, on the other hand, found it only occasionally amusing, usually when the movie dealt with the boys inept handling of communication with females. The rest of the movie was filled with totally stupid humor one would think would only be funny for fifteen-year old males who find people throwing up a scream, and bad words hysterical. I could live with this and walk away thinking, "Let the kids have their fun," except for the fact that a lot of people in that audience were older than fifteen and they loved the movie. Worse, there were kids in the movie theater that were under fifteen and they loved the movie.

The movie was totally degrading to women and the importance of love in a physical relationship. The main character constantly talked about sexual acts and body parts in such a repulsive manner that I can't believe females in America accept this as a perfectly okay thing. Women essentially become sluts and bitches in this movie, nothing more than unimportant humans on the planet living only to serve the sexual needs and egos of these selfish, immoral creeps called teenagers.

The only boy in the film who starts off as seeming to actually like a girl as a real person and not just a sex object, still gets himself drunk to sleep with her when he is told he won't be a date rapist if he is just as inebriated as she is. He is even willing to provide the booze to get her there. Then, when the drunk girl actually drags him to the bedroom and rips off his clothes, all the while acting like the biggest ho in the world and talking as dirty as some 50-year-old sex pervert, he feels uncomfortable and stops her. Later, she thanks him for not taking advantage of her while she was drunk, indicating that she is really an innocent virgin. Please, give me a break. If this is the way decent schoolgirls act, we are in big trouble.

Actually, yes, we are in big trouble. The movie being acclaimed as so wonderful by so many is disturbing. We cheer for the foulmouthed, crude, repulsive, lawbreaking, annoying, disrespectful, misogynist slob and are happy when he finally gets his way with some brainless babe who rewards him with sex because she recognizes that underneath all of that repulsiveness is a really a great guy.

With this kind of attitude toward women (and we see it in other movies and music), I am surprised females want to date any more. Even if guys sometimes think about girls in a less than romantic way, wisdom says keep it to yourself. But, constantly informing women that they are viewed as meat seems horribly unappealing. Sadly, I think more and more females today have accepted this role as their lot in life, as just the way it is, and just the way guys think. They no longer believe that sex should be part of a love filled, passionate relationship. It's just about sexual release and thrills, mostly his. If you want to be accepted and you want a guy in your life, just don't say no to humiliation.

Respect for women is dead, and by the lack of bad reviews coming in about this movie, it isn't likely to return soon.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Preraph said...

"With this kind of attitude toward women . . ., I am surprised females want to date any more."

I know I don't.

It's true a fair amount of girls accept this and whatever else men get up to as the norm. Even more alarming is that, as always, an even bigger percentage believe that true love will conquer all and make men faithful, considerate, etc. Idealism is for the young. This is why guys don't like to date any women over 30. Too much "baggage," i.e., reality, i.e., experienced women know your tricks.

Last Thanksgiving, I had dinner with a friend and her lesbian daughter and platonic male friend, college age. They both began raving about how "great" it was that there was such a place as the Playboy mansion, just so great that such a place existed where people could do what they wanted, etc. I really thought I was going to have a stroke trying, in the short amount of time I had, to convince them how screwed up those women have to be to subject themselves to that. I would say "and what a geezer Hef is," except that I now believe every man on earth would live like that if it was their choice. Anyway, it's not something you can straighten out in the minds of the young. It's something they have to come to gradually, because they are blinded by the lack of convention it represents. I was the same way at their age. They just see a big party with no curfew. It's blinding.

Now, on the other hand, I grew up in the seventies, and I don't believe casual sex is that bad for women, as long as they're running their agenda and not letting some man do it. True, very few can accomplish this, but I did manage it a few times. It's about power. And it was partly my reaction to the double standard, which I find abominable. Yes, sex with love is better, no question. In fact, I remember how depressed I was when making love ruined casual sex for me. It was the end of an era. Okay, that was really personal. You have my heartfelt apologies.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Oddly, I rather agree with your 70s comment! It was a different era. Sex was more an equality based amusement, not so much about girls servicing guys. I don't know exactly why that was and why it changed into this much more repulsive form, but it has, and it is oh so sad. If one can't save sex for a long term truly romantic relationship, preferably marriage, sex should at least be practiced by two people who have an equal appreciation and respect for each other.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Preraph said...

It was a different time. I think, at least in my crowd, we respected each other for being pioneers, in a sense. You know, there were other periods in history when women weren't disrespected for being sexual OR being powerful, going back to certain societies in medieval times.

I can't say precisely why it all went so horribly wrong, but the element that you refer to with disgust was always there in one form or another. I do know that when the tide began to change was when AIDS entered the general public's consciousness. I remember there was a generation maybe 15 years younger than us that me and some of my friends used to refer to as "the bad batch," because they were so priggish in many ways and uninterested in changing society or anything except self-indulgence. That's was the first wave of change and seemed, in retrospect, to be the first disinterest in a society of change for a couple of decades.

I think what followed is that we are now seeing a backlash to all the progress women made in the sixties and seventies, an aggressive rejection of it.

But the double standard has always been present. And it has always been one of the biggest stickers in my craw. I wish women were able to see at a younger age where the lines must be drawn, but these matters look fairly ambiguous when viewed from a position of idealistic naivety.