Saturday, August 18, 2007

Criminal Profing Topic of the Day: Mixing Alien Apples with Offender Oranges

Imagine this scenario: A man purchases an illegal fireman from a criminal on the street. He is a felon who has been released from jail after serving only half his sentence for armed robbery. He has broken parole five times but instead of being sent back to prison, he has just been given warnings. He walks down the street from his halfway house to the convenience store on the corner. He enters the store and purchases a Red Bull drink. He pays for it and drinks it while waiting for the store to clear of customers. Then, when only the clerk and the felon are left in the store, the criminal pulls out the illegally purchased handgun and holds up the store. When the community hears the story, they become incensed. Clearly, Red Bull ought to be pulled from the market because the excess caffeine in the drink made the man hyper and caused him to commit crime.

Ridiculous you say? Well, this is the same foolish thinking going on with the case of illegal immigrant, Jose Lachira Carranza, the alleged killer of three Newark teens. While illegal immigration is a major problem in our country and ought to be addressed for a number of perfectly legitimate reasons, the fact that this alleged killer of teens happens to be in the United States without a green card really is not an important factor in this case. The real issue ought to be the fact that Carranza got bail after being arrested twice for child rape and then let back onto the streets.

Illegal immigrants don't kill people, criminals do. Stop bail for violent offenders.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


preraph said...

Agreed; but on the other hand, if we were using the existing laws to keep illegal immigrants out, he wouldn't be here. And if he applied to enter legally, a background check probably would have prevented his entry. That's why we have laws in place. Why are we ignoring them when it comes to the immigration issue? Because they're the fastest growing demographic and politicians want to cater to them rather than doing what most citizens want, which is screen their entry and see that they get in the system and pay taxes.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

As I said, there are many other reasons for dealing with illegal immigration and the majority of the problems we have with it have nothing to do with this kind of crime. I agree that politicians are behind the acceptance of an incredibly huge influx of illegal immigrants, but to use this argument for this particular crime clouds the real problem; that America permits violent criminals, resident, nonresident, or illegal immigrant, to walk the streets. We need to separate the two arguments so we can deal with the true issues of each one. Mixing them does a diservice to both problems.


Levi said...

I read where illegals kill 12 Americans daily.

I do think that their status as illegal immigrants does play a big part in the case.

You can argue morality,but you can't argue physics. Physics may be cold and ruthless, but that's just the nature of physics.

And in THIS case, Physics dictates that if the guy wasn't here, he wouldn't have been able to murder. Pure and simple.



Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

One could also say if women stopped marrying men it would end domestic abuse, but the real issue is allowing domestic abuse.

This also would apply to the gun argument. Get rid of guns, get rid of gun deaths.

Eventually, if we apply this argument to everything, we won't have anything!

What we need to expect in society, is appropriate behavior. While illegal immigration is certainly a problem and I say we deal with it, the reason crimes are committed in this countries lies more in our joke of a criminal justice system and, if I were going to pick a venue to fight crime, it would be how we handle criminals, not illegal immigration.