Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Misreporting (or lying) by the Media and Law Enforcement

There is a BIG difference between reporting the news, doing commentary, and making up the news and sadly too much of the last category seems to be increasing these days. Here are a few examples that come to mind that tick me off:

1) Hurricane Sandy: I was watching the news throughout the day and it seemed like the reporters in Maryland weren't exactly getting as big a local story as they had hoped for (unlike NJ and NY), so they exaggerated the situation. "The streets are flooded!" exclaimed one reporter at which my son drily (pun intended) pointed out that the clip shown with that statement wouldn't have gotten the sides of your shoes wet. Making news more exciting may get viewers and ratings but it is unfair to misrepresent what is really happening.

2) During the early days of the reporting on the Jessica Ridgeway case, almost all the reporters stated in their articles that "Jessica left the home at....." when in fact there was not yet proof at that point that Jessica left her home of her own accord. The correct reporting should have been, "Sarah Ridgeway, Jessica's mother, states that Jessica left the home at....". Later, when there was proof this was so, it could be stated, "Jessica left the home at...." Such inaccuracies could have impacted tips to the police.

3) Just today the Huffington Post in the UK reported online that a Chinese man sued his wife for not telling him she had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to make herself beautiful and, consequently, he was blindsided when she birthed one ugly baby girl. Problem is, that story was rolling around in 2004 and I have not even yet been able to prove that it was not a hoax at the time.

Here's the thing: the media should report the facts, not make them up or guess what is true or base a story on unsubstantiated rumors (or stories by other media that have no credibility). And commentary should clearly be commentary and it should be based on facts and not unproven guesswork (then one should say, "If..."). News should not be exaggerated to make it a bigger story and muck up people's lives. People make choices based on what they "learn" through the media.

Sometimes media reports untruths because they are told untruths by those that they interview like politicians and the police. They should make clear that these are statements by these particular people and then the onus of lying falls on those who lie. I have a whole different set of issues with misrepresentation of the facts by law enforcement as I feel that it makes the citizens mistrust the police and this screws up future investigations. It also can be blatantly dangerous if the citizens do not get the correct information to provide for their own safety. Sometimes police do this to trip up some killer by misreporting the facts of the case but I have yet to see that this is a useful method and that any positive results outweigh the damage done by lying to the public.

Listen in on tonight's Profile This! (or listen to the recording for October 30, 2012) for further discussion of the issues of lying and misreporting in the media, by law enforcement, by families, by victims of crime (like those girls who claim they were kidnapped when they weren't), and by folks in our lives.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 30, 2012

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Update on Free Speech and the Madeleine McCann Case

As Gonçalo Amaral heads to court to do battle with Madeleine McCann's parents, Kate and Gerry, over the issue of libel and free speech concerning the Portuguese publication of his book, The Truth of the Lie, many have been wondering what is happening over here in the United States with my own battle with the McCanns over the same issue.

Well, it has been a frustrating road to fight the legalities and jurisdictions of the legal system when it comes to libel and the UK. It took me a long time to find an attorney with a desire to support free speech (even the ACLU didn't show interest) because of public sympathy over an open missing child case and the spectacle of grieving parents. Most attorneys, because they didn't see easy money and worried about the media backlash from standing up to the McCanns, wouldn't touch the case. But, I feel very lucky that Anne Bremner was willing to take the case on and represent me. Unfortunately, after much research over the jurisdictional issues, it became clear that there was not much that could be done to fight the McCanns because of their residency in the UK and the libel laws at play over there. I will explain.

First of all, it isn't about Amazon, so even though they are an American company and are located in Seattle, Washington (right in Anne's home territory), it doesn't matter, because they are not the one's who are claiming my book, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is libelous. They are simply refusing to sell it which is their right as a bookstore. They don't want to run the risk of being sued by the McCanns. Therefore, it is only the McCanns that can be the focus of a lawsuit. And they live in the UK which mucks things up.

Why? Two reasons. One, the UK libel laws are ridiculously anti-free speech and the case would be far more difficult to win there than in the US where a successful verdict in my favor would likely occur. Two, it costs a blazing fortune to sue someone in another country; one has to bring in attorneys that work there and pay for travel costs and all the likely charges for all the motions and delays, you name it... and I don't have the bucks for that. So, Anne did what was manageable under the circumstances with the letter to the McCanns emphasizing the lack of libel in the book and the right of free speech that should have them cease and desist in their threat to Amazon and myself. Their refusal to allow the book back on the Amazon market speaks volumes and that alone is worth illuminating. Interestingly, my book continues to sell at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords and the McCanns have not gotten it taken down from these venues nor have they sued me in the United States. It is likely they won't because they know they have a poor chance of winning here.

After a goodly period of time trying to decide what to do, it seemed best to force the McCanns' hand in the US rather than the UK. I decided that a book published in the United States with an American publisher puts the ball in my court. My literary agent and I are working to secure a publisher for a book which would be a collaboration between myself and Dr. Amaral bringing in all the issues of the case before a larger audience without the stranglehold the British press and Carter Ruck. I want the public worldwide to understand the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the impact this case has had on the world of missing children.

Some of my detractors post commentary on my work on the McCann case, about my book really being libelous, and my fight against the McCanns is wrong. They mock my professional ability to analyze the case and deride my assertion that the Scotland Yard "review" is both cover-up and a fiasco and that the McCann's fund is nothing but a rip-off. If I pursue the case and speak out, I am an attention seeker and trying to make money off of Madeleine. If I am quiet for a while, they claim I have turned tail and run off, no longer finding enough monetary value in the case to continue bothering with it.

I quite frankly could care less what certain persons have to say about me, but I do think it is important to clarify certain points for people validly concerned with the case and how the world of profiling, investigation, and legal matters work. In a word, slowly. Agonizingly slowly. Legal matter take years, sometimes decades for actions to be taken. Sometimes they seem to be moving along quickly in the right direction and then it all comes to an abrupt halt and nothing is done for years. Very, very frustrating. Likewise, with investigations. Everything seems to be moving forward and then all goes quiet. The media? Everyone jumps on board, there is a flurry of articles and TV stories, and then, suddenly, no one gives a damn anymore. An election is now the headliner or a hurricane. Getting the media to pay attention to the deeper issues and spending real time on an area of concern, like the Madeleine McCann case, is near to impossible.

And, money. Money runs the media and politics and book publishing. If a book seems too risky, there will be no publication. If the book won't hit the bestseller list in the first week, no interest. If the story doesn't include hot sex scenes or gruesome mutilations, eh, no one will buy it, so no interest in the book. So many things affect trying to get the truth out that most people give up and this is totally understandable.

I have been dealing with the Madeleine McCann case for five years. It has cost me money and sent hate and stalkers my direction. I would let it go, but the case is extremely important to the future of missing children's investigations and how these missing children are represented in the media (and hopefully not just exploited). It is hard to let go because this particular case is one of the most bizarre cases of a missing child in history, far eclipsing any other case I can think of.

I will continue to pursue the truth in this case. I will look for avenues that allow for progress in understanding the issues and, hopefully, one day lead to justice for Maddie. I am not in this alone; so many others have put in tremendous amounts of time over the years and put themselves in the line of fire to see this case solved and prosecuted. I simply am trying to do what I can do. Sometimes I have a good opportunity to make progress; other times I can't make anything happen. And, in the meantime, I need to continue with my other profiling work and make a living, yes, imagine that! When I go quiet, it is because I have nothing to add to the case knowledge at that time or because I am overwhelmed with other matters of life and work.

I pray that Gonçalo Amaral will win his case and that Tony Bennett will also win his day in court. I will meanwhile hope to finally get the time to update my Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann and I hope I can get a new book published by a major publisher (one with some balls) that will illuminate this case to a larger audience. I will continue to watch closely all the other people, the many wonderful people online (too many to mention but I must at least thank Joana, Morais, John Blacksmith, and  Hidedo for their nonstop efforts in the case) with great websites, insights, and information who refuse to let the case of Madeleine McCann fall into obscurity or fantasy. I must thank all who continue to fight the McCanns ongoing abuse of goodhearted people with their Carter-Ruck lawsuits and their siphoning of money from the pockets of naive people who want the best outcome for Madeleine.

Hopefully, justice for will one day prevail.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

September 8, 2012

Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

By Pat Brown
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(5.00 based on 5 reviews)

Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Why the Drew Peterson Conviction was Simply Wrong

"I could kill you and make it look like an accident."

"I would put your body where no one would ever find it."

"I would 'Keep it simple, stupid.' A simple knifing in an alley and a missing wallet; it would look like a robbery."

"I would make sure a good amount of time passed between taking out the insurance policy and your death."

"If I just pull up your feet in the bathtub, your head would go under the water, you would drown, and there would be no marks on your body."

"All I would have to do is get a condom from the bushes in the park, pull the pants down on your corpse and dump the contents on your butt. They will think you were getting it on with someone and they got violent and killed you.:"

None of the above are Drew Peterson's statements.

All of the above are comments from conversations I have had in the company of police officers, police detectives, private investigators, and crime analysts. Which is exactly why hearsay is normally not allowed in court. People say a lot of stuff, they joke around, they say things in anger, they say things people take out of context or remember incorrectly, and, even if they meant what they said, it doesn't mean they acted upon it. Add to this someone simply claiming things were said that were never said and you have a pretty good idea why until recently in Illinois, hearsay was not considered dependable "evidence" upon which to convict someone.

I think Drew Peterson is a psychopath and that he is damned likely to have committed a homicide or two, but there is no real evidence that he actually did. The jury should never have convicted him. He will appeal, and I believe the verdict will be overturned (even if it has to go all the way to the Supreme Court). The trial was a travesty of the justice system, and even if we aren't too bent out of shape over Drew Peterson being convicted, the same thing could happen to anyone of us and then it wouldn't be quite so palatable.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Occam's Razor and The Madeleine McCann Case

The concept of Occam's Razor, that the simplest explanation is likely to be true, is useful when analyzing the case of missing Madeleine McCann. With Scotland Yard having flushed millions of pounds of British taxpayer's money down the toilet in an effort to promote the most ludicrous of theories (in complete opposition to Occam's Razor), I want to step back to the night of May 3, 2007 and examine the simplest of answers.

Why did the McCanns leave Madeleine and her siblings alone in the vacation apartment evening after evening? 

Because they were not worried that anyone would get into the apartment or that the children would get out.

Why were they not worried that anyone would get into the apartment or that the children would get out?

Because the apartment was thoroughly locked down so that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to get in or for the children to get out.

As then it would be routine for the McCanns to lock down the apartment when they went to the Tapas bar in the evening, would it be likely that they would change their routine on the evening of May 3, 2007 and leave the doors unlocked so that someone could get in or that one of their children could get out?


Therefore, it is most likely that the apartment was locked down on May 3, 2007.



Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

September 6, 2012

Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

By Pat Brown
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 5 reviews)

Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Mass Murderer or Terrorist - An Important Distinction

This post comes with no pictures and no links. I simply want to get across the point that a mass murderer is different than a terrorist and we shouldn't confuse the labels.

Mass murderer - a disgruntled, angry psychopath or borderline personality disordered individual who hates everyone in the world and picks a group to target that a)  justifies his crime, b) is a fishbowl he feels comfortable committing the crime in,  and c) gets a lot of media publicity for himself.

Terrorist -  a disgruntled, angry psychopath or borderline personality disordered individual who is a) in the employ of a terrorist organization who selects the target for political reasons and the impact of the terrorist attack on the political issue, b) is sent on an assignment to kill, and c) gets a lot of media publicity for the cause.

Mislabeling mass murderers as terrorists encourages misdirected animosity between groups of people when the anger should be only targeted toward the individual and the development of psychopathy in society.

Examples of mass murder:

Oklahoma City - mass murderers 
Columbine - mass murderers
Virginia Tech - mass murderer
Fort Hood - mass murderer
Norway - mass murderer
Aurora, Colorado - mass murderer
Wisconsin Sikh temple - mass murderer

Examples of terrorism:

Ku Klux Klan - terrorism by Christian fanatics
9/11 - terrorism by Muslim fanatics
1985 bombing of Air India plane (Canada) -   terrorism by Sikh fanatics
2007 Ajmer Dargah blast  - terrorism believed to be enacted by Hindu fanatics

Let's put the proper label on the proper psychopath: it will help us not foment hatred for no reason and also help us understand what exact issues we should be focusing on to prevent future attacks. If we are dealing with mass murder, we need to focus on the development of psychopaths in middle class America and if we are dealing with terrorism we need to focus on where and why terrorists organizations are developing, how they are being funded, and how they are recruiting. For both types of killings, we need to know how to identify the individuals and their intent to kill before the crime is enacted and to develop the best methods to prevent and stop such killings.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 5, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: University of Montana Quarterback Date Rape Travesty

 University of Montana quarterback, Jordan Johnson (pictured left) , accused in March of rape, was formally charged late Tuesday afternoon with sexual intercourse without consent.
The felony charge, which carries a potential sentence of two years to life in prison, was filed just before the close of business in Missoula County District Court by Suzy Boylan, assistant chief deputy county attorney. Johnson was immediately suspended from the Grizzlies football team, which is scheduled to start practice Monday, said UM President Royce Engstrom. That suspension continues until the outcome of legal proceedings.

 All over the Internet, the comments following some 300 news articles about this case are cheering in support of women who have been date raped and how thrilled they are that this lowly bastard has been charged with this horrific crime. I am not one of them. I am appalled at our system of justice and the support of this travesty. Below are the facts (from the victim's own mouth) and my analysis of her claims.

In the affidavit, [assistant chief deputy county attorney.Suzy Boylan] described a chain of events that began with a text message from Johnson suggesting that he and the alleged victim get together that night. They decided to watch a movie at her house, and she picked him up because he'd been drinking and didn't want to drive, according to the affidavit.
One of the woman's roommates was asleep, the other was playing video games in the living room, it said.
Johnson began kissing the woman as they watched a movie in her room, it said. Although she first kissed him back, she then said, "Let's just watch the movie," the affidavit said.
"She tried to keep things light and tried to discourage his advances," according to the affidavit.
Although the woman said she told him "no" repeatedly, he persisted, saying at one point, "I will make you," it said. Then he raped her, it said.
The documents described the woman as feeling "scared and ‘shut down,' " and said, "She was afraid he would hit her if she resisted further."
Afterward, according to the affidavit, the woman texted her roommate in the living room, saying "Omg … I think I might have just gotten raped ... he kept pushing and pushing and I said no but he wouldn't listen … I just wanna cry ... Omg what do I do!"
           The woman drove Johnson home that night and went to UM's Student Assault Resource Center the           next morning. Since then, she's been treated for Rape Trauma Syndrome.

 Seriously? Really? This young man's life gets destroyed, his name is ruined, because of the word of this girl that she was raped (and there are many false reporters of rape for a variety of reasons)? Let's review this whole scenario.

The "victim" has known this guy for a year. They have been texting for months. Consequently, she should have some idea of his character and whether he is a guy that would want to have sex with her or rape her.

On the night in question, he calls her up drunk wanting to get together. She says yes. She suggests a movie - to the drunk college boy - at her apartment in her bedroom.

She drives over to get him (because he is too inebriated to drive himself over) and brings him to her apartment.

She takes him to her bedroom where they lie together on her bed (I doubt there is a couch in their room, but this is possible). The young man notes her roommate is right down the way playing a video game in the livingroom. The "victim" states there is yet another woman supposedly asleep in her room (but at that time she could not have known if she was awake or not).

They start kissing on the bed (or couch); she kisses him back indicating she is more interested in a sexual encounter of some kind rather than the movie they are supposed to be watching.

Then she claims she tried to discourage his advances repeatedly. Note: she did not get up and leave the room.

She claims she told him repeatedly, "No," and at some point he said, "I will make you." Note: she did not get up and leave the room.

Now, she claims she was afraid he would hit her and so she let's him have sex with her. Note: she did not even try to leave the room and she did not shout out to her roommates for help, in spite of the fact one of her roommates was clearly awake nearby.

Afterwards, she texts that roommate, saying, "Omg … I think I might have just gotten raped ... he kept pushing and pushing and I said no but he wouldn't listen … I just wanna cry ... Omg what do I do!"

She think she might have just gotten raped? That is a very deceptive statement which indicates she does not believe what she is saying herself. She then explains that "he kept pushing and pushing and I said no but he wouldn't listen." Pushing someone to have sex is NOT rape; it is obnoxious, it is annoying, and it is ungentlemanly, but it is not rape if the woman gets tired of the pressure and gives in. If a woman "gives in," she has not been raped; she has been seduced in a rather unerotic manner. It seems like what we are dealing with here is "buyer's remorse".

Having been "raped," the "victim" then kindly drives her rapist home. She goes to the clinic the next day but doesn't report the "rape" to the police for six weeks.

This is utter rot. The woman has not in any way described a rape. The prosecutor's office should be ashamed of charging Jordan Johnson with rape when there is no proof of one. The University of Montana should be ashamed of tossing Johnson off the football team. And all those folks who I see jumping up adn down in support of this woman and gleefully clapping that Johnson has gotten his comeuppance should be ashamed that he has been tried by the public and with not one shred of evidence proving his guilt.

There ARE women who have suffered being raped by an acquaintance or a date and it is sad that the victim, the female, most often cannot prove she was raped very successfully in a court of law because of the lack of visible trauma (especially if she was too drunk to be able to make any move to defend herself which is most often the case) and the he said/she said problem of it all. Usually, the rape occurs in a location where a threat might scare the victim enough not to fight back or she is so out of it she can't. In this case, neither of these two circumstances applied, so the "victim's" story has no credibility to me at all.

It is not okay for our daughters to be raped by college boys who think they are entitled to "hit it" if they want. But, it is also not okay for our sons to be accused of crimes they did not commit and have their futures completely destroyed. And, most importantly, it is not fair to rape victims, true rape victims, to  have cases like this cause a backlash against them.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 3, 2012          

How to Save your Daughter's Life by Pat Brown will be out on August 15, 2012. Pre-order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

There is a whole chapter in the book about Date Rape and how to keep your daughter from becoming a victim of this crime and the realities of date rape in our society and court system.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: To Dig or Not to Dig

South African businessman Stephen Birch says he has proof of some sort of cavity beneath a second pebble driveway (put in after Madeleine McCann's disappearance) and he believes that Maddie may be buried in that particular spot, a possible grave he located with a geo-radar machine he ran over Robert Murat's property (where his mother is living) a number of times quite illegally. He admits he had no permission to be on the grounds and, under the cover of night, slipped onto the property and ran his tests. He recognizes he may be sued for this and has his lawyers in place to deal with the possibility.

I am not going to speak of legalities and ethics in this particular post. Personally, I do not approve of trespassing on private property, possibly terrifying anyone at home (although some will claim I am the pot calling the kettle black because I touched the shutters on Apartment 5A when it was vacant which were accessible from the public walkway in the resort at which I was staying). Anyway, the issue at hand I am wishing to discuss is not whether Mr. Birch should be dealt with legally, but whether there is any merit to his claim and if anyone should dig at the spot on the driveway and who that should be.

 First, to the issue of Mr. Birch's theory that Madeleine was dead on May 3rd and buried on Murat's property the same night. I will not get into his entire theory as to who was involved and why. Suffice it to say, his theory is possible, if not all that probable, at least from this profiler's experience. IF his theory were to be true, it would be a major anomaly. If Maddie is buried on Murat's property, I would have to believe that Robert Murat was himself involved in the crime, that he was a child sex predator who saw a lucky opportunity, grabbed the child, and ran back to his house with her. Then, finished with his enjoyment of the child, he would have done what most child sex predators do; kill the child straight away. Then, he would have buried her on his own property believing that he would not become a suspect and, thereby, her body would not be found with his DNA on it somewhere on the side of the road.

Do I believe that this is what happened? Do I believe Murat is involved? No, but only because the evidence, in my opinion, doesn't point in his direction (see all my blogs on the case and my Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann). I don't believe Maddie was abducted, I do believe the McCanns are involved, and my Number One choice of where Maddie would be found buried is Monte do Jose Mestre, a desolate area west of Praia da Luz where Gerry McCann's cell phone pinged.

If Murat were not involved in the disappearance of Maddie McCann and the Gerry and Kate McCanns did have something to do with their daughter's demise, I would find it highly improbable that Maddie would be buried by one of her parents (with or without the help of any of their friends) nearby on someone's private property. I find it would be extraordinary, that  under great duress right after finding her dead that evening,  Gerry would have the audacity and balls to go onto someone's property, dig a hole, and bury Maddie there in an attempt to to frame someone in the community. I could believe someone burying their child on some stranger's farm in the country in some remote and area easily accessible to the road, but just down the street on a property behind an inhabited house in the middle of town, this is too unbelievable to me. If the McCanns were involved and Gerry was seen trotting toward the beach with Maddie by the Smith family, that behavior is more in line with known behaviors of parents involved in the death of their child; he would have been in a panic and quickly trying to get her body away from the vacation residence and to a remote place where any predator could have dumped her. What might have happened after that would all depend on luck and circumstances and having more time to think things through. But to place her just down the street on someone's property, I doubt it. Could be true, but it would be extremely odd.

Now, on to the issue of should the property be dug up at that spot just to make sure? I don't object to it. Who the suspect would be if it turned out Maddie was buried on the property is secondary to locating the chid and seeing justice done for her. Also, if the theory she is buried there does not pan out, perhaps Mr. Birch and others will take that machine and a search party over to Monte do Jose Mestre and see if they can find Maddie over there.

But who decides if the driveway at Murat's should be excavated? If the police do not have probably cause and they don't believe Birch's video of his radar scanning means much, they are not going to be knocking on Murat's mom's door. Is there really any evidence pointing to the Murat property or Murat? Is that video really indicative of a grave? If it is, could it be the grave of a dog? Could that cavity be the result of some other disturbance to that ground could cause a scan that looks to Birch like a grave?

Next, should Robert Murat just say, "What the hell! Let me just shut this guy up!" and allow the driveway to be dug up?  I would say if he wasn't worried about a body being there, he could do that. But, on the other hand, even if he had nothing to do with Maddie's disappearance, he might now be paranoid someone has put her body there and he will indeed be framed, or that someone has planted some kind of evidence to make it look like a body might have been there. If I were in his shoes, I don't know what I would do.

Should the McCanns push the police or Murat to take action? Well, if I were them and I were innocent, I would damn sure want that ground dug up because it would drive me crazy not to know if Maddie was really there or not.

What do I think will likely happen? Nothing. I think the police don't have probable cause, Murat won't want to take the chance, and the McCanns, in my opinion, already know whether she is under that driveway or not. So, nothing will happen unless the Murat family no longer owns the property and the new owners have no problem with the matter being settled with a little digging on the drive. I don't think we are going to see that coming down the pike any time soon.

What I wouldn't be surprised to see is Stephen Birch ending up on the end of a Carter-Ruck lawsuit via the McCanns for claiming Maddie is dead.  We all know how the McCanns deal with differing opinions, don't we?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 14, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Kate McCann appointed Ambassador for Missing People Organization - Unfuckingbelievable!

I know, I know. I should be more professional than to use such bad language, but having Kate McCann be the poster woman for people who have lost children, just blows my mind. Yes, Kate surely is pretty good at making children go missing, but it is this fact alone that should disqualify her for any ambassador position connected to missing anybodies. In fact, it should make her poison to any organization seeking money and support for finding missing persons. Not only has Kate managed to lose her child due to her own poor skills at mothering, but she has squandered millions of donor dollars on crooked and incompetent private investigators who haven't unearthed a damned clue, much less the body of her own very likely very dead daughter.

What in god's name was this Missing People organization thinking? Even if they find Kate McCann a sympathetic figure, even if they believe her daughter was really abducted, even if they believe she has truly spent five years searching for her missing child, the people who run this organization have to know that a good many people think Kate McCann is guilty of child neglect, guilty of manslaughter, guilty of covering up a crime, guilty of obstructing a police investigation, and guilty of defrauding the public of money. Who chooses such a person to represent their organization? Wasn't there one person in the leadership who said, "You know, bringing Kate McCann on board might not be such a bright idea."

Of course, Kate McCann, had she any sense of decency and concern for the purpose of such an organization should have said, "I do appreciate your kind offer and your generous support of my innocence and forgiveness of my parenting "mistake" but I wouldn't want to do harm to your organization, do more damage than good, considering how many people think I am guilty of a number of crimes. They will undoubtedly attack your organization if my name were to be linked with it."

Oh, I get why Kate didn't turn down the offer; it fits with her personality.  I am not a bit surprised. If she had turned it down, I might have actually stopped to rethink my analysis of her. Guess I don't have to do that. I also can't help but wonder if, perhaps, she wasn't offered the position...that maybe she offered herself as a representative, that she paid her way in. Maybe a large donation is what buys you an ambassadorship. I, for one, would like to see the financial records.

So, go figure. Another bizarre occurrence in the McCann saga which involves people who shouldn't be involved with them. I never was much for conspiracy theories, but with all the high level people sticking up for the McCanns and ignoring their very concerning behaviors and misdeeds, I just have to wonder why the McCanns seem to walk on British waters, don't you?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 10, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Pat Brown, Serial Tea Kettle Killer

BOLO for serial tea kettle killer!!! A second victim of the tea kettle serial killer has just been discovered in Tucson, Arizona just some six months after the first victim was murdered in Lisbon, Portugal. The MO, however, remains fairly consistent. An unsuspecting tea kettle, one unrelated to the perpetrator and assaulted in the tea kettle's own home, was taken from its resting place on the counter and burned to death on the nearby stove.

Crime Scene Photo One
Victim Number One, a fine red electric tea kettle was taken from its base, filled with water, and settled, rubber touching electrical surface, on the front left burner. The perpetrator then turned the stove on high and left the room. Smoke soon billowed out from under the kettle and the perpetrator reentered as the tea kettle was breathing its last. The kettle's closest relative asleep in the next room was unaware of the ongoing homicide and the perpetrator quickly worked to eliminate the evidence. Said perpetrator later denied the murder, laying the blame on the victim, claiming the red kettle had the shape of a nonelectric sort and the cord was not plugged into the kettle at the time. The perp claimed she thought the tea kettle was a typical pot that would be used on the stove and was unaware of its rubber bottom.

Crime Scene Photo Two
Six months later, the tea kettle serial killer struck again in Tucson, Arizona. This time a copper kettle was home alone when the perp struck. This nonelectric kettle was filled with water, place on the front left burner as had been the first victim, and the heat set on high. The perpetrator then left the room and waited for the kettle to boil dry and burn itself to death. The perpetrator later claimed that the tea kettle was of the whistling variety and while waiting to hear the whistle, the perp busied herself with web surfing. The perpetrator claims the whistle was defective and the pot never whistled and, therefore, without the proper signal, she forgot the tea kettle was on the stove boiling which led to its eventual death.

Pat Brown, the suspected perpetrator of these two tea kettle homicides as she was in both locations at the time of the murders, is still free in society. We would like to warn the public to keep an eye on their tea kettles and be sure not to allow this woman into one's kitchen if there are any tea kettles present.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 7,2012

Harkening back to the writing styles of the earlier American authors – John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers, "Only the Truth" is a story of soul searching, a psychological mystery which examines the question, “Whom should one love and when should one quit doing so?” Billy Ray, a lonely and rather slow, uneducated African-American man living in the mountains of Arkansas, runs across a mysterious young woman at the railroad tracks. She asks to go home with him and Billy Ray takes her with him as she requests. He comes to love this woman, Charlene, unconditionally. She is the only woman he has ever loved, and life is finally good for Billy Ray. Then Charlene shoots the neighbor and burns down the neighbor’s house. His happy life destroyed, a confused and devastated Billy Ray is at a loss. Is the woman he loves “just a troubled girl” or a psychopathic killer? Billy Ray sets out on a quest to find the truth, only the truth, whether it leads him to be able to save Charlene from a death sentence or it frees him from her spell.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Sherlock Holmes on Scotland Yard's Madeleine McCann Review

W: So, Holmes, what do you think Scotland Yard is doing in the Madeleine McCann case?

H: Well, Watson, there are only two options: they are searching for truth and justice or they are using four million taxpayer dollars to cover up a crime.

W: What would show they are searching for truth and justice, Holmes?

H: They would be seeking justice for those who perpetrated crimes against a little three-year-old girl.

W: So, let me see if I have this right; they would be following evidence and statistics which would mean they would look at the parents first since there is evidence that they were the last ones to see her, they admitted to her neglect, and because cadaver and blood dogs hit in their apartment and car, and they would also investigate the parents because statistics show caretakers are the ones most likely involved when a child of Madeleine's age disappears or dies in their care. Then, if the parents can be cleared, they should look for a local child sex predator who murdered her since statistics overwhelmingly support a child this age would be kidnapped, raped, and murdered within an hour by a man living in the vicinity.

H: Correct, Watson. But, Scotland Yard hasn't spent any time analyzing the possibility of the parents' involvement in their daughter's disappearance nor have they spent any time focusing on the vicinity of the McCann's apartment or a local child sex predator.

W: I am confused, Holmes. Are you saying that they have spent four million dollars sifting through tips that would take them out of Portugal in search of a live Maddie living with a family somewhere?

H: This is what appears to be the fact, Watson.

W: Well, then, Holmes, I would have to deduce that Scotland Yard is rife with dunces or corruption.

H: Bravo, Watson! I think you have hit the nail on the head! All the evidence points to Madeleine McCann being dead but her parents and Scotland Yard have collectively purportedly spent some eight million dollars not seeking justice for little Maddie and not seeking to punish the perpetrator or perpetrators, but instead appear to be focusing on a statistical anomaly in spite of evidence to the contrary; they want the public to believe she is alive and being cared for by strangers for the last five years. Yet none of the investigators, not the McCann hired PIs nor Scotland Yard, has presented ONE shred of evidence to validate this cock-and-bull theory.

W: Then, why, Holmes, are so many attacking the Portuguese police, retired Detective Goncalo Amaral, Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, and the others who have worked to analyze the case and provide theories and evidence of Madeleine having died in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007? These folks haven't been milking the public and citizens of millions of dollars and then refusing to show them any of what they have discovered during their investigations.

H: Ah, Watson, I guess because there are a lot of people out there who just can't accept that Madeleine McCann is dead, has been dead, and will be dead, and there is not going to be a happy ending to the story.

W: Whoa, Holmes, aren't you afraid to say unequivocally that Madeleine McCann is dead? Aren't you worried the McCanns and Carter Ruck will be suing your deductive ass?

H: Well, let them have at it, Watson! Since I am a fictional character, they can sue me for my fictional money, and I will happily send them a fictional check for the fictional Madeleine Search Fund with my fictional signature on it. Good luck cashing that at the bank.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 6, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day Five

No, I am not back to looking like this
Well, okay, it is really Day Seven, so you must have thought I was either dead or in hiding. Well I am still kicking, so I must have been in hiding, stuffing something into my mouth! Close, but, no, actually, I was just busy. But here is the scoop.

On Day Five, I was either flying (in a plane) or walking through airports until midnight. And, here is where my fast started to get to me. It wasn't the hunger because, truly, by Day Five it was not there, and it wasn't thinking about food, although that still was there. Rather, it was the weakness I felt when moving about. It is really strange because last time I fasted (okay, I was nineteen years old - see photo at left), I didn't feel that way and buzzed about for all ten days. So I did a lot of reading and I found varying reports of how weak one might feel and some reported weakness in the beginning but it lessened as the days progressed and others apparently spent their entire fast in a hammock; age didn't seem to matter.

And that was my problem. The weakness seriously bugged me and I really noticed it as I crawled to my connecting flight, worried I wouldn't make it to that gate in another state by the time boarding ended. I didn't have any peanuts or cookies or pretzels on the flight and I made it through the day, but I remember looking fondly at a wheelchair as I deplaned that I really wanted to sit in. Back at home, I woke on Day Six to feeling still like 1/4 of a human and although I knew this did not mean I was going to kick the bucket (I know some of you will say...."Oh, your body was crying for food!"), I didn't want to continue to be that weak because I had stuff to do. I wasn't on a prolonged vacation and I couldn't just lay about for the rest of the month, so I decided to break the fast. I did diluted juices, then juice, then fruit. Today I have had a salad.

I am a bit bummed that I didn't get to finish the fast as I wanted. If it hadn't been for the weakness, I think I would have carried on. I don't regret the try, though, as I learned a lot of interesting things about food and my brain's attitude toward it. I think the most fascinating thing I learned is that I too often eat without thinking about why and what; this is what I hope to change. I also find pretty fascinating that life is incredibly boring without food, mostly because our culture is built around food in every single social occasion, which I think is rather a terrible thing. At least when I was growing up, I remember food played a much smaller part and, even when a social occasion did include food, it was often in small proportions. This is something America needs to fix if we want to be truly a healthier population.

Ah, well, on to the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland with my daughter to see Sarah Mclachlan. As I lay out on the blanket listening to her sing (Sarah, not my daughter), I just hope I don't eat an entire bag of Doritos.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 5, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day Four

At the Desert Museum
Well, Day Four here and I have not yet bailed, although I thought about doing so about fifty times today. Actually today is a bit better than yesterday, but not enough that I am going, "Woo hoo!" I am so hoping the spiritual effects and clarity of mind and those wonderful things that make continued fasting worth doing show up soon...right now it is just an exercise in mind control. I am still hating life.

I went and visited the Desert Museum here in Tucson and saw some really cute animals. The heat was ungodly and I spent the walk pouring water over my head. Uphill walking was torture; the fast definitely influence my ability to take the heat and exercise. But, I enjoyed my visit.

For those wanting to understand more about the difference between fasting and starving and worry about the dangers for me, please read this: Fasting/Starving

The real key to when fasting becomes starving is when one's hunger returns with a vengeance and when your body runs out of fat and then has to cannibalize muscle. Right now, believe me, I still have enough fat to live on! (even if some of you are kind enough to say I am so thin...being twenty pounds overweight is not thin). When hunger massively attacks (if I get to the point where hunger has vanished) or I hit 130 pounds, I will stop the fast (that is if I don't wimp out way before then, like tomorrow).

The Stats

Weight: 146
Exercise: Walked for about forty minutes; felt pretty weak with the incredible heat and anythng uphill; sat down about five times.
Hunger: Really not bad but craving food like crazy.
Side Effects: Mild headache late in the day.
Mental Clarity: Still crap because I am thinking about how not to throw in the towel which is all I am thinking about.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day Three

Nice Bunny
Day Three seriously sucks. It is always considered the worst day in a fast. I woke up and had my breakfast water and then went for my walk. I got ten minutes down the way, took a picture of that cute little rabbit and turned around and went back. Weakness is what one feels on the third day and, along with that, an incredible desire to chuck the whole idea. Most people quit on this day, never getting to Day Four which is so much better (at least that is what I read and think I remember from before). On Day Four, hunger diminishes and energy increases as the body goes into ketosis and burns stored fat for energy. But, meanwhile, Day Three is damned hard to get through. I am hating it.

But, I am making it. I went out and got a nice massage for an hour which was quite interesting because I noticed that during that massage, I actually didn't think about food. Likewise, while swimming in the pool; for some reason, these nice sensations seem to replace the need to eat temporarily.

Then I went out for "lunch" with my wonderful literary agent,Claire Gerus, and while she had salad, I had sparkling water. I managed to enjoy her company without having to eat which is something I am trying to learn, that I don't need to consume a ton of food every time I am out socializing.

Another thing I learned today was that I don't have to drink liquid all night. I have been quitting having liquid at sundown and start drinking liquid again only after sunrise (I tend to drink Diet Pepsi all night). Quitting night drinking sure helps me sleep through the night!

So, the day from hell is near over and I am just crossing my fingers that Day Four will be much, much  better.

The Stats

Weight: 148 -
Exercise: Walked for twenty minutes; felt like crap within ten minutes and turned around and that was enough exercise for the day.
Hunger: Yes, and had to fight really hard to not give in.
 Side Effects: Mild headache late in the day.
Mental Clarity: Not so good because all I wanted to do was crawl into the refrigerator and make friends with anything in there.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

July 1, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day Two

Not Dinner
Day Two is a difficult time on a fast. I actually wasn't as hungry as yesterday, but my mind would constantly jar me towards thinking about food. Really interesting....I would be walking to the bathroom and suddenly I would turn sharply towards the kitchen without even a picture of food in my mind. As soon as I picked up my towel at the pool to go back to the condo, I thought, "Lunch." When I was going out for my walk, I grabbed a credit card "just in case" I needed to get something to eat or drink. So even without a hunger pang, there is a constant memory of food that keeps rearing its ugly head like every five minutes.

You will be happy to know that I only watched one show of Cupcake Wars on the Food Channel and then turned to America's Next Top Model.....those girls never eat.

The Stats:

Weight: 149 - yes, you read that right! Six pounds less than yesterday morning...I think it has to do with the fact I gorged myself the day before I started this fast for my last meal....so I probably really wasn't 155 pounds yesterday....maybe 151 if I hadn't eaten ten pounds of food before bed.
Exercise: Walked around the golf course for forty-five minutes and took lots of animal pictures - chipmunks, lizards, and bunnies.
Hunger: Yes, but not awful.
Side Effects: Mild headache late in the day.
Mental Clarity: Fine, but the images and constant pull towards finding food is distracting.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 30, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - Day One

So all of you are wondering how the first day of a fast feels (if you have never done one yourself). Well, I didn't have much of an issue until about lunch time because I am not a big breakfast eater. Then, I thought I really might like to have something to eat, but, of course, I ignored the thought. I continued working, all the while imbibing in the only thing I am allowed to swallow on this fast - boiled spring water between sunrise and sunset.

In order to do something nice for myself that involved some other senses rather than smell and taste, I went for a swim and an hour of sunbathing. The sun was wonderful and then the feel of the water as I swooshed through the pool....aah....and then I wanted to eat something.

I came back to my work station and watched the Food Channel. Naughty, naughty....turned it off....and focused on my writing. God, my head hurt. My bad...I forgot to give up the caffeine...the coffee and the Diet Pepsi...a few days before the fast. So, now I have a double headache from caffeine withdrawal and hunger.

Which makes me a bit nauseous! The first day of not eating is not so much fun! Not too worry -  if I remember correctly - Day Two and Day Three are worse.

The Stats:

Weight: 155
Exercise: Walked and ran a little bit through a nice arroyo for forty-five minutes
Hunger: You bet; thought about food on and off
Side Effects: Bad headache, mild nausea
Mental Clarity: Just fine but headache is distracting

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 29 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Thirty Day Water Fast - The Eve

The Last Meal

I know, I know, it sounds crazy and I am not sure I will not change my mind, say, about one hour after I consume that last disgusting meal (pictured left). I have done a ten day fast once in my life....that would be nearly forty years ago, and I have fasted a day here and two days there, but never anything prolonged.

A thirty day water fast is called Maaskhaman by the Jains, a fast done for purely spiritual reasons. My reasons are a bit more all over the map: spiritual, health, weight, curiosity, but, most of all, I have a desire to get off a pattern of careless behaviors, to institute mindful choices and to learn to accept some suffering and not always  gratified myself instantly.

I will attempt to blog about this journey, what I am learning from it on a daily basis, how I deal with not celebrating with food on the Fourth of July and my birthday on July 23 (if I am still fasting), and, if I break the fast along the way, what caused me to throw in the towel.

Off to my final Diet Pepsi and my two Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 28, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: My Anti-Fan-Fiction of Fifty Shades of Grey: When Christian killed Ana

Out on August 15, 2012
SAVE THE LIFE OF A YOUNG WOMAN - Link this post to any place young women go on the Internet who think Fifty Shades of Grey is a romance, that the exact type of guy we warn young women to run from is somehow now cool, exciting, and will change if you just love and understand him. The kind of man Christian Grey is, a serial sex predator, will get you abused, stalked, and killed. Women every day are filing restraining orders against this kind of controlling obsessive sadistic psychopath and a good many of them find themselves with gas thrown at them and set on fire, disappearing down mine shafts, and shot dead on the courthouse steps. Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the most dangerous pieces of fiction to get into the hands of young women that I have even seen. Make sure they read the story below to get the real ending of Fifty Shades of Grey which would never have made it to a trilogy if it were anywhere close to the truth. - Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

When Christian Killed Ana

Christian gazes down at me from above, my hands tied behind my head to the bed rail with that grey tie of his, my ankles bound with rope to the side rails at the foot. His expression is unreadable but as my eyes shift from his face to his chest and then to those jeans of his hanging deliciously off his hips, my inner goddess jumps for joy; heat rushes down there and I squirm desperately as I wait for Christian to touch me. Oh, shit, he is so hot.

He runs his hands through that slightly tousled hair of his.

"I'm bored with you, Ana," he says quietly.

I am stunned. How can he be bored with me? I have done everything he wanted, minus a few items I put a line through on the contract.

"But we have only been together a couple of months, Sir!" I had thought I was different then the train of other women he had been through. "I thought I was special."

Christian actually laughs. "Special? What would you think I would find so special about you?" He admonishes me. "You are a mildly attractive run-of-the-mill college girl with nothing particularly alluring or interesting about you."

Tears flood my eyes. "But, Sir, you said I was special, different, that you had never had vanilla sex or slept the night with anyone but me!"

"And you believed me, you little fool." He smirks. "Why don't you bite your lower lip again? You really think that drives me mad for you, don't you? It doesn't do anything but make me hate you." He reaches out out with both hands and grabs my nipples, twisting them cruelly. I yelp with pain.

Christian looks at me with disdain. "You don't think I have told each one of my girls how adorable they are? Don't you realize I told every one the same stupid things that I told you? You are all so easy to dupe." He sighs. "All of you who think you are going to be the one. You are going to change me. From what? From myself? I like myself just the way I am." He leans in and snickers. "Do you know, my dear Anastasia, that I was never abused as a child? Not once. But, oh, how easy it was to make you feel so sorry for me."

My inner goddess curls up into a ball. I feel sweat break out on my forehead. Panic starts rising in my chest. I look into the eyes of Christian Grey and see nothing there at all, nothing. Everything I thought he might have been has vanished and I realize I have been living in a dream. Reality hits. I am tied up, hand and foot, alone with a sadistic psychopath, a snake, a demon.

Christian's face appears inches away from mine behind my wall of tears. "You know all those things that weren't in the contract? Well, today you get to do them all." He smiles, so coldly, so evilly. "I am going to use you as my toilet, I am going to put my fist up your ass, I am going to whip you until your body is covered with marks and listen to you scream until you have no voice left to scream with."

He leers at me and suddenly he is holding a razor sharp knife against my cheek. I feel searing pain and he pulls the blade back, red with my blood, oh god, my blood, my blood, and he licks it off with that tongue that I used to adore.

"I am going to cut that annoying bottom lip off of you."

I start screaming uncontrollably and the hell begins. I am just a young girl and I thought I had my whole life ahead of me. I now know that I have never known true love nor had anyone actually make love to me.Why I ever thought I should be treated in such a demeaning and ugly manner, I do not know. All I know is that now I have no choice; then I did. I should have run; I should never have trusted a stranger, a stalker, a sadist who told me he was so taken by me that he would never hurt me. How stupid I was.

I will not tell you each and everything that happened that day, the hours of terror, the hours of humiliation, the hours of unending pain. I will just tell you what I see from above my body, well, above the pieces of my body. My bottom lip that I always bit, he cut that off first. It was then I knew for sure I was going to die. Next he removed my breasts and then he put them to his chest and danced around with them while I gazed down at the gaping holes on my own body. I cannot go on and tell you what he did next, but when I felt the knife cut through my throat, I wished I had valued myself a whole lot more than I did the day I met that psycho Christian Grey.

He is now placing my legs and arms in a suitcase. What is left of my body, a torso is what I believe they call it, is lying in the center of the bed. I am not tied up anymore, I note ironically. My head, yes, that is my head with the bottom lip missing and the eyes gone from their sockets, it is laying where it was tossed, in the corner of the room, like an old soccer ball with some of the air missing from it.

Christian finishes packing up my parts and he takes them from the room. I see him drive off in his car, and when he returns a bit later, he showers and dresses, immaculately as always. He leaves again in his fine automobile and I follow him down the street. He pulls into an upscale pub and glides over to the marble bar. He seats himself next to a pretty blonde, college age. She turns her head and I can see she is immediately attracted to him.

"I'm Christian," he says softly and he takes her hand. She does not pull it back. I cannot watch any more.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 16, 2012

Harkening back to the writing styles of the earlier American authors – John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers, "Only the Truth" is a story of soul searching, a psychological mystery which examines the question, “Whom should one love and when should one quit doing so?” Billy Ray, a lonely and rather slow, uneducated African-American man living in the mountains of Arkansas, runs across a mysterious young woman at the railroad tracks. She asks to go home with him and Billy Ray takes her with him as she requests. He comes to love this woman, Charlene, unconditionally. She is the only woman he has ever loved, and life is finally good for Billy Ray. Then Charlene shoots the neighbor and burns down the neighbor’s house. His happy life destroyed, a confused and devastated Billy Ray is at a loss. Is the woman he loves “just a troubled girl” or a psychopathic killer? Billy Ray sets out on a quest to find the truth, only the truth, whether it leads him to be able to save Charlene from a death sentence or it frees him from her spell.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The War against Women by Women

I remember the days in the 1970s when I dressed like Gloria Steinem, wearing Bobby Brooks suits and big sunglasses, I thought I was the picture of feminism. Then, I got married and was an earth mommy and felt I was the picture of womanliness. I may have actually not been quite as feminist or earth motherly as I aspired to be at the time but the one thing I felt at both times was a kinship with other women in a variety of circumstances. I wanted other women to have fulfilling lives whether it be in careers, relationships, the single life, marriage, motherhood, or education. And, I feel women are becoming more and more vicious towards each other and more supportive of women's roles as victims than as proactive fighters for the best that they can be in all walks of life. They are turning against themselves and their natures and blaming chemistry or their bodies or psychologies or each other for their dissatisfaction and disappointment in life instead of the inequity of the system, lack of proper support by our communities, and our culture failing to stand up for proper treatment of women  (and men and children). We have gone from oppressed to depressed and accepted our lot in life as chemically and sexually imbalanced, drugging ourselves into the next day.

What the hell happened to us?

What has happened is, we have shifted too much of the blame on ourselves, oddly  by submitting to the old-fashioned concept of the emotionally and physically fragile female, giving up our strength, making ourselves dependent on something or someone else.

I went ballistic recently over Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey because both have "heroines" with zero strength in themselves; if they had any backbone, they would have told their creepy stalkers to buzz off. They would have applied themselves in their careers, they would have enjoyed the company of good family and friendships, they would have waited patiently for a good boyfriend/husband that respected them from the start and admired who they were, not just that they were willing to submit to them.

Why don't we write about and promote women who strive to achieve, both in the work world and in the personal world? Why don't we fight to support each other in choosing good mates and good relationships, encouraging each other in striving for the best in creating our families and raising our children? Why don't we stress kindness in marriage, dignity, respect, and not cheating on each other? Why do any women have sex with married men knowing they are helping to destroy another woman's family?  Why don't we cheer when other women break through that iron ceiling, achieve in a still man's world, manage to have an opportunity to be both a mother and a businesswomen, either at the same time or consecutively? What is wrong with women these days that we don't hold each others' hands and put our arms around each others' waists and help ourselves climb these hills? Why do we just accept victimhood, take drugs to mask the pain, and give up our lives to the naysayers?

We all will run into roadblocks and not always have great circumstances along the way. I haven't had a perfect life and neither will you or Bella or Ana but for goodness sake, do we have to drag ourselves into the mud and believe that we can't help but be there? Do we have to humiliate ourselves by wimping out, degrading ourselves in bed, in relationships, and at work, or by selling out our sisters?

Fifty Shades of Grey depresses the hell out of me, because a woman supposedly wrote it, but more that women think it is such a cool book. I started to throw up the first time Christian disrespected Ana and then read in total disgust as he did it over and over again and she came back for more. But, I guess it was okay because that total virgin had three orgasms the first time having sex because Christian is such a fine lover....please give me a barf bag. Christian is not hot; he is creepy right from the start and the fact women do not seem to recognize this is very, very sad. I suppose it is because Christian is megarich because if he worked at Petsmart in the story, Ana would have called the cops on him.

Please, ladies, rise up again! Don't lower yourselves into a gutter with psychopaths like Christian. In real life, his behavior is called domestic abuse; he will end up degrading, abusing, and manipulating you, and, possibly, throwing acid in your face or killing you if you try to leave him. You cannot fix a psychopath - regardless of what childhood woes made him one - and at the first sign of disrespect you should run like hell.

Being submissive in sex and in life is stepping back into the ancient past and shouldn't be confused with allowing someone with skill and respect to take the reins when it is useful for them to do so at work or at home; that is why we have management and people who oversee specific things. Labor can be divided with respect to both parties, in employment and in marriage. Even sex can be led by one or the other at times as long as neither is being degraded or humiliated while doing so. Whatever someone does with you or you with them should make them feel good about themselves; anything else means someone is the master and someone is a slave and the slave always loses.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

 May 15, 2012

Harkening back to the writing styles of the earlier American authors – John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers, "Only the Truth" is a story of soul searching, a psychological mystery which examines the question, “Whom should one love and when should one quit doing so?” Billy Ray, a lonely and rather slow, uneducated African-American man living in the mountains of Arkansas, runs across a mysterious young woman at the railroad tracks. She asks to go home with him and Billy Ray takes her with him as she requests. He comes to love this woman, Charlene, unconditionally. She is the only woman he has ever loved, and life is finally good for Billy Ray. Then Charlene shoots the neighbor and burns down the neighbor’s house. His happy life destroyed, a confused and devastated Billy Ray is at a loss. Is the woman he loves “just a troubled girl” or a psychopathic killer? Billy Ray sets out on a quest to find the truth, only the truth, whether it leads him to be able to save Charlene from a death sentence or it frees him from her spell.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: America's Handling of Breastfeeding is a Crime

I woke up this morning to a pile of annoying articles about how so few mothers in the US nurse their babies for even three months, articles like this one in Huffington Post. By the time I finished reading a half dozen of them and the comments that accompanied them, I was spitting milk mad.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not mad at the women who failed to nurse their babies at all, or the ones who gave up, or the ones who commented on these articles that some women can't nurse and sometimes it is better that moms give up on breastfeeding and bottlefeed. I am not mad that they wrote that moms shouldn't feel bad or blame themselves,  that a comfortable baby and mom with a bottle is better than an unhappy breastfeeding mom and a miserable baby.

Even though I believe most women (all who don't have a weird physical problem or disease) can nurse successfully and most babies (all who don't have a weird physical problem or disease) can nurse successfully as well, I am not mad at those who fail or those that tell moms it is okay if they do.

I am mad at our medical and nursing professionals who refuse to tell 100% of the truth about breastfeeding in America; this makes me sick.

I will go out on a limb and tell the truth because they are too scared to do so. I know I will get comments and emails from this mother and that who will tell me she failed in nursing because she really didn't have enough milk or her baby just wouldn't nurse no matter what. I have totally empathy for these moms because they did try very hard under circumstances that were stacked against them; a society that doesn't support breastfeeding and professionals who screw women over with bad information, bad advice, and outright lies (like "We didn't give your baby formula in the nursery," or "You should pump milk and give your baby a bottle once or twice a day to get him used to it before you go back to work.")

Breastfeeding in America fails because mothers have alternatives (bottles and formula) and are told it is okay. Women in other countries, too poor to buy formula, almost never fail at nursing their babies. Why? Because they have no choice. Don't think for a minute that breastfeeding mothers in these countries are somehow more physically able. They nurse because they have to and some of them, if they could, would prefer giving the baby a bottle. Most of these nursing moms are loving mothers but some are mean women who don't even like their babies but, because society and economics require it, nurse the babies anyway.

I was a La  Leche Leader for about six or seven years, a few decades ago. I counseled new moms in person, in the hospital and on the phone. Anytime I heard they were having problems with nursing - "not enough milk," "baby refusing nipple," and so on, I gave them one piece of advice, that if they followed it, they would succeed in nursing their baby; advice that worked, if they followed it, 100% of the time. You heard me, 100% of the time. What was this miracle advice?

Remove all formula and bottles from your house. Go to bed with your baby for twenty-four hours. Nurse on demand. Ignore any pain, lack of let-down, mad screaming baby. Just lay there and keep attempting to nurse. Ignore your tears and your baby's tears. Pretend you are on an island and your breast milk is all your baby has. Eventually, your baby will get hungry and latch on. Eventually your milk will let down. By the next day, you will have milk coming out and your baby will be drinking it. Even if it took you two days, your baby wouldn't starve to death; babies have been found alive days later buried under rubble in earthquakes. Your baby will survive long enough to get milk from your breast. Every woman who followed this advice called me in the morning to rave about her "huge" boobs and her totally nursing baby.

Nature is not stupid. God didn't give women breasts so men could ogle them. He even gave women two breasts just in case one was on the fritz or more than one baby showed up. Hungry babies nurse.

The reason mothers fail at breastfeeding is because, at the hospital, nurses give their babies formula behind their backs even if there is an order for no bottles. Why? Because the babies cry and get on the nurses nerves. Mothers fail at nursing because their babies aren't with them after birth; they are brought to them when it is "time to nurse them."  Mothers fail at breastfeeding because they don't nurse enough due to idiots telling them to nurse every four hours; their babies are hungry and their milk doesn't come in. Babies should be fed on demand when breastfed. Babies should never be given a bottle, not even with one's own breast milk because it screws the baby up with nipple confusion. Fathers don't need to give babies a bottle to feel like they are part of their baby's lives; there are a dozen other things they can do with the baby. Mothers don't need a break from breastfeeding or their baby; they need help and support to make their lives with baby easier. One can help them with all the other baby chores; diapering, bathing, rocking, walking, rocking, walking, rocking. One can do all the cleaning and cooking for a new mom and keep her company so she doesn't lose her mind. One can take a mom out with the baby so she can have fun and see other people and places. Babies are very transportable, and when one breastfeeds, no formula or bottles need to be carted along. In fact, if a new mom is doing anything but but laying about with her baby at her breast, shame on those who should be pitching in and making her first two weeks after the baby is born work and chore free.

Women quit breastfeeding because they can or because they don't want to deal with it considering the lack of support and confusion they experience when trying to breastfeed or because they must go back to work and society doesn't support nursing at the workplace. Our society reinforces so much negativity about breastfeeding that quitting seems a good option. With all the support for stopping nursing out there, it takes a mother with a great deal of determination to continue; she must believe in her own mind that there IS no other option for feeding her baby. I have no idea where I got that mindset myself - maybe because I spent time in Africa - but I never once considered bottle feeding my babies. And I kept that mindset in spite of the major nipple pain I had with my first that had me crying through entire feedings during the first two weeks.

But, I never even envisioned I had an option; I must breastfeed my baby and not give her formula because this is what is best for my baby (not trying to appear righteous; I really think seeing African moms nursing stuck in my brain and the fact I was a health nut at the time helped put me in that frame of mind). And so I carried on. Lo, and behold, the pain went away, the nursing went fine and I continued for the next two years. I repeated the process with the next child (without the initial nipple issues). I never learned how to fix a bottle for my babies.

I can live with women choosing not to nurse because of employment; sometimes there is no option. But, we should not as a country delude ourselves into thinking women can't nurse their babies because this doesn't work and that doesn't work and this mom doesn't have enough milk and that baby doesn't latch on properly. Garbage. Put all our American mothers (healthy women with healthy babies) on an island with no bottles and formulas and a few days later you will find 100% of those mothers nursing their babies.

America's professional attitude toward breastfeeding is what makes it so hard for our new moms to be succeed in breastfeeding their babies. If these supposed professionals only told new moms the truth, they could make a real choice; do I want to nurse or don't I? Then they could be successful at whatever road they decided to go down.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 4, 2012

Harkening back to the writing styles of the earlier American authors – John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers, "Only the Truth" is a story of soul searching, a psychological mystery which examines the question, “Whom should one love and when should one quit doing so?” Billy Ray, a lonely and rather slow, uneducated African-American man living in the mountains of Arkansas, runs across a mysterious young woman at the railroad tracks. She asks to go home with him and Billy Ray takes her with him as she requests. He comes to love this woman, Charlene, unconditionally. She is the only woman he has ever loved, and life is finally good for Billy Ray. Then Charlene shoots the neighbor and burns down the neighbor’s house. His happy life destroyed, a confused and devastated Billy Ray is at a loss. Is the woman he loves “just a troubled girl” or a psychopathic killer? Billy Ray sets out on a quest to find the truth, only the truth, whether it leads him to be able to save Charlene from a death sentence or it frees him from her spell.